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Two Code of Princess Trailers Fight to the Fore

Posted by James Newton

Full of heart

3DS scrapper Code of Princess — from the same team behind SEGA Saturn classic Guardian Heroes, remember — is shaping up to be one intriguing title, as these two new trailers show off.

The first video is what you'd expect: anime cut scenes, Japanese singing and a jester fighting with a guitar. The second shows off the game's chaotic four-player co-operative story mode, which looks like some of the most intense action the 3DS has played host to in its short lifespan.

While Code of Princess is only confirmed for Japan so far, we can reveal that it's attracted interest from publishers in the West, so we remain hopeful that this action RPG will make its way westward soon.

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LittleFuryThing said:

I love Guardian Heroes (still got my Saturn to play that game ), so it seems certain that I will like this game... a lot.

I hope there is a publisher in EU that is interested in releasing the game here. Just found some info that Ghostlight are now licensed 3DS game publishers so maybe they might take it on (and other future projects).




shinobi88 said:

Don't tease us by making us think this game is coming to the West. Jerk

There is one major reason this won't make it West: the Princess is dressed like a stripper. Why do the Japanese have to be so horny??



shinobi88 said:

I wasn't ticked off at you...ok a lil for giving me a glimpse of hope it would come to NA. Being a hardcore gamer, who also loves retro games (which describes a big chunk of American gamers), this is my #1 3DS game aside from Shinobi. I sincerely doubt that I'll ever get to play it though.



James said:

Well, you did call me a jerk Still, no harm done.

Hopefully if this game picks up enough interest on the 'net publishers will see it as a worthwhile investment. Fingers crossed anyway!



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

@tat2 Ni no Kuni for DS would be considered an JRPG that never made it here even though there was a large enough fan base for it. Hell, Hayao Miyazaki made his first game in eons and yet he dislikes video games with a passion. Let's not forget Operation Rainfall. Pandora's Tower is still missing from being released in NA while its brethren Xenoblade and Last Story are.



tat2 said:

@Sakura_Moonlight2421 Yes, but the reason they didn't had nothing to do with undressed girls, or am I completely mistaken here? I know for a fact that I've seen games from Japan and West with them, so it shouldn't be a problem.



FonistofCruxis said:

I remember the devs sounding keen to get this in the West in an interview so hopefully we will see it in the West.



shonenjump86 said:

Same team who made Guradian Heroes? Sign me up. This game needs to be released outside of Japan.



RR529 said:

This game looks like tons of fun, and I'm assuming it would look dead gorgeous in 3D. Please come Stateside!



MeloMan said:

I likey... I've NEVER disliked brawlers, and what this game seems to offer, from what I can make of things, is right up my alley. Scantily clad heroine to boot too? I'm down



Wolfcoyote said:

I'm also a huge fan of Guardian Heroes (and still has a Saturn with which to play it). Here's hoping that a not-so-greedy publisher picks this up.



shinobi88 said:

BattleToad, that was a genuinely funny post. Mainly because w/ your logo and name you seem like someone resembling Sloth. What's a company that localizes a lot of these games so we can fill up their message boards requesting this??



shinobi88 said:

Here's a trailer for a 3DS beat 'em up that is for sure coming to North America:

The colored brawling sections of Johnny Kung Fu have seriously limited potential. Because even though you can jump into the background, your character can only move on the right and left plane. EVERY great beat 'em up you can think, the character could move on the up and down plane as well as the left and right. From the earliest like Double Dragon and River City Ransom, to the 16 bit era, Final Fight and Streets of Rage, to Guardian Heroes, you could move up and down.

The secret is that when you can move on the up and down plane as well, it adds a near infinite number of ways you can approach a situation. Just left and right gets repetitive. Look at Thor for Nintendo DS. It had gorgeous sprites and a large assortment of moves, but every single person who played it said it was repetitive. Because you could only move left and right!

That being said, the beat em up sections could be decent, while the Game N Watch style sections of Johnny Kung Fu could be incredibly awesome.



ecco6t9 said:

It will probably see a USA release. This title has enough buzz for a company to pick up.

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