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There's a Chuck E. Cheese Game Coming to DSiWare

Posted by James Newton

What more can we say?

"Chuck E. Cheese's Arcade Room is a fun and exciting video game that digitally recreates the magic of being at a Chuck E. Cheese's!"

We'd love to leave the story at that, to be honest.

Chuck E. Cheese's Arcade Room is a DSiWare game from UFO Interactive due to reach North America on 26th April for 500 Points. It's a collection of minigames — whack-a-mole, basketball shooting and riding a motorbike as far as you can — with the added excitement of being able to customise your own Chuck E. Cheese avatar. Like the official blurb says:

Recreate the magic of being at Chuck E. Cheese's!

We can't wait until 26th April.


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HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Yup, UFO Interactive.
I thought that Samurai Sword Destiny could've just been a bump in the road.
I was wrong.



lonlon-milker said:

Hmmm I'm guessing they aren't going to reference anything that their founder Nolan bushnell created such as pong and atari so no sale. To answer your question jibberldd5 Nolan bushnell left to start chuck e cheese because there was controversy on arcades being bad.places for kids to go.



Undead_terror said:

i never been to CEC before and dont live anywhere near it,but a game made by ufo probaubly makes me not want to go there(hope its a decent game,really ufo is making a nice few games and they can be crap/good/mix of both but that Samurai Sword Destiny is crap and i havent played/bought it yet and i dont want 2)



SmashYoshi123 said:

Out Of All Devolpers They Could've Chose They Chose UFO Interactive, The Only Game I Acully Liked From Them Would Be The Pucca Game, Oh Yeah, And Samurai Sword Destiny Looks Like Crap, So Yeah, This Game's Either Going To Be Good Or It's Going To Be Total Crap



SmashYoshi123 said:

Out Of All Devolpers They Could've Chose They Chose UFO Interactive, The Only Game I Acully Liked From Them Would Be The Pucca Game, Oh Yeah, And Samurai Sword Destiny Looks Like Crap, So Yeah, This Game's Either Going To Be Good Or It's Going To Be Total Crap



bezerker99 said:

All the fun of Chuck E. Cheese w/o the high cholesterol after-effect! /me jumps in the colored ball pool!



Morpheel said:

It looks like a good "Use in case of children" game to have on your system.



Chris720 said:

What the hell is a Chuck E Cheese?

I don't need any screenshots or videos to make up my mind... this is a straight and definite... no!



BulbasaurusRex said:

Chuck E. Cheese focuses too much on those mechanical "minigames" and not enough on quality video arcade machines, in my opinion. No, you can't get tickets from video arcade machines, but let's be honest; how many of us actually managed to save up enough tickets to get something good from their prize booth (which isn't even an option with this DSiWare game)?



shinobi88 said:

Me love Chuck E. Cheese, me pondered buying DSI game. Glad this coming to DSIware for decent price. Just not the 3 games I want most. Me think ski ball mostly when me think of giant rodent



Tasuki said:

@jibberldd5: Not really but Chuck E Cheese was founded by the guy that invited Atari Nolan Bushnell.

I cant believe some of you have never heard of Chuck E Cheese before almost every kid I know has heard of it.



misswliu81 said:

@Tasuki i'm british and i've heard of chuck E cheese.

this game will probably interest little kids who love going to chuck E cheese moreso than other people.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

I've gone to a Chuck E. Cheese once in my life. I was like 6, it was really great. I don't think they can capture that pure unbridled joy of being in a Chuck E. Cheese when you're around the half-a-decade mark.



Yanchamaru said:

I blew a whole weeks paycheck playing Sega's Brave FireFighters at Chuck E. Cheese a few years ago. The pizza taste horrible but the arcade games are worth the visit. If this DSiWare game allowed collecting virtual tickets for buying prizes at a real Chuck E. Cheese, then UFO could have a hit.



TheN64Dude said:

It would suck if someone got this game for their birthday instead of actually going there XD



Lunapplebloom said:

Chuck E. Cheese? This game I guarantee will suck. Save your money and go to the actual place instead...



Ras said:

When I was a kid, Chuck E. Cheese (really, Showbiz Pizza, in my case) was pretty cool. I used to play Bagman, Moon Patrol, Blue Print . . . you know, real arcade video games. The last time I was there for a nephew's birthday, it was all coin scoop games and little dinky rides.



warioswoods said:

So much better when it was Showbiz Pizza. "Chuck E. Cheese" is the most atrocious franchise name in history. It makes their pizza just sound disgusting, compounded by the fact that it's a mouse.



JJtheTexan said:

For non-Americans and others who asked, Chuck E. Cheese is a chain of pizza restaurants for children. They have terrible pizza but a (typically) very large arcade area with stand-up machines as well as traditional carnival / arcade-style games like ski-ball, air hockey, foosball, etc. (Think Dave and Buster's for kids.) They also have large indoor play areas, ball pits, slides, and so forth. Frequently they host children's birthday parties. Most notorious is the stage area where giant animatronic mascots Chuck E. Cheese (a mouse) and his friends "perform" musical numbers.

A similar concept called "Showbiz Pizza" was bought by or merged into CEC several years ago.

Long story short, the game is shovelware and most copies will probably end up as prizes for redeemable tickets at CEC restaurants.



shinobi88 said:

Here's what I found out after doing a lil more research. This is a collection of a bunch of games, not just the 3 mentioned above. Theres a basketball game, and a racing game that's like the old arcade game Super Sprint, and skeeball too if the picture above is accurate. Maybe the best part of all is that you can collect tickets and redeem for prizes. That's a steal for $5. Considering adults aren't allowed in Chuck E. Cheese anymore, this is only way for a kid to be a kid.

Got my deets from this Go Nintendo article: <a rel="external" href=""></a>

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