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Talking Point: Why Wii U's Image Must Grab Attention

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

First impressions count

With each passing week we get closer to the arrival of Nintendo’s next home console, Wii U. It’s due by the end of 2012, yet there’s still so much that we don’t know: technical specifications, prices, planned launch games and even the final name. All of these factors will be important to its early success, but perhaps the actual colour of the console will also have a role to play: after all, it’s one of the first features that potential buyers will see.

Appearances of Wii U so far, primarily at E3 2011 but also at other events, have always shown the console and its controller to be white, very similar to Wii. Speaking to Game Informer during last year’s E3, Shigeru Miyamoto explained the reasoning behind this choice with the Wii and the initial Wii U builds.

Based on my background as an industrial designer and Nintendo and my background in creating entertainment, I’ve always wanted to make greater use of colour in our hardware. If you look back on things like the Famicom and the original Super Nintendo, they were a lot more colourful from a hardware perspective.

What we found over the years when we included a lot of different colours in our hardware is people would kind of point to that and use it to paint us as more kid-oriented. So really what we looked at is what are some ways from a design perspective that can make the system appeal to all ages. One of the ways that we found to best do that is to minimize the use of colour. In that process we asked if we’re going to do that, what’s the best way to go? We found that rather than going all black - all white seems to have a broader appeal to people.

We won’t argue with Mr Miyamoto’s authority and experience on the issue, but we will suggest that choosing one colour above all others isn’t necessary.

Give us choice, Nintendo

It was noticeable that the launch of the 3DS came in two very different flavours: Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black. Conversations between early adopters often drifted to discussions about which colour handheld they’d chosen, even descending into a sense of competition over which variation would sell the most. It may be an exaggeration to say that the colour of your handheld is a personal statement similar to the clothes you wear, but many gamers no doubt liked having the option. It’s not gone unnoticed, meanwhile, that there have been a substantial number of limited editions and new 3DS colours in recent months, two examples being Ice White and Misty Pink, amongst others.

A broad range of colours has been common throughout the history of Nintendo handhelds, from DS back to the original Game Boy. As portable devices, perhaps the sense of fashion is more important, but we’ve also seen multi-coloured home consoles, notably with GameCube.

When Miyamoto referred to multi-coloured consoles contributing to a ‘kid-friendly’ image, he may have had GameCube in mind. While PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox portrayed a deliberately mature image, Nintendo’s console included a carry-handle and two separate versions. These launch colours were Indigo (the infamous purple) and Jet Black, Platinum followed later on while Japan had perhaps the most eye-catching Spice (orange) version. It may have been a console that featured a number of game titles more suited to an older audience, but for some it arguably looked more like a toy than a serious gaming machine.

It seems that those concerns, alongside those of Shigeru Miyamoto, led to caution with the image of Wii. Despite a number of colour variations being hinted at before launch, when it hit stores Wii was only available in white, and that remained the case for two and a half years. When the black model was finally released in late 2009 – 2010 in North America – it was followed by a red Mario edition in 2010 and then a blue re-modelled version that arrived in Europe late last year. It’s been a much slower and more reserved process than with 3DS or Nintendo’s handhelds in general, a reflection perhaps of the difference with home consoles and Nintendo’s attempts to make Wii appeal to gamers both experienced and new to the market.

It seems like a clash of ideas, however, that a console with success prominently based on family-gaming, accessibility and broad appeal has been so determined to maintain a generic, universal colour. Not only did new colours take a long time to arrive, but those that were introduced haven’t necessarily been widely available on the high street. The black model is relatively common, but the red and blue models are limited editions, in one case only available in Europe. While similar statements can possibly be made about the 3DS variations, there have also been more editions of the handheld within a short period of time, meaning that consumers can choose the appearance that suits them. We’re deliberately comparing Wii to 3DS because the gaming industry has changed, and the idea of limited colours and console designs seems to be becoming obsolete, even in the living room. There’s a lot of competition in gaming, conventional and otherwise, so bland isn’t an option.

Wii U needs impact, and colours can help

When Wii U launches during this year’s Holidays, Nintendo will no doubt hope that it has an immediate impact. There is little doubt that it will be available in white, carrying on the ‘broad appeal’ that Nintendo targeted with Wii. We would suggest that, like 3DS, an alternative is offered, most likely black. In an age when many TVs, DVD players, Satellite TV boxes and other entertainment units are black, it would surely be appropriate that Nintendo provide an aesthetically pleasing option to match people’s living rooms. It’s not a bold, ‘kid friendly’ colour, but on the contrary can arguably be considered as a stylish, mature choice. If consumers walking into a store on Wii U launch day have a choice of colours, surely that can only be a good thing?

Perhaps Nintendo should also consider a range of themed special edition consoles in the Wii U’s first year, similar to what we have seen with 3DS. If there’s a particularly big title being released, why not offer limited edition bundles with a newly designed console exterior to match? There may be extra production costs, but sometimes we partially judge gaming consoles on how they look, so a broad appeal can be met be a variety of options. It may seem like a trivial issue, but Wii U will face more competition for gamer’s attentions than ever before, especially with the emergence of smartphone and tablet gaming: perhaps it needs to grab attention not just with features and games, but with how it looks.

What do you think? Does a console’s colour, or the variety of options available, matter? What colours do you think Wii U should launch with? Let us know in the comments below.

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Burning_Spear said:

To be precise, the blue Wii was available as a limited-edition, Wal-Mart-only item last fall.



WOLFER said:

The white color looks kind of plain jane to me..... do had color please....



shingi_70 said:

eh The Muti-colored console doesn't appeal to me, It makes sense in the case of the 3DS (That aqua Blue is Yummy) but being apart of my home system I can only Stand Black, white, or Chrome.

I know someone with the Red Wii and its one of the ugliest things i've seen and clashes with the rest of his set up looking like a toy.



Burning_Spear said:

I would say black and white available at launch. I'd choose black. For collectors, other colors could be made available for limited times during a holiday shopping season.



coolvw93 said:

i would like to see nintendo game themed consoles, like a samus suit kind of thing or one for legend of zelda theme with a triforce on the side. many more than the examples i came up with but seeing consoles that are themed by favorite nintendo games would make me want to throw down the money on the first day for this console.



Alienfish said:

All I really ask is that we get the option to have black WiiU right off the bat. Nintendo said they were going to target core fans this time around and some cool black plastic would be one good step in that direction. A little green wouldn't hurt either. Deep green, not radioactive Xbox green.



Foxdark22 said:

Different colors must be at launch, although I don't mind having a new white box. But Nintendo could take advantage of some of the late ports and release special version of Wii U: with Batman, Darksiders, maybe Ninja Gaiden or something else.



shingi_70 said:


The OG Xbox looks like a fusion reactor.

Just black,White, and silver at launch. or go 3DS style with Black,white, and silver with colored overlays.



Nintendoro said:

I'd go for a black Wii U of course (though my 3DS is ice white). Different colors means wider audience aim during launch. If launch units are going to be white only and I would get it without a doubt.



abINC4L said:

To be honest, I wasn't going to get a 3DS until sometime this year until I saw the limited edition Zelda version and that pretty much sold me in getting one so yeah, looks do play a part in selling a system. I would like a special looking Wii U so hopefully Nintendo does something like that.



DarkKirby said:

Having a color choice is okay, but I don't think it's a major selling point for home consoles specifically. White is a fine choice that is indifferent to most and doesn't state anything specific, and I don't think it needs another color, especially at launch where the main concern will be how many consoles Nintendo will be able to pump out (if they launch the console correctly). The LAST thing I think Nintendo needs is to further imply they are the "kid friendly" company. Yes, Nintendo has held on to that title while Sony and Microsoft advertise the exact opposite leaving Nintendo with a monopoly on that market as well as appeal to parents who insist that they want to be ignorant on what games are what and refuse to investigate what their kids want to play. What Nintendo needs is to is to imply their system is for everyone, not "for kids" specifically and prove it by showing it has the ability to play the same multiplatform games that Sony and Microsoft have on their systems equally well, has a good online, and even after that, has things Sony and Microsoft's systems don't.



NiaLovesNinty said:

Aren't video games toys? I never understood why people got so up in arms about Nintendo's colorful consoles looking like toys. They ARE toys. I understand that perception is everything, though. Microsoft and Sony market their consoles as entertainment center appliances so they usually stick to safer colors. I don't care what color Wii U is at launch as long as it's aesthetically appealing to me. For the sake of matching my living room set, I'd prefer black, but it's not a huge deal breaker for me.



ScreamoPichu said:

Color is very important, more or less to a casual audience, though. Especially with home consoles vs. portable. But, the Wii U needs to do AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE in the world of electronic home entertainment to survive.



shingi_70 said:


Depends on the Use case. I use my Xbox more for Netflix/ESPN/Music than gaming currently and its the center of my Entertainment center. and Though it may be a toy that doesn't mean it has too look likem one. I mean colors are okay if they're darker and muted comapred to that pop out bright stuff nintendo used for the wii colors.

The Purple gamecube is an example of how to do it well.



Randomname19 said:

I own a white wii so I want a Wii U of a differet color( black,yellow or even a Zelda theme like Coolvw said).



alLabouTandroiD said:

I think it would seem like Nintendo doesn't know what they're doing if they had more than three colors at launch or in the first year of the WiiU. What @shingi_70(#8) mentioned would be good conventional choices. More rad, unique and still mainstream enough would be a dark metallic blue imo. I'd so love them to do this.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

NES: grey
Game Boy: grey
NES2: grey
SNES: grey
Game Boy Pocket: red
N64: black
Game Boy Color: teal
GameCube: purple
Game Boy Advance: purple
DS: white
Wii: white
DSi: white
3DS: teal



alLabouTandroiD said:

Yeah, well, the 3DS's blue would look great too but i don't think it would appeal to the hardcore very much.



Drewroxsox said:

If nintendo wants to make a impact, then a name change is required. The 3ds suffered in its first few months because of price and the name. When some people see the name of the 3ds, they say, "oh it's a 3d ds" and not a whole new system. When they see the WiiU they will say, "oh it's a Wii with a new controller". That name is not going to attract the "hardcore" gamers that nintendo wishes to have, but the casual crowd, showing that nintendo hasn't learned anything from the Wii. They practically game Sony and Microsoft their "hardcore" gamers with the Wii, which has people saying that the last good console nintendo made was the gamecube. I don't want to see a console that has so much potential fail because of a name.



SuperNictendo said:

It honestly just looks like a wider wii. It needs to stand out as nintendos next step. Otherwise parents may skip just cause it looks like another wii and they have to sell it to parents as well who'll be buying for kids. The same goes for the name. They need to differentiate. Even if they added a little purple like the super nintendo and changed the name it'd be better



kyuubikid213 said:

I don't care WHAT color it is, it's a Wii U isn't it? If I had to choose, I would probably pick a White one. I mean, colors can make a difference, but some people just want the device.

Here's an idea. Make the Wii U in THREE colors. Black, White, and Chrome. That way, no one calls it a kiddie-toy because of the four people that want pink.



HaNks said:

i'd love a nicely coloured wii-u, all depends if there are nice alternatives. but white is perfectly fine and i won't be waiting any longer than day one whatever happens...



SKTTR said:

Nintendo needs to make an IMPACT!
But with games in glorious amazing beautiful razorsharp graphics!
The console can be barbie pink or spinach green for all I care!



CerealKiller062 said:

The American appliance cosmetic appearance has turned so bland over the last 5 years, that there is only a couple of things in my home that have a different color(colour) or color(colour) scheme (Gray, Silver, Black, White, Wood, Brick,) so it would make sense to make it in those kind of colors(colours). BTW American spelling of color vs European colour.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

The color white can get dirty very easily.
Like my avatar's/Icon's white clothes.... except she keeps it clean.



Knuckles said:

I personally believe nintendo is going to mostly repeat the wii in color, but release a black system in the first/second year



Capt_N said:

If Nintendo makes different interchangable shell cases, I hope that the internal hardware is still well protected, even during shell change. If they make skins, I hope they don't damage the hardware upon changing, or help the hardware overheat. In other words, if Nintendo does anything w/ colors, be it shells/skins, I hope they do it properly, meaning both affordable to me, & not detrimental to the hardware.

I prefer color choices. Some, not all, from launch. Then, later on add more. Better still/yet, Nintendo should put out (plain/basic/edit: solid, that's what I mean by basic/plain, not plain colors) colors at launch, then down the line introduce more stylish patterns, such as chrome(maybe even use actual metal, increase the price for that unit style), clear/opaque, translucent colors(even including some that weren't available in solid form), themed-like Mario/Zelda/Metroid 3rd party franchises, etc.

But, I like my choice(s). & I'd prefer the units themselves be inseparable from the design choices(i.e. In other words, no skins/shells, as they mean a possible degradation/cheapness to the hardware design, & it makes little cracks in the hardware, when the "shell" is applied, thus letting dirt/dust/debris into the hardware.).

Edit #2: I can see how multi-color choices might (both) garner, & imply a kid-friendly, or at least kid-only image. Personally though, I never truly viewed it that way. To me, handhelds do have more of a stylish-factor to them, since they are, or can be carried on one's person. However, even if Nintendo does what the other co.s do, Nintendo also needs to do what the others can not, as @DarkKirby said.

Aesthetic choices will help the machine(WiiU), but hopefully the software, & feature-set of the WiiU outshine competition, & prove the most unique strength Nintendo has in the console competition.



Infernapeking said:

I don't give a crap about colors of a console or handheld. That not a game. What I want is Nintendo deliver a great gaming generation that all. One that is better than the past generation. Which I know they will succeed at.




I think the console should have some choices of color...just not the "colorful" or "saturated" looking ones. Otherwise, I don't mind the Wii's color scheme to transfer to the WiiU. The red 3DS, on the other hand, looks so awesome that I want it, and that makes me think Nintendo should release the Wii U in B&W (and throw in some limited addition colors) while they release more colors for the 3DS*!

The 3DS is a handheld console that shouts out "personal" in my head: it's your own personal console and and can carry it with you, so why not get one that reflects...I don't know... what you like? For example, no one will be constantly looking at your 3DS screen, for it's just too tiny. Therefore, I'd feel a sense of privacy and self-centeredness.

Consoles, on the other hand, are following the "sleek-and-sexy" design philosophy that is institutionalized throughout the tech world (accounting for the culture, geeks, science, and other techy stuff) and the family homes. And since the console is more suitable to be a family/social entertainment than the 3DS, just attract the family to consoles with the design that both adults and children like or tolerate. That's not a bad thing. I just miss THE purple console's design

Overall, I'm okay with the current the current color schemes of the Wii and Wii U. Reverting back to a colorful, toyish console will seem backwards to me since I'm all grown up. Plus, the minimalist color schemes are popular today.

*I didn't realize that the sentence was incomplete and that I didn't mention the 3DS in comparison. Now it's corrected.



grimbldoo said:

Special edition LOZ (for the new LOZ), special edition mario, or even special edition Pikmin 3 would sell pretty fast. Plenty of fanboys/fangirls to go around



ThreadShadow said:

I'd like one with traditional Nintendo two-tone grey with tiny red detailing. Harking back to the NA NES.



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

Either black or transparent (in addition to any other colors Nintendo wants to release). Please. I don't want to be forced to put a bright white console in our entertainment system, which is all black so that it doesn't draw attention to itself. We don't want to see anything besides what's on the screen.

From a marketing point of view, Nintendo can always show white in their ads and have the other colors in the fine print. That way they can get the mass appeal they believe white will give them and still satisfy the geeks like me who want a different color. So Nintendo can have its cake and eat it too.



lanabanana said:

I think they should release it in 3 colors; White , Black , and Golden. The golden one would really attract a LOT of people. It would look really cool really cool! They should release a Golden 3DS too... =P I'm definitley getting it for Christmas ! And I don't want it Black! I want it White! (or golden XD )



Korbin64 said:

I would get Wii U no matter what color. Nintendo is a quality manufacturer...



black-kyurem said:

i think that nintendo should let consumers order custom Wii U's from thier website. think about it... a person could go to, customize thier wii u, send the design to nintendo, and nintendo would make it and ship it straight to your adress. 50 cent ordered a custom ds lite from nintendo. so consumers should be able to do the same for wii u. (written and posted from my 3ds)-please reply with your opinions




@black-kyurem Honestly, that would then make Nintendo either a PC gaming botique or a custom hardware designer... that makes games. I do wish that consumers were to be able to pick some cool looking etched/graphic design on their console from Nintendo.



Ichiban said:

Get creative Nintendo!! The current Wii U is bland & boring!!
For one, bring back the coloured buttons & big d-pad from the SNES. Make the console sexy dammit! The current Wii U is dull & ugly looking, make it look sleek, sexy, & powerful (something a Nintendo console hasnt looked since the N64)
Make it something that draws people to it, just like I was drawn to the NES & SNES as a kid. No more kiddy looking s**t!!



Dak_n_Jaxter said:

I loved the look of the multi color 64s and Gameboy colors....

I think that would be a better move than the tidy efficient white look... imo

It's Nintendo... just be FUN...



BulbasaurusRex said:

Personally, I'm not a fan of boring old black and white. I want rainbow colors for my gaming systems. Yeah, they'll look like toys, but guess what? They are toys!



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Make it look like the NES. Matte grey for the face of the disc drive, black on the top, and mettalic grey on the bottom and sides.



AltDotNerd said:

Think about when they released the colored Game Boys (the Game Boy Pockets). That was actually intended to be a joke, but they were flying off the shelves. Multiple colors helps people think the console they're buying is more personal than those that are all the same color (like the Wii).



Alexneon said:

Wii U need good games to get some Attention...not colors lol, i dont care if the console is green if it have a very good line up of titles.



PK_Wonder said:

It needs white, black, pink, and indigo, with new colors special editions coming out over the years.

I, for one, don't care if it's hot neon camo that slowly melts your eyeballs out if you stare at it for too long. I'm getting it, day one.



19Robb92 said:

Black/white would be good intro colors IMO. I'll probably go with white anyway since that looks a lot cleaner to me.



Jono97 said:

Colours don't matter that much when it comes to home consoles. Not everyone is going to see it.



Lalivero said:

@SpriteKing You freakin got that right! If there is an Orange WiiU, it will be an instant buy for me(even moreso than now), heck I might buy a spare.

What is with all the talk of colors = kiddy? Apparently people need to start paying more attention to games. A yellow or brown console would still be a great buy if it had all the games I'm interested in. If you think that would lower the sales, just mainly advertise with the White/Black/Generic colors so it would attract the attention of a lot of 'hardcore' gamers which seem to be the reasoning behind it anyways, yet still produce more launch colors and keep adding over time(to keep that Nintendo touch as well). It's one of the reasons I loved the N64.

White and Black are a huge bore, imo, if you have to ask me about my opinion on that though. If I'm going to make a day 1 purchase, I'd much rather be given a choice so it feels more like a 'that one suits me' thing than a 'sigh I want this but the color choice is just meh' kind of deal.

If you ask me, all of the last(since we entered new gen with the handhelds) gen consoles: ps3, wii, xbox360 were ugly as hell, color wise. Thankfully, the 3DS is starting off this one with goodness in that aspect. Although I'll probably keep my ambassador one anyways, I'm still waiting on that Orange 3DS.



WaveBoy said:

White/Sky Blue(Color of the Wii's LED Light) would be awesome in my books.



SigourneyBeaver said:

Before I saw the Wii U I was hoping that the style of the console would be a departure from the WIi. So I was hoping for something silver, with more of a hi-tech look. Perhaps like a Mac Mini.



misswliu81 said:

have the wii U in different colours

put out special editions such as mario, zelda, metroid, donkey kong, smash bros,.

i agree the design and look of the wii U is important, but it's the games that do justice. it needs proper 3rd party support and games, something that the wii lacked and lacks. if the wii U has that, and it is at an affordable price, then i'd care less what the console looks like.



JimLad said:

I think a good compromise would be silver, it's pretty neutral, but a bit more interesting than white or black. Just so long as it's not black only, I've got enough black devices in my room. Plus it wouldn't stand out from the other consoles at all.
Personally I'd want it bright red.



shingi_70 said:


But its not supposed to standout that's why black is the standard color in the tech industry. It looks good, fits with everything else and goes well with the decor.



dangermouseuk78 said:

Quite Frankly i want a great launch line up of games thats what will ultimately sell the console. The colour of the console is the least of my worries and something that doesnt even cross my mind when i purchase one.

Has to have great line up of games from launch not look to out dated and be well supported, those are the only Priorities i think nintendo should be concentrating on.



2-D said:

I think it goes hand in hand with the naming debate - if it sounds like a Wii and looks like a Wii, parents will say 'you've already got a perfectly good one at home'. It needs to be marketed as something different or it'll just seem like a new controller.



hYdeks said:

I do like the black wii, it looks SLLLLIIIIIICCCKK

I like red but I don't want a home console to be red, it would look weird, so I have my 3ds red



CowLaunch said:

I think it needs to be another colour other than white in order for it to help it be distinguished from the Wii, something there already appears to be confusion about. I like the idea of very dark navy blue.



erv said:

I don't know really, I'd love to see a deep purple one. The black approach really doesn't make it feel classy - at least, most of the time.



LittleIrves said:

I think a different shape is more important than a different color. Right now it looks waaaay too similar to a Wii. Make the store-shopper stop in their tracks and say, 'What is that?" instead of them passing it by saying "Oh a Wii with a screen-thingee."
And I'm a proponent of the single color for a console, at least at launch. It helps keep production efficient, keeps the retail display simple. A single SKU. Nothing to choose. Nothing to consider. If someone thinks a split second between whether to get black or white or green, they may just walk away without getting it. But if there's one choice, and they think they want it, there's nothing to make them pause.



drumsandperc92 said:

Definitely need a black version. The Wii U looks overall too similar to Wii right now, I know they want to keep it sleek and simple, and they should, but they also need to make sure that Wii U stands apart from the Wii.
Black is a slick choice as the article said to match some home entertainment setups, including my own. The white is a good option too though, almost has that 'futuristic' type sterile look we often see in sci-fi movies and such.
But they should definitely offer bundles with games and have special editions - OR - they could at least do something akin to the 360's 'skins' thing where you can customize it yourself. But with that said there have been game-specific special editions of the 360, Nintendo could definitely do some seriously great looking stuff to that system with their own franchises.
Honestly I don't know that I could afford a Wii U at launch, but I know I want one.
If there was a Zelda Wii U game coming out maybe within the first year, with a special edition console, it would probably be enough to push me to buy the console even if I wasn't ready to yet financially.
And btw...loved the black gamecube. Thought it was so cool. Had a purple one but always wanted to trade it for a black one lol. Color options definitely help.



Zergling said:

I remember when Gamepro first ran pictures of the Nintendo Revolution (which of course would go on to be renamed Wii) in so many different colors and I was all excited and then they never came (except the red). I think color adds to the appeal.

Remember Apple began building it multi-billion dollar industry with the release of the iMac (available in several different loud colors).

I would like an Animal Crossing special edition Wii U (Thanks in advance Reggie)



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Red Wii=Cool. But imagine a red Wii U remote... yuck. Black and white shall be good enough, nintendo.




Its all about 1st impressions all they to make Wii U seem like something the public NEEDS to have just to feel relavant you know what I'm saying. That's how the Wii made me feel when I 1st saw the Wii it was instantly on my christmas list, birthday or whenever I could get my hands on it! I'm it felt like a real revalution wink wink That what they need to do with WiiU for it to be sucessful not just a rehash of what the 360 & PS3 u need to show that this is something NEW!! That's it make work Nintendo learn from the 3DS's and PSVida's lunch.



StarDust4Ever said:

Design it like the NES, with it's two-toned gray, black trim, and ribbed plastic vents along the top. Oh, and give the controllers red buttons!

All of the previous Nintendo consoles, NES, SNES, N64, Game Cube, as well as GB, GBC, GBA, GBA-SP, and DS all had distinctive looks as a console. Their competitors, the Sega Genisis, DreamCast, PS, PS2, PS3, Xbox, and Xbox360 also had distinctive looks. The Wii looks like a generic white box with a CD slot on it. That's one reason why I bought an acrylic blue case mod for it, with blue LEDs. Even if the Wii-U is to be white, at least give it some textured plastic, and a nice trim design to make it distinctive. Also a dark gray gunmetal finish along with lighter gray and black trim would be cool.



timp29 said:

Most people these days have an entertainment unit - their tv, dvd/bluray player etc and probably want some kind of matching colours amongst these. Having seven different coloured pieces of plastic in the living room seems crazy. I mean people spend a lot of money on electronics, its serious business, and im sure they want all the different pieces of equipment to match to some degree.

My vote is solid white and solid black for launch. White for the apple fanboys and black for everyone else. Although I was surprised when I realised apple tv comes in black



MarioFan1985 said:

Well, I think that the Wii U should also do along with selling multi color consoles is to also have some of the more popular games to be available to it. PS3 and X-BOX 360 for the most part slapped the regular Wii in the face for the games that they had, and to allow online play for the games as well (though I'm not a fan of that feature), also to allow add-ons for games to keep them fresh longer. So far, the Wii U looks promising to at least release some of the more popular games (like Batman: Arkham City). I don't know about DLC and online play yet.



sdcazares1980 said:

The color of the consoles are not that important, but the color of the controllers would make them easy to distinguish.



RantingThespian said:

Spice it up, the shape, the color, the buttons. My favorite looking console still is the N64. It was different, it was new, it was it's own thing.

However, I suspect it will look just like how it did in 2010's E3.



Ichiban said:

Nah you misunderstood me! What I mean is that the console itself should look like a powerful beast, & the N64 had that when it was released. Which drew gamers in, kinda like the original Xbox.



Ichiban said:

Also another reason the controller should have coloured buttons (apart from looking funky!) is for accessibility. I remember playing SNES games with my mum or dad as a kid & they'd get stuck in part of the game & I could just tell them to push the red, blue or whatever button & they'd know what to push right away. Trying to tell them to hit 1 or 2 on a wiimote or up C on an N64 controller is a different story altogether lol



JimLad said:

@shingi_70 Black doesn't look good, it's borrrrrrrrrriiinnngg.
I can see why interior designers and image conscious people like it, but I need colour in my life.



Kirk said:

It just needs to look less like a generic external hard drive imo.

I would at least want to see both black and white colors available at launch, because personally I would always go for black over white, and some other colors down the line would be nice too.

What they really need to do howevever, more than offer a few colors, is make the box itself look a bit cooler, maybe adding a light to the disk drive like they had on Wii, and maybe making the design a bit less asymmetrical and not so long etc.

It's just not a very exciting console right now and that isn't a great start.



motang said:

Wii U has a up hill battle, just like any other new console that will be coming out in the future.



Lalivero said:

@LittleIrves If there were just one color, I'd still have to pause and think about whether or not I should wait for the right one to come out. Not sure where you're going at there. Now I agree about the shape though.



hillbill26 said:

I would personally stick to black and white, because if the console color changed so would the control color, and I would not want to see a light blue or red tablet control. Those colors are mainly handheld preferred. So black and white is fine by me. White gives off a cool, general appeal to everybody, but black would give off a feel for strong and experienced gamers. Black and White bros!



PatcherStation said:

True, there's not much info about the Wii U, but I'm convinced that Nintendo will delay it until early 2013. It might get released in Japan at the end of this year though, so Europe and the US will get it early 2013. We're going into April, the Wii U has gone into hiding down at Nintendo.



PatcherStation said:

@hillbill26 I've never been a fan of white / light grey consoles as they look cold and they discolour (like the Dreamcast and SNES). Also, high gloss consoles are a pain for dust and marks. Microsoft ditched high gloss on their Xbox 360, I hope the Wii U isn't high gloss, but I bet it is. As for the final colour, the silver GameCube looked ace, so that's my vote.

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