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Nintendo Leaves BAFTA Empty-Handed

Posted by James Newton

Not a Tanooki statue in sight

Last night saw the GAME British Academy Video Game Awards in London, with Nintendo's brightest and best up for several awards. Shame the Big N didn't actually win any, then.

Arguably the biggest upset came in the Mobile & Handheld Game category, where iPad title Peggle HD beat Super Mario 3D Land to take the title. We all love a bit of Peggle of course, but it's still a surprise to see it top Mario's latest.

PlayStation mascot Sackboy beat two of Nintendo's bigger hitters:LittleBigPlanet 2 triumphed over The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in the Innovation category and beat Mario Kart 7 in the Family stakes.

Portal 2 beat SM3DL in Design, SEGA's Total War Shogun 2 triumphed over Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars 3D, while Skyward Sword lost out in two Best Game categories: Battlefield 3 snatched the fan-voted GAME Award of 2011, whereas Best Game went to Portal 2.

But hey, Rayman Origins won Artistic Achievement, so that's something.

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47drift said:

Anyone who claims ANYTHING was more innovative last year than Skyward Sword loses all credibility in my book.



Nightwalker said:

Well, I was also left disappointed with SM3DL. I mean, it's a great game with great levels, but the level of challenge is next to none.



Highwinter said:

@47drift What was innovative about Skyward Sword compared to the likes of Little Big Planet, Portal or the hoards of highly original and unique indie games? Skyward Sword was good, but not innovative in the slightest, it was just another Zelda game, albeit with a bit more focus on the story.

The fact Portal 2 received so much praise and Call of Duty was completely ignored speaks volumes about their credibility. They didn't even just go crazy over Skyrim, like almost everyone else has.



V8_Ninja said:

I can understand all the other categories, but Peggle HD, a game that is just a prettier version of a game that came out 5 years ago, is more worthy of an award of a yearly awards ceremony than original games that actually came out last year? I would be fine with anything winning the Best Mobile/Handheld award if it wasn't Peggle.



ThomasBW84 said:

I think that in an effort to make smartphone/tablet games seem more serious/legitimate, some media/awards are treating them more seriously than they deserve. While some smartphone games are quite innovative and fun, they don't touch Super Mario 3D Land for level design, controls, graphics and even creativity. It's a crazy, crazy decision.

I have plenty of admiration for devs who create catchy, fun tablet games, but that doesn't mean their work should be artificially elevated to the accomplished work of a team of 100 over two years, as with SM3DL. One's a fun diversion, one's a full-blown and, in my opinion, brilliant game.

I could rant about this forever, because the whole handheld/mobile category is a mistake: they need to be separated.



grumblebuzzz said:

Bah. I'm not even gonna pay attention to video game awards anymore. They always just pick whatever the tech geeks and 15 year old boys are playing.



JayceJa said:

@Highwinter what about the control scheme in skyward sword wasnt innovative?

maybe it shouldnt have won most innovative game, but to say it isnt innovative in the slightest is dead wrong



FonistofCruxis said:

This just shows why I don't care for the video game baftas. Although, I can understand Portal 2 beating SM3DL in design unlike the ridiculous decision of putting Peggle HD above it and I agree with Thomas that smartphone and tablet games should be in a different category to games released on actual gaming handhelds. But as Highwinter said, the way they didn't rave about CoD or Skyrim shows that they have some credibility.



SkywardLink98 said:

I've never even heard of Peggle. I didn't play any portal game but if it's Portal 2 how innovative can it be? Well I guess the same thing could be said about LoZSS




Like I said BEFORE the awards, BAFTA's results seems to favour soulless, cinematic, isolationist gaming. LBP 2 is a great game, but how it beat the wonderful MK7 3DS is beyond me. Skyward Sword is using motionplus from wiisportsresort era. Maybe that's why it didn't win innovation. Still, the one on one control is beyond anything on motion gaming.

Rank, predictable ridiculosness



C-Olimar said:

sigh As long as Nintendo jeep making games I'm happy. They don't need recognition. Still LBP2 is a sequel to a game and does basically the same thing - what's so innovative about that?



Corbs said:

Wow, so this awards show is basically the video game equivalent of our Grammys. Makes sense now.



Fuzzy said:

Peggle is fun for short bursts, but I wouldn't put it in front of 3D Land. Haven't played LBP2, so can't really comment on that one.



Kage_88 said:

@3 - Was gonna say the same thing. Mario 3D Land was robbed - it was a NEW game that sucessfully created a hybrid of Mario 2D/3D gameplay.

@vonseux - I agree. LittleBig Planet 2 (as great as it is) is just that - a sequel. Yes, it had innovative new features - but Skyward Sword did something that many thought was impossible; not only did it make motion controls great, but it made them BETTER than the traditional button layout...a mighty innovation, in my book. In comparison to SS's fluid & cerebral swordplay, button mashers like Skyrim and Kingdoms of Alamur look mighty dated, IMHO. Just wait; 3rd party developers are copying Skyward Sword for their games as we speak...

@22 - At the risk of sounding like an irational fanboy, I agree. When I heard the nominations for the BAFTAS were open, I literally rolled my eyes...I even said to myself, "I wonder what Unreal Engine-powered, linear, generic AAA game will win this year?"

I'm sorry if that sounds cynical...but it's just how I feel. The BAFTAS, like the Spike VGAs and the Golden Joysticks, always seem to favour what's 'popular', instead of actually opening their eyes and looking beyond the glut of $100 million blockbusters that permeate popular gaming culture today. Don't get me like Mass Effect 3, Portal 2 and Skyrim are fine...but it seems as though (and I've said this many times before) that the 'popular' gaming media seem to have this underlying vendetta against Nintendo...because their games don't fit the 'dudebro' mentality of today's youth. Sure, they'll smile and nod when talking about Mario or Zelda - but you know they'd much rather be talking about the next Call of Duty or Gran Theft Auto, because they have 'teh grafix'.

Ultimately though, as squashiejoshie so finely put it - who cares about some vapid trophy. As long as Nintendo's games gain praise by their fans and sell adequetly...that'll be enough.



Collinhall said:

Hmm.. SM3DL felt EXTREMELY repetitive, it screamed SAFE the whole way through (And yes - I have every star coin) Portal 2 DEFINATLEY deserved the award it got - but Skyward Sword not winning anything does make me wonder



Monsti said:

I love Peggle...but it's 2012! I played the exact same game on my Ipod in 2007!




To be fair, me and the oldest lad love Peggle Dual Shot on the DS. It got a 9/10 on NL I think. However, for the HD version to beat SM3DL makes these awards an utter, utter joke. BTW, if Peggle is so good Popcap, how come u didn't localise it for EU? It was released when DS games were selling really well as well. I had to import the mother from NA. Personally, I think the best handheld game should've been Ocarina of Time 3D.



Odnetnin said:

Mario was snubbed, I agree, but Portal 2 was at least slightly better than Skyward Sword in virtually every way. And from what I know of LBP2, it was at least somewhat innovative, what with the ability to make your own entire games and all (the first one only let you make platformers).



Token_Girl said:

I can see all the other awards winning - they're great games. But Peggle? Seriously? That's an insult.



Marakuto said:

Gaming BAFTAs are just biased on the Peggie Smartphone game, I agree that it should be in a seperate catagorie too.



Raylax said:

I agree with all the choices. Seriously, I'm not trolling here. SM3DL was a weak Mario game that offered almost nothing innovative to the series. Skyward Sword was certainly very good, but completely outclassed by releases on other platforms. And Portal 2 probably was the best game released in 2011.



axis1500 said:

I get the impression that most of the gaming industry just hate Nintendo and want them to get out of the way. Look at all the "Nintendo is d00med!" gloating when the 3DS was first launched - compare that to the Vita, which is basically getting a free pass, despite performing far worse.



ooofooo said:

I guess the europeans finnally got tired of Nintendo always holding out on them



RedBlueSpot said:

Dark times my firends, when a genuine Nintendo game is beaten by a simple smartphone game.



Dreadjaws said:


I agree. Portal 2 was spectacular in every way, and it was definitely innovative, but Peggle? Frickin' Peggle? Don't get me wrong, I love the game. I've played Peggle and Peggle Nights on PC and Peggle on DS, but for the love of God, it's an old game! And it still has the exact same mechanics it had when it was released the first time.

I think you might be right. It's like the rest of the industry is jealous of the big N, because they've been saying it's doomed for decades now and they keep attacking them despite being proven wrong all these years. Nintendo is powerful enough to have more than one failed console in its history and yet keep on the race, and winning. Who else has been able to do that?



The_Fox said:

I agree 100% with Skyward Sword not picking up the game of the year award but on the other hand I'm baffled to see SM3DL lose to Peggle, of all things.

Oh well. Who takes these things seriously, anyway?



SuperMinusWorld said:

Really? Really? A five year old game that was prettied up a bit won against Super Mario 3D Land? Seriously? BAFTA loses all actual integrity and validity in my book. They're clearly Nintendo haters and can't stand a good game when they see one. Granted, Portal 2 is great and I've spent countless hours with my buddy playing it. I could understand that, since Zelda (although really, really awesome) wouldn't win the creative award. But Mario's latest VS. Peggle... HD? No.



zeeroid said:

Peggle, huh...

I wouldn't have been surprised if Sworcery took the prize, but hmm... Peggle. Interesting.



shingi_70 said:

knock it off please — TBD

Skyward sword shouldn't win on innovation for one reason. The tech rally isn't new and the uses have been User in the first two Wwii sports games. The use case of it wasn't innovative as its already been done just not under a zeldq skin.

That and there are at least three games better than zeldq on that best game list.

Again Mario land did get snubbed but what can you do. And Mario land has some run of the mill level design.




Oh, what a pitty to see Nintendo leave with no awards. I've only briefly played Peggle, but what does it have that Super Mario 3D Land doesn't (besides the cheap price tag)?

Well, let's hope that this will inspire Nintendo to work harder and create more compelling games.



DreamOn said:

Bah, awards and their ceremonies we should all know its a catering service for a certain group within the given industry and not a 'voice of the people' sort of event. So: Nintendo, SM3DL is my vote. This game for me was a complete revelation of fun and wholesome gaming which, in a world of games going in all directions and not always good ones, this is a tradition I hope continues for a long time.



TrueWiiMaster said:

This is precisely why I tend to ignore these kinds of award shows. Skyward Sword featured an incredible new control scheme, and yet they say it's less innovative than Little Big Planet 2? What did LBP2 do that LBP1 didn't that was so innovative? And Peggle beating Mario 3D Land? Ridiculous. I'd even question Rayman Origins winning artistic design. No offense to Rayman fans, and it does look amazing, but is it really artistically new? I've never seen a game look like Skyward Sword, but I've seen hand drawn graphics plenty of times. At the very least I'd expect Skyward Sword to be a nominee for artistic achievement. Does anyone know if it was?

BTW, was Xenoblade really completely absent? Really? How did that even happen?



Odnetnin said:

@TrueWiiMaster LBP2 let you make entire games in any genre as opposed to just platformers in the original. I'm not debating whether it was more innovative than Skyward Sword (though I would say SS just took elements of the Wii Sports Resort and put them into a Zelda game, control-wise), but it was innovative.

Also, "Artistic Achievement" means really amazing art, not artistic innovation.



shingi_70 said:


Skyward sword has a weak art direction because of the wii limits. The cool pastels water colorlook from far away looks ugly when you put in in dolphin or a quality Tv. Now rayman is a whole another level of charming and awesome.

Also no one besides hardcore nintendo fans care about xenoblade.

The real Shane is bastion not winning in the download game.



Weskerb said:

I agree that LBP2 deserves to beat Skyward Sword. But, Peggle beating SMB3DL is an absolute joke. As is Batman winning best action game.



Lalivero said:


It actually seems like less of 'Nintendo didn't win' and more about why the heck Peggle won, looking at how people are wording things, haha. A lot of posters have even acknowledged how great others games have been and deserved said spots.

It's just insulting that Peggle won ANYTHING over an actual handheld game, period. I too agree that Mobile and Handheld need to be separated; Mobile games may be fun and addicting at times, but they simply can't be compared to actual videogames. I would have been fine with any 'handheld' title taking the spot over a 5 yr old game with make up.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

This is a crying shame!

Oh well. Nintendo gamers really know what good games are and the world wide sales of the Wii, DS, 3DS and their respective AAA games tell the true story.



TrueWiiMaster said:

So LBP2 took the concept from the first game, and expanded it to the next logical step, and that's innovation?

Art has absolutely nothing to do with power. If it did, than the only fair winner here would be Rage, which looked incredible and played at a clean 60fps. Besides, the winner is not exactly a power-hungry game. It was even released on the Wii! I don't know what you mean by dolphin, but I've seen Skyward Sword play on an HD tv and it looked great. Rayman's art was just old fashioned hand drawn graphics. It looked great, but it was nothing new. Skyward Sword blended cell-shading with a picturesque painting-like style, creating a brand new look that often appeared as though you were playing a living painting.

There's the problem right there. Any hardcore gamer should care about Xenoblade. It was called the best JRPG of this generation, not just the best on the Wii. You, and many others, may not care for the genre, but that doesn't in any way exclude it from being one of the best games released last year (in the UK). The fact that it was left out of BAFTA adds further credence to the idea that they only focused on the famous or more main stream games, and not necessarily the BEST games.



Malkeor said:

Well Peggle HD winning was me quietly questioning the choice.
The Rare guy had a little pompous attitude.

Those were generally the only problems I had with the show.



misswliu81 said:

i've never been a fan of awards ceremonies, so the fact nintendo won nothing doesn't worry me. as long as they stll have the fanbase, which they still do, that's all that matters.



Tasuki said:

WTF??? How does Peggle win over SM3DL? They shouldnt even be in the same category. 3DS is a handheld and Ipad/Iphone belong in a moblie category.




aaronsullivan said:

Skyward Sword did NOT simply lift the Wii Motion Sports controls. It's significantly different and tuned to the type of adventure it is. I can't judge between it and LB2 because I've never played. Did they do something about the awful floaty painfully boring platforming from the first one?

As far as Peggle HD winning over SM3DL. Well, I haven't played the Mario game for more than a demo, but I still find that incredibly bizarre. Peggle is cute fun and well executed. But it's just so simple and casual-oriented and mostly brainless. There are about 2 dozen games that use the same formula that are actually new this year. I don't get it.

Oh, and:
"Skyward sword has a weak art direction because of the wii limits"
The art direction itself was not remotely "weak". However, the limits of the Wii are making these sorts of things less beautiful to behold when compared to the intricacy that can be achieved on other platforms in HD. If it was just in HD there's no denying that it would look better.

Rayman is gorgeous in 110" HD. I dream of a 2D Metroid using that same engine in HD. Would kill. PLEASE, Nintendo? Can't quite bring myself to buy Rayman, though. Anyone know if later levels than the demos introduce anything interesting as far as gameplay goes? It seemed more about visual drama than game.



TrueWiiMaster said:

That is one awesome picture. I guess you're referring to the blurry floor around his feet? Yeah, I saw that. But I also saw one extremely amazing character model and stylized graphics unlike any others. Like I said, is art about power? Is it about tech? I don't think so, but maybe you think differently. The fact that Skyward Sword has occasional blurring (not referring to the intended blurring that comes with looking at things from far away; that's actually part of the artistic style in Skyward Sword) illustrates that it's pushing the Wii. That doesn't take away from the creativity and beauty present in Skyward Sword's style.



aaronsullivan said:

IMO, you are oversimplifying when you say, "Rayman's art was just old fashioned hand drawn graphics. It looked great, but it was nothing new."

I've never seen a game accomplish the hand painted look so beautifully. There is a workflow involved that allows the artists to paint layered paintings that fluidly move about and retain all of the detail and nuance of traditional artwork. Technically, it has been possible for years, but that engine and workflow they put together produced something that hasn't been seen before as far as I know. It deserved recognition.

I love how Skyward Sword looks and it was my favorite game experience last year. The "painted" look is a nice photoshop-style filter that is applied more thickly as things travel into the distance similar to how past games have blurred the backgrounds. It is a more interesting and pretty way to solve the harsh aliasing that occurs and is more noticeable on object in the distance on Nintendo hardware. It works. It looks great, sometimes, but it could look 10x better with better hardware and in HD.

As for comparing the two, I agree that the hardware and the final resolution should have NO bearing on artistic judgement. I think I'd lean towards Rayman overall, but it's a close call. I also liked the style of the characters and buildings and overall design of Skyward Sword, though I found it a little scattered in direction at times. Some characters seemed to look as if they were from a different game to my eye, for instance. Skyward Sword was a much more interesting game to me, of course. I didn't buy Rayman.



Punny said:

Peggle beat Mario? Zelda didn't win anything? Bummer. At least Rayman Origins got something.



Dodger said:

Peggle HD vs SM3DL is the only one I can really disagree with and that is more due to a dislike of Peggle then a love of SM3DL.

Oh, and Battlefield 3. I love SS but I could also see that going to Portal 2, Minecraft or if you ignore the glitches, Skyrim.

LBP2 might be a sequel but so is Skyward Sword and both manage to change a lot.

As a fanboy, I would love to see Nintendo sweep everything. As an intelligent person looking at everything, the other companies had better lineups. MK7 is fun but just another Mario Kart and SM3DL isn't that hard or long. That leaves Skyward Sword. I like Skyward Sword but it is rather linear. SS is taking the Zelda series in the right direction (not being laughable compared to a lot of modern games) but by no means is it the final step.



sc100 said:

Skyrim pretty much cleaned house over here in the US when it came to video game awards so I'm surprised it didn't win anything at BAFTA. It just shows you how subjective tastes are in things, whether that be video games, music or films.



XD375 said:

I love Nintendo and all, but some Nintendo fans can be really biased sometimes...




Portal 2 is brilliant. But I beat if a Metroid Prime 4 came out using that mechanic it wouldn't have won most 'innovative'. BTW, is it significantly different from Portal 1?



CaPPa said:

It's all just some peoples personal preferences.

My preferences would be Skyward Sword for virtually any award, as it was the best game of this gen on any platform to me. SM3DL should have won in the handheld catagory and I'd have picked MK7 for the family too.



Haywired said:

Should just point out that at the 2007 BAFTAS, Wii Sports won an incredible 6 awards and the following year Super Mario Galaxy won the game of the year award. Just wanted to run it past the fanboys with persecution complexes for whom "everyone is biased against the Wii/Nintendo! etc."



WolfRamHeart said:

I honestly didn't expect Skyward Sword to win any awards at this thing but Super Mario 3D Land losing to Peggle? Seriously? That is a load of bull.

Oh and for the record, I have played Peggle. I have it on my Xbox 360. It is a good game but not better than SM3DL, in my opinion.



Mr_DSi said:

That is what I was expecting. Here in the US, everyone always seems biased against Nintendo for some reason. Almost every website or organization that does these kinds of award things gives the prizes to XBOX or PS3 games. I don't know if that's how things are in the UK but I wouldn't be surprised if they were.



warioswoods said:

Well, the lack of Skyrim is a plus. I wouldn't even give that mess an honorable mention.

Batman and Portal 2 were great games that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have no problem with awards for those. Skyward Sword should have been recognized for something, though, as it really is the crowning achievement of the motion control that keeps winning in other categories with pure mediocrity (Kinect Sports in "fitness" category, ha!).


I have to doubt that you played the super secret final bonus level that requires you've played through the entire game as both brothers and hit all golden flagpoles. If you unlock that level and play it (and it's a long level, equal to about 3 or 4 normal ones), you'll see that it's the hardest level in Mario history, without question. In any case, even without that final challenge level, the difficulty is undoubtedly higher than nearly all previous Mario games, so I don't know what you were expecting unless you're somehow new to the series.



pastasauce said:

Skyward sword had some amazing moments, but overall was just an average game. Super Mario 3D Land not winning over Peggle is hilarious.




So you can't be a fan of social, inclusive gaming without being a fanboy? For real? If Microsoft or Sony came out with a proper, thoughtful version of it first they would have my loyalty. They never have (and no, the Kinect isn't good enough in so many ways).



New_3DaSh_XL said:

LBP2 didn't deseerve anything, and I do agree, they feel too good for the tablet games. They are mostly games that took 3 months to create, not 1-2 years of making great art, sound, gameplay, and story. This just is wrong.



Odnetnin said:

@warioswoods I have to doubt that you played The Perfect Run in Galaxy 2, since the secret final level in SM3DL is way easier. I beat the former after more than a day straight of playing it, and the latter took me only a couple hours or so.



nfzeta007 said:

Now i have no problem with Peggle, i like it and therefore still have it on my comp for the occasion where i'm bored and want something to play, but seriously? they put an HD peggle (probably didn't change much in HD) over Mario Land, come on the fact that it is as old as it is should already give Mario the upper hand



Radixxs said:

The first run through of SM3DL is beyond easy, and after beating Bowser I have no incentive to get past the first 4 worlds of the "more difficult" run through that I completed in only 3 hours.

The level design of the game is absolutely brilliant, but I could hardly enjoy it when I beat nearly every level in one quick playthrough. Even most of the Star Coins were easy to pick up on the first run through each level.



warioswoods said:

@Oddy, @Radixxs

Did you use the tanooki? Just curious. I swore off that power-up after the halfway point of the game and never looked back, because I found that it ruined the fun.



sinalefa said:


I have played both and I found the one in SM3DL way harder, to the point that I haven't beaten it yet. The perfect run in SMG2 is super hard only because you cannot even be touched once, and not because of the level design or enemy placement. The one in 3D Land has many tricky jumps and it even has a clock ticking.

EDIT: I just beat it now, after countless tries. I still stand by what I said. Here I was tense all the way through, to the point that I just ran for the flag instead of trying to get the golden flagpole. In the perfect run only the last segment is actually stressful.

And why the quality of a game should be based on its difficulty is beyond me, anyway.




Why am I not SURPRISED they always do this that's why I don't bother with gaming award shows their sooooo full of !! The only game this year from the PS3 and 360 that was ACTUALLY good enough and deserving I guess to beat the Nintendo games this year was Portal 2 that's it!

Every other game they lost to is just pure BS I mean esspecally Peggie over Super Mario Land I MEAN WHO ACTUALLY THOUGHT.....I MEAN WTF SERIOUSLY!! This crap is expected by gaming awards but I expected better from these guys I'm done with this.



Radixxs said:

@warioswoods Yes, I used the Tanooki power-up as frequently as it was presented to me in-game, which was nearly every 10 steps. I suppose I should try without it, I really would like a challenge.

@sinalefa If there is no difficulty, it ruins the sense of fun for some gamers. Mindlessly running through levels is not very satisfying for me.



retro_player_22 said:

I guess none of the ppl at BAFTA knew what a true videogame masterpiece is which is why they ignore the games of the N.It's kinda like if you go to an art show and everyone choose a bunch of collages over some actual arts for the awards. No worries though, none of the awards are that interesting anyways.



Vincent294 said:

@Highwinter Skyward Sword was innovative. Skyrim should've won. Heck, MW3 should've been nominated. Portal 2, etc. were great choices, but at this rate, we'll have awards biased towards indie games (VGAs), and ones biased towards big hits (BAFTAs). They need to balance things better, add more categories, etc. This is madness. Base winners off quality, not being what's the best popular or underdog of a game in each category.
@TrueWiiMaster They left Xenoblade out??!!! It'd better be because it's not out in the US yet, or these guys are crazy. In Game Informer, they had an article dedicated to these BAFTA awards. Well, these BAFTA awards proved no better than those VGA ones that everyone hated too.
@shingi_70 No. Have you played Skyward Sword? The motion controls are great, and like nothing before. Wii Sports Resort is more like a tech demo of it, and it's actually just that, minus the polish, etc. Nintendo said so in Iwata Asks. It's the example of motion control done right; it's more innovative than it seems. In the end, it's merely opinion, but everyone praises it for its accomplishments, like Game Informer, letting it walk away w/ a perfect 10/10. Many others and I happen to agree.
@ThomasBW84 I agree completely. That's why I'm so ticked off. Of all things, until they are separated, 3D Land's loss is completely ludicrous, and all other years must have it different.



Vincent294 said:

@NINTENBOY That's one big rant. I can see where you're coming from, but look at things from an even broader perspective. Skyrim is popular, and I think it is for a reason. Yeah, Portal deserved to win, and 3D Land should've. Little Big Planet is something I'm unsure of, but it has to be good to outdo MK7. These BAFTA awards are crap.



TheN64Dude said:

Are you sure IGN wasn't the host. This is a bunch of crap! They're LIARS!




TwilightV said:

@shingi_70: That comment about Xenoblade is far from the truth. I read through dozens of YouTube comments, and the owners of other consoles seem to be somewhat envious of it being a Wii exclusive.

Also, to whoever was asking about Little Big Planet 2's controls, I played a bit of it and that's how I felt about them. They were very floaty and just awful.



Megumi said:

@111: I didn't like the first LBP's controls much either...never played the sequel though. But yeah, from what you say they're basically the same, lol.



sinalefa said:


I get your point, yet you admit to having used the Tanooki suit every time, and of course that made the game easier, specially if you use the one you get in the extra worlds. It also removes some of the trickier jumps in many levels,as instead of jumping from platform to platform, you can float great distances, avoding pitfalls and enemies with ease.

Overall I would rather have easy than hard games, as easy games can be made harder by setting personal goals like not using (some) power ups, not continuing, etc. But when a game is hard and lacks cheats (like most Japanese games), it makes for a supremely frustrating time.



Odnetnin said:

@sinalefa @warioswoods I always lost my Tanooki Suit midway through, but yeah I used it. It was an available resource, and what else were all those Toad houses I had never used there for?

I'll have to try both again sometime, SM3DL sans-Tanooki Suit.



Radixxs said:

I'm not used to avoiding specific power-ups at all, so I guess I'll have to change that and stick to normal Mario.



jkgatling said:

You guys realize game devs PAY to win these kind of awards and to get good review scores.



Mk_II said:

I think this was payback... Game / Gamestation are the main sponsors of the BAFTA awards and they are peeved off that Nintendo doesnt extend their line of credit and insists on cash payments instead.



Colors said:

I do agree that Peggle on iPad shouldn't have won best handheld (It is a port after all) and maybe even SM3DL should've won, even though I found it very repetitive. But what I am getting a bit ticked off about is all the people saying Skyward Sword should've won the most innovative category. Honestly, what was innovative about Skyward Sword? The fact that the sword moved like your hand in real life? The fact that there were 2 ways to throw bombs? Or maybe it was because you could fly on the back of a bird? For Zelda games it was innovative and brought a lot of change, but when compared to other games of this day and age, it's not innovative at all.



XD375 said:

I disagree with the people saying LittleBigPlanet 2 shouldn't have beat Mario Kart 7 "because it was the same as the first," because it built upon the original much more than any Mario Kart ever has. I like Mario Kart 7 a lot but it hasn't really changed at all since Mario Kart 64.



triforceofcourage said:

Skyward Sword deserved the Innovation Award. Nintendo made a FULL motion control game that worked beautifully in the standard (but new and refreshing IMO) Zelda format, which also proves it can work with other adventure games the same way. I didn't play Peggle so I'm not going to say it wasn't as good a SM3DL, but I do believe a yearly awards show shouldn't give out awards to HD remakes... And SM3DL got me a lot of entertainment... I actually found it engaging enough to go back and get all star coins and gold flags with both characters, which is more than I can say for NSMB Wii.



RogueBologna said:

Obviously I agree that SML3D should have won the mobile category, and I wish Skyward Sword won something, considering it's my favorite game for no other reason then I enjoyed it more than any other I have played.



Maggots said:

This sickens me... the world likes crap... ... they like terrible things... that's why there's so many SAW movies... I have lost my faith in human kind...



Gamer83 said:

Zelda: Skyward Sword, while great, didn't really deserve any GOTY awards so I don't have a problem with that, but I have a major problem with any game in the mobile & handheld category besides SM3DL getting the award. I mean Peggle HD? Really? Absolutely terrible and BAFTA loses any credibility with that idiotic choice.

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