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Nintendo Europe to Host 3D Photo Contest

Posted by James Newton

Starts Monday

Budding photographers, take note: Nintendo Europe will launch a 3D photo contest next week.

On 2nd April you'll be able to enter Nintendo Europe's 3D photo contest, as long as you live in one of the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Portugal

Head back on Monday for more details.


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Portista said:

I have no idea why they would have a photo contest, seeing as the 3DS has a terrible camera. Eh, still I would have some fun taking photos for a contest. GO NINTENDO!!!



Jono97 said:

Is the 3D contest based on the 3DS? Well, I do agree with above, the 3ds camera is horrible. But, photographing aint my hobby, so I sort of use it as a casual camera.



James said:

@Arkhandar Yeah I spotted that, took a look around to see if there were any other subdomains but couldn't find any, and just goes to Still, looks like a step forward



NiBar said:

Why is other eu countries than these always excluded. Just like their Club Nintendo. I feel discriminated for not living the right place..



Supereor said:

That may just be the most hilarious picture subtitle I've seen on all you guys' sites. @1 Yeah, me neither, but like I learned when I tried the Vita's camera, it's not the quality of the picture, it's the feeling and thought it strikes in the viewer's mind. I reckon yet.



Dreadjaws said:

The 3DS camera is hit or miss. Taking pictures inside turns images into a disgusting mess of regurgitated pixels, but pictures at broad daylight can be incredibly beautiful, specially with the use of some of the camera's filters.

Now, even though I can't enter it, I'm curious as how is this contest going to be handled. Can you send pictures through Swapnote or something?



yuuds said:

Not fair!!!
I live in belgium!!!
I see "Europe to host a phot contest" BUT NO BELGIUM!!!!!



Captain_Hookey said:

smart move nintendo! i've almost never even used the 3DS camera! even if i dont live in the required area to participate, it's still a neat idea that would get me using it if it had a topic! all i really used the 3DS camera for was recording me beating Zelda II. i dont see why i SHOULDNT do this even if i live in america. shoot, i could make a contest with my buddies on swapnote if i wanted to.



Morpheel said:

This is the first time I notice that guy is actually using a Cobalt Blue 3DS and not a normal Aqua Blue 3DS.

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