A few weeks ago we reported the surprising news that there's a new Super NES title on the way in 2013, defying the convention that developing retro games means publishing digitally on modern consoles or platforms. Nightmare Busters, from Super Fighter Team, will come on a brand new Super NES cartridge, while also including retro collectibles in the form of a colour manual and traditional card-stock box.

With a price tag of $68 within the U.S. or $75 worldwide, some may have doubted the ability for this to succeed, yet despite doubling its typical pre-order production run to 600 copies, Super Fighter Team has confirmed that pre-orders are now sold out. In fact, they sold out within three weeks of the release details being confirmed.

The Nightmare Busters web page states that this is the fastest-selling project in the company's history, with the potential for a renewed production run once all pre-orders have been met next year.

[via nightmarebusters.com]