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New Frogger Title Hops Onto WiiWare This Spring

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Now it's going hyper

Frogger has a long gaming history, well known as an arcade in the early 1980s and appearing on legendary consoles as far back as the Atari 2600. It must have an ongoing charm, because it continues to appear in the current day with appearances such as Frogger 3D on 3DS and Frogger Returns on WiiWare and DSiWare. Konami has now announced Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition for WiiWare, due to be released this Spring.

Promising new ideas with the famous old gameplay, the new release will include a number of modes, multiplayer and even different 'skins' for the graphical appearance. Details are in the press release below.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH today announced the return of its veteran Frogger character, with Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition hopping on to PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3, Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 and WiiWare for Wii in the Spring, 2012.

The classic coin-op’s mix of skill and timing returns in its most challenging form yet, as Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition updates the core mechanics, but adds a wealth of new content and ideas. With the game currently celebrating 30 years of car-dodging, log-jumping, and road-traversing, players can jump into the action with classic and brand-new game modes including Tile Capture, Battle Royale, Freak Out and more that expand the challenge of Frogger's style of run-and-dodge gameplay.

Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition also allows users to customise their game experience through a variety of different skins, from the modern neon style of Hyper Arcade to the 8-bit sprites from the original Frogger, the classic Castlevania titles, and even Contra. Competitive types can also compete against friends or the CPU in up to four-player matches to find out who is top frog!

Are you a fan of Frogger, and does this new entry sound promising to you?

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Bass_X0 said:

I wonder how long until Frogger appears on VC. Surprisingly there was never a NES version.



Burning_Spear said:

I have the other Wii Ware version of this and it's OK, so I don't see any reason to buy this one. How about just porting the arcade version that many of us grew up with? People are still interested in ports of other arcade games from that period. These remakes staged across the tops of skyscrapers just don't appeal to me. Oh, and change the control scheme — holding the Wii remote as a pointer when you're only using the D-pad is a bit awkward.



Moonhillwat said:

This sounds really fun! My most favorite Frogger though was the one for PSOne. Good times.



SKTTR said:

4 player co-op sounds so fun
This seems to be true to the original, with stylish graphics.
Hope it comes to EU.



komicturtle said:

I loved Frogger on PS1. Had it on SNES too (I honestly thought it would be an adventure like PS1 because they share the shame box art).



accc said:

This looks a LOT better than any of the recent Frogger games, judging by the screenshots that were posted on their facebook page. It looks like a modernized take on Frogger that still manages to be faithful to the original, similar to Space Invaders Extreme or Pac-Mac CE.



MeloMan said:

1. Just give the original Arcade Frogger already (Wii VC VCA... where for art thou?)

2. If you're going to do a new Frogger, just keep it in the original style PLEASE.



JimLad said:

Frogger has had 25 sequels. That's more than Mario or The Legend of Zelda series.
Although I am enticed by the prospect of multiplayer...



Sean_Aaron said:

I thought the WiiWare game was decent, but it just didn't have legs. I'd welcome a game that was more faithful to the original. Hopefully Konami will ace this one.

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