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Mario Party 9 is Coming Up the UK Charts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

So you better get it started

Mario Party 9 may be trying a few new things, but it still knows how to keep a crowd happy. In this week's UK software charts the latest entry in the series has secured a very respectable third place, grabbing it a useful stash of mini-stars in the process.

This is apparently the highest debut UK chart position for the series, with Mario Party 8 previously coming in at number five way back in 2007. When you also consider that major retailers GAME and Gamestation didn't stock Mario Party 9, it's a thoroughly impressive performance.

If you're still not sure whether to accept the invitation to Mario's latest bash, check out our Mario Party 9 review to help you decide.


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K1LLEGAL said:

A great game but I still prefer the old formula. It's a shame that in trying something different they had to get rid of the old mode. Maybe it should be like Mario Kart where you get a selection of old boards to play as well as new ones?



steveex said:

Wow. Even without Game and Gamestation, it made number 3.

Makes you wonder if it could have got the top spot if they had sold it as well.

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