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Junction Point Holding "Epic" Event on 27th March

Posted by James Newton

What could it be?!

After months of speculation, rumour and cat-out-of-bag-letting, it seems Junction Point is finally ready to lift the lid on Disney Epic Mickey 2.

The developer has scheduled a press event for 27th March, saying nothing more than it will reveal an "epic project".

Late last year a Disney newsletter mentioned Epic Mickey 2, and rumours about the game have been doing the rounds for months.

Of course Epic Mickey 2 isn't a foregone conclusion: we've also heard rumblings that Donald Duck may get his own Epic treatment in future, but that could be a way off yet.


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Kyloctopus said:

The game was not what I expected. The graphics, were a little too dark, and the camera was terrible. It was still good, however since I also bought DKCR on it's launch, I played that more than EM. In all fairness DKCR is the best game I ever played, in my opinion.



NintendoLee said:

Epic Mickey had so much more potential than it delivered. Hopefully it sorts the camera out because that ruined an otherwise great game.



PALgamer said:

Epic Mickey wasn't Epic at all. I've had to force myself to play it, and every time I felt queasy thanks to the camera. And let's not talk about the quests or the wasted 2D sections...



NintyMan said:

Epic Donald would be awesome. I remember Spector saying his favorite Disney character is Scrooge McDuck, so would he like to make a DuckTales-esque game?

Anyway, I liked Epic Mickey, but it did fall short of the lofty expectations that even Spector himself set. Personally, the camera didn't bother me much, but they simply have to fix it for the next game if they hope to make it better than the first. I hope they reveal a couple of surprising tidbits about the new game, since the Disney newsletter let out some pretty spoiled information.



Odnetnin said:

I haven't played more than a few hours of the original, maybe I should sometime.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I got the first one soon after launch, only to find later that many critics were hesitant to recommend it, mostly due to the camera. That said, when I actually played it, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The camera did feel very outdated, the characters absolutely should have been voice-acted, and for a game all about consequences, there were far too few consequences. Even with all that, however, the great Disney characters shone through, and the plot and sidequests were engrossing, if a little predictable. If the second Epic Mickey comes to the Wii U, I'll definitely be interested.



bonesy91 said:

bleh epic mickey one suffered from boring gameplay (while original I'll give it that) and a terrible camera and the fact Disney wouldn't allow their icon to take on a more darker role (cut from the game). but with dual sticks maybe the camera issue would not be a problem.



irken004 said:

Epic Mickey was a great game, far exceeding my expectations. I didn't have much trouble with the camera seeing how I grew up with games that had a similar camera style



FriedSquid said:

I hope this is true. I played Epic Mickey (never finished), and I can definitely see room for improvement. Plus, I love the monochromatic Disney cartoons, and it was really nice to see that stuff in the game, so I'd definitely be interested if they made another game.

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