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Intelligent Systems Rejected Modern-Day Fire Emblem Idea

Posted by James Newton

Gunfire Emblem?

As we prepare for Fire Emblem: Awakening to reach the Western world, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata sat down with some of the game's development staff to discuss this latest entry in the tactical fantasy series.

Producer Hitoshi Yamagami and project manager Higuchi Masahiro began discussing the 3DS instalment while working on 2010's DS remake Fire Emblem: Shin Monsho no Nazo. Tossing around ideas for a new entry in the series, the two came up with setting the story on a different world or in modern times, but ditched those thoughts in favour of a title that sums up the best elements of its predecessors.

Guess that means we won't be seeing Marth swinging a baseball bat any time soon.


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NovaParadigm said:

Glad they didn't decide to do that. I started replaying Radiant Dawn today and I just can't imagine not missing the medieval setting. If I need an awesome modern Strat-RPG I'll play Advance Wars.



Tsuchinoko said:

Yeah, I mean for that kind of game, the Wars series really does a good job for that. Playing Days of Ruin a lot these days. I think it really fills that niche really well.



Prof_Clayton said:

Yes, this is a good idea
If it was modern they would add modern weapons and backgrounds which would ruin the charm Fire Emblem has (for me anyway).



Alienfish said:

I think that would be pretty cool as an offshoot for the series as long as they keep making medieval type Fire Emblem games too. Since having guns around always brings the issue of an overpowered weapon category, they could create a world where guns were outlawed and close to being forgotten. Getting a character with who uses guns would be either a huge part of the story or a relatively obscure side quest or battle condition. It would also be expensive to fund such a character since gun ammunition and upgrades would be rare. I think they could have made it work quite well, but there goes Nintendo being all scared of changing their games even though they aren't scared to change the way we play them.

@ #2
I wouldn't mind seeing another installment to that series since it's been, what, three years since we've seen a new entry? I finished Days of Ruin to 100% completion and then proceeded to completely destroy all of my friends in it so they don't really want to play it with me anymore. I need another game to coax them into more matches



Adam said:

If by modern they meant Earthbound / Star Tropics style with baseball bats, yo-yo's, sci-fi elements, and general silliness, I'd be in like Flint.



steamhare said:

To be fair, the advance wars series doesn't really emphasize individual units' personalities or have leveling. However, I do agree that it would be more natural to add those elements to advance wars than to move fire emblem into a modern setting.



The_Fox said:

Too bad. It'd be nice to see the Fire Emblem games try something different rather than rehash the same thing over and over. I like the games but they're starting to get a bit stale.



James said:

Advance Wars is a modern day Fire Emblem like BioShock is an art deco Call of Duty.



AVahne said:

There's no point, since IS already makes the Nintendo Wars games (gameplay mechanics aren't the same, but still no point), too. Wars was always meant to be the modern warfare type of game, where you can create and control a lot of (expendable) units. Fire Emblem was always meant to be a fantasy version of Wars, with RPG-elements and emphasis on individual characters added since it was fantasy.



AVahne said:

Ike, Sigurd, Ephraim, Eliwood, Alm, Hector, and FE11/12 Marth look like girls?

You must be attracted to extremely manly women then.

Besides, we have Celica, Lyndis, Eirika, and Micaiah as main characters already. Or do you mean that you want a game where there is only ONE lord and that lord(lady in this case) happens to be female?



Myx said:

they should lay the series to a rest. i played the wii version, the gamecube thingy, the 3ds-ambassador-giveaway.. they are ALL the same. yawn. they all got a story thats equally boring and confusing (my opinion) and the game engine is also EXACTLY the same. i would feel ripped off if i bought another fire emblem game. sorry. i am not indifferent enough for another FE-installment.



Doma said:

Well sh*t, this could have been interesting. They'd have been forced to create more than a couple of new classes. As long as they kept the same mechanics/gameplay it would have been fine imo. I have no problem with the current setting, but a change for once should be welcomed.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

I don't get why it would had ruin the feel of FE hey look at final fantasy they went from knights and black mages to a a pretty mindedness setting where the main character drives a frikiin motorcycle to a world where we got a female solider with a gunblade and summons that transform into frikin cars PLUS final fantasy 13 versus which Imo looks pretty dang modern and still has that final fantasy feel so why cant FE do the same?



NintenHero said:

Modern times Fire Emblem is a stupid Idea anyways and at the same time something quite interesting. It's an insult to make a Modern Times Fire Emblem game imo... plus Final Fantasy is no longer Medieval which is stupid. I agree with the fact that change is ALWAYS a nice thing sometimes but let's get serious.



FluffyNinja said:

No to modern. Too much of a jump. Would be more interesting, imo, to have a slightly more steampunk feel to the series though.



RR529 said:

Fire Emblem with modern weaponry, isn't that the Wars series? Seriously, what would be the point of that. Keep FE Mideaval.

A Zelda themed FE would be bad@ss though. Set in Hyrule. Link and Zelda would be your commanders (if one dies, game over), and various good guys from out the history of the series would be your army (Ashei, Midna, Ruto, Linebeck, ect.), there would be misguided "bad" guys you could convert (Groose, Byrne), and the enemy army would be led by Ganon, and his generals would be villains like Vaati, Majora's Mask, Angahim, Zant, ect. Normal enemy soldiers would be stuff like moblins and Stalfols.

This would have to be non canon, but it would be sweet.



misswliu81 said:

@NintenHero final fantasy jumped the shark from final fantasy 8 onwards for me. but fire emblem should remain as a traditional standing RPG.

storylines may change yes, but not the format for the series.



SyFyTy said:

Wow, we gamers can be a whiney bunch can't we. One moment we're complaining that every game is the same and they're reselling us the same thing yearly ( BTW with new maps I'm ok with that) and in the next breath we're complaining that they changed too much. Changes should be incremental at best but there's nothing wrong with a spin off or one off. TV shows do it all the time. ALSO Nintendo, PLEASE bring this to the USA & UK thanks. 1 more thing Advance Wars with the Ghost Recon 3ds style depth would be amazing. PS Both art styles AW DoR/DoC and Dual Strike, were both good with me. Without Intelligent Systems games i may not buy Nintendo products.Every Nintendo game I like turns out to be I.S. made.

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