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GAME Group Files for Administration

Posted by James Newton

But still open for business

GAME Group plc. has submitted an application to enter administration.

The troubled chain has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks, with a string of high-profile releases missing from its shelves due to an inability to secure credit agreements with suppliers and publishers. Neither GAME nor Gamestation has stocked a Nintendo-handled title since Resident Evil Revelations, which Nintendo distributed and marketed in the UK.

The chain is still open and trading during a moratorium period of 10 days, during which no company assets can be sold off or stripped down, so expect your local GAME and Gamestation to be around until at least the end of the month. After that, there are several potential possibilities: a new company formed by its lenders, a buy-out from another chain or even total closure.

Our best wishes go out to all GAME Group employees.


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Cipher said:

The very best to everyone working at GAME and Gamestation, and to the Game Group itself. It's a fantastic company, it's never let me down and I hope they can still somehow manage to survive. I'd be very sad to see them go.



Squashie said:

OH NO! Buying games online just doesn't compare to popping round to my local GAME store and picking a game up!

Still, the sale was excellent! There will probably be even more bargains now that they are closing down!



Squashie said:

  • And my best wishes to everyone at GAME and Gamestation. The staff are always so lovely!

I wish they could pull through!



Capt_N said:

I feel sorry for their employees. I also really don't want them getting eaten by Gamestop. @squashiejoshie You're right. Nothing compares to actually going into a (dedicated)/video-game centric brick-&-Mortar store. It's always so cool! Again, I hope the employees make out alright, & get back on their feet, if they end up w/ no job from a potential closing.



HipsterDashie said:

Agreed. Getting a game cheap off of Amazon or delivered straight to your HDD via Steam is nice and all, but it lacks that personal charm and enjoyment of walking into a store, seeing products on the shelf, talking to staff, etc etc etc. I much prefer physical goods over digital downloads, and if a new company cannot emerge from the ashes of GAME then I seriously doubt the future of physical releases will last for too much longer.

Best wishes to everyone working at Game and GameStation.



SkywardLink98 said:

I hate the idea of gaming stores closing down and all my games becoming digital. Pictures can never compete with holding the case in my hand and thinking "Should I, or shouldn't I?".



Victoria said:

How sad. I've been expecting it though. In the last 2 weeks I've been in 4 different Game shops and haven't found anything to spend my remaining credit on. Now it's even more pressing.



Alundra-1998 said:

@Hipster-Dashie "Getting a game cheap off of Amazon or delivered straight to your HDD via Steam is nice and all, but it lacks that personal charm and enjoyment of walking into a store, seeing products on the shelf, talking to staff."

I couldn't agree with you more on your reply, I really enjoy going and picking up my games as opposed to getting them online, I know this might sound weird to some people, but I would much rather pay more for a game and support a store.

I also tend to only purchase things online either if they have a good preorder bonus or if high stree stores won't be stocking it in store such as the Sonic Generations Collector's Edition for the Sony PlayStation 3.



AVahne said:

Good luck to all the GAME employees.
Though, would it be strange if Gamestop/EB Games decides to head over and take over all GAME stores?




The staff at my local GAME store have always been very helpful, polite and provided good service. Shame the GAME prices were ridculous at times. They had the odd good deal, but still.... Good luck guys.



Marakuto said:

3 months ago a GAME store closed down to become a CEX which I believe is in some parts America too. The CEX is really successful as I bought 4 brand new Gamecube games there, however the GAME store is now located in a Debenhams store which is bigger but they have not been doing well as I noticed since very few customers even come in now.



misswliu81 said:

this is sad. it now makes me contemplate on whether another retail video game store will be open for business and stock the games people want.

all we have now is HMV and supermarkets, but even they themselves don't stock the full range of games for the wii, DS as well as many 3DS exclusives.



HaNks said:

not sad, buy all my games online. nothing really charming about the high high street prices. hope there's some good closing down bargains, may check them out if i'm in town.



Chris720 said:

I'll check in if there's closing down prices. However, I've seen Tekken 3D and Kid Icarus going for sale in there... and you can even pre-order Mario Tennis for 3DS.

GAME and Gamestation are the only proper video game sellers in my area. The rest are just supermarkets who only sell 25% of the games that are actually out there, and it's usually the more rubbishy games.



FonistofCruxis said:

I hope another dedicated gaming store replaces them as while HMV are pretty good for games, the one closest to me now sells less games on Nintendo consoles than they do for other games consoles which is a shame, especially when they used to be such a good store for games on Nintendo consoles and used to be better than GAME and Gamestation for games that had been out for a while and were hard to find.



OldBoy said:

Really.....Oh what a surprise!!
Seriously I'm amazed they lasted this long! Awful customer service, sky high prices, an unhealthy obsession with trade in's and pre-owned games and no niche games or decent merchandise to be seen.
I shall be circling the stores like a vulture waiting to pick up some bargains!! HA HA, bye bye GAME. See ya in Hell!



HaNks said:

@MrHeli they'll be gone soon too. check out most of the prices on their if they're deliberately hitting the RRP and highest possible price in most cases. pathetic.



grimbldoo said:

I can do without a high priced game store. I just hope the employees can find other jobs.



Raylax said:

@OldBoy That's pretty pathetic. ...Of course, if any of the employees are destined for hell, I suppose you're correct in saying you'll be right down there with them.



OldBoy said:

I wasn't talking about individual employees though was I?
I'm talking about GAME the business which,unless I'm mistaken, is what this article is about.Should we support any business just because it employs people,regardless of it's practices? Nah ,didn't think so.



dizzy_boy said:

geez, what the heck are they gonna do with all the second hand party games they`ve got.
they can`t burn them, nobody in hell would be caught playing that crap.



Mowzle said:

Leaving aside all the pros and cons of shop VS internet purchase of games, I just feel very sad about this. If Game closes, there will not be anyone coming along to take it's place. It will just be one more nail in the High Street retail coffin, resulting in another cascade of unemployment and an even more mediocre shopping experience in all but the biggest towns.



CerealKiller062 said:

Got a trip planned for spring to the UK. Seems like a good time to go and buy some European release only games I have been meaning to buy.



SuperUberBear said:

The community on here are alot more considerate towards Game and it's employees than on other sites I follow (other than oldboy). Maybe us Ninty fans are the nice folk of the gaming community. I don't understand why so many gamers take the "bite the hand that feeds you" apporach towards game companies, retailers, publishers etc with fanboyism, trolling etc.



kaisersalsek said:

Bad for its employees; they won't have any jobs...... however, I have little sympathy for the GAME employees where I live.... they've been extremely rude in the past, to the point of not shopping there out of principle. Gamestation on the other hand have always been nice and helpful, so I feel bad for them. Sorry GAME, no sympathy for your rude staff and overpriced games from me.



shake_zula said:

Sad but inevitable. Digital media is going to consume physical media, whether you like it or not we may as well start accepting it. I don't mind, personally. It's a shame for the staff though, the people in my local store are really nice.



MagicEmperor said:

Being an American, I am completely unaffected, regrettably. Still, best of luck, GAME's staff.



theblackdragon said:

@shake_zula: I don't think it's about digital vs. physical media, i think it's more high prices and market oversaturation — think i read something about four or five of these stores in a single town? with the complaints about pricing, no wonder they're not making sales if they're having to compete with each other like that. hopefully they can consolidate and figure things out :/



shake_zula said:

Yeah you're right there actually. I guess I was responding more to the people in the comments here lamenting the advent of digital media domination. It'll happen within the next two console generations. Mark my words, TBD. Mark them.

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