Lucky Club Nintendo members in North America now have a chance to pick up a free pack of AR cards for the upcoming 3DS release, Kid Icarus: Uprising. For those not in the know, AR cards unique to this title will be used for simulated battles, with the victor apparently earning in-game currency and goodies. With plenty of cards available and details on distribution still sketchy, this is a good early chance to start collecting.

The pack will include cards called Great Reaper, Drill Arm and Palutena (Rare), though we're not convinced how rare this last card will be considering it's part of a giveaway. That said it's a limited time offer with a set quantity, so its a good idea to head straight over to the Kid Icarus giveaway page and login for your free pack. The game itself is released on 23rd March, and keep an eye out for our review before it hits stores.

Thanks to Edgar Martinez for the heads up.