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Feature: The Mistakes of the 3DS Launch

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Lessons for Wii U

Now that the 3DS is one-year old in most territories – its Australian anniversary hasn’t quite arrived yet – it’s safe to say that Nintendo can look at the handheld’s progress and be reasonably happy. It’s unlikely to be ecstatic and popping open the champagne, however, as the road to the current good times has been full of pot-holes and diversions. We’ll be presenting a happier retrospective feature tomorrow, but today we’re going to look at the mistakes Nintendo made with the 3DS launch, a timely warning as Wii U approaches.

The system wasn’t ready

If a consumer picks up a 3DS today, what they’ll have, once all updates are in place, is a handheld with a solid and varied feature-set. There’s a quirky messaging system, the ability to jump into online multiplayer with friends, video recording and a digital store with some enticing, affordable download games. Though there are inevitable improvements and additional updates on the way, it’s a system with plenty to offer on top of a basic gaming machine.

When 3DS launched, however, none of those features were included. While early-adopters could mess around with AR games, 3D photos and StreetPass, it didn’t take long for the rather limited capabilities to be worn out. The lack of meaningful communication or online integration was bad enough, but the absence of the eShop was perhaps the biggest issue, especially for those who wanted to access the expansive DSiWare catalogue. Even the ability to transfer software from an old DSi wasn’t active, with gamers simply having to hold onto outdated systems.

Plenty of reasoning and explanations can be given, but the fact is that the console simply wasn’t ready for launch, with Nintendo scrambling to improve functionality retrospectively. With Wii U, the infrastructure and features that gamers of all types expect simply have to be there, on day one.

It’s how much?

Over a period of three months Nintendo sold fewer than one million consoles worldwide, returning some truly abysmal figures.

The spectacular success of the DS ‘family’ of consoles meant that Nintendo came at the 3DS launch from a position of strength, the dominant force in handheld gaming. The decision to retail the 3DS at $249.99 in the U.S., or around £230 in the UK, was possibly based on an assumption that the brand would sell, and that consumers would willingly pay a reasonably high price for Nintendo gaming on the go.

The strategy worked with enthusiastic and dedicated Nintendo gamers. Nearly four million consoles flew off the shelves worldwide in the first few days, but it’s what happened next that showed that the product, in the eyes of many, simply wasn’t worth that price. Over a period of three months Nintendo sold fewer than one million consoles worldwide, returning some truly abysmal figures. It prompted a crisis at the company, recording its first ever loss and implementing a drastic price cut to save the day.

There are a number of reasons why that price point was all wrong. On the one hand, the demographic of less experienced or ‘casual’ gamers was no longer enthralled by Nintendo alone, as they had been by the DS. Smartphones and tablets now offer quick, disposable gaming experiences for a small amount of money. For those who love Angry Birds and similar titles, the 3DS would only appeal at a more affordable price. The drip-feed of apps and features also meant that some will have looked at the 3DS in its early days and concluded that it didn’t have enough software and functionality to justify the expense. Also missing, in the eyes of both serious gamers and smartphone enthusiasts, were blockbuster games.

Where are the games?

We’d suggest that, perhaps, the 3DS launch library was harshly judged. There were some good, solid gaming experiences on offer that barely got any attention from the wider public. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition was dismissed by some as a basic port, though it did make decent use of StreetPass and a new 3D-boosting camera angle, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars 3D was a strategy title that truly deserved a bigger audience. Nintendo’s big launch day titles – released worldwide – were Pilotwings Resort and Nintendogs + Cats.

A typical description of those two titles could be, ‘they’re alright’. The launch line-up lacked a killer app to truly grab attention. While The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D may have served the purpose if it had arrived a few months earlier than it did, a game with Mario in the title would have truly flown off the shelves. Either Super Mario 3D Land or Mario Kart 7 would have done the trick, but like the system itself, they weren’t ready.

Advertising that missed the point

We’ll keep this short: the 3DS advertisements in the UK didn’t get the message right. In North America there were relatively creative adverts, such as the man playing Street Fighter IV 3D Edition with two characters duking it out in a 3D space. UK adverts, prior to launch, showed a variety of people walking into a 3DS booth and saying ‘wow’ a lot. The camera focused on the people’s expressions of amazement, with the audience treated to a view of the back of the console. Though trying to emphasise the impressive effects of the 3D display, consumers who didn't know better would potentially struggle to understand what 3DS was. Is it just another DS iteration with some 3D gimmickry?

Later in the year, and to coincide with the price cut, this mistake was remedied. UK adverts for the console now showed a lot of game footage, with the phrase "this isn’t just DS, it’s 3DS" and making it clear that the graphics were a major step-up on the console. The message was clear, at last.

Eye-strain and the curse of sloppy journalism

The final issue with this launch wasn’t Nintendo’s fault, with the blame being directed squarely at sensationalist and innacurate journalism. Despite it being clear that 3D effects were only for children above six years old, gaming sessions should have a break after 30 minutes and that the device has a slider (as well as parental controls) to disable the effect, one British tabloid deemed that insufficient.

Most gamers experience some discomfort the first few times they use the 3D screen, in some cases even a headache. These symptoms, in the majority of cases, cease once your eyes adjust to the effect. In an infamous article, a British newspaper had a journalist provide a first-hand account of the effects of 3D, with a doctor on hand. Reporting sickness, dizziness and headaches, particularly while trying to use the screen in the process of walking down the street, the article did a good job of making the problem seem much, much worse than it is. A follow-up story, no doubt an attempt to justify this test’s ‘results’, claimed that 3DS systems were being returned to retailers en-masse by angry consumers. Retailers said that was absolute nonsense, but the damage to the perceptions of that paper’s readers, and others who didn’t see the various denials and factual statements, was already done.

Lessons learned, mistakes fixed

While the 3DS had a rocky start, the actions of Nintendo in the past six to eight months have shown that it’s learned important lessons. With assurances that Wii U won’t repeat the same mistakes, there’s cause for optimism. Considering the issues experienced in the early days of the handheld, its current successes show that we should never write Nintendo off.

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SkywardLink98 said:

The whole "3D effect gives headaches, nausea, etc" is way overdone. I've asked 4 3DS owners (Counting myself 5) if they've ever gotten headaches, excessive eye-strain etc from the 3DS and all have said no. A lot of reviewers seem to think if they don't say it gave them headaches they're review doesn't seem legitimate to their readers.



shonenjump86 said:

3DS really had a rough start. It's seems to be doing well now though. I hope there is strong support from third party company's for this system.



GamerDude said:

I agree with all of these, so lets hope nintendo gets the Wii U right or they will have a HUGE problem on there hands!



warioswoods said:

When discussing launch games, why do you skip over Steel Diver?

It's still one of my favorites on the system, and believe it or not was by far the best way to wow friends with the 3D effect by giving them the periscope mode (more of a 'wow' than FaceRaiders or any other demonstration). It also has a ton of replay value and, most importantly, is unlike anything else on the market, whereas Pilotwings and Nintendogs were established experiences, just upgraded.



Stargazer said:

@ Wario

I quite like Steel Diver, but there's not a lot to it. I feel like it should have been a pack-in game. There's lots of replay value if you want to replay the same levels over and over to collect stickers.



Whopper744 said:

Very nice article. I agree with it too.
The system wasn't ready to be launched. Can't quite figure out why they made the decisions they did with it at first.
But again, don't ever write Nintendo off so quickly. One reason they are my favorite gaming company by far.



C-Olimar said:

One lesson they seemingly haven't learnt is the branding. People were cofused that the 3DS was just a DS yet Nintendo still chose the name Wii U. Hopefully the rumours that there will be a name change are true.



kdognumba1 said:

I know myself and friends who have purchased the 3DS haven't had eye strain, headaches or nausea and only know 1 person who has seriously had those effects... and they can't handle 3D anything, not just 3DS. One of the big issues with these people that may get this is most people want to just jump in looking at something full blast not realizing they need to gradually ease into it like 3D movies.

Anyways good article. I really do believe the 3DS launched too early and it should of seen a summer launch however I'm glad things picked back up for the system and stuff is looking good now.



SonicMario said:

Ok the 3d part was so not true. The 3d can cause I strain or whatever, but its not as bad as that person made it seem. And yes, I guess it would be bad if you were an idiot and you played with the 3d 24/7 and played your 3ds for hours everyday. But they warn you to take breaks. If the people won't take breaks, that's their problem!



theblackdragon said:

@SkywardLink98: While I'm glad that you and your 4 3DS-owning friends/acquaintances have never had a problem with the 3D effect, I stand in the camp that does get headaches while playing in 3D, so I don't use it. I can usually handle the 3D in a movie or theme-park ride okay, but this is another experience entirely. If a reviewer feels it warrants a mention in their review, that's their call IMO — I don't see how such a mention gives one review more legitimacy over one that doesn't.



paburrows said:

I get eye strain still, but I just keep the 3D turned off, theres soooo many other things about the 3DS that in my mind are more important and make it such a great system.



Mk_II said:

the 3DS was released rather soon-ish so the first sales rush would strengthen the company results in fiscal year 2010 (which ended March 31). It was purely a financial decision



Rapadash6 said:

3DS really came close to being the second system that failed for Nintendo, but in the end they played it smart, humbled themselves, admitted their mistakes and now the system is back on track. This does have me quite hopeful for the launch of Wii U, which should be priced fairly, have a must have 1st party game at launch, and a fully operational online store with new, quality content on day one. I guess we'll have a better idea if they've learned from their mistakes in a couple of months. This years E3 will be a good one for sure!



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

>_< just one lil question ……………… did anyone else think of a HDS? Just me? Ok ill sit in my corner now •~•



Sir_Deadly said:

you know, these people that claimed to have had eye strains, headaches, and nausea and all that could have easily just turned off the 3D effect instead of bitching and complaining. I kno the point of buying the system is to play in 3D, but if its causing u that much trouble just turn of the 3D. Take breaks during game play and ease your way into the 3D effect.



Pokefanmum82 said:

I don't have any problems with the 3d effect but I get that some people do. You have to ease into 3d. I love my 3ds though. Yes Nintendo made some miskates but they more than made up for it. I highly doubt that they will make the same mistake with the WiiU.



tweet75 said:

the 3ds should have launced with super mario land 3d , legend of zelda oot, and kid icarus uprising sales would have been alot higher early on.



tvshowking said:

I went from absolutely needing a 3DS after E3, to not even caring anymore at launch, pretty much for these reasons. It wasn't until the price drop when I got one, and I feel the 3DS would have done a LOT better had it launched at Christmas (more time to make the launch games, keep the higher price, basically just do more than the bare minimum).



Capt_N said:

@siconlolz What's an "HSD"? I could answer you if I knew, but I seriously don't know what one is, so I can't compare.

Last summer, I asked a/my family eye doctor (about the 3DS), & well, long-story short, he said that it was similar to those (usually called) "magic 3d"/"stereo-grams" images that used to be in newspapers, however, you still needed to take breaks, as well as get your eyes adjusted to the 3d effect. @ this point, I started wanting a 3DS. I had asked, since I already have ocular motor apraxia. In short, that means I have issues w/ peripherial vision, & my eye's tracking (cap)ability. Anyway, I've had my 3DS since Christmas, & the 3d effect hasn't given me issues yet. My eyes have gotten a little tired of the effect at a few times, or @ least at the full slider-point at times, but that really hasn't happened more than twice since ownership, & I was tired one of those times.

@theblackdragon: Right. I agree w/ you, & paburrows. I don't really use the 3d too much, & really, I use other things on the system a lot, like the Sound app/Mii Maker,/etc., since the 3d isn't really needed for those.

@Thomas Whitehead: Sadly, I often see more parents who just don't care what their child/children are playing, &/or how, compared to those who do. I really have gotten it down to almost a fine art, explaining the (3d) slider is not a switch, but like a volume control. & still, after telling ppl they don't have to use the 3d to enjoy the system, they say, "I don't like the 3d. It hurts my eyes. That system's not for me."

@C-Olimar: Maybe Nintendo is hoping WiiU branding will amplify the Wii brand name, as if it is a continuation (of the brand), & therefore encourage less-enthusiastic gamers to buy the new machine?

I do know that this E3 will be interesting, like everyone here, & elsewhere online is saying.



The_Fox said:

Leading up to the release of the 3DS Nintendo hyped the 3D aspect above all else. Those who bought it a couldn't experience the feature without problems had every right to complain.



Sir_Deadly said:

@The_Fox I just dnt think complaining about it would have helped as much as simply turning of the 3D effect. Nvr said they didnt have the right to complain.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

Lineup: lacking
3D: too gimmicky
Price: initially rather high
Gyroscope: hardly used
Apps: dull
Internet: good
Storage: excellent
Menu layout: good
Updates: too many in one year



Vincent294 said:

Jeez, the features were lacking at first, but seriously, what was w/ those so called "journalists?" I swear, there were so many warnings. Who could've missed that? A warning app on the Home menu, w/ a yellow, bold exclamation mark, a warning on the front of the packaging, on the front of the games, when you first turned it on, and even in the ads. And people said that wasn't enough. Parental controls, anyone? Ridiculous. And the news. Yeah, I got a headache. A few times, in fact. But I adjusted, and it was rare. Still, people freaked out and a bunch of random nobody hyped-up lets-blow-this-way-out-of-proportion news sites tried to make it sound like some epidemic. That should've never happened. When I googled Nintendo I felt like I was looking at the National Enquirer Nintendo Edition or something. As for the software, it was weak; now it's been remedied. Same goes for the features. Still, I'd give a lot of the blame for its initial failure to those lousy news articles. Haters/fanboys capitalizing on them didn't help.



thanos316 said:

what mistakes. i won't call them mistakes. they sold the system at a price they think it deserved to be sold at and had some decent launch titles. i would say that they should have had some features in there from day one but thats the only little blip from the 3ds launch. the 3ds was a fantastic system from day one. people was just over reacting during the first few months the 3ds launched. but ninty is making up for this in a huge way now..good luck to the 3ds in the future



Vincent294 said:

@theblackdragon That must suck. I remember the massive headache I got the first time I tried the demo. Now I've adjusted. Just remember to take a break when your eyes get tired after using it too long. Then you'll have another headache. I can't blame you for not using the 3D at all.



Alienfish said:

I've been with Nintendo through thick and thin, but when they tried to sell me a 3DS for $250 I just couldn't do it. That was way too much and I think they knew it. Not even a Mario game would have convinced me to get one at that price. I'm just glad they tried this kind of thing with their handheld instead of the main console. Now I have more faith that Nintendo won't screw this up. I expect to see them flash $299.99 across their huge projector this E3 because anything higher will have the same effect as the 3DS did. I just hope they don't underpower the thing just to reach that price point and still make a profit. If there's one thing they should learn from the industry now it's that gaming companies won't be making any money on consoles any more. All of that will come from the games.



Sir_Deadly said:

@The_Fox not trying to argue man, just saying people should have had an idea of how they would adapt to it at first. Or at least experienced it on a demo somewhere at a store. That's how i knew i was ok to play in 3D because I was worried it was going to cause something to happen.



DarkKirby said:

Nintendo is in a tough spot for the Wii U. The Wii U NEEDS to be quite a bit more powerful then the PS3, and can't rely on being unique alone to sell or keep people interested. The issue is, Sony and Microsoft have absolutely no incentive to release a new system UNTIL the Wii U is finalized, at which point they will just make their new systems more powerful. Nintendo HAS to release the Wii U because the Wii is failing. The Wii U has to be powerful enough to be considered next gen by PS3 standards and not be cost effective for Sony or Microsoft to make their system too much more powerful. The 360 is less powerful then the PS3, but everyone develops games for the 360 so porting to the PS3 is easier, however the result is usually poorly ported games that run better on the 360 on which they were designed. The Wii U doesn't need to be more powerful then Sony and Microsoft's next system (which it won't be for previously mentioned reasons), but it does need to be quite a bit more powerful then the PS3. This is the base of what will determine the success of the Wii U in the long run, even if they advertise it the wrong way, or get slandered by journalist with lies. A solid exclusive game at launch will improve early success. Above all, Nintendo needs to be willing to show they will be able to offer all the 3rd party games the next system Sony and Microsoft will play, and perhaps can offer more then they can. Things not to do are, restrict what is and isn't allowed on their system beyond the rules Sony and Microsoft have, and require developers utilize the Wii U's unique features IF THEY DON'T WANT TO.



NESguy94 said:

The price and the lack of games is what truly hurt the system. If Nintendo would have launched it with Mario 3D Land and Ocarina of Time 3D and at $199,99, It would have sold just fine.



Millenia said:

I have had my 3DS for 4 months now and have never experienced any kind of headache, eye strain, nausea, or anything of the sort. I really don't get the deal with that. It's an extremely enjoyable feature and I don't understand why people feel the need to bash it.



Flowerlark said:

I would have gotten a 3DS at launch if it hadn't been for the ridiculous price. That was my major issue. I also was unsure for quite a while that the 3D could be turned completely off- a necessity for me because of some serious eye conditions I have. But I would have looked into that sooner had the price been more reasonable. As soon as it dropped and I got wind of a Zelda edition, I was sold.



Dreadjaws said:

$250? I bought my 3DS last december, after the price drop, and I had to pay $390. The import taxes in my country are terrible. Had I been able to get them for $250 I would have bought two. And trust me, my salary is crap. But who needs food when there are Nintendo games to play?



kyuubikid213 said:

All this complaining about price is a bit annoying.

When they released the system, in my opinion, the $250 price tag was WORTH IT. It was an excellent voyage into portable 3D gaming, it had awesome features and games, and it was a part of the successful DS family.

I mean, if it was any cheaper, do you think you wouldn't be complaining about the price now? If it wasn't that expensive, then we wouldn't have a miraculous price drop and the Ambassador Program.

Which brings me to another point. If you paid the $250 price tag, you got twenty free games. FREE GAMES. And since all of the NES games are $5 so far, that is already $50 worth of FREE GAMES. That means that we got basically, a FIFTH of the price of the system in FREE GAMES. And then we got the GBA games and we don't even KNOW how much those are. Even if they are $5 a piece,m then we got $100 worth of FREE GAMES for paying $250. That means that we got $20 of extra FREE GAMES considering the new $170 price.




RR529 said:

I bought my 3DS at launch and have never regretted it! Spent my launch days with SSFIV and Samurai Warriors: Chronicles, and the games only got better from then on (DOAD, OoT3D, Ace Combat, SM3DL, MK7, MGS3D, ect).

The only thing that truly bugged me about launch was no eShop, but at least the 3D was (and still is) amazing!



crazyj2312 said:

@kyuubikid213 I guess a lot of people felt the drop was just too drastic and too soon. And not everyone feels that old games are worthwhile compensation. Playing old games is alright with me but in all honesty if they gave me 50 dollars worth of credit to buy games in the eShop, I would have been happier since I'd at least have some options.



Sir_Deadly said:

the only problem I've had with mine is the Black Screen Of Death!!! Bought it last month and that showed up a couple of days ago grr!!!



DraculaX said:

I was one of the lucky ones. I bought my 3DS on eBay in October for $145 with everything and Super Street Fighter IV. And one day I was just looking at things I downloaded and found out that my 3DS was an ambassador. So I got a 3DS, SSF4, and 20 free games all under retail price ($170), so I don't think I have the right to complain about anything.



lanabanana said:

The 3DS is doing great now! But it'll be doing better when Flipnote Memo comes out!!!!! As well other awesome games coming out soon like "Luigi's Mansion 2 " and Super Smash Bros.!



BenAV said:

It's great to see that the 3DS has really turned it around quickly after a rocky start.
The mistakes they made with the 3DS just makes me more excited about the Wii U because now Nintendo will probably do everything they can to make that start off on the right foot at all costs.
E3 is going to be amazing this year, cannot wait!



ThomasBW84 said:

@warioswoods I mentioned Nintendogs and Pilotwings because they were launch titles worldwide, whereas Steel Diver took a little while longer to arrive in Europe (a few weeks to a month, if memory serves). I was focused on what games were available on day one everywhere, though I don't think Steel Diver would have changed the overall point in the article, in that there were no knockout blockbusters to grab the public's attention.



AVahne said:

I always max out 3D when gaming and 3D off when on the menu. No headaches. Even my 9 year old brother doesn't get headaches.



WingedSnagret said:

Like several others have already said, things would have gone a lot better for the 3DS early on if it had AT LEAST Super Mario 3D Land and the eShop.



StarDust4Ever said:

To be honest, I was bored to tears with my 3DS in the first couple of months, prior to the release of Zelda and the eShop update.



x-mas_mii said:

my friends always say my 3ds is horrible because of that one journalist's opinion
oh yeah, and i got mine @ walmart when they dropped the price early so technically,
70$ 3DS!!



k8sMum said:


easing into 3D doesn't work for some people. i have been pleasantly surprised that i can play games with 3D on, but some days my wonky eyes just cannot cope with the effect (i've had mine since december).

for those of us who have trouble with the 3D, we all know we can just turn it off, but that effect is what pushed the system; it's even in the name, for pete's sake.

for those that have no trouble with it, well, great. but for those that do it is a real issue and i, for one, get tired of seeing it dismissed as whining.



tvshowking said:

The only game I've left the 3D on all the time is Super Mario 3D Land. Every other game I only switched it on every now and then just because I wanted to see certain sights in 3D (Hyrule in OOT, Cave Story 3D scenery).



Tasuki said:

@Thomas: Great article. I have to say the High price point the non exist eShop and the lack of must have games for the launch are the main reason I didnt get one till after the price drop plus I wasnt big on the launch colors either. I agree with all that you said as to why the 3DS bombed at launch. IMO they should have at least waited until OoT was released and than release the 3DS.

@TBD: I dont play with the 3D effect on either I get bad migraines whenever I see 3D even if its in a movie theater. But like you said there is plenty of stuff to keep he happy with the 3DS without giving two thoughts to the 3D effect.



Vincent294 said:

@Assassin87 About the 3DS, not that much, but about those baloney news articles, yeah. I just ignore them and see how desperate they are at blowing things out of proportion. In a way, it's kind of funny to see what they make up/blow out of proportion next. Who bets their dignity a news site will say the 3DS has some major defect?



Myx said:

huh, i beg your all pardon? since when did nintendo learn from anything? strikes me.



axis1500 said:

The thing you have to remember is that Nintendo deliberately held their big games back because third parties told them that they couldn't compete with Mario.

As a result, Nintendo left the first few months Mario-less, but of course, the third parties delayed their games as the console wasn't selling, leaving us with no games.



tesswan said:

On the headache side, I tried it out once in Target and had an instant headache and dizziness that lasted for a couple hours afterwards. My husband also can't see in 3D because of eye surgery, so between me and him, a 3DS didn't seem worth it. Now that a couple Mario games are coming out and a cheaper price, we are considering it, only we'll have to completely turn off the 3D. If a Fire Emblem title makes it on here, it'll be an instant buy for me.



The3DSisMINE said:

I'm sorry, are we still going over why the 3ds had a not so successful launch. Its old news, Nintendo learned from it, they move on. They know what they are doing if they didn't the 3ds wouldn't be successful like it is today



JimLad said:

Most important thing for Nintendo: launch with a Mario game.
Also have an online service ready to go.



grimbldoo said:

Dear Nintendo,
You can go ahead and push back the Wii U release a little if you need to. Just don't release it before it's ready!



Jono97 said:

Wonder if the next next gen 3DS will have screens which follow your eyes. It's already possible. But expensive.



Samholy said:

the 3d effect is funny. everyone i made them try it said they felt bad. me too at first. i wasnt sure what nintendo tried to do with that weird 3d thing.

then, after a couple of uses, my eyes got used to it and now i can see it in all its splendor. kid icarus looks stunning, that 3d depth really adds a lot to the immersion.

and NEVER i or my friends experienced headaches or sickness. maybe some dizzyness, but nothing serious. what a shame. the same who complained the 3d effect gave them dizzyness still go watch 3d movies on a giant screen and dont complain. (even if they did the first time they watched a 3d movie)

people are stupid.



Dreadjaws said:

Well, things are not the same for everyone. Some people have more sensitivity and still get headaches when watching movies in 3D.

I've never had a problem with movies, save for the uncomfortability of the glasses, and the 3DS never game me any headache either. The only problem I had was an inmediately noticeable eyesore when I amped up the 3D effect at maximum in an option in Resident Evil: Revelations menu.

Then again, I only tried that once and I was very tired that night. Maybe if I tried it again it won't affect me. But the native 3D effect of the console has never caused me trouble.



Stargazer said:

Took me 2 weeks of thinking I was going blind before Pilotwings could be blasted comfortably at full 3D. Now I have been battle-tested and can handle any 3D.



Sir_Deadly said:

@k8sMum I didnt mean when u get use to it keep it on at full blast all the time. I also have to turn it off sometimes because my eyes strain.



JustTheTrick said:

For an article that points out the damage of sensational reporting is quite a sensationalising in it's self.

Erm, what console hasn't suffered with slow starts and with a lack of developed software? Was the Xbox 360 console fully operational, in terms of features, on release? Surely staggering the release of features allows early adopters to get to grips with the technology without overloading them.
Constant and consistent poor reporting like this that relies on sensationalising, especially when it seems to think it's rising above it, is bad journalism. Please don't join the ranks of IGN and Gamespot in writing these unfound articles that perpetuate ideas that are pointless and fuel wild unsupported opinions. It's like the rumour that the Virtual Boy caused migraines... there is no evidence to support it so why do current "journalists" refer to it as a health hazard?

Don't be sloppy



theblackdragon said:

@JustTheTrick: This is an opinion piece, not straight-up news reporting. Though we've based it on facts, we've chosen to add our own thoughts, suggestions, and suppositions to the matters being discussed here, and we've made no secret of our doing so for the purposes of this article (why else would we title it 'mistakes'? there is no way to factually prove that; it's inherently subjective). Please keep that in mind as you frame your next reply to this thread. :3



Mahe said:

I'm still holding on to my "outdated" DSi, because the 3DS is just shoddily designed compared to the DSi and the backwards compatibility is rubbish.



rjejr said:

I think they'll learn. Or they'll fail.
The best thing Nintendo had going for them was that the 3DS launched in March, which gave them months to work the kinks out before the holiday season.
The WiiU will launch during the holidays so it will need to have a decent price - $299 - and whatever is advertised at E3 - online, etc. - working and some big games, preferably a Mario one. I don't think the name really matters all that much, that's for revisionist history. It's not like the 3D induced headaches went away b/c the price dropped and good games came out for the 3DS, it's just an excuse.



Kitsune_Rei said:

They did really screw up at first. That's pretty obvious. For a long time, they didn't give anyone a reason to buy one. Who is going to shell out $250 for a new system just to have a new system when you can happily continue to play the vast majority of games on your current DS? I think most of us have learned by now to wait and see how the game library unfolds. They made some of the most horribly unrealistic promises about big games coming out, many of which we're still waiting for or just recently seeing fulfilled. At least they got their act together enough to release a couple big titles by the holidays.
And yes, this isn't atypical of launches. However, why don't they try to make a better launch when they know these problems have happened in the past? I think they just thought the Nintendo name itself was stronger than they thought.

They also WAY over-emphasized the 3D gimmick, and it became a one-trick gimmicky pony system. People became highly dismissive of it.

I would also think developers seeing the horrible sales would want to stay away from the system, and either try one of the newer phone platforms or stick with DS.

But I think its going to pull it out in the end. They've started getting their act much more together this year.



ericwithcheese2 said:

It really makes me pleased that after such a horrible start, the 3DS has been the top selling video game system for the past six months running here in 2013. That streak will come to an end, obviously, with PS4 and Xbox One, and some could say that streak started because sales of PS3 and Xbox 360 dipped in anticipation of the new systems... but its still great news and an amazing turnaround for a handheld that many wrote off as the next Virtual Boy.

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