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Disney Epic Mickey 2 is Built For Wii

Posted by James Newton

Not a weak port

The not-at-all shocking announcement of Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two came with the even less surprising revelation the game's heading to PS3 and Xbox 360 too, leading some to worry Wii owners would get a weak port of the HD versions. Thankfully that's not the case.

Junction Point supremo Warren Spector has confirmed his team is building the game on Wii, while UK studio Blitz Games creates its HD counterparts. Hopefully that means a technically impressive follow-up for the mouse; 2010's Disney Epic Mickey had its moments, but we're hoping for an altogether more accomplished title this Christmas.


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rjejr said:

WiiU? You mean an HD version for WiiU right? I will be buying very few Wii games - maybe zero - after the WiiU launch. A game based so much on graphics like this needs a WiiU version.



JakobG said:

Woah, so the 360 and PS3-versions will, in a sense, be the ports?
@rjejr: No, it's the Wii. No confirmations wether it'll be available for the Wii U yet.



Whopper744 said:

Well that's good to know. I have the Wii one is the best somehow...I would most likely prefer the Wii's control anyway...may have to sacrifice graphics for that though. Good thing gameplay is more important then looks.



bauckster said:

I'm VERY happy to hear that! I still haven't made up my mind about Wii U, and it is nice to extend the life of the Wii a little longer. I really hope it is a good game, and doesn't suffer from sequelitis (or correct some issues from the first and have a crappy storyline or something like that). The first game sold well on the Wii and hopefully this will too!



bauckster said:

Just found out: the game will feature: improved camera (no manual control, so let's hope it's improved!), full voice acting by every character, and permanence (meaning if you change the land with thinner or paint, it stays that way when you leave and come back, unlike the first game).

Here is a very cool video link w. Warren Spector talking about the game and quite a bit of game footage:



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Still more excited for POWER OF ILLUSION on 3DS. Give me EPIC DONALD for WiiU and make it an awesome treasure hunting adventure. The WiiU pad is just begging to be used as a camera, GPS, and binoculars.



NintyMan said:

Sounds to me like the versions will have different content, so maybe I'll get both the 3DS and Wii versions after all.

@bauckster: I'm glad to see that the paint changes will stay this time. That should make the atmosphere of the game stick. It seems like they will improve the controls and manual things like that, but I hope they expand on the first game's fantastic presentation too. The story needs to be good once again, as well as the music.



Alienfish said:

Lol, what are they thinking? This is going to be the last good game for the Wii and, just like every other system's death period, it will be the one that gets overall forgotten until it gets rereleased as a download later on. Paper Mario was the same way on the N64; great game, but I didn't buy it because I needed to save money for a Gamecube. I'm a big fan of Wii, but it started showing its years about two years ago. WiiU is going to use the old Wiimotes so why not just develop it for that and then port down to 360/PS3 instead of porting up to them?



bauckster said:

@Alienfish You could certainly say that, but keep in mind that many Wii owners are not typical gamers, and may not take the plunge to buy a Wii U. Gaming consoles are expensive, and not everyone can keep buying more and more. I think the game has a shot of doing well on Wii. I could be proven wrong, but I don't think it is really such a bad move to release it on Wii.

@NintyFan I agree that the story, music and presentation are all important. I hope that the plot of the second game isn't lame, considering the emphasis being placed on co-op play.



Sir_Deadly said:

I dnt understand why if this is being released this year, y wont they just release it on the Wii u? I know Wii u wont be released til later this year, but it supports Wii controls so the controls are EXACTLY the same and u can have the option of playing with the Wii U tablet if they were to allow it. I dnt know, it just doesn't make any sense to me because everyone will probably be buying a Wii U at launch or somewhere close to launch. Not to mention it would be in beautiful HD along with the other consoles, so we get both worlds !!!



FonistofCruxis said:

@Alienfish How the hell was the Wii showing its years two years ago? 2010 was the Wii's best year! Also, the Wii U won't be out until Q4 so the Wii still needs some good games before then, including some of its last months as this will obviously be one of the last games to be released on Wii this year.

Oswald's weapon looks like a Wii remote so it will probably look like a move controller in the PS3 version but how would it look in the 360 version?



Capt_N said:

The Wii needs good to go out on, so hopefully this game will be pretty good.



BenAV said:

If it turns out well then I'll buy it, and if it doesn't then I won't.



madgear said:

@Assassin87 well I have no intention to buy a Wii U and the current Wii has a user base in the millions, more than any current gen console, whereas the Wii U's is zero at the moment. I think it makes much more sense to release it for Nintendo's current system. IF I ever get a Wii U, it's not going to be for a couple of years yet - I'm going to see how the next generation plays out.



hillbill26 said:

This is interesting how 2 different companies will release the collection of games. But still, I would go with the Wii version because of the motion controls and stuff and mainly because i don't have the other consoles. I will look forward to the game.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

GREAT NEWS! Thank you Mr. Spector for not forgetting the Wii. Much respect. I don't understand why people are getting upset for this not being a Wii U game. The Wii U is not even established and as was mentioned before there are millions of Wii owners. By making it for the Wii the Spector team and build on what they learned from making the original and rather than trying to lean new hardware they can make a kick but Wii game that can also be played on the Wii U.

I would much rather have a purpose built Wii game that maximizes what the Wii can do rather than a down graded 360/PS3 port or a rushed Wii U 1st gen version that may be loaded with bugs because the team does not know the strengths of the system AND I would not be able to play it on the Wii.

Again, good job Mr. Spector! I bought the Collector's edition for the first one and I will be getting the Wii version this time around as well. We might even see Wii Motion Plus support! Sweet!



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm buying this on the PS3 but this is good news for those out there that only have a Wii. I wish that it was coming out on the Wii U too because I think that they could make some interesting use out of the Wii U controller.




OK this is good but seriously I think ALL the developers sould just forget about the Wii and focus all their energy on the WiiU it's just FAR to late to start dedicating and/or supporting the good old Wii esspecally since the WiiU needs it way more!!

Only people who should even be thinking about the Wii is Nintendo about how 2 port all those games & accounts from the Wii Shop Channel 2 WiiU and Treyarch because they totally OWE the Wii community 4 being consistantly dedicated 2 COD even thought we never get NEARLY as much content as the other versions.

Treyarch needs 2 make 1 last COD 4 Wii going all out and giving us all the content that we DESERVED from past games mainly the zombie maps. I mean really it's ridicalous how the Wii has only has gotten one again ONE COD Zombie map all together when the freaking iphone and and ios phones have gotten 7 AND COUNTING THAT'S BS!! I just had to say it



rjejr said:

OK, my sarcasm was lost due to my inferior writing.
I do think they should release this on the Wii. The fanbase is too great to ignore, and I'm still peeved Shenmue 2 came out on the Xbox and not the Dreamcast. Plus, games STILL come out on the PS2, like 100 years after it's launch and 5 years after PS3s launch. That said, I won't buy it on the Wii. I got the first 1 on the Wii b/c my options were limited. I'll get the 2nd on the PS3 if there's no WiiU version. My very dusty Move needs something to do anyway. Nintendo really REALLY needs to have this as a WiiU title, or the WiiU will be viewed as not able to handle it, or Nintedo doesn't do a good job of attracting 3rd party games, like so many other games that came out on the PS3/Xbox360 but not the Wii. I don't think that's the WiiU start Nintendo wants to have.



WAM2 said:

Oh. When my brother told me about this I was thinking, "Oh, so it's not just a port with downgraded graphics and no networking features. It's one of those 'exclusively built version for the Wii' games. Which...don't get much effort put into them and usually end up disasters anyway, don't they?"

And then I find out Warren Specter is the one developing the Wii version. Oh. Okay. Nevermind, the original creator is working on the Wii version and having someone else develop the HD versions. That shouldn't be too bad.

@baukster_about_new_features: I like the sound of that!

Oh, and about the Wii-U? Erhm...I heard that some people were excited about it, but...really? HD graphics, okay, cool, but what about that ridiculous controller? I really can't think of how that would enhance the kind of games I like to play. It just seems like a gimmick, and not even that great a gimmick, at least not how it was shown off last E3. It needs major improvements and more games that aren't just ports of "hardcore" M-rated dark n' gritty games (they seem to be audience-confused here. They're Nintendo, for crying out loud, and they're emphasising dark n' gritty hardcore?!). I guess Epic Mickey 2 would be that kind of game, but it won't make a bit of difference if it's the only one.



Sir_Deadly said:

@rjejr Shenmue 2 came out on Dreamcast but that was only in Europe and Japan. when it cam to NA it was ported to Xbox which gave the dreamcast community no choose but to buy it for xbox for those who had the system. But if you were talking bout it for NA then yea, i was pissed and still am because it was supposed to be an dreamcast exclusive.



Henmii said:

I still think it will skip the Wii and goes straight to the Wii u. But we will see!



RightHemisphereG said:

This go's to show that the LoZSS won't be the Wii's "AAA" sown song Mind You there still is the rain-fall trilogy, DQ-X and this could just have been an other drop the bucket of Games with, great malti path game concepts with laxt game play (that the Wii has accumulated to name a few Endles Ocean series,Trauma series,Animal Crossing, & fishing Resort) I'em looking forward to Ski Dive on Wii. Aswel as Retro city Rampage &, Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII Just being scored on there lasting appeal alone these already released games are 9's and from previews wright up the latter games sound just as well.
Great job to the team at Junction Point and your partners on get this to Wii. with all the changes made, I am looking forward to playing it seeing how it differs from the prevues story.

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