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Colors! 3D Brightens North America on 5th April

Posted by James Newton

Brush with fate

Colors! 3D was supposed to hit the eShop late last year, but it was pushed back for further work. Now developer Collecting Smiles has revealed an official release date for North America: 5th April.

The announcement came via Twitter, though no word on a price or release date for outside the Americas just yet.

Still, you'll be painting in 3D in just a few weeks, which isn't so bad. While you're waiting, read through our Collecting Smiles interview about Colors! 3D to brush up on this promising eShop art package.


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Undead_terror said:

i dont think im bothering with this game unless its cheap,if i wanted theres always computer paint



Samholy said:

awesome instant buy. i already have art academy, but colors on ds (iphone) was so much better than it. i hope the 3ds version will be similar !!!

those who have art academy, dont be fooled. colors! 3ds will be much better in many ways. Just for the intuitive interface ive seen in the video trailer, you can bet on it.



Freelance said:

Well I don't deny Colours 3D will be -better,- but AA has all the tools I need. I don't -need- another drawing app.



ejamer said:

Many people won't want to pay $7 for a drawing app, but I think this is a steal!

Collaborative (local) drawing sessions, ability to upload your work and share with others, great interface and tools for drawing - including some deep 3D layering... I've been waiting for this app to get released and am really excited to know it's finally on the way!

Congrats to Jens for this great news!



BulbasaurusRex said:

I failed 8th grade art and haven't taken an art class since then. Paint and a good icon editor on my PC are all I'll ever need.



HiroshiYamauchi said:

Finally! Colors! 3d is my most anticipated eShop title, can't wait to continue using this amazing tool, now in 3D! Would pay $10 for it, easily.



Mowzle said:

I really will throw a tantrum if this doesn't come to Europe shortly after the US release.
It was originally developed by Jens Andersson in Europe, though I believe he has since migrated to the US with his work.
Here's a link to the Danish website which gives additional details of Colors 3D:-



japzone said:

@Mowzle It's going through Nintendo EU's aproval process right now, something is just holding it up so you'll probably be getting it sometime in April, maybe early May(depends on what it's being held up by).



Kitsune_Rei said:

I didn't pick up Art Academy because I've been waiting for Colors- I've been wanting a nicer drawing program than the simplistic Swap Note. It just looks so well thought-out and has so much to it I think its a great value (independent developers still deserve to make money for utility apps!).
Sure I have Photoshop on my computer, but I'd really love to be able to draw on my 3DS. Plus interactive options! I already saw it listed in the eShop and put it on my wish list. I was glad to see a mention of it in the GDC eshop video.

I hope everyone (who has any interest in drawing) picks it up



RR529 said:

Can't wait to get this! I'm no artist, but the ability to make my own 3D work is just too awesome to pass up. Hopefully Swapnote will fill up with awesome pics people make with this app.

To all those saying they don't need this because of Art Academy or Paint (PC), you do realize you can't create 3D images on those, right? Seriously, this is going to be quite a unique app, and I hear it's going to be quite full featured.



Freelance said:

Meh. Drawing in 3D is a gimmick. I dabbled with it in Swapnote and while it's neat, it's hardly beneficial. I am perfectly FINE with AA and simply drawing in 2D. This will be my last post on the matter.



bboy2970 said:

Amazing news! I have been feverishly awaiting the release of this one and will surely pick it up in two weeks! I think the between painting in 3D and the expansive online sharing features, this should be an excellent download!



Drewroxsox said:

I have $5.03 on the eshop, so I'll pass and wait for flipnote memo, which I think will come out sometime between now and the summer. It's been a year since it was announced, and there still haven't been any further information besides that they still are working on it, and that was said before december last year



drexegar said:

@Donjwolf Art Acedemy is great, but there is way more than just drawing in 3d that colors3d have. The ability to play back your drawing at any time and continuing where you left off is great. You have can have down to 1 pixel brushes to get extreme detail (that not even the smallest brush in art academy can do) in an 850x436 resolution that records in vector so you can export to 1200x600 pixels. There is an online gallery that is accessible to see what other people have drawn and play back there drawing to learn techniques of others and get ideas. You cant make comic book style or anime art on AA without looking like its been painted unless you just use pencils only. Yes Colors! 3d shubs down your through about the 3d crap, But there are way more features that makes this a really great piece of software that people are drooling for. I can tell you the real artist here are not going crazy for the 3d.



drexegar said:

@BulbasaurusRex If you like windows paint, then you should get hello kids! Its only 2 bucks you'll feel right at home. Great for adding to your swapnote, I also used it to make coloring book pages to be used in the graffiti mode in the photo album with my swapnote buddies. You can also import photos and draw on them too.



grumblegrumble said:

Anything that involves creating and painting/drawing I'm all about! I loved Art Academy so I am greatly looking forward to this. Just hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!



Flowerlark said:

When it was listed on the e-shop as 'coming soon' there was a price tag for the first couple hours. I think it was $6.99.

Super excited about this! I'm an artist so I'm eager to have a painting program for my 3DS. I already have Inchworm for my DSi and love it, so I'm really looking forward to the more sophisticated Colours.



Mowzle said:

@#19 japzone
Thanks for that information. Really looking forward to this.



SyFyTy said:

I imported several from different countries for my DS: Crazy Frog Art School, Art Academy (provides step by step lessons & can use camera to suppliment art, some art carts include games for break time between artwork), Paint by DS, Paint by Ds Classics, Paint by DS Miitary Vehicles, Colors (homebrew version). And a few others I can't find at the moment, With the exception of those with similar names., all (including colors) provide options the other ones don't; Art Academy does not provide animation or digital capabilites or 3d (layered) painting, as good as it is...Not all versions have colored pencil, oil, air brush, and other medias...But hey, let's face it being creative (with visual art) is not for those with a limited mental capacity or restricted [to] only mechanical aptitudes ie thumb mashing or even those without fine coordinated muscle control. But those nay-sayers of Colors 3d, probably already knew that... right? Riiighhht. Pfft for YOU we have.. 'Let's Draw'. can-U draw-a bAlL? maybe a RoCk?



ramstrong said:

I like Art Academy. I also like Colors. What I don't like is the small screen this thing is on. I have AA on Nintendo DSi XL. Unless there will be Nintendo 3DS XL, I guess I'll be stuck on the little screen, because I cannot resist adding yet another paint program into the various devices that I have.



FuzzyMew said:

I love Colors. It's easy to use, has a wide variation of colors, and an awesome layers option for 3D. I also love how there's coloring pages to pass the time, like when I'm in a car and I can't draw well.

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