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BIT.TRIP Runner 2 Could Dash Onto Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Commander Video loves Nintendo

The WiiWare service has, despite its detractors, been host to some terrific download games, including six BIT.TRIP titles from Gaijin Games. While these titles have been released at retail with BIT.TRIP COMPLETE and BIT.TRIP SAGA on Wii and 3DS respectively, the developer's latest project, Runner 2 - Future Legend of Rhythm Alien was initially confirmed for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, with WiiWare missing out. Times change and new consoles come onto the horizon, however, and it looks like Gaijin Game's love affair with Nintendo consoles could continue on Wii U.

After confirming to that the title was delayed until November, Gaijin Games artist Mike Roush confirmed that a Wii U release was being considered.

My guess is we will always be with Nintendo. Everyone at Gaijin Games is a Nintendo fanboy, so we will most likely continue that relationship in the future. When we made these decisions (on releasing on Xbox and PS3) we never knew about Wii U. So rather than us 'leaving Nintendo', it's that these decisions were made a year ago. We would never leave Nintendo, we love them to death.

As if to reinforce that point, Roush provided insight into an idea that Gaijin had previously joked about internally, creating a blend of BIT.TRIP and the original NES Metroid.

We've been joking around for years about making 'BitTroid' - a mash-up of BIT.TRIP and Metroid. We've never thought about it seriously but we talk about it often. It would be something we'd love to do. We'd need to get a sub-team focused on that and do it in the old BIT.TRIP style.

There's little doubt that a Gaijin Games title would provide a positive early boost to Wii U's download platform. To whet your appetite for the possibility, check out this video of an early build.


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Alienfish said:

Love it. I haven't gotten into any of these games yet. Maybe Runner 2 will be the first.



Codyshelby said:

I sure hope it comes to Wii U.

Runner was the best in the bit.trip series! I loved it. Though it irritated the holy living crap out of me. I still loved it.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Runner 2 looks so different. I can't help but think it won't feel like a true bit trip game without that awesome 8 bit look it's named for.



misswliu81 said:

glad to see gaijin supporting nintendo like this. oh and bit.troid sounds very intriguing. it will be interesting how this one turns out, if it gets developed.



accc said:

The teaser video looks terrific. I'll be all over this if it's on the Wii U.



Qeuix said:

Game looks great! I will definitively pay $10.00 for this one if it comes out on the Nintendo Network for the Wii U!



Pogocoop said:

I cant really think of this game as an entry in the BIT trip series..
But I will still download it, for sure.



Henmii said:

A heart-warming article! So chances are pretty high that it will arrive on Wii u! They are totally welcome, though I still have to get Bit trip complete! Even my specialized shop doesn't have it!

As for Bittroid: Could be cool! I immediately get visions of Minitroid!



bauckster said:

Here's hoping they bring it to Wii U. I'd also settle for PC, but Wii U would be better.



RionaaM said:

Hope it does. I'm not too keen on the new sound effects and music, but I'd still like to play it.



Kaeobais said:

I adore RUNNER more than any WiiWare title I own, and yet I'm unsure of this game. I agree with others saying it looks kind of ugly. C Video lost his charm and just looks weird. I'm sure it'll be fun, but I don't know... I feel like HD is not something they should've gone with.



Sean_Aaron said:

Runner 2's different visuals aren't as concerning as its derivative nature, but this is more of a demo than an actual part of the game (note Pre-Alpha) so it's likely they're just using a pre-existing level segment to try out the art-style. I think it's kind of funky; reminds me of Robox quite a lot, actually.

I also don't regard this news as surprising; Gaijin is still in business due their success on the WiiWare platform and they do have a good working relationship with Nintendo. I could definitely see them being able to make something like BIT-Troid a reality; NoA would be fools not to go with it as a way to help showcase their new online service and approach to independent developers.



gojiguy said:

Runner 2 looks... to be honest it LOOKs terrible... I feel like Gaijin has betrayed the dot matrix!

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