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Battlefield 3 and NES Sounds Are Finally Together

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Less gritty but more fun?

At the recent BAFTA Video Game Awards, EA's Battlefield 3 was the recipient of the Audio Achievement prize, as this is a title renowned for its gritty sound effects and strong soundtrack. Not released for any Nintendo consoles, this may have passed some of us by.

Despite these facts, one YouTube user has put together a video that incorporates Battlefield 3 footage with NES sounds. Some classic sound-effects and music tracks are lifted from iconic NES titles, and it undoubtedly changes the way we look at this game: it's clever stuff.

This video does reinforce the fact that sound design goes a long way to influencing how a game is perceived, so developers who create great effects and music certainly deserve credit. It's our belief that NES sounds can make anything even more awesome, however, and we'd love it if some of you retro gamers tried to spot which old games these sounds come from. The video is below, so get listening.

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Ren said:

Wow that is amazing. Nice job, dude. takes me back. I don't know what the music is, but some of the effects sound like contra. Also reminds me a little of "rush n' attack". Maybe theres some Ikari Warriors in there?



ThomasBW84 said:

If I was EA I'd release this as DLC, the cynical cash-grabber that I am. Playing the entire game with those sound effects would be beyond rad.



Marakuto said:

My brother tells me he enjoys this game too much, so i'll need to see the series more even though I only played the first.



StarDust4Ever said:

This guy seriously needs to remaster the opening battle scene from "Saving Private Ryan" with 8-bit sound effects!

Again with the "a" versus "an" debate? That depends on what your preference for pronunciation is.

If you spell it as an acronym, it should be:
"I want an N.E.S. for Christmas."

If you pronounce it as a word, it should be:
"I want a Nes for Christmas."

Also be aware that US/Canadian English spelling and grammar rules have subtle differences compared to UK/Australia/NZ English, like "color" in American versus "colour" in British.



Pichuka97 said:

This would look pretty good on Wii if the develepors took their time with it. Look how good Mario Galexy, Golden Eye, and Sonic Colors looked on Wii. Sonic Colors looked like a Xbox 360 game on Wii!




@Pichuka97 I would love for the Wii to have first person shooters, but it wouldn't be possible to port it to the Wii without compromising the experience and using more time. The game not only relies on the GPU to look pretty, but it also relies on a powerful CPU for processing big explosions (physics) and some post-processing image effects. The memory is also too small to support the massive multiplayer maps (maybe for the story mode since some people say it's almost as linear as COD). It's just too big of a risk for the company.



JimLad said:

I love 8-bit music. They were so limited with sounds and effects that they had to make sure the composition was awesome, and most of the time it was. There were exceptions though of course.

I think most people in the UK say the word 'NES', whereas a lot of people in the States say 'N.E.S'.
I agree 'a N.E.S' sounds weird, 'an NES' also sounds weird.



James said:

For me it's always an N E S., just like it's Super Nintendo or Super N E S. Never, ever NEZ. That's just... trashy.



theblackdragon said:

i think if i ever said 'Nes' instead of 'N-E-S', people would think i'm an idiot instead of thinking i'm a nerd. i'd rather be a nerd :3



ThreadShadow said:

Actually as far as I've understood, "NES" is pronounced exactly the same way whether there's an "a" or an "an" in front of it. I refer you to Stardust's post (16)but make sure you pronounce NES the same way in both examples. That is as "N.E.S."

I want a N.E.S.!
I want an NES!

The preceding word dictates whether you are refering to the acronym N.E.S. or the "nickname" N-E-S. Weird but true! At least that's how it's been in my world...

On topic: now someone needs to put real-world sounds/music to an old 8-Bit war game!

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