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A Kid Icarus Tournament Winner Is Draenmhar

Posted by James Newton

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Nintendo of America's nationwide Kid Icarus: Uprising tournament kicked off in San Francisco yesterday, with the mysteriously-named Draenmhar D. emerging victorious in the heat to win a trip to New York for the final.

As you can see in his photo here he's pretty pleased with his victory, but one thing bothers us Draenmhar: why you use iPod Touch to capture special moment? Why you no use 3DS console's built-in 3D video camera to record victory in three dimensions?

Technical questions aside, congratulations to Draenmhar for his win; good luck in New York.

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AbuJaffer said:

I want to see another tournament next year once everyone is accustomed to playing the game... That'll be interesting. Especially if they host it online.

But congrats to Draenmhr D.... baddonkey name by the way. Sounds like a mythical monster or something.



WingedSnagret said:

Congratulations Draenmhar! Just be happy I won't be able to participate, otherwise you and the others winners would be crushed by yours truly.



626b said:

Why use an iPod Touch camara and not the 3DS camera? Photo and video quality, that's why.



PxDxI said:

I appreciate the congrats from everyone, but I'm not the only one who won the tournament. actually I was second place. there are three of us who are going to ny. the top three players with the highest cumulative scores win. oh and I know how much I love my 3DS, but when it comes to capturing video, the 3DS isn't it. The quality isn't as good as the iPod Touch. and iOS 5.1 has the camera app on the lock screen for quick access for the right occasion.



TheRegginator said:

"As you can see in his photo here he's pretty pleased with his victory, but one thing bothers us Draenmhar: why you use iPod Touch to capture special moment? Why you no use 3DS console's built-in 3D video camera to record victory in three dimensions?"

Because the 3DS's camera sucks. Hey, maybe he had an Evo 3D.



Nintex said:

why the hate on the ads video recorder? sure its not the best but I find it to be rather good in a well lit environment. I use it all the time- loves it.



melvin2898 said:

See this is what I'm talking about. Why are you wondering why he didn't use his 3DS? The quality sucks. I have an iPod Touch and I've stopped taking using the DSi and 3DS cameras. It's better. Why can't you just accept that?



Noire said:

Ugh why you Nintenduds hatin' on some Apple products, I payed way too much for you to put them down for reals, kay



paulwekiva said:


Congratulations on your win and upcoming trip to NY. It looks like the prize for winning in NY is cool (lots of games and a one of a kind trophy), but you got a bunch of cool stuff already =). I am planning on competing in Orlando tomorrow (I didn't know about this competition until today), and I was wondering if you have any pointers on successful strategies used. From what I've read, dark vs. light gameplay involves teams of 3. Any suggestions on weapon selection? How important is it to be on a team of good players...or is it better to be last person standing (team of bad players)? Is the scoring based on your kills? Once you die, you're out of the game, yes (like socom)? Thanks for any help you can give.



PxDxI said:

@paulwekiva thanks man! my body is super ready for ny! oh yeah about the prizes: they haven't given us our prizes (copy of the game, 150 gamestop gift card, etc). we'll get them in ny. sucks cuz i thought we'll get the game so we can practice at home, but we have to wait 'till ny to practice again so yeah. and speaking of practice, I'll give you some tips and suggestions for the tournament.

First thing you have to do is you gotta be there as early as possible so you'll have plenty and plenty of time to practice. open game play starts at 10:30am. I suggest you go at that time at the most. actually I was the first one to arrived at gamestop at 11am. nintendo staff were still setting up the pods, but they were kind enough to let me play. so from 11am to 5pm, I practiced and practiced and practiced! I took advantage of that 6 hours of 'getting-use-to" to gain up on my competitors. and I am so glad I didn't get lazy to go in the morning, or else i wouldn't have much time to practice.

second...guess what...?... practice. when i say practice, i mean getting use to the controls. the controls are something of a learning curve, so you gotta get use to it fast. it must be second nature to you before the match 'cause I've seen some people having trouble with the controls during the match. as a result: 0 points, easy targets.

third...weapons. this category is entirely up to you. meaning you'll decide what weapon you will use during each match. I suggest you try out ALL the weapons while practicing the controls. there's a practice arena in the game that you can both try out weapons and practice shooting targets. so choose the weapon that you think feels best for you.

fourth...powers. damn these things are game changers. each weapon has assigned powers, which you cannot modify. so whatever powers the weapon has are the power you'll use in the match. I suggest you try all the weapons so you can try out every powers such as invincibility (like a ghost), explosion, shield, stamina, etc.

so those are basically the stuff I did before the tournament. and now lets talk about the actual tournament.

How important is it to be on a team of good players?

based on what Ive experienced in the doesn't matter how good or bad your teammates or which teams wins or loses the match because the winning is solely based on who ever has the highest score on that match. yeah sure the Light team won the match, but two of the Dark team players has the 2 top scores, they will advance to the next round. yes! it is a team-death match, but everyone is your enemy, even your teammates (in a manner of speaking ofc).

Is the scoring based on your kills?

ofc it's basically the same as Smash Bros in a way. you get points by hitting the enemy, but killing him will earn you more points, but when you kill Pit (one of you will turn into Pit or Dark Pit for the Dark Team) will get you the MOST points. it will be hard to kill Pit 'cause he has more health and better weapons and powers, but it's a guarantee win for you if you kill him first. so as soon as Pit appeared in the game, dont care about the other enemies and go for Pit. still be cautious of the other two enemies thou.

Once you die, you're out of the game, yes (like socom)?

no youll spawn when you die just like in Smash Brawl. If you die 2-3 times (not sure exactly), one of you will be turned into Pit (or Dark Pit for the opposing team). If you became Pit, which you will at least once during the tournament, the "GAME" will be based on you. when either Pits dies will be the end of the game. so survive as long as possbile to earn as much points as possible.

now lets talk about the final

there will be 24 of you in the final (18 in our case in SF). this is it! this is the final matches that will determine the top 3 winners. there will be 3 matches. each group of 6 will rotate to other pods after every match. the top 3 who gets the highest combining scores from those 3 matches will go to ny. like i said: yes it is a team match, trying to defeat the opposing team, but in reality, youre trying to beat the other 23 players in the final (17 in my case). basically...don't care for your team...just care for yourself, making sure you get the most points on the 3 matches.

This game is unpredictable. it's fast-paced: you gotta think fast and not let the opposing team out think you. It's anybody's game: even noobs that you think are "oh piece a cake" will be "damn! he got the highest score?". it happened many times. even the people that has more practice/experience didn't even made the cut to the finals. this game is nerve-racking. it's so fast-faced that it will be chaotic and all over the place. you gotta relax and be determined to win.

damn this is pretty long post! I hope this will help you on your tournament tomorrow. hope to see you in ny...if you win ofc =p



MaikoRULES said:

wow, the game can be viewed on a special tv rig! thats pretty awesome. i sense some intense after-launch tournaments as well!



Pandaradox said:

@Draenmhar : Hey, congrats! We actually played last night and I was hoping to get some sparring in with you if you're interested. I'm on twitter at Pandaradox. My friend code is 2234-7148-8072



PxDxI said:

@Pandaradox oh we did? cant exactly remember but i think i saw your name. here's my fc: 2406 5127 8273. i play a lot so youll see me online often and you can join me anytime.

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