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3DS Continues to Dominate in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Outselling all the rest

Any suspicion that the 3DS revival in Japan was a temporary improvement is still being disproven, with the latest Japanese charts showing another strong showing for the handheld. With 3DS software also prominent, the handheld is still on a roll in its homeland.

The latest Media Create results, as reported by Andriasang, show that the handheld has once again out-sold all other consoles combined, with a total of 76,322 units. Harvest Moon Hajimari no Daichi — the new entry in the series on 3DS — claimed second in the software charts, while old favourites Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and Monster Hunter 3 G still enjoy top ten positions. The ageing Wii, however, is fifth in the hardware chart with 7,878 units sold and no titles in the software top 20.

While Wii is clearly fading, Nintendo's latest handheld is continuing to enjoy success in Japan. Although results won't be as spectacular elsewhere, it'll be interesting to see how the 3DS performs in other territories in the coming months.


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AbuJaffer said:

I'm not surprised at how well the 3DS is doing in Japan; even if sales tone down a bit, they'll spike up even more massively once MH4 comes out.

In the west, however, Nintendo needs to work a lot harder to capture the interests of gamers; it's nothing a couple new Zelda games and a couple RPG's/FPS's won't cure. Kid Icarus Uprising, anyone?



Lalivero said:

Pokemon main games on the 3DS needs to hurry up, haha. I also know a few people who would be sold if SNES, N64 games, etc. were sold on the Vc, in addition to possibly Gamecube titles(ported) know how they said retail titles could be in the future? If they ported their GCN games and sold them digitally, it would be great.

I love Nintendo, but I also love how Sony has all their digitals distributed across all platforms pretty much. Makes them feel connected and can play on the big screen or on the go. Not saying the retails should be, but the older system games, etc. should be allowed for either.

Also, please fix the 3D so it works with gyroscopes!



SLiM said:

I actually got 4 StreetPasses going to a Blue Man Group concert recently. Gives me hope that the 3DS is getting more popular



Mariokart77 said:

I was at church and met 2 people!! It was sweet! People think they can meet people everywhere I knew I would meet one of them cause he's my freind but the other was random!!



RR529 said:

Good to see 3DS is dominating Japan. What would be cool is if 3DS attracted the majority of Japanese devs, and Vita attracted the majority of Western devs.

You wan't Japanese games (Sonic, Soulcalibur, Ninja Gaiden, Ace Combat, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, ect.), get a 3DS. You want western games (Call of Duty, Madden, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, ect.), get a Vita.

I personally enjoy Japanese games more, but to each their own.



BenAV said:

I'd love to go to Japan just to see how many StreetPass hits I could get.



Bankai said:

@BenAV - The maximum number of StreetPass hits the 3DS can store is 10. Assuming you don't take your 3DS out of the bag during the day to clear it, when you get home from doing the tourist/ work thing, you'll have 10.

I spent five days in Japan last year (and this was before Monster Hunter made people want to buy the 3DS over there), and I got 50 StreetPass hits.



Odnetnin said:

Was about to say "that color doesn't exist" then I looked a couple posts down.



DreamDrop said:

Release a Pokemon game on Wii, be it anything, and watch the Wii rise to no.2 if not no.1.



craig0rneil3 said:

"What would be cool is if 3DS attracted the majority of Japanese devs, and Vita attracted the majority of Western devs"

No thanks I don't want to be gimped for staying in europe and having a region locked 3DS.
Vita is flailing around in the Europe and Japan right now, but selling really well in the states, everyone knew this would happen.

I want as many high quality 3DS games as possible made available to every region!



NintyMan said:

Once again, I'm not surprised. However, this isn't just because they're having their Mario and Monster Hunter fix over there, but because Nintendo of Japan has really marketed the 3DS well with a dozen 3DS redesigns offered to their customers. Perhaps if Nintendo of America did the same, the 3DS would get a little boost here?

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