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Young Justice to Clean Up Wii and DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Holy licensing, Batman

For those of you in North America that enjoy some cartoons on a Saturday morning, you may be looking forward to the upcoming second series of the Young Justice series, which follows teenage superheroes and sidekicks from the DC Universe as they fight crime. A series like this is also ripe for a video game, and it seems that Warner Bros. Animation agree, bringing in developers Little Orbit to bring the action onto Wii and DS.

Due for release in early 2013, Young Justice: Legacy will apparently be a multiplayer action RPG, so it could actually come in a variety of flavours: a style similar to Batman: The Brave and the Bold seems likely. With local and online multiplayer promised, this could potentially be a fun title, albeit on what will then be Nintendo's last generation consoles. Full details are in the press release below.

Little Orbit, a worldwide game publisher, announced today that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the Young Justice: Legacy video game set to ship in early 2013 for PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Nintendo's Wii system, and the Nintendo DS hand held system.

New episodes of the Warner Bros. Animation series Young Justice will air beginning Saturday, March 3, at 10:30 a.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network as part of DC Nation, the network's brand-new one-hour block of exclusive kids' television programming and shorts based on DC Comics characters. In Young Justice, teenage heroes Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis are tasked by the Justice League to act as their covert operations team. Armed with superior skills, weaponry and powers, the team must do battle against a wide array of villains from the DC Universe while trying to prove to themselves, and to their superhero mentors, that they too have what it takes to be a hero. Their journey is further complicated when they face the many unpredictable obstacles that arise in their path from inexperience and youth.

In Young Justice: Legacy fans can look forward to an original storyline set in between Seasons 1 and 2 of the television series, written in collaboration with show writers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti. The game is packed with fan favorite playable characters, cameo appearances by popular Justice League heroes and villains, and includes online multiplayer as well as local multiplayer modes.

"The TV series is a fantastic combination of compelling writing, witty humor, iconic art, and exciting action sequences. The creators have done an amazing job blending over 180 DC Comics characters into their show filtered through a new, youthful perspective," said Matt Scott, CEO of Little Orbit. "The new video game contains a slew of cool features and a large playable cast of familiar heroes, but our core mission is to create a unique experience that fits seamlessly into the world of the show and offers a new way to interact with these popular DC Comics characters."

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Portista said:

The end of the Wii is so close now!!! Can't wait for the reign of WiiU!!! (even though the Wii was awesome)




Cool. I have some fair knowledge of these guys from my childhood and teenage days as a DC follower. Ok, I kind of am now as well, casually. If its along the same lines as Batman Brave and the Bold Wii and DS it'll be good. I used to own both and they were really well put together and real fun to play.



TheKingOfTown said:

What's the point of releasing this in 2013? When the Wii U and the 3DS are out? Yeah, dont expect big sales Warner Bros.



siavm said:

I like the show, but seeing how it is on the wii and ds and not the new systems something tells me the game is going to be subpar.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@Magic-Wind Actually, this is a very well-written cartoon with an excellent use of continuity. It's produced by the same guy who created the 90s animated series masterpiece "Gargoyles," and Greg Weisman's talent continues to shine in this cartoon.



WAM2 said:

I couldn't watch more than three episodes of that show. Everyone but Kid Flash was either stupid or a jerk. Or a stupid jerk.



TheRegginator said:

I love the show, but I'm very skeptical of how the game would turn out.

A DS and Wii release instead of a 3DS and Wii U release is a big sign that this is going to be a shovelware title. Oh well.

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