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Watch the US Nintendo Direct Here

Posted by James Newton

We've got it all

Reggie Fils-Aime's Nintendo Direct is up on YouTube now and you can watch it all right here.

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grumblegrumble said:

Just watched it, and I'm looking at Dillon's Rolling Western in the U.S. e-shop right now For sale..



Wildvine53 said:

I downloaded Dillion's Rolling Western as soon as they mentioned it's availability. This Nintendo Direct was pretty good, I'm looking forward to Mario Tennis Open. I was hoping for some more info on Animal Crossing, but I guess I'll just have to be patient.



Odnetnin said:

So main announcements: Dillon's Rolling Western available now, Mario Tennis has online multi-player, The Last Story is coming to the US, Xenoblade alternate cover art, and Kid Icarus looks silly when playing with a stand. Did I get everything?



ville10 said:

It's a bit surprising to see that NoE has managed to surpass NoA in several ways. NoA still refuses to publish The Last Story (though I'm glad you still get it), and no confirmation of Fire Emblem 3DS. There also was no release dates given.

Japan are still miles ahead though. Calcibit (a football management game shown in the European and Japanese Nintendo Direct) seemed really interesting, with actual divisions for different regions of Japan in online play. I'm not really a fan of the sport, but the online mode seemed really impressive, especially for Nintendo.



shingi_70 said:

Come on NOA. Also games not being announced isn't really a bad thing. I'd rather Have the details ironed out then crap like NOE announcing Fatal Frame and even have all the marketing done and then the game never coming out because it was buggy.

At least my 3DS will get some play time.



NintenHero said:

Wow, Mario Tennis will have online? Imma' get that for sure. Kid Icarus... if only I was gettin' you early > <



pixelman said:

Mario Tennis Open has online! Yeahhhh baby!

Excited about all the news, especially The Last Story.



Dodger said:

No money for Eshop cards so I'll have to wait on Dillon's Rolling Western, I guess.

I was JOKING when I thought it would probably be Mario Tennis news! Oh well. They can't ignore Animal Crossing forever. Well, I guess they COULD but I doubt they will. I hope.

Other then a good looking Eshop release, not much for me. I want Xenoblade but I wasn't as interested in the Last Story and I don't want Kid Icarus that much yet. Reviews might change my mind but they won't put more money in my wallet either way.



AVahne said:

Downloading Dillon's Rolling Western, I really hope the next Nintendo Direct is much better for NoA. It's really disappointing if you compare it to Europe's and Japan's.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

FREAKING NINTENDO > I do not care for cowboy armadillos fighting rocks I JUST WANT FLIPNOTE MEMO if its not at least announced or mentioned in e3 I'm getting a dsi > but I loved the Kid Icarus uprising videos I'm really excited for that game



rjejr said:

As someone who lives in the US sounds like I'll save myself the 11:57 and not watch it. Last Story looks good though. Of course we still have a month before Xenoblade and I haven't decided which poison to swallow - Gamestop exclusivity or Nintendo's $5 shipping.



CosmoXY said:

That was a cool video and I'm excited about Mario Tennis Open and Kid Icarus, but I was hoping for some news on Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. Slightly more interested in Spirit Camera too.



shimage said:

Ok. So I guess Pandora's Tower isn't coming to NA? That was the only one of the three that looked interesting to me. I am guessing Fatal Frame isn't coming either. I still have some hope for picross e, though ...



Emaan said:

I heard Animal Crossing was due to be out in the summer, but it might not be true. I hope so. Anyways, I'm excited for Mario Tennis Open! I wish they said something about Fire Emblem though.



WreckItRyan said:

Decent news, looks like they skipped on:
Animal Crossing 3DS
Luigi's Mansion 2
Paper Mario 3DS
Monster Hunter 3G/4
Fire Emblem 3DS and
Pandora's Tower
Definitely leaving a lot for them to talk about in another Nintendo Direct or E3. I'm still hoping for a good Pokemon update from Game Freak this Sunday.



DanteSolablood said:

@Zergling & Grumblebuzz, I'm deperate for a release date now... Crossing is the whole reason I bought the 3DS in the first place.

On the other hand there are some good looking games on Nintendo Direct, Spirit Camera looks great!



Kyloctopus said:

So... No Luigi's Mansion. Must be delayed. Thank you Operation Rainfall for everything. At this point on, I am pleased of their work. But they should stop before they get as annoying as an orange.



LordAndrew said:

We can't count out Pandora's Tower yet. I wasn't expecting The Last Story to be announced until after Xenoblade releases, and yet here we are. There's still time for Pandora's Tower.



Malkeor said:

Other than Last Story and that Armadillo game, that AR Horror game looks pretty cool.



rjejr said:

Said I wouldn't waste my time watching this yesterday but I did anyway - since there's no point watching Nintendo Week w/o Alison - and just came here to let all those in the US know this video and many others were added yesterday to Nintendo Channel.
As for the video itself, why do they have to keep swooping the camera around Reggie's head, it was making me nauseous? Not a bad bit of info for something on a whim. I think Reggie wanted to make the video just so he could say "we saved the best for last, Last Story." I think I saw him wink when he said it.

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