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VVVVVV's European Release Gets Flipping Nearer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

PEGI approve, after dotting the i's and counting the v's

When VVVVVV hit the North American eShop just before the New Year, European gamers could only look on with envy. The platform puzzler that started life as an indie PC game received an excellent 8/10 in our VVVVVV review, adding to the growing list of high-quality titles on the 3DS download service.

It seems that Europeans may not have to wait much longer, with publisher Nicalis confirming on Twitter that it has been granted an all-important PEGI rating:

Looks like we've got our PEGI rating!!! We're getting the file ready for NOE submission.

With the title having already been released in North America, let's hope that Nicalis will also resolve the error with the Flip Mode in the original release: we'll keep a lookout for news of an update.

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Linkstrikesback said:

To be honest, I hope it doesn't make it through the NOE lotcheck if it's still got glitches in that lock out a large portion of the -not story mode- content.



chewytapeworm said:

Get in!! Can't imagine why they would release a game over here when they know a mode doesn't work on it though. Time will tell. Hopefully not too much time!



AutoSkip said:

Got to say - The PC version is one of the best games I have played - in a extremely frustrating "I was so close" for the 100th time kind of way

(And yes there was a bit the had me trying and failing for at least a hundred times)

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