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Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon

Posted by Mark Reece

Time to evolve onto 3DS

Given that the 3DS console has been on sale worldwide for nearly a year now, the desolate wastes of its almost non-existent software library have finally blossomed into a variety of must-have titles. But there’s one Nintendo property that’s still criminally under-represented on the handheld: Pokémon. The franchise has already began its show of force on 3DS with the decent Pokémon Rumble Blast, and the 3D novelty of Pokédex 3D.

For the true Pokémon fan, however, these are surely nothing more than palate cleansers. Neither title truly delivers on what the franchise is all about: roaming around an expansive world while collecting, training, trading and battling Pokémon, while trying to be the best in the world. Indeed, die-hard fans don't have anything concrete to look forward to in the near future as far as 3DS releases are concerned: only the inevitable announcement and eventual release of another duo of releases — named after colours, no doubt — in the next few years.

With the 3DS gaining some impressive momentum in recent months, we can only assume that Pokémon Black & White will be the last entries in the core Pokémon RPG series to appear on the DS before Nintendo and Game Freak shift their focus. But what can we expect to see in the sixth generation of core Pokémon games (which we'll refer to from now on simply as Pokémon 3DS) when they do finally surface? One thing's for sure: since the US release of Pokémon Red and Blue in 1998 — with the European release following a year later — the core series hasn't evolved all that much. Apart from a few tweaks and admittedly ingenious innovations, Pokémon has stubbornly rested on its laurels. How could the series innovate or evolve to take advantage of what’s possible with the 3DS?

Apart from a few tweaks and admittedly ingenious innovations, Pokémon has stubbornly rested on its laurels.

Gotta catch ‘em all!

Remember the good old days of wandering through the Kanto region in Pokémon Red and Blue, when the Pokédex consisted of a mere 151 creatures? Back in the late 1990’s, finding a fellow player with the alternative version of the game was relatively simple, and catching every Pokémon in the game — except the elusive Mew — was perfectly feasible through engaging in some mutually exclusive trading. Nowadays though, the new additions in Black and White mean that there are a staggering 646 species knocking about. Attaining every last one involves owning multiple games over no less than two generations of Nintendo handhelds, while a handful can only be legitimately owned by attending events in which these super rare Pokémon are handed out to ravenous hordes of completionists.

Of course, you could always use illicit means to get your hands on every Pokémon, but it should never have come to that in the first place. Pokémon 3DS really needs to go back to basics when it comes to completing the Pokédex, regardless of how many new monsters are added. Just give us two versions with every Pokémon acquirable either through trading between the two games or sinking enough time into training or breeding. As it stands, the amount of hoops that need to be jumped through in order to accomplish this mammoth task makes a mockery of the series’ motto. Gotta catch ‘em all? Well at least give us a chance!

Delicate transactions

While we’re on the subject of collecting and trading Pokémon, there are significant improvements that could be made in this area in a potential 3DS instalment. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl introduced a fantastic trading mechanic: players were able to deposit unwanted Pokémon in a server and request a specific Pokémon, provided they’d already encountered it in-game, so you could drop off a monster and come back days later to find you’d initiated a successful trade. Having the ability to trade with anyone in the world was a massive leap up from requiring two people to be in the same room and linked via a cumbersome cable. Why not extend this idea to StreetPass? 3DS owners can already receive ghost data in Mario Kart 7 or new challenge rooms and items in Super Mario 3D Land, so why not include the ability to exchange Pokémon while on the go? If it's satisfying to get the green light for StreetPass Puzzle pieces, imagine opening up your 3DS after a long commute to find that you’d finally managed to acquire a particularly elusive monster.

War! Huh! What is it good for?

Well, quite a lot actually when it comes to Pokémon. In fact, arguably a core pillar of Pokémon’s gameplay involves taking a team of six Pokémon — moves customised, stats buffed, hand-picked to complement each other and form a formidable and meticulously trained unit — and pitting them against friends who have poured in an equally absurd amount of time, blood, sweat and tears honing their own teams. However, other than bragging rights for the victor, neither combatant gains any tangible rewards in doing so.

How about a system that lets gamers gamble in-game money or — even better — Pokémon, with the winner staking claim to the prizes? Not only would that provide an extra incentive for trainers to take extra care in ensuring their teams are infallibly polished before taking on the world, but it could also add a further shot of excitement to the battles themselves. Being able to set up actual tournaments or further customise the parameters of the battles would be great as well.

Actually, while we’re at it, why can’t Pokémon gain experience whenever they battle against other human players? Obviously, there’s potential for the less honest and principled gamers to constantly grind against the same person non-stop just to achieve a team of level 100 Pokémon: that’s nothing a cap on how many times you can fight against the same person in a 24-hour period couldn’t fix.

Never-ending story

The storyline in Pokémon games has become, let’s say, somewhat formulaic.

The storyline in Pokémon games has become, let’s say, somewhat formulaic. A 10-year old kid gets to choose one of three Pokémon from a friendly neighbourhood professor and — for some strange reason — his or her mother allows their only child to wander halfway across the world, talking to countless strangers of questionable character along the way. Now, by all means let that tradition live on, but it could be infinitely more refreshing if there’s the option to buck that trend and carve out a new path and experience.

We’re already able to personalise our Pokémon to a certain degree — governing what moves they learn, whether they evolve or not, etc — so why not let us enter our actual age into the game and have it construct a basic template of a character, which we could then customise and subsequently follow an age-range specified story?

Naturally, any potential story deviations should always culminate in the player becoming Pokémon League Champion, but once that’s achieved it’d be great to defend that title. For example, while you’re out and about further exploring the region and hunting down every single species of Pokémon, you could be contacted and summoned back to the Pokémon League to fight various AI opponents who desire to take the title for themselves, with the experience levels and aggression of the challengers gradually increasing with each subsequent defence of your status as champion.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Arguably, Pokémon games haven't been technically impressive since Pokémon Gold and Silver arrived on the Game Boy Color. Even when the series graced the Game Boy Advance and DS — both capable of far greater feats of visual wizardry than their predecessors — Pokémon has clung onto the same zoomed-out top-down view, with minimal increments in graphical prowess. Likewise, the idea of sparsely animated sprites stiffly bobbing up and down in every battle is one that was wearing thin for some gamers nearly a decade ago.

A large chunk of a revitalising wow factor could be achieved were Pokémon 3DS to take a leaf out of the same book as some of the home console spin-offs. Gamecube entries, Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness both featured fully realised 3D environments to wander around in, brimming with character and aesthetic variation, rather than limiting players to moving in four directions amidst the same sprites of houses, gyms and Pokémon centres. Likewise, these games exhibit the kind of grandiose spectacle during their heated battles that the core series on handhelds has perpetually lacked. The 3DS has proven itself more than capable of emulating this level of graphical proficiency and thus Pokémon 3DS should aspire to raise the bar, with visuals that make the next generation of Pokémon games a duo of bombastic, visually appealing extravaganzas that more closely match the animé.

Speaking of which, many Pokémon fans know what they're meant to sound like, right? Accomplished sound design can make or break a game and Pokémon has such a rich history in TV and film that it’s frankly baffling why no one has thought to further intertwine the two; to have Pokémon actually sound like they’re supposed to. It could help to maintain a stronger connection with these elemental killing machines, plus we’ll actually be able to switch the volume up without having our ear drums pierced by uncharacteristic screeches.

What do you think? Are you happy for Pokémon to retain the time-honoured traditions it has adhered to for the last decade and a half? Would you like to see some or all of the above suggestions come to pass, or do you have entirely different ideas as to how a potential 3DS instalment should evolve and innovate? Let us know in the comments below.

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VPShadeX said:

I wanna return to start. No need over 9000 pokemons. 200-250 will be ok.. 2 cartridge this 30-40 different pokemons, internets battles and tradings will be nice. League and tournaments this prizes... it is difficult, but fun ^_^



C-Olimar said:

I think they could go with Purple and Orange. At first I didn't like these colours, but they grew on me! For one thing, the regions could be sunny and tropical to reflect the colours. The Purple Edition could be a dark, deep Purple, to appeal more to boys. Failing this, Copper and Iron could suffice.



Drewroxsox said:

They should involve the pokédex app somehow, use ar games to fight the gym leader, there should be 3D pokemon for the 3Ds < enfices on the 3D, less pokemon to catch,Online trade,battle, and tournaments, use street pass and spot pass to battle against others who have pokemon, and they should let you customize your character ( change skin color, eye shape and color, hairstlye and color, ear shape, and clothing ) or let you use your mii



TheHunter said:

A large number of different species may make it difficult to complete the Pokedex, but it provides nearly endless different strategy possibilities. I say we need even more different Pokemon!



CowLaunch said:

3D pokemon game, to make the big leap Zelda did with Ocarina of Time. And only 150 pokemon, with maybe an extra one that remains mostly elusive.



Drewroxsox said:

@C-Olimar as an artist, I can safely say that purple and orange do not go together, unless you include the color green. Purple and yellow go together and orange and blue go together. * there are also other combinations you can make, but these are the most basic*



Laethnes said:

I don't mind a billion of different species, I don't mind 2D graphic, I don't mind top-down view. But what I really, really miss is old good nice story mode.

I would like to have Pokemon game like standard JRPG; nice, good story with more characters etc. and if would be there also gym and so, it would be also nice. I imagine it like Golden Sun game (now I'm talking about first one) with gyms in some towns. I don't mind what is already in games, but I miss more of JPRG elements. (Playing in-game alone, with no friend in party - I always, in every game, feel lonely.)

Also, it would be nice that different versions would contain different worlds and/or stories. In multiplayer mode, visiting others worlds (is connection between 3DS fast enough?) like we saw in Animal Crossing or Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time (but of course no real time battles).

I agree mostly with the article (nice written ) except parts I mentioned (which I simply don't mind :3).

Also, there would be many, many other different possibilities, but I'm too lazy to write book about that XD.



Sasukeanditachi said:

How would the streetpass trading even work? If it were like gts, you would have to have up the mon they want and be looking for the mon they have, which is extremely unlikely. Of course you could talk to the person and set it up, but by then you might as well just trade with them. If it was just you trade whatever pokemon you have up, then most people would just put stuff like Magikarp, and you could either only trade 1 person per streetpass go or you could lose the pokemon you traded for.

I must give you props however, Mark, for not including the "Hurr durr they should have every region in one game" mechanic on your list.



EarthboundBenjy said:

Hoenn's secret bases would work wonderfully well with Streetpass! I could hardly ever get any of the base spots on the map filled up with people, they'd all just be multiple copies of me from the three different versions I had.



ueI said:

If the developers hate gambling enough that they eliminated the game corner, there's no way they'd let players bet with pokemon. The other ideas all sound nice. I don't think grinding experience against the same human opponent would be any more broken than grinding against the pokemon league.



Knux said:

I still think we're going to see Gray on the DS first before we true Pokemon games on the 3DS. But yes, Nintendo needs to give this franchise some new innovations. You can't keep churning out the same formula forever, Nintendo.

Which reminds me, I still need to finish Pokemon White. I truly have too many effing games to play.



AbuJaffer said:

I think a cel-shaded, animated look (similar to the anime) would be best. Think of how amazing that would be!

Also, I think at this point they should stop with the adding Pokemon and instead should work on refining the battle system... possibly introducing people to EV's within the game and whatnot (say, after finishing the game and getting 2 level 100's or whatnot).



bahooney said:

After playing through Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for the first time, I realized how bland and linear the Pokemon games are; they don't have to be, and I feel it would totally be an improvement to get some Grade-A writers up in that poop.



Aqueous said:

I'm not sure the trade by streetpass would work well, however swaping a copy of your trainer and party to battle against I think would be a better plan. I love the idea of only needing two versions instead of the current need for 6 games and two or three generations. I think character customization and 3d pokemon characters would be nice. I can live without the proper voices. Then lastly, we got a real pure ground gym, now we need a real dark gym.

I'd love to see pokemon mature and evolve however, we might see a grey before we get that and I'd rather not see it. Just make gen. 6 and give up on the third one for each region.



Yadoking said:

Great ideas! The only thing I kinda disagree with is the Pokémon cries being like the show. That would be cool, but either way I still leave sound on whenever possible, sometimes even with headphones.



Bass_X0 said:

rather than limiting players to moving in four directions

Walking to the next 'square' counts as one step which many game mechanics rely on during gameplay.

it’s frankly baffling why no one has thought to further intertwine the two; to have Pokémon actually sound like they’re supposed to.

The same sound effect has to be used in every region where each Pokemon has their own different name and therefore sound.



Supereor said:

I don't like playing as humans, honestly, I really don't. To my knowledge, Poke'mon Mystery Dungeon games were among some of the most strategic games, adding Poke'mon-playing, resource management, war game-like character positioning and attack controlling to the Poke'mon spin-off ability roster. Best of all, in the end of those games, you could actually EVOLVE the Poke'mon you were playing as, and even play as other Poke'mon you've unlocked on your team!

If they're gonna actually even make Poke'mon 3DS, please, make it second-person. Ranging from D&D to PMD games to Diablo and Heroes of Ruin, I am SO SICK of overhead view games.



Supervada said:

In the future of the Poke'mon world, humans and Poke'mon finally have hybrids. Half human half Poke'mon. Ha! That probably going happen in the 6 years. Poke'mon: Hybrid version. Hahaha!



King_Boo said:

I'm kind of surprised to not hear MMO, all I really want in the next one is full open 3d worlds, I'm tired of sprites, and to be able to trade over all my pokemon from black quickly, as I do have one of each.
One more, high level wild pokemon. I hate getting to the high 80s and 90s and battling wild pokemon 400 times to level up once. Every RPG has that issue though.



Contrary said:

Pokemon RubyRage and SaphireSurge should introduce a whole new way to play contests in 3D. Also, make some sort of way to contest with others. Or just skip remakes at all and introduce them in a few more years after they come out with something original. Sixth generation may be coming upon us faster than we expect. When the anime ends, they usually introduce a new gen. In Japan, Ash is already on his sixth gym badge so lets hope he hurries it up and saves the series.



Bass_X0 said:

I want remakes of Ruby and Sapphire to have new Pokemon to catch. Or new evolved forms for existing Pokemon. Just something to give those who have already played and completed the previous generations something new to do.



crazyj2312 said:

I don't want a Ruby/Sapphire remake. If they put the Hoenn region in Pokemon Grey that would be better, in my opinion. The region could be sorta redone like the Kanto region in Gold/Silver.



XD375 said:

I disagree that Pokémon should say their own names in the video games. I like them having individual calls, it makes them more animal-like and I am disappointed that the anime changed this.

Pokémon Stadium had high-quality versions of these calls and I think that was perfect.



joevox316 said:

I just wish Pokémon would do something interesting or go away. When I was younger I understood it was some kind of phenomenon, but now it just seems like the same thing over and over and over. I'm starting to wonder what people still see in it.



Kagamine said:

Hate the street pass idea, and hate the pokemon betting system. everything else was nice.



grimbldoo said:

Money or Pokemon at stake? Count me out, I would rather not get into a game that causes great amounts of frustration. And a cap? You're suggesting that I should have limited to playing with my friends each day that might cause me to have to make schedules? How about a cap on how many times you can get exp in a 24 hour period, in't that a better Idea?

Street pass is a good idea but what are the chances of a stranger having the Pokemon that you want? Because if it's with friends you could just swap them anyway.

Customizable story line? Do you want them to release the game or not? Customizing his/her appearance would be nice though.

3D roaming...last straw sir. That would also require you to have to operate the camera and how weird would it be to not be able to climb up a ledge that is only as tall as your knees when the character is 3D? Just this factor changes the game too much.

It was my belief that the previous generations of Pokemon were not available until after you beat the game for Black/White. Plenty of time to catch all of the 5th gen poke



grimbldoo said:

And the games came out before the anime, so the noises that they make are acceptable.



SuperLink said:

I would love a Colosseum-esque game for the 3DS. It would just make the game so much more enjoyable. I mean, the 4-direction walking controls were okay back on the Gameboys, but by now, there should definitely be a more free control system, I mean, we have a circle pad to use!

Secondly, the trainer customization would be an incredibly unique feature that I believe a ton of people would appreciate. Because, if you some guy/girl in his/her twenties, I doubt they'll love playing as a ten year old kid (that's my opinion, anyway). An age specified story would be an amazing way to really open a real freedom to Pokémon games, that has not been present before.

Also, I like the idea of the Pokémon sounding like they do in the anime. That would make me feel like I was actually in the world of Pokémon. So, hopefully, that happens.

The bottom line is, I love these ideas (except the "gambling-the-pokémon" thing) and I'm going to pray to Arceus every night for something like this to come true.

(P.S. I , along with countless others, think Pokémon Chrome would be an awesome title)



JLSniper said:

i like the suggestions that were made in a pokemon game for the 3ds, especially the battles on the 3ds should look like the battles from the gamecube pokemon game



SparkOfSpirit said:

I'd like GameFreak to make a new game like they did with Pulseman and Drill Dozer before yet another Pokemon game. There's a lot of missed potential there.



iroxursox said:

how about going to all 6 regions and battling all those gym leaders and capturing all the pokemon plus you could make your own levels and share them via streetpass



Percentful said:

In my opinion, "gotta catch em all" is dead. With 640-some pokemon, the goal should be to defeat all your opponents with a well-constructed team. Which personally, I find a lot more interesting than walking through grass and throwing pokeballs for weeks.
The large number of pokemon just makes for more possible team combinations. I think that if they want to add more pokemon, they should just add viable evolutions to the existing pokemon. Every time Gamefreak added more usable pokemon, they also added a bunch of crap that no one would use. For instance, in every game, there's the rodent, the bat, the small bird, and other generic, weak pokemon. If Gamefreak added evolutions, they would only increase the number of usable pokemon, not the number of crap pokemon no one wants.



Radixxs said:

Excellently well-written feature. You could've told me they should make all the Pokemon look like Bidoof and I would have happily agreed.



Percentful said:

@Koops3 I should think that creating new evolutions would be a lot faster than creating entire new pokemon, so it wouldn't take any longer than a new generation would. And as for making the other games obsolete, doesn't every new generation already do that?



Luffymcduck said:

Yeah, make Pokémon talk like in anime: "Porygon-Z, Porygon-Z, Porygon-Z!" Though there haven´t been any Porygon in anime after that incident... I´m fine with the voices we already have, makes them sound more animal like. Just remake 1st generation Game Boy voices.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Well battles would be completely unbalanced if they allowed for exp gain from battling human opponents. Say for example, a Rayquaza suddenly leveled mid battle (or did it multiple times) the battle would pretty much be over. Or how about the Pokemon evolving mid battle? Just pointing out the stat gain here would be much too high.

On the aspect of gambling, didn't they remove that since they ran into gambling laws outside of Japan? Unless something changes in laws, I doubt we're going to see Pokemon gambling battles.

It would be nice if they had a rental Pokemon battle mode though (like Pokemon Stadium).

On the point of storyline, Sapphire and Ruby dealt with environmental extremists that almost ended the world. Black and White dealt with Pokemon activists that wanted to free them from human "tyranny" which in turn was a front for world domination. The original games dealt with a criminal syndicate that was known for killing Pokemon or horribly maiming them.

Other than the collection aspect, the whole point of the games is to become the very best. You really can't go too far off from starting your journey plotline, while making the game still click with the younger audience.



WreckItRyan said:

Just a quick note, by "mutually exclusive trading" I think you meant "mutually beneficial trading," but no worries!
I would like to see either a remake of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald or a third edition of Black/White for the 3DS.



SnackBox said:

They could make an entirely new massive region containing all 646 Pokemon, with a new take on what we have to actually do, say an actual in depth story with no gym leaders or champion (or the gym badge could be a side quest). And call it Pokemon 6 =D But above all I really wish for a great story!



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'm with you on most of those suggestions (but no gambling actual Pokémon, and a customizable storyline would be too complicated), which innovate without breaking the classic formula, but there's a big problem with your StreetPass suggestion. It's much easier to trade worldwide over the Internet like you can now than with someone you pass on the street. A better StreetPass idea would be either some kind of automatic battle system with a pre-defined StreetPass team like with the Super Street Fighter 4 figurines, or the ability to simple challenge and battle the other trainer's Streetpass team (with Gym Leader / Elite 4 level AI).

By the way, nobody goes to real-life events for the special Pokémon (or the items required to catch them) anymore. Now we get them either through the Global Link website or directly over wi-fi.



Marakuto said:

For the Hoenn remakes which will 100% be made, unless the remake chain is broken I know what could be added just as someone here mentioned the secret power opening secret base could be shared on streetpass & spotpass it will be great.

Also the space station should show a rocket in full 3D being sent off on Steven's home island; the last thing I need to say is a 3D scene of the Kyogre VS Groudon battle if they decide to make the game in 2013 for Japan as the patterns for previous remakes haven't changed.



Marakuto said:

@grimbldoo Actually your wrong you could get Pokemon from past generations via dream world and trading with a friend. Only those two ways and a 3rd which is DNS code pokemon in GTS (All Pokemon with customised stats).



Dak_n_Jaxter said:

I think going back to the roots of the series, like you mentioned, would be great. Allowing us too actually catch em all. And return to design and style of older pokemon. I think the perfect Pokemon game could be a mix between the what we all have loved about it, but mixed with an Ocarina/Windwaker world. Just imagine Zelda/Pokemon..... Running around in a completely realized beautiful 3D world being totally reminiscent of the Pokemon games of past, but the wonder of a Zeldaish layout and construction... it could be amazing..



DanteSolablood said:

@Percentful, normally when Gamefreak add the "bunch of crap" pokémon into the game, they're there for allowing hardcore gamers to creatre breeding chains for moves or IV/EV training. Though there are STILL a large amount that could be culled & not missed.

I like a lot of the suggestions, but my main gripe is that Gamefreak should just grow some pokéballs and drop about 400 pokémon perminently and do a REAL overhaul of the graphics... while I know they want to keep them familiar for long term players like myself... maybe taking that final step into a 3D world won't be all that hard?

Oh... and finally, what about a Fire Emblem-like "perminant death" system... if a pokémon takes a OHKO from a pokémon with attack/special attack/speed etc more than twice it's defense, it STAYS gone from the team (or becomes a GHOST type)?



sinalefa said:

I want them to keep the same experience gaining system than Black/White, where the weakest Pokémon in battle gets the most experience. I got Black and after that I got HeartGold, and it is a lot easier to level up Pokémon in Black. Plus you can trade Pokémon in PC Boxes.

Even if there are 646 Pokémon now, still you can get a Diploma for getting the regional Dex, which is pretty cool by itself.



NintendoKanalDE said:

I want have for 3DS Pokemon Gray But why ever the bad DS with bad graphics -.- and Games for Wii is good too cause only 3 Pokemon Games are avaible for Wii



Drawdler said:

Seriously, there is just no reason to put Gray on DS. Put it on 3DS, and make legendaries hard to catch again, dammit!

I think with the power of the 3DS, they really need to expand this game beyond just battling and catching. Not change the game completely, no, the core is fine, but sometimes I like taking a break from the battles with the actual game, not the side games, if you know what I mean. "Variety is the spice of life. Without it, life is boring!" Remember the amazing post-game in HGSS? It's the reason I'm still playing. Those two just gave you such a large place to explore. Exploration should be integrated more into the next games, rather than battling. Battling is fun, but it gets boring after so many games, fighting so many of the same characters. I'd also like things to do other than battling, not the musical or contests, but things which can actually improve your Pokemons' stats.

I'd also like to see you being able to train and truly evolve your Pokemon more deeply, not with EVs and stuff, but things like... Remember in the original series there was a trained Sandshrew which was resistant to water, when it should have been weak to it? I'd like to see that put in somehow, even if it's just for lowering 4x weaknesses on Pokemon.

Also, we need this to be either one game or two games where we can outright catch every single Pokemon, no event, StreetPass, or whatever exclusives.

Other than that, I'm fine with whatever they'll do. Oh, and I want Pokemon walking with you back.

Edit: Also, Monochrome > Gray/Grey, and RegalRuby/ShiningSapphire.



Dak_n_Jaxter said:

@Nibelilt I agree with you about changing things, not losing the core, but an entire makeover. I suggested maybe a complete Ocarina/Windwaker feel and design for the world. And adding a lot of different sorts of side quests to really capture that true RPG feel. They don't have to be mandatory, but doing them greatly increases your feel and knowledge of the game.... But i don't know. It could be great. Like a Poke/Zelda/Elderscrolls/Fable/Reckoning mash up... haha. If only



Chuie said:

ok it needs to be a sequel to pokemon xd and coliseum or ruby sapphire remake or a brand new rpg pokemon if its none of those and it like rumblle blast or pokepark im out i dont want grey cause its just black and white



Percentful said:

@DanteSolablood that's very true, but why not give them more uses than just ev training or breeding? And those pokemon still aren't used very often. I found EV training more time consuming in Black/white, because of the lack of hotspots. And it's rather uncommon for a breeding chain to require a pokemon that I mentioned. If pokemon is about battling, why shouldn't more pokemon be able to battle?



rafaelluik said:

Gotta catch ‘em all is no more. hehe
It isn't the main point of the series!

StreetPass? -> C-Gear.

"uncharacteristic screeches" sorry but for me they're very characteristic, I can recognize them by their game's "cry", perhaps you meant something else...



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Do you guys truly believe that the small 3DS cartridge has enough memory capacities to hold 3D renderings of all of the world textures, characters both player and NPC [non sprites] and the pokemon?



Contrary said:

I have caught all 646. However, I did transfer all previous gens from my Diamond. It was a little time consuming.



Krishaa said:

These "ideas" for a Pokemon game are... "fantastic" and all, but barely any of these ideas are practical. You have this idea that anything can just be thrown into the game, but don't even consider if it would make the game broken or not.

"Why not extend this idea to StreetPass?" How the f--- would you trade Pokemon via StreetPass? And who would want to anyway? Ex. somebody would trade a Charizard, hoping to get a Pokemon of a similar status, but another person would put in a Rattata that they randomly caught, thus the trade would begin and the Charizard owner would get screwed in the process.

"How about a system that lets gamers gamble in-game money or — even better — Pokémon, with the winner staking claim to the prizes?" Maybe in-game money, but why would anybody want to ante their Pokemon for a Pokemon that would most likely be of no interest to gamble for? All it would lead to is one person trying to rip the other person off, or hackers screwing people over.

"Actually, while we’re at it, why can’t Pokémon gain experience whenever they battle against other human players?" Because a friend with level 100 Pokemon would set up the battle so their Pokemon die to allow another player to quickly give their Pokemon a bunch of experience. Summarized: BROKEN.

I think a graphical change from sprites to 3D Models would be good though...



LightSamus said:

People don't ever seem to agree, but I think the battle system needs a complete reboot. I know a lot of calculations and strategy goes into but Turn-Based fighting has never really been my thing, "I hit you-you hit me" attitude has always bothered me, special when the show doesn't really follow the same system most of the time. "some uses an attack, ash: lol dodgey it pikachu " ... I've always wanted proper control of a pokemon, real-time battling with attacking and dodgeing at will. If done well it would be very fun



kyuubikid213 said:

I just want a Pokemon game with an intruiging story like Pokemon White/Black and a wide range of places to go like Gold/Silver. I would also appreciate 3D graphics (like Zelda) and maybe the ability to see what Pokemon you will encounter. Just so grinding becomes easier.

You can keep top-down view...I don't care. Oh, also please keep the PokeCenter-PokeMart fusion from B/W. It was so convenient.



Son said:

Most pokemon version consist of colors like: blue, red, green, yellow, black, white, gold, silver. And stones like: ruby, sapphire, pearl, diamond, crystal, and emerald. Why not make a Pokemon version for 3DS that will be titled: Pokemon: Heaven Version & Pokemon: Hell Version



AVahne said:

DO NOT make it like the anime, and do not make them say their names as a cry.



AutumnShantel said:

I bet that I will be happy with whatever they do for their next RPG. I know it's been said, but I'd be thrilled with a R/S/E remake. Another installation to B/W would be alright, too. It's probably my second favorite Pokemon game of all time.



GamerZack87 said:

I'm sorry, make the Pokemon say their own names in battle? That would get even more repetitive than the animal-like cries they have already! Which would be less annoying: hearing a Pokemon's synthesised cry as it enters and leaves battle or uses a Sound-type move; or putting-up with your Pikachu saying "Pikapikapikapikapi-KAAAAAAAA!!!!" every single time it uses Volt Tackle?

Besides, I'm used to these cries! Don't take them away from me!



Late said:

They should update the series a little but even if they don't I still have to buy the next main game. I just can't resist. I'm having fun although all the games are pretty much same.



Mr_Reece said:

@Krishaa I actually stated that the StreetPass trading would work in the same way the Internet trading works at the moment, thus no one would get screwed over. Read the section again.



Noire said:

Allow the trainer into the fights, maybe give him a baseball bat or something. That would be cool.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

Pokemon Topaz (nah just kidding, there's already sapphire)
a statement in the article: "For the true Pokémon fan"
stopping right THERE. to me this statement feels like labeling a person or a group of people (and it reminds me of Fox 5 News). why you might ask? because it sorta feels like an overstatement. its like saying "Oh this person is smoking weed so they must have an addiction" or "Oh this person is drinking so they must have a drinking problem". well what about me or someone else thought of Pokemon Rumble Blast and/or Pokedex 3D as "palate cleansers"? does that make me a "true pokemon" fan? well does it?
even though the rest of the statment is "sorta" correcting itself, it still feels like an overstatement
sorry if i made anyone feel akward/angry (or not).
Hope you read my comment Mark



Ichiban said:

I think apart from the inevitable 3DS game, Pokemon needs a real home console version for Wii U.
If Nintendo wants to show us they mean business with their next console, a real 3D high def Pokemon adventure game would definetly help sell a few million consoles. Nothing against Pokemon or its many loyal fans, but its about time Pokemon broke free of its safety net of handheld consoles & make the jump to the big screen, kicking butt.
I imagine many Pokemon fans would scream in excitement if it came to be true!!



Rensch said:

I think they should make those rare DLC-only Pokémon into unlockables rather than those periodic events. Meet certain criteria and unlock them in Mystery Gift. Think of it as an achievement system. I have Mew. But that's because I still had one sitting in my HeartGold cartridge to transfer. I should be able to get it in Black as well. If you have these events, then at least keep them active without end. This makes sure you can still catch 'em all if you buy the game a year after release.

And fix the GTS, please. I'm so tired of those people that ask for an impossible level 1 Zekrom and offer a Bidoof in exchange.



Mr_Reece said:

@WhiteMage75 I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Of course, you could by all means be a Pokémon fan despite having not played the RPGs. However, in my eyes, if you're a true hardcore fan of what the series is all about, it's the RPGs that really float your boat, with any of the innumerable spin-offs merely being there to satiate you until the next generation of RPGs rolls around. That's what I was getting at.

Also, while I don't always respond, I always make a point of reading every comment posted on whatever I write, even if I haven't responded. Unfortunately, writing for NLife isn't my actual job, so I have lots of other stuff going on and don't necessarily have the time to respond to every comment made. But trust me, I do read everything.



Raylax said:

There's some irony at work here. I seem to continually find articles churned out year after year, across both the internet and printed media, with minor improvements and polish but largely the same structure; all challenging the fact that Pokémon continues to release year after year with minor improvements and polish but largely the same structure.

The pot seems to be making comments about the kettle's paint job.

That aside, since we're here I might as well throw my opinions into the swamp. The core structure behind Pokémon - that is, the battling, the training, the EVs and IVs, the strategy - does not require changing. To do so would be to make Pokémon stop being Pokémon, and it's very much not broken.
The storyline could certainly use an overhaul, but not the presentation of it - I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with it going into full-on JRPG mode, I'd rather avoid angsty backstories about orphanage and friendship from half-arsed, half-dressed tweens. But the eight-gym, Team-InsertBaddiesHere, two-rivals, one-mystery-dude (who inevitably turns out to be the champion) storyline could really use some shaking up.
Personally I'd rather not have the anime VA for Pokémon cries - for every adorable and iconic bit of voice acting (Pikachu and Charmander sprint to mind), there's 100 other species that I'd rather choke on my own vomit than listen to every time I call it into battle. That said, the generation 1 and 2 cries are in dire need of an overhaul.

Sparsely-animated static sprites in battle; well Black and White already went quite some way towards fixing that, and I suspect that the sixth gen or Pokémon Grey will make the leap to full-on 3D. Especially as the Pokédex 3D app took such lengths to have Pokémon animated exactly as they'd appear in a Stadium-type game (plus the AR marker code can cover every species of Pokémon, despite only 151 being available in the app). With this I'm sure will come much nicer 3D towns and aesthetics, although recent entries have already made moves towards much more variety in the overworld - look at the towns in HeartGold/SoulSilver.

My personal issue with Pokémon is simply the two-steps-forward-one-step-back approach they seem to take with new entries. The Battle Frontier, for example. Initially appearing in Pokémon Emerald, it was ignored for the first part of Gen 4. OK, fine, it was experimental in Emerald. It reappeared in a much more refined state in Platinum, and seemed to be here to stay when it showed up again in HGSS. And yet when we reached Generation 5, it disappeared again and we were back to only having the Battle Tower - turned on its side and renamed Battle Subway, but otherwise functionally identical - and there's no reasonable explanation for its exclusion by this point.
The same goes for small details such as lack of important trainer animations, and a decidedly sparse post-game. Yeah, there's three extra towns to visit and the routes between, but there's little of value within them and there's no options for rebattling any trainer in the game (which again, I had taken to be a standard mechanic by this point, either via phone call or Vs Seeker). Training new 'mon, or your old 'mon to take on the second Elite 4 challenge, before long comes down to cycling around familiar grass patches to force encounters with wild Lv50 Audino for several long hours. This is where Pokémon fails for me, and where GameFreak really need to get their act together.

Undoubtably Pokémon Grey will fix all this, and undoubtably I'll gleefully pick it up and passively support the system I just described above, but its certainly annoying to see GameFreak continue the cycle after proving to us (in HGSS and previously in Emerald and FRLG) that they know exactly how to make the games last for all players - not just the competitive metagamer players - in the long term.

Longest Post Ever.



Spagem said:

ok. i would want it unlike XD and collusum. Also i want them to keep all the pokemon 600 whatever pokemon. just make every region in the game. Kanto, Johoto, Hoen, Sinnoh, and last Unova. then at the begining you choose what region to start in. that will depend on what starter pokemon u get. but u can still find the other starters in the wild.(they will be very rare though) After beating the pokemon leage in your region you get a boat or plane ticket from the professer and u can pick another region. in the other region u dont pick another starter but u can still catch the starters in the wild. (very rare though). then beat the leage and repeat. the game may be long but the 3ds may be able to fit it in. (i hope)



WiiLovePeace said:

I totally agree with everything this article asks for, especially improved pokemon sound & bringing the graphics into the 3rd dimension. Here's hoping Nintendo fulfills our dreams



AbuJaffer said:

@Sakura_Moonlight2421 If RER, most Wii games, and a lot of 360 games, can run on 4GB and less, then a Pokemon game can surely do so as well. Don't forget, these don't have to be high-end textures/polygons/etc. (which take up the most space on gaming discs)... what will take up a lot of space, and probably is necessary (for a 3D-world experience) would be full-fledged sound effects... those things (along with cutscenes) take up a LOT of space. But I'm sure GameFreak will just make a new system for sound effects and whatnot that allows high-quality audio (and video) to take up a lot less space. Handheld developers do that a lot (discover new compression systems and whatnot).



SPEtheridge said:

I think they should stop with the handing out rare pokemon at events and have them as dlc or something would save a lot of hassle



GrooseMarioFan said:

@c-olimar (2.) Way way back in 2nd grade my 2 favorite colors were orange and purple (I don't know how I know that ).
Never really been a Pokemon fan. I think I played the first 10 min. of Black, and once played Battle arena or something on the N64. Oh, yeah, I also have Pokedex 3D.



grimbldoo said:

What they could do is keep the game 2D roaming, but during the Pokemon battles make it full 3D with actual fighting scenes instead of just the sprites moving around inside of their little circle. This way we can enjoy the 3D factor while keeping to the classic 2D roaming. This would also allow Nintendo to make the 3D battles high quality as the 3D would only take a small part of the game.

Who here likes this Idea?



alawson1542 said:

Instead of starting out in a small town you should start out as a Star trainer. You get mugged and your pokemon stolen after losing a big tournament. Beaten up a man(who was watching the tournament) finds you and takes you to his house which is in the country. He tells you to go find yourself a pokemon out in the woods behind the house. there is 3-5 differant pokemon out there. Pick one. To make it so you cant go back in the woods there was an angry fire pokemon who set the forest on fire. The man that picked you up drops you off in the nearest town and the adventure begins. In the end. The guys that mug you are the ones you have to fight with your old pokemon. I like all the suggested Ideas about coleseum graphics and prizes.



Linkuini said:

The graphical enhancements are long, long overdue. Other than that, I'd like to have more cooperative elements available. I'm surrounded by people with pokémon with better IVs, and EVs, and Egg moves, and a bunch of nice moves and helpful statistics inherited through a convoluted eugenics program that... uh. Let's just say I get beaten in more ways I care to keep track of. I know if it's an RPG, it's gonna have grinding, but I feel like I'm wasting my time here. There's plenty to like for anyone who's really serious about it, but for anyone else, there ought to be a reduction to the general ruthlessness of multiplayer.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

Thanks for responding back. I do have a complicated way of wording/typing things i say, but i'm glad that you could somewhat understand my comment.
adding to what i said earlier, i feel that using the word "true" can make a statement "broad" (I'm not sure about broad but it could be another word to use). i don't know why but when i hear people use the word "true" , depending on what they say is "true" makes me feel like as it if were labeling. i'm trying really hard to explain but the best example i can give is this:
Say i'm in a bus and i overhear two people conversing. one of them says - only "true" cooks know how to make Baked Alaska.
the way i see/view it: thinking - well i'm may not be a "true" cook as they say, but i still know how to make Baked Alaska.
do you see where i'm trying to get at?



DanteSolablood said:

@grimbldoo It's unlikely your starter would die as every pokémon game since Red & Blue has made the learning curve generously easy. By the time anything strong enough to kill your starter turns up you'll have captured at least a dozen more pokémon. If you're playing an online match and you only have 3 pokémon, maybe there should be a "surrender" button so you don't lose your last prized pokémon (counts as a loss).

@Percentful I agree actually, but that's not always the case, there is also a lot of fun in EV training Plusles & thashing newer players... which is why I also suggested perminently dropping about 400 pokémon. If everything was either useful or a potential killing machine I'd certainly spend more time "catching them all". Plus I feel that was how it was always meant to be.

@Linkuini I disagree, all the best games have a gameplay level for casual players... and a huge amount of depth for those that want to obsess. If anything they should keep it complex but introduce a system that only allows players of similar ability play each other.



lmwtw1 said:

Just combne all the games and pokemon into one game. So we can catch them al without leaving any out.



ArcanaXVI said:

There are all sorts of cool ideas being spread here--and with Pokemon holding a special place in my heart (Red Version was my first video game ever), I would love to see a deeper, more complex iteration of the series.

That in mind, I dread some of the directions I've seen the series taking. It's surprising how many people forget that the game came before the anime, and the more that the game begins to resemble the anime, the more concerned I become. Granted, I can understand to a degree the generally unanimous hatred of the low-definition Pokemon cries (though, to be honest, they've never bothered me that much), but the variation made them seem more animal, more believable; I fear the day when Pokemon start saying their own names in-game. The introductions of Pokemon based on ones owned by anime characters only worsens this concern.

Things that, on the other hand, I would love to see included in future Pokemon titles are age variation, customizable trainer appearances and outfits (and perhaps bandannas or ribbons or somesuch to designate one's own Pokemon, if one desires), and a larger, connected world map. We already know, for example, that Unova is north of Kanto, which is west of Johto--so make it so! Let us truly personalize our experiences: choosing our starting region, designing our trainer to fit who we are (or want to be), and blazing a trail until word of our successes begins to precede us to distant regions.

Likewise, while the Sinnoh Underground was a pretty cool concept (if somewhat falling short of its potential), I loved the secret base system in Ruby and Sapphire. Finding those especially secluded spots in dangerous terrain always held a certain charm, and stumbling upon another player's base after a record mix was all the better. What if a few NPCs set up bases in-game, too? How cool would it be to wander through a borderline-deadly swath of land and sea and discover a base owned by the likes of one of the gym leaders, Cynthia, or yes, even the original rival from Red and Blue. And of course, let us sleep there (it's our secret base--we should be allowed to rest and heal up!), and more importantly FLY there.

The key aspect of Pokemon is the journey we, as players, take. Along the way, we befriend the Pokemon we come across, and perhaps even develop sentimental attachment to an NPC or two (cue another great advancement: more character development). As we sojourn to become master trainers, we should be allowed to leave our mark on the world, as legends and as people. Setting up a home--be it in a city or a secret tree fort, seeing and hearing our reputation spread, and perhaps even opening our own gym, or choosing to defend our title as champion: all of these and more are certainly possible. Perhaps we could even make our own choice about any troublemakers we encounter--while I doubt Game Freak or Nintendo would ever allow it, there's even the possibility of joining a team such as Rocket or Galactic instead of working to thwart them, and perhaps even moving up the ranks (while, of course, having to fend off the trainers that would see US removed from our posts, as so many of us opposed Team Rocket in the past).

Pokemon is excellent, but hear ye: it has immense amounts of room to grow. It's high time we see some of this potential be harnessed!



DanteSolablood said:

How about NPC pokémon trainers that actually STAY a challenge, even when you've got your team to Lv100? I'd even go as far as saying that they should have much better AI so the ones that come up to you are not pre-set... how about NPCs walking around the city have AI which makes business men ignore you during the morning, answer you for a battle during the day & actually chase after your during the night? Obviously change this for children, clowns etc?

Plus if you have a pokémon following you around as in SS/HG, why not some Lv100 trainers that ignore you until you have at least one in your team? It makes sense (as they can see if your pokémon looks weak) and it would mean that walking through towns doesn't become a chore 3 hours in.



Dodger said:

I can't stand the stupid screeches or the anime voices for pokemon that they also use in SSB. Can they do something that actually sounds like an animal instead of just sounding horrid?

Other then that and the lack of change throughout the series, my only main problem with pokemon is the fact that there are no really interesting characters. At all. You play as a silent protagonist that doesn't have a name who captures creatures who have little to no animation, voices that can't be imitated by any human voice and have a personality that can be summed up with one word (lonely, happy, whatever). The NPC characters aren't really interesting either. Most of them just say one thing over and over. The main antagonists just give generic bad guy speeches most of the time and the games almost always end the same way. As I like Mario games to some extent, you could accuse me of calling the kettle black but at least Mario characters have a personality, especially in the RPG games. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the pokemon series but there aren't many memorable characters at all.



Drawdler said:

@87 Hear, Hear! I never think 3D environments would be good for Pokemon anyway, they didn't handle very well as I remember in XD.



Krishaa said:


I have already read that part, thank you. I should point out, there is a DIFFERENCE between an Internet connection and a Streetpass connection. Internet Pokemon trading works because the submitted Pokemon are distributed through a NETWORK, where both players Pokemon are traded in REAL TIME.

However, a StreetPass connection is NOT conducted in REAL TIME, it is conducted through a single event, where what takes place afterwards both players will not be experiencing simultaneously or in real time.

Let me map this out:
Internet connection:
Player 1: Submits Pokemon on a network, and what he/she wants in return.
Player 2: Has Pokemon Player 1 wants, and trade is conducted.

Streetpass connection:
Player 1: Submits Pokemon to be sent via Streetpass connection, and what he/she wants in return.

Players 1 and 2 pass each other with their 3DS' closed, with Streetpass. When players open their 3DS', they are far away and are NOT CONNECTED IN REAL TIME.

Player 2: Has Pokemon Player 1 wants, and trade is conducted.

PROBLEM: How can a trade even BE conducted in the first place when both players aren't even connected in REAL TIME?

Result: Player 2's trade would go through if he/she accepted, but since Player 1 isn't connected to Player 2 in real time, then it wouldn't go through for Player 1. Therefore, cheats.

Your possible counter for this: But a trade would be conducted automatically right when the players Streetpass each other.

My counter for that: That would eliminate the ability for players to view their trades before they were conducted, meaning they could get ripped off if one player wasn't picky enough to say he wants a certain moveset, etc. But if one player were to be so picky, then nothing would ever get traded in the first place due to the requirements being so strict. All because automatic trading in this fashion would mean that the Players would not be able to view the Pokemon they are recieving/trading for.

Another major point to make against your possible counter is that in order for two players to trade automatically via Streetpass, they would have to have the exact Pokemon the other player wants, ready in advance, which is literally impossible, because nobody can predict what Pokemon a possible "Streetpassee" would want. But with internet trading, where players are connected on a network, players can literally SEE what pokemon another player wants, can view the Pokemon's status so there would be no fraud, and since it's all conducted in REAL TIME for both players, then there would be no possibility of a duplication glitch.

ONE LAST POINT to make, just in case you think there's any slight possibility that StreetPass trading would work without either being completely broken or impossible to conduct, why would anybody want to trade via StreetPass anyway, when somebody could trade their Pokemon and get faster, more accurate, and non-broken results?

So since you apparently are an expert at StreetPass via your claim, tell me, how would this "revolutionary" StreetPass trading work without being impossible to do or broken? I rest my case.



Krishaa said:

...faster, more accurate, and non-broken results *via an internet connection?

(my bad)



theblackdragon said:

@Krishaa: If I'm reading it correctly, Mr_Reece is saying that StreetPass trading would work the same as the existing 'drop off and pick up later' method via internet — you put in a specific request for a kind of Pokemon you want in return, and if someone out there has what you want, the trade is then conducted and you'll find out about it the next time you check. If no one has exactly what you specify, the trade is not conducted, and your for-trade pokemon sits there, waiting for someone to come along and give you what you want for it.

I'm not sure what you're ranting about with regards to trades not being conducted properly or people putting up garbage pokemon and taking good ones for them, because that would not be the case. You either get what you asked for or the trade doesn't happen at all. I'd imagine the StreetPass version of this would really only work in urban areas where you'd get lots of StreetPass hits anyway; i know I wouldn't want to try and rely on it for a 'mon I needed, lol. not sure how the internet version works, but it would be cool to be able to pick a range of pokemon you'd like to trade yours for instead of just one type; that would open you up to all kinds of options. :3

Also, you can edit your comments via the 'Edit' link, FYI.

as for the topic at hand, something i think would be cool via StreetPass would be to be able to have that other person show up as a trainer to battle, complete with their current team (kinda like how MK7 gives you ghost data to race against). that would be a lot more fun than just trading pokemon :3



DanteSolablood said:

@Krishnaa Well in general, Streetpass trading would simply consist of someone placing multiple pokémans they want to trade in a "box" with some basic instructions such as Miltank:<Lv50... if someone with such a pokémon pass by it sends the data through.

Obviously it would be very rare that this works, but then surely that would mean a special event could be activated. Plus considering that you could, say, fill this "tradebox" with version exclusives... and someone with the opposite version would likely do the same, it wouldn't be impossible.

This would be in addition to other trading methods of course.

@theblackdragon Great idea! How about their "secret bases" and other information jumping across too? I really enjoyed the tower in B&W where you could meet people from around the world that you'd traded with. A more localised Streetpass version would be awesome.



JimLad said:

Go back to having just 151 Pokémon, balance them more fairly, and make it online and I would be interested.
But that's not gonna happen.



Bass_X0 said:

Something I wanted incorporated was mini-games at certain times during the game. Say during a Pokemon Yellow remake, you have to fight Samurai in a regular Pokémon battle and then afterwards you have to escape a swarm of Beedrill in a mini-game which you would gain experience for.



Krishaa said:

"I'd imagine the StreetPass version of this would really only work in urban areas where you'd get lots of StreetPass hits anyway" Exactly, why? Because StreetPassing is scarce, compared to the 1000's of available people on the internet ready to trade.

So let's say you want to get picky via an internet trade and search for a specific Pokemon. It's easy to find the Pokemon due to 1000's of people submitting Pokemon already. Now tell me, if I were to Streetpass and request a level 50 Charizard with specific stats, what are the chances that the one Streetpass on average I get a day would have that?

Though if you're still not sure about what I meant when I said "But if one player were to be so picky, then nothing would ever get traded in the first place due to the requirements being so strict." then allow me to recap in numbers so nobody gets confused.

INTERNET: 1000's of Pokemon available. 1000's of chances that somebody will have what you're looking for

StreetPass: 1 person average

Also, with internet, if somebody posts that their Pokemon and their requirements, and you witness it, you could search your PC or something and get the Pokemon ready and submit it. How would you do that via StreetPass? There would be no way to view another player's Pokemon wants in advance in order to prepare a trade properly.

"If no one has exactly what you specify, the trade is not conducted" That's exactly what StreetPass trading would be. Nobody would have what you specify because they would never know what you want. It would be a bunch of people requesting Pokemon but nobody would ever know that there is another person who wants that Pokemon so they wouldn't bother to place such a Pokemon up for trade in the first place. And it can't be like internet trading because internet trading ISN'T an automatic event for both sides of the party. One side of the party CAN witness the requirements and trade.

Let's recap again:
To trade properly, there are three main components.
The "offeree" and requester, the one who fills the request, and the ability for one to know what that request is.

That ability does not exist in a system where the one who fills the request does not know what the "offeree's" request is, therefore not being able to satisfy the trade. That is the one lacking feature in Streetpass that makes it impossible.

In your defense, it is possible, but my point remains, the chances are very scarce, and it's simply more convenient to trade via internet connection.

And I didn't notice the edit button, sorry for that.

So you want an example of somebody who wouldn't rely on your "revolutionary" idea? The same person you are hiding behind. "i know I wouldn't want to try and rely on it for a 'mon I needed". So good for you, your idea is possible, but absolutely useless. It's very ironic indeed.



Krishaa said:

Regardless, I don't know why I'm wasting my time on this. I have no doubt in my mind of my claim; I calculated the statistics of a successful StreetPass trade vs. an Internet trade based on population number for each category, and I've even considered the feature internet trading possesses that StreetPass couldn't, considering StreetPass isn't connected through a NETWORK. But ohh well, I've burnt myself out on this anyway.



Mr_Reece said:

@Krishaa you're perhaps getting just a tad worked up here. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with your views on StreetPass trading; you just didn't seem to initially comprehend how the Internet trading worked (ie. unless you've specifically connected to one person, Internet trading does not work in real time). I'm not saying StreetPass trading should replace Internet trading, I actually said in the article that perhaps trading could extend to use this particular function of the 3DS.

I'm not being argumentative. After all, I asked for your opinions. Whether you agree or disagree is irrelevant. My only aim is to promote discussion which, judging by the 100+ comments, I've achieved. I don't value your opinion any less than anyone else's.



NintenHero said:

The last G O O D Pokemon games to come out was Ruby & Sapphire. Diamond & Perl sucks n' so does Black & White... yer' can't tell me they don't, it's just no fun anymore yo, the spark is gone... I BARELY play my Black version n' Pokemon games are supposed to substitute your social life lmao.

Pokemon is too traditional/1990's, it's time to improve the series game play big time... I mean, all these cool visuals (like in Black & White) will only last so long. Us Veteran Trainers are lookin' for somethin' new ya' know?

But we all know the 3DS can change that, Hopefully Nintendo won't mess up.



theblackdragon said:

@Krishaa: you are overthinking things, and i'd appreciate it if you'd please stop jumping down our throats over it — these are hypotheticals, and the situation is not life-or-death :/ other people seem to be interested in StreetPass trading for fun, to see if it'd trigger special events (which is certainly a possibility), or just to get version exclusives from each other. it is not that big a deal.

if you don't like the idea yourself, fine — if it ever does come to pass, just trade over the internet and don't trade via StreetPass if the idea offends you so much. i'm sure internet trading has been such a hit they wouldn't dare remove it in favor of StreetPass trading anyway.



Krishaa said:

I guess you could call me an extensive arguer.
When you've been talking to a brick wall for a while and have become frustrated, having someone else come along who gets you is quite the relief. That said, the first to get uppity with the internet shouting was you. Knock it off, please — TBD

Technically, the Pokemon that is offered cannot be withdrawn unless you're connected to the GTS, as well as deposit it. Sorry, but the GTS is, in fact, a network. Meaning you have to be connected to the GTS to do a trade. Even if you're not there when the trade is done, in order to pick up the Pokemon, you'll have to be connected to the GTS. So it may not exactly be real time, but it's a system that works similar to real time.

I thought since simply telling you about the components of a trade is too difficult, I'd show you in video proof:
@2:50: He is using the "Search" function, searching for a pokemon he will fill the request for.
@3:28: Alas, there it is, the request made available to him. Now that he knows the request, he could pick up said Pokemon from his PC and trade it if he wanted to.
How would one do that via StreetPass with a good chance of success? Especially since StreetPass is an event that takes place once? That is what I have been waiting for you to answer.

Anyway, I respect your purpose for making this article.



theblackdragon said:

@Krishaa: you are still not understanding the mechanics of how a StreetPass trade would hypothetically work. If I may explain:

You have a pokemon you'd like to trade. You put it into a special place (maybe a pocket in your bag, idk what they'd use in-game for this) and choose from a list of possible pokemon species or level requirements what you'd like to receive in return. You leave it there and forget about it for a while.

You go about your normal business, StreetPassing people and whatnot. Someone else has also set a pokemon to trade that fits your chosen requirements, and the one you've put in your bag pocket or whatever to be traded away fits their requirements, and so, during your StreetPass info exchange, you wind up exchanging pokemon with this other person.

You get home, flip open your 3DS, open your pokemon game, and find that you now have a brand new pokemon in your bag pocket or whatever to mess around with. Since you chose the specifications for this pokemon, you know for a fact you're getting something you want, and since you've successfully StreetPass-traded a pokemon, it may come with some special bonuses — an unlockable event, extra stat bonuses, it may come carrying a special item, who knows. If they did it right, StreetPass trading could be the next Pokerus, you never know.



Ecto-1 said:

Personally, I kind of like the way the games look and sound. Sure the system is capable of more, but these games always remind me of simpler times, where we would use our imaginations to fill in what the game was missing. To me, making the game fully 3D and implementing sounds like the TV show would take away from the games' character and charm and would result in the game simply blending in with all the other expansive 3D RPGs.

The one change I can think of that I would really like to see in the next go round would be a further streamlining of importing old characters into new games. The import feature they have now, while functional, could be much better. Currently, you have to have access to multiple consoles in order to import your pokemon from an old game to a new one. With future installments, why not create an app that can be downloaded to your 3DS (or for that matter installed from the game like the Mario Kart Channel from Mario Kart Wii). Using the app with an older game inserted in the card slot would allow you to select pokemon for importing, then the next time you played the new game, those pokemon would be added to your collection. No need for multiple systems or annoying minigames.



Mariokart77 said:

DeFinetly make one with all the pokemon on it. Make it so you can pick three starters out of all of them ever and you have to pick one of each type!!!!!! It's genius!



DarkKirby said:

I love Pokemon to death, the entire Pokemon world and culture that has built around it, but the game series itself has run into a whole load of issues the developers outright refuse to fix because they fear changing a formula that still sells.

Stopping hacking and exploits is near impossible, but Nintendo has not even attempted to stop, or even limit hacking. As per Nintendo style, support after release for their games is near 0. But while I am not a supporter of hacking, I can completely understand why people do it. Which leads into the next point, the EXTREMELY horrible IV system. The IV system needs to be removed. Nature is enough to "not make all of the same species of Pokemon the same" while still being reasonable to achieve the one you desire. Since Pokemon is 100% turn based (which I think should change), every single stat matters. Getting perfect 31 IVs in all stats, even if you use all of the games legitimate tools and methods to help achieve it, is near impossible and completely luck based with odds similar to winning the lottery, for a single Pokemon. And if you actually get 31 IVs in all your stats, for 1 Pokemon? Oops, the nature was wrong, or the ability, or for preference, the sex. Getting those 3 on 1 Pokemon is already a long unpleasant grind without a Ditto, which can't even be used if you're breeding for moves, but IVs are plain intolerable. Which is why most competitive players hack their game to make their Pokemon to have perfect IVs, their chosen natures, abilities, and sex. What kind of competitive game gives the player no guarantee that no matter how much work and time you put into making your creation (Pokemon) perfect, it is only allowed through extreme luck and never allowed through hard work or knowledge of the game? I do not hack, and I can NEVER get around the fact that when I'm raising a Pokemon, I know that since my Pokemon does not have perfect IVs, it will always be inferior to one that does. I don't breed for IVs anymore because I tried it before, for MONTHS, in a hardened attempt for my love of Pokemon, and wasn't able to succeed for a SINGLE Pokemon (yes I know all the tricks that improve the chances). The fact that IVs are a hidden stat is an insult to gamers in the 1st place. When Black & White were released Nintendo went around trying to shut down Pokemon fan sites because they said the web sites were reducing player guide sales by providing free, and more accurate information. That's ridiculous. On to the next point, the game is horribly balanced and the balance gets worse every gen as more over powered things are added and previous over powered things are not fixed. And most Pokemon are unusable competitively. About 2% of Pokemon are deemed overpowered (usually Legendaries or end game Pokemon like Garchomp designed to be over powered on purpose, and succeeding) 6% of Pokemon "usable and fair" and 92% of the Pokemon terrible and unusable due to how bad they are. It's not even close, there is no way you can use Pokemon outside that top 8% and not put yourself at a very severe handicap. What does this mean? It means there is a very, very high chance that using Pokemon on your team that you like (instead of tier whoring with the top 6-8%) and being able to win battles with them against the top 6-8% is highly unlikely. The game is 100% turn based (as I said, I think that should change), out maneuvering your opponent with Pokemon that possess inferior stats is impossible. The game's systems has massive imbalances that need to be fixed, like Stealth Rock, Weather that lasts forever, Earthquake on every Pokemon, physical attackers being extremely dominant over special attackers, in stats and available moves. The entire race of Pokemon needs to have their stats rebalanced to attempt to make at least every fully evolved Pokemon viable competitively. The elemental system is itself very unbalanced, with "top" elements like Fighting and Ground and "garbage" elements like Psychic and Poison. At least add new elements that are strong to the overpowered elements and be weak to the currently terrible elements. People shouldn't have the be stepped on because they want to use Charizard in battles. You made some good suggestions that should have been in the game a long time ago like character creation that the developers have plugged their ears to, make another 150 Pokemon, minor system changes and release a "new" game. My only concern with voiced Pokemon, and I dare say, characters, like the anime is not allowing language options. I am a fan of watching anime, and Japanese games which have the option, with Japanese voices with English subtitles. Nintendo is not known for giving people this option, in fact they are known for the opposite, not allowing the option on purpose to further discourage importing the game. Also, why does each "new" game have less options and features then the previous games? Stuff like having your Pokemon follow you, photo opportunities with your team (which you should be able to export out of the game like how you can save pictures in Pilotwings Resort, by not allowing it you are actively giving people a reason to pirate the game instead as playing it on PC will allow you options the real game disallows for no reason), and move tutors are fantastic and should be in every game, and are INTENTIONALLY NOT PUT INTO NEW GAMES SO THEY CAN RELEASE A "3RD OR 4TH" VERSION OF THE GAME WITH "SPECIAL FEATURES NOT SEEN IN THE ORIGINAL". STOP RELEASING GAMES WITH MISSING CONTENT ON PURPOSE AFTER LETTING PEOPLE PLAY WITH IT IN THE GAMES.

Like I said, I LOVE Pokemon, but the main game series has upset me for a very long time now.



Krishaa said:

I never said the situation was life or death, I never even implied it. I wouldn't even care if they included it in the next game. But no, I'm not going to begin this the same way I have by saying the same thing I always say; this has become an endless battle.

Hypothetically, it has been stated that two people would be able to trade their Pokemon via the StreetPass function. Players would place their Pokemon that they wanted to trade in a special "placeholder", and place filters for what they want in return for the stored Pokemon. If two players were to pass each other and managed to fill such requirements, the trade would commence.

On a technological standpoint, it could work, and that is where you are misinterpreting what I'm saying. You believe that I'm saying that somebody couldn't add a StreetPass function into the game because the technology doesn't exist or that the programming would screw up, but that isn't what I'm saying. If somebody were to manage to fill such requirements to StreetPass trading, technically, it would work.

But my argument isn't that StreetPass trading couldn't work technically, but that the function doesn't guarantee the accessibility for a reliable medium of trading. Note that I said accessibility, which does not mean that it would be 100% impossible. But there are already 649 Pokemon so far. If I said I would trade a Pokemon on StreetPass for something as simple as a Fire Type Pokemon, there are 51 Fire Types in the game, so generally speaking, a 51/649 chance that somebody has what you're looking for, which rounds off to a 12% chance of trade success. Considering this feature would hypothetically come for next gen, and on average there are about 150 new Pokemon per gen and about 10 Fire Types per gen, this would lead to an approximate 60/800 chance which rounds off to a 7.5% chance of trade success. Calculating scarcity of the type and other filters into the equation would further reduce that percentage. That's a very basic calculation though, there are way too many factors to state of.

To further solidify my statement, I shall give an example of Puzzle Swap, which acts in a similar fashion to your hypothetical StreetPass trading. While getting a new piece in Puzzle Swap can be scarce, what would happen if people could trade pieces online? Would anybody ever use StreetPass to get the pieces then?

Now I would appreciate it if you would answer my question, which you have ignored with sheer lack of consideration for this whole time. How would a StreetPass trade's requirements get filled with a good chance of success? And while events may be the only saving factor to a system of trading that isn't impossible, but not as reliable as internet trading, why wouldn't they just limit the StreetPass function to just events so there is a 100% chance that if you StreetPass somebody, that the event will occur, as opposed to a much smaller scale as stated in the example given?

(No really, I would appreciate it if you just answered these questions. I don't need another lecture on how StreetPass trading would work again. I obviously know what you're saying in terms of your theory by now).



theblackdragon said:

@Krishaa: we're arguing circles at this point, and frankly, i'm baffled. we've said more than once that StreetPass would be a hit-or-miss kind of thing and it'd probably only work well in urban areas (with lots of chances for StreetPassing); i don't think anyone here has said that StreetPass trading would ever be 100% reliable in getting you the pokemon you want when you want it. it would be a waiting game, thus the special bonuses/events/held items/new stat-boosting virus/whatever I mentioned in my last comment as an incentive to get out there and put up an attractive pokemon to trade via StreetPass. you keep ranting that it would never work properly, and we're saying that it might could if it was given an honest chance. and if it didn't work out, hey, at least they tried something new. perhaps they could set some sort of limits for pokemon to trade, like a theme or something, each triggering a different special event. who knows?

For something that you admit isn't life-or-death, you're sure arguing it like it is. these things might happen, they might not, but it's clear that you do not understand what we're trying to say because you're so hung up on 100% perfect trading every time you try instead of being patient and waiting, and I'm tired of being presented with walls of text about it, and so I'm ending this portion of the discussion right now. You've repeated yourself enough for one thread and we've expressed our side as well, so let's give other people the chance to have their say.

BOTTOM LINE: do i think it's the be-all, end-all answer to trading pokemon for the next generation? of course not. but I still think StreetPass trading could be something pretty cool if they worked it right. it's always better to have more options than less, IMO.



theblackdragon said:

@grimbldoo: pretty much, unless they attached something truly desirable to the function to make it attractive. i'd be happier with ghost trainer-data to battle, though. :3



alLabouTandroiD said:

@Mark: Nice ideas here.
Before I give my two cents I want to make clear that i haven’t played Pokémon more than a few hours so far. I wanted to 100 % it in my first playthrough which just got a bit too heavy for me. If I weren’t so stubborn i might find it perfectly enjoyable and maybe wouldn’t want any change. So I don’t know how fresh or good my ideas are. I just have to get them out of my head.

If there was a truly evil force that wants to take over the world why would they take part in the tournaments and not operate in the underground where they enslave and abuse Pokémon for their aim ? They could develop a technique to make Pokémon rebel and turn against mankind. So while the story begins like in the previous games during your first Gym battle there’s a red alert. All Pokémon go evil and everybody has to flee to safety. After your escape you ask yourself why and how this happened. You hear legends that only Pokémon with a really deep bond to their trainer would still be nice and make this your utmost principal.
The Pokémon even attack each other now and you somehow manage to save one from its tormentors. It’s now your friend and you two manage to befriend a lot of other Pokémon coming your way and to take out the enemy’s underground bases one by one. After peace is restored you can make your way through the tournaments as a post-game affair.
There are also Pokémon with artificial metal limbs to show just how evil the underground organisation is and huge non-Pokémon enemies which you cannot catch. Maybe certain areas only accessible with certain Pokémon-types ?
This game could be so epic.

Next up: my two cents on Mark’s ideas.

  • Customizable characters or Mii use sound great. Maybe the character itself could get some simple stats as well (loyalty, mercy, friendliness, …) which have a minor effect on battles and the story.
  • While it may not be too moral it could be fun if you could dress up your Pokémon to make it look unique.
  • If you just start playing Pokémon now, you wouldn’t be able to get every one of them, right ?
  • I hope they find a good use for StreetPass. It would certainly seem like a missed opportunity to not have it in this series. Maybe StreetPassing somebody will allow you to easily add him to your friend list (be it in-game or system-wide) ?
  • Would getting money for online battles really be a big motivation ? Maybe they could have online leagues ? Special competitions where you have to use a set of Pokémon that are given to you ? Challenges where you have to use certain types and your Pokémon will temporarily be levelled down to give people the same chances ? Survive a horde of enemy trainers for x battles until reinforcements arrive ? Allow you to create your own communities like in MK7 ? Local and online co-op missions ?
  • I’d say the 3DS’s pedometer will also get some good use.
  • Age-range specific story elements or characters could be __very__ interesting. Imagine a 80 year old , legendary Pokémon trainer. Combined with @alawson1542 (88.)’s plot idea this could be intriguing. (I’m only afraid that the quality of the script would suffer the more options they give you.)
  • I think event-exclusive Pokémon are more of a social component than anything else. While it would be great if you could get them in the game I’m not sure they can come up with anything else that makes the events that vital for fans.
  • Story-wise I don’t think it’s very interesting to defend your title more than once.
  • I’d love them to keep the roaming-viewpoint and make the battles Pokédox 3Desque. With the contrast between roaming and the 3D battles the latter would feel more special and more dramatic imo.
  • I think the Pokésounds have a different purpose in the show than they have in game. In the game your relationship with them grows by using 'em. In the show they have to be presented with preset characteristics.

@BulbasaurusRex (47.): Good idea ‘bout StreetPass
@DanteSolablood (51.): It could really be cool to have permadeaths.
@Krishaa(119.): I would still use StreetPass to get the puzzle pieces. To me it feels like a greater accomplishment to get ‘em this way.



Jade773 said:

dont think i apporve of wagering pokemon in human in multiplayer battles. too many ppl are quick to cheat wit game sharks n what not. dont wanna lose my my pokemon to some jerk-off who sharked his charizard wit 999 stats in everything



ToastyYogurt said:

I prefer electronic screeches to the Pokemon just saying it's name, like you don't what it is from that floating bar thing already.

Also, optionally betting on Pokemon battles sounds like a good idea. I'm pretty sure that at least some age rating boards would call that "Simulated Gambling," though, and I don't think Nintendo is ready to give up that E for Everyone rating. ~Remember what they did to HeartGold/Soulsilver's slots?~

Also, I do think it would be neat for the battles to be in cinematic 3D a la the Pokemon console games (At least the ones that have to do with battling....), and is totally what I can imagine Pokemon 3DS being.

Also, let's not forget the possibility of the version names being of precious metals/gems....



DrummerBec said:

If they made a Pokemon game like that for 3DS, (like the Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and Pokemon: Colosseum games (which is what I've been wanting since forever), real pokemon noises (instead of annoying screeches), WiFi battles and training around the world, etc.) that would be the best Pokemon game ever. I would totally buy it. And as much as I like being able to catch every Pokemon, I would be a little disappointed if they took out all the old ones. It was make it easier, but who doesn't like the classics - like pikachu, of course, or onix. As long as there was still a way to get all the other pokemon (like from other games I own with trade, or a download event), then I would fine with having only the newer pokemon in the game (that would mean, of course, adding in the National Pokedex at the end of the game :]). I hope they make this game, and it comes out soon!



Geonjaha said:

Pokemon Red/Blue - Played while I was really young.
Pokemon Silver/Gold - Enjoyed a lot, played several times.
Pokemon Ruby/Saphire - Loved the Improvements overall
Pokemon Pearl/Diamond - Seeing the cover legendaries let me knew the series was going downhill, games were alright.
Pokemon Black/White - Decent Improvements, but I was bored for a lot of the game.
Next Generation - Might not actually buy it if it isnt going to do anything more.



JumpmanZ said:

I believe that the next Pokémon game should incorporate DLC in the form of new areas, items, and extra Pokémon that would normally be featured in a fully priced third release. This would keep players interested and playing between releases.



Storm050 said:

I would love if the secret bases were put back in and if they used the street pass function to collect other bases.



Soldier_1234 said:

They need to bring back the secet bases,poffins,pokemons following you and you can gift items to your friends of the secret base and you can expand it



blaine185 said:

They need to make a pokemon game for a console or pc...Something besides the ds and wii. A game with good graphics, open world, character customization and a good story. With all the great stuff pokemon already has just expand a little and make it with A LOT more detailed graphics. A console game with the same concept as the handhled games...

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