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SEGA AM2's First 3DS Project is Not Virtua Fighter

Posted by James Newton

No, it's not Daytona or OutRun either

Legendary SEGA development team AM2 has created some of the greatest arcade games ever: Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA, OutRun and more. So the studio's first game for 3DS has to be something really exciting, right? Well, it is if you like super-deformed vocaloids with blue hair.

That's not to say that Hatsune Miku Future Stars leaves all the studio's past work in the dirt: in an Iwata Asks interview (via Andriasang), AM2 big guns Makoto Osaki and Motoshi Takabe revealed much of the game's technology comes from Virtua Fighter. Miku's hair and the promotional videos displayed in-game, for instance, are both based on Virtua Fighter tech and have even been created by staff from SEGA's venerable fighting series.

Cutesy digital popstars are all well and good, but when are we going to get some Virtua Fighter action on a Nintendo format, SEGA? Virtua Fighter 2 on Virtual Console and dire GameCube RPG Virtua Quest just don't cut it.


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RVN said:

what the...?
well, guess more female miis are dropping by my plaza :3



Randomname19 said:

*looks at the picture*Why every third party character that gets to Nintendo consoles becomes very very cartoony?



cfgk24 said:

Why can't we have a good Spaceship game?
I'm getting a bit fed up with cutesy japanese characters!



DarkKirby said:

Why in Chibi form? Why can't the 3DS have normal sized Vocaloids like Sony has on their systems?



Incognito_D said:

Even though I know better than to hope, for a second, the slightest part of me wanted to believe it was a new Shenmue



Bass_X0 said:

The next Virtua Fighter game on a Nintendo machine will probably be the Game Gear version.



pariah164 said:

Ah, Project Mirai. I would sell my kidney to get that imported here. But it will never happen. At least I have Project Diva!



SMW said:

I could see how they used Virtua Fighter tech in Virtua Tennis, but for this game?! Ridiculous.



misswliu81 said:

i'm a virtua fighter fan though i still hope the game will come on the 3ds, or possibly the wii U.

this one however looks cutesy, but i'd still rather have VF5FS or VF6.

@Heavy_Barrel and @SpaceKappa - i totally agree with both of you



Noire said:

As long as this means we get Vocaloid Fighter at some point. I'd love to pound the s**t out of chibi Len with my Miku-chan.



Buob said:

I want this game. However, I do wish that it was the lifelike versions, not the chibi version.



Vriess said:

Yeah, give us Virtua Fighter and Daytona USA! I think those will run well on the 3DS. I'm gonna listen to the Daytona's awful soundtrack now just get into the mood Rolling staaaaaaaaaart!!!



Shirma_Akayaku said:

Sega could have made...

  • Space Channel 5 (another one)
  • Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing 2
    or everything else in the comments.


Raylax said:

"Hatsune Miku"
"Based on Virtua Fighter tech"

I just. I don't. I mean. What?

**wanders off bewildered and confused**



Kagamine said:

Hope this come to America, am I the only one that would like to see a Vocaloid on 3DS?



Pogocoop said:

Don't you dare show me that game!

I will never have it..... ;_;
Well maybe if it comes to the US (HA)



kurtasbestos said:

Everything about Hatsune Miku grosses me out. What a horrible waste of fantastic technology from people who used to make amazingly creative games. Also, a snow sculpture of Hatsune Miku collapsed at the big annual Sapporo Snow Festival earlier this month and injured someone... it seems safe to assume that I was the intended target after complaining about how many snow sculptures of this dumb character there were.



mullen said:

I probably need to by another Japanese version hardware only for this game.



metafaniel said:

@JamesNewton "That's not to say that Hatsune Miku Future Stars leaves all the studio's past work in the dirt" I often like your articles and opinions, but here I believe you're not being impartial and neutral as you should be when writing an article. As you can see with @pariah164 @battLeToaD @abHS4L @Phoenixborn @Buob @Squid @NGpenguin @Pogocoop @Kitty_hime1 @mullen comments, this game represents good news for many people.
If others don't agree in the comments, it's OK we can have different opinions, but you're writing an article for everyone to read, you really should be more neutral.
Greetings to everyone.



theblackdragon said:

@metafaniel: he's not saying anything derogatory about this game — that's just a lead-in to revealing that it's going to be based on existing technology from other games the studio has had a hand in, and then a question as to when we'll see those games come to the 3DS as well.



metafaniel said:

@theblackdragon OK! I felt that sentence it's a little impartial in some way, but well, it's not that severe. Thanks for your comment, funny avatar
And yes to many others, this seems to be a Japan-only game, and yes chibi's are cute but real sized versions of these Vocaloids would have been nice too



CerealKiller062 said:

I love the difference in culture, and how half the people don't know WHAT Hatsune Miku is. Sure it sounds like a name but research it a bit. You'll get where I'm comming from. You should also find the reason why localization is impossible. (Mostly female oriented game btw) I personally like the games, but it is more like a guilty pleasure.



KotoneMira said:

This game is not just in chibi form. This game is co-designed by SEGA's AM2 team and the people from Good Smile Company, a very popular company who makes non-posable scale figures and statues, "figma", which are proportionate posable figures with interchangeable parts and expressions, and more notably "Nendoroid", which are wildly popular figures in SD form with interchangeable parts. Seriously, I own like, 50 of them. It's a disease. This game is so exciting because Vocaloid has such a large fanbase, and not very many games, especially for those who don't own a PSP (I don't because I hate Sony). It's well-made while appealing to many niche communities at once (Figure collectors, rhythm gamers, Vocaloid fans, and lovers of Japanese music, etc.)
Also I can't stand all this hate coming from people.

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