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See, Kids? Sonic and Mario Weren't Always Friends

Posted by James Newton

A little history lesson

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games might have been SEGA's biggest seller of last year, but don't let it fool you: it's an uneasy alliance.

Sonic Wrecks recently posted a video from SEGA's official library that dates way back to 1992, from a time when the plumber-hedgehog rivalry was at boiling point. Just watch the first minute of this video and revel in the brazen way SEGA took on Mario way back when.

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Knux said:

Kids these days don't know what a console war truly was. After all, Nintendo and Sega started the term ''console wars''.
However, I owned both the SNES and Genesis back in the day. So I had the best of both worlds.



AbuJaffer said:

Had a Genesis, but frankly I was too young to even realize a console war existed.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Awww, SNES and Genesis/Megadrive. STILL the best two systems ever made.

Now where's my Mario and Sonic platformer?



Capt_N said:

A collaborative action/adventure title w/ both Mario/Sonic. That's what I want.

I always love archive videos. I remember some of the smear stuff, like "What are you waiting for? Nintendo to make one?". Stuff like that.



AltDotNerd said:

"Biggest rivals" is an understatement. They didn't call it the "16-Bit Wars" for nothing. Sega actually slandered Nintendo in their TV commercials.



stromboli said:

It's pretty amazing how with the past rivalry, Sega eventually succumbed to Nintendo and lost. It's humiliating really. It's the power of Nintendo. Pretty funny when it happens eventually to Sony too.



Marakuto said:

I need to watch this later but I was already aware that they weren't friends since people always were showing that Mario & Sonic had rivalry.



misswliu81 said:

1992 huh? that's 20 years ago. wow.

if you asked anyone 20 years back that SEGA would later drop out of the hardware market and make games for other consoles as a third party developer, people would say it would never happen.

even though nintendo and SEGA were the most fiercest of rivals, they were all about gameplay and characters, such as mario and sonic. the majority of the games from sony, microsoft lack characters as good as those 2.

i'm nintendo fangirl at heart, but i did like SEGA as well. i'd rather have them back with nintendo, microsoft and have sony take a back seat.



3dbrains said:

I had a NES and a gameboy, then traded them for a SNES and a gbcolour, then traded them for an N64 (and a load of cash) and a gameboy advance, then upgraded them to a gamecube and GBSP, then traded them for a DS and a wii, then upgraded to a dslite, then dsi, and next week I will get me a 3DS Ice White and when it comes out, I will trade one of my wii's for a WiiU.



3dbrains said:

oooh, I went off on one... my point is I loved the console war, as you can see I have always supported Nintendo but my brother had a master system and later a megadrive and to be honest we loved both for their individual games.
Marios and superscopes and starfox and Aliens on the Nintendo and jurrasic park and sonics and jungle strike on the sega.
we had many multi platform releases on both consoles (SNES/MEGADRIVE) and they were almost always better on the SNES except one game... Mortal Kombat.
This was the only real reason to own a megadrive over a SNES because of the blood lol.
THIS started a real WAR at



lonlon-milker said:

check out this video. its basically the definition of the 16 bit war.



FubumblR said:

Could I get one of those Sonic 2 hoodies? Oh, early 90's television graphics, how you make me chuckle. The "16-bit wars" even struck close to home; I remember friends fiercely arguing with each other. It got even worse once Sony entered the console market, imo.



Drewroxsox said:

@RedBlueSpot I was going to write the same thing, but you beat me to it and I was already aware that sonic and Mario were rivals and I'm 15. It used to be if you wanted Mario you go with nintendo and if you wanted sonic you go with sega which created this " war " on which console to buy.



misswliu81 said:

@23 i think gaming changed forever when sony stepped onto the scene. then microsoft joined in a couple of years later. SNK would've stood a chance- had they not overpriced their neo geo machine at £300+/$300 +.

nintendo and sega- 2 proper video game companies >> microsoft and sony- 2 non video game companies in the gaming business.

SEGA during the 90s were much more cooler and had better franchises than today. although i do like bayonetta, virtua fighter, anarchy reigns of today. looking forward to rhythm thief from SEGA for the 3DS.



AVahne said:

Had an SNES, but would play a Genesis whenever I was left at my babysitter. Loved them both!



Kyloctopus said:

It was the 90's
It's water under the bridge
They are now good friends

That was a haiku about their friendship.... GENESIS DOES



Shirma_Akayaku said:

I can't speak foreign languages.
EDIT: except a little Spanish
Can someone please translate this interesting video?



TheChosen said:

There was a war? I missed out all the wars against Megadrives and Playstations, mostly because I was too young and later all of my friends had the latest Nintendo console of the time, the Nintendo 64.

I even borrowed a Megadrive from my friend once.



darkgamer001 said:

A little history lesson indeed....about what happens when companies waste more time slandering Nintendo rather than focusing on their own products.
You hear that Sony?



Plusle said:

I would rather have sega make consoles then boring sony and microsoft put together. my bro doesn't realise how much of a classic sega was all he cares about is boring fps



Plusle said:

sega needs to man up and give us what we want a new sega console before people forget that they even made consoles and if they do sonic adventure 3 would be cool



Gretski said:

If I remember correctly, wasn't the sega genesis jingle, "it does what nintendon't" ? Just goes to show that Nintendo and Sega weren't really the best of friends back then.



mario300 said:

fALSE cause nintendo and sega both made mario and sonc at the....................olimpic games.i guess u are right . but im a fan of mario and sonic.

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