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Sami Cetin Sets New Super Mario Kart World Record

Posted by James Newton

Yes, another one

Super Mario Kart player extraordinaire Sami Cetin has just set another world record on the classic 1992 16-bit racer.

At GEEK 2012 and using the PAL version, Cetin completed a time trial on Rainbow Road in just 1:26.64, only milliseconds quicker than the previous best of 1:26.68, set by Guillaume Leviach less than five days ago. Bet Guillaume's less than happy right now.

Cetin now holds eight Super Mario Kart world records, some way behind SMK top banana Karel van Duijvenboden with a huge 20 world record times.


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Megajack said:

coo. ive never played this game yet cause first i need metroid zero mission then kid icarus uprising then i need this game. its on my list though.



jer18 said:

Singing the tune in my head while reading this post - definitely in the mood to play this on VC now. don't quote me but the tune starts out something like.. da da da, da. da da da, da. da da da da, da da da DAH DAH!



Dodger said:

I like Super Mario Kart but I do find the controls difficult. Glad I didn't pay for it. Still working on 100 CC though. I'm never going to beat this guy's record.



Gameday said:

Classic & Those Are Crazy Times. I feel like putting in the game just to fail right now



Mayhem said:

I've met and played against Sami... he is damn good, that's all you need to know



StuffyStuff said:

Not that it affects life in any significant way, but I'd be upset if my record was beat by such a small margin. At least beat me by two seconds or something.



Noire said:

It's called a road
It's called a Rainbow Road
It is a road that you go
It's a road that you go when you diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

yeah i got the caption and got the song stuck in my head, thanks James



HipsterDashie said:

Wait, Sami Cetin!?


I went to the Nintendo stand in Westfield, Stratford City today, and entered the Mario Kart Time Trial. After about 3 hours of practice, I set a time of 1:26.152. Yep, that's me in 1st place for the day, but 2nd over the course of the week. The staff even mentioned Sami was a professional who had mad ninja skills. I just thought he was some kid who was really good at MK7, not a world record holder!!




Knuckles said:

Out of curiosity does anyone know what is his record on MK7 SNES Rainbow Road?@Hipster_Dashie that wasnt Rainbow Road otherwise you would have the record? Or was yours on MK7, not SMK?



Fuzzy said:

Seeing as the sign says it's a Mario Kart 7 tournament, my guess would be that it was in Mario Kart 7.

Also, imagine getting a world record, only for it to be beaten 5 days later. You'd be spewing.



SamiCetinSMK said:

Hi everyone,

Heres the the Rainbow Road SNES vid I only just managed to upload:

However the World Records can get beaten frequently, we already had times of 1'26"72, 70, 68 previously by 3 of us on the website.

I only compete seriously on the original Super Mario Kart SNES, I have got a set of times on MK7 but they aren't so fast compared to the current top players as I dont have the time to play it and learn it inside out.

The chart you are referring to in the pic was a fun challenge on MK7 that happened near my work somewhere so i thought id give it a go for a laugh, but we were only allowed a few tries on it. Hipster-Dashie : How did they let you play for 3 hours then enter a time?!? I did tell the staff there that I only really play the original SMK and showed them a couple of vids on my phone, and made them aware that there are faster MK7 players out there by a good few seconds. I wanted a 1'24"9xx but they made me enter the 1'25" time after my 3rd try or so, and i had to go back to work anyway. This was done on Toad Circuit, with Mario and one of the regular cars so the speed is not the best you can get. I have a 1'22" with other vehicles and characters, and the World Record is a shocking 1'19" something at the moment.

As for the Time Trial Rankings question, for Super Mario Kart SNES yes we split PAL and NTSC up because the PAL was slightly reprogrammed when made with subtle differences (being a few seconds slower etc). For example the NTSC World Record for Rainbow Road is 1'23"78 by Karel van Duijvenboden:

If you have any other questions please let me know.



Knuckles said:

@Fuzzy Im using my 3DS, and images dont display correctly here. There is just one huge space between the text.



StarDust4Ever said:

And he could have beaten that record in 16.7% less time had he been playing the NTSC version. Why do people even bother trying to set world records on slower PAL systems?



dizzy_boy said:

i went to that mario kart 7 tournament on thursday with my friend lewis.
we both had a go at the time trials. i couldn`t really be bothered to push myself for the top time as there were loads of kids entering, so i thought it was a little unfair somebody of my age (33) to walk off with one of the top spots (even though i wouldn`t have beaten Sami Cetin`s time).
although, what was funny, my friend lewis posted up the days top time of 1:31.9 followed up by some random kid who beat him by a quater of a second about 5 minutes later.
the time trial was on toad curcuit, with mario with the basic body, wheels, and glider. everybody has to use the same set up or it wouldn`t be fair if better players were using the best parts to set impossibly difficult times.



SamiCetinSMK said:


Its not a 16.7% ratio for SMK, because if it was made like that, the game would have been slow as ever for PAL version. So as i mentioned it was reprogrammed and they adjusted various statistics in it a little, like turning angles, off road slowdown, item speeds when fired, and the speed. There is probably only a 2.6% difference in the times actually if you factor in both PAL and NTSC driving in a straight line on Super Mario Kart. On other games this wasnt the case and 16.7% was correct.

So basically on the World Rankings for SMK ( when I developed it over 13 years ago we had to make a separate ranking for PAL and NTSC, then everyone could compete vs the best in their regions. And some players bought the Japanese Super Famicom consoles etc if they wanted to compete with all the US / Brazilian / Japanese players on records. Myself and some of the top French / Dutch players done so. And vice versa, a few American players done the same with PAL. If you check the site you will see the spread of the players.

Ive gota do a bit of shopping today so i will try to pop to Westfield briefly within a few hours if anyone is around.



HipsterDashie said:


I had my own 3DS which I played a lot on before racing your ghost data, and I think the staff were also somewhat interested to see if someone could beat your time. The one thing I could not manage that you could though, is on the first turn of Toad Circuit, I could see you were producing two sets of orange sparks, whilst I could only ever manage a blue and an orange, giving you that slight edge. There were a couple of instances where I would get ahead of the ghost but then fudge up later on, e.g. hitting a pipe or cutting a turn too tight and hitting the grass. Eventually my hands were just starting to seize up, so I just went and submitted the closest time to 1:26 I could.

Also, after watching the video of your record, your character and play style (drifting over the corners) looked very similar to some gameplay at the Bit.Trip Nintendisco a week or so ago. You didn't happen to go there as well did you?

On the subject of Bit.Trip, SAGA was definitely one of the lesser played games at the Nintendo stand. I don't think anybody cared when I sat down there and got lost in that game for a good hour or so.

P.S. developer 3DS consoles are frightening.



Shotgunryugan said:

Some people have way too much free time,when doing these records,i only play racing games for fun......

Now if were talking about a Sonic game or a fighting game,then that's entirely different XD



SamiCetinSMK said:


Hi Hipster-Dashie,

Yes i didnt do a perfect run either, a few minor bits which could be sharpened on the Toad Circuit. I tried again a few times and got 1'24" with Mario and regular standard car etc. Then with the faster cars i normally use i made a high 1'21" earlier today. Its not my favourite track to be honest. At the moment im working with my niece a lot on Super Mario Kart SNES as she is working to reach the Women's World Title on Time Trials. She is infact working on the Rainbow Road track to hit those respective records there this weekend, il post some vids up if she gets there. The times are currently 1'32"13 and 0'18"16 set by a lady in Germany on the PAL version

Btw yes that was I at BitTrip evening briefly, the flat screens do lag a lot so it was difficult to drive on but i was able to do some demos. Old tube TVs work best for older consoles, so we value them a lot and use them at the yearly world championships for SMK held in France every August.



GamerZack87 said:

Wait...New Super Mario Kart?! Oh, man...a Mario Kart game I haven't yet played...

NP's List of Unplayed Mario Games - UPDATED
1. New Super Mario Kart
2. Donkey Kong Country Returns (yes, I count that as a Mario game)
3. Mario Pinball Land
4. Super Mario Reality
5. Super Paper Mario
6. Princess Peach 64
7. Wario Land 4
8. Donkey Kong Jr. Algebra
9. Yoshi Touch & Go
10. Mario & Luigi: All That and the Kitchen Sink

Anyway, could he beat that score in the 3DS version of Rainbow Road? It's much prettier, I think. :3



SamiCetinSMK said:

I havent returned to tidy up the 3DS version of the track yet, i was using the wrong car and strategy so i should be a few seconds faster than my 1'18" / 1'19" pretty soon. The World Record is 1'13"805 on that by a Japanese player.

Anyway, my niece hit on the SNES SMK Rainbow Road the Women's World Records of 1'31"91 and 0'18"15 this weekend, pretty nice for a 12 year old. Heres that vid:

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