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Rumour: Kingdom Hearts 3D European Release Date Leaked

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

27th July, in case you wondered

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is a title that many fans are anticipating on 3DS this year, though release details outside of Japan haven't been forthcoming. Apparently there's been a slip-up at Square Enix, however, and we may now know the European release date.

As reported by IGN, Square Enix's French store briefly listed 27th July as a release date, before hastily changing it to 'summer 2012'. It could be a simple administrative error or a genuine slip-up, but in either case it's clear that European gamers don't have too long to wait.

Will this include the rather attractive 10th Anniversary Edition as well as the standard version? We'll keep our eyes peeled for official details.


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Shiryu said:

Can't wait to get me some 3D TRON action! I really, REALLY hope Disney goes up to n-Space and asks them to make a "TRON Uprising" for the 3DS using the "TRON Evolution Battlegrids" engine... fingers crossed, programs!

PS: On a related note, I have reached 1000 downloads of my TRON tribute album "TRON Rezzolutions Upgrade v1.5", so if you haven't already, grab it here:



NintyMan said:

Square-Enix is even worse than Nintendo when it comes to secrecy about their games, so I bet they aren't pleased about this leak. Still, I'm not surprised by the late July date, since I thought Dream Drop Distance would come in the summer. Now the question is if North America is around that date.



GARF13LD said:

I really hope this game delivers, I hope the Disney characters play a major role in this title. I like 358/2 days but the lack of Disney characters in your party put me off a little.

Either way I am gonna pre-order this.



RR529 said:

Hope this hits the U.S. around the same time. Got Zelda (my fav franchise) last summer, so it would be cool to get KH (2nd fav franchise) this summer.

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