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Pokémon Director Hypes up Sunday Announcement

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oh Masuda, you tease...

At the start of this week you may have seen the news that Pokémon Director Junichi Masuda teased something for Sunday, saying that all would be revealed on Japanese TV show Pokémon Smash. Speculation naturally followed, and Masuda has decided to up the ante with a post on his English-translated Game Freak blog page. His post is below, and this is the official translation.


On this coming Sunday, Februrary 26, 2012, from 7:30 A.M,
I, Masuda, will be appearing on TV TOKYO’s Show, “Pokémon Smash!”

Not only that.
And there…

I will be making a VERY important announcement,
so be sure not to miss it!!

Watch it live on TV!

And, for those of you who can’t watch television on live,
I will announce the same information right after the show via twitter!!

Everyone, I hope you all enjoy the show!!

Once again no details are given, and before you all get too excited bear in mind this could just be a new monster, distribution event or something specific to Japan. It's unclear, but judging from the generous usage of exclamation marks Junichi Masuda is excited; we'll see what happens on Sunday.


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RR529 said:

Hopefully R/S/E remake for 3DS (although I'd accept 3DS Grey as well).

Unfortunately, I have a sneaking suspicion that it's just going to be information about Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition.



theJOE said:

i hope it will be a re-remake of silver and gold because that game is awesome



bboy2970 said:

I think its gonna be Pokemon Grey but I desperately hope, wish, want, and prey that its an announcement of Pokemon Snap 2 for 3DS or Wii U!



Yrreiht said:

@shingi_70 I want a remake of those games! D: black and white were good... but not as good as HG & SS were

But if gray is on 3DS then it changes everything...



Kyloctopus said:

Maybe a Pokemon Yellow Remake. Or perhaps he will make an announcement that there will be an announcement on March 5th.



DarkKirby said:

People who buy Nobunaga's Ambition in Japan will have the ability to download a shiny Squirtle for the 1st week of the games release.



kyuubikid213 said:

Pokemon: Deep Dark Deoxys Version (Pokemon 3D) or Red, Blue, Yellow Versions as eShop downloads...[by the end of the year!]



GamerZack87 said:

Remakes of Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen! That's right - it's Pokemon EmberFireRed and Pokemon RazorLeafGreen!

In all seriousness, between Kyurem and the Sacred Swordsman - Keldeo, the revelation of a potential new forme for Kyurem, and the upcoming release of Kid Icarus: Uprising (not sure how that applies to this speculation, but it does cause I said so), then it must be the inevitable Pokemon Grey Version. Unless it has a different name such as Pokemon Clear Version. Anyway, there's the strongest possibility of it being a third version to Black and White.

Possibly with Pit as a replacement Gym Leader to Skyla.



WreckItRyan said:

YES! YES! YESSS!!!! I'm turning 19 in two days, and I don't care that I still love Pokemon! <3



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

POKEMONNN GREYYYYYYYYYYYT! <3 I was gonna pick up a copy of pokemon white but Imma wait till Sundays announcement I don't wanna get poke-trolled >
Me: I cant wait to play my new pokemon white *goes on nintendo life for a quick check
me: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU throws pokemon white out the window



C-Olimar said:

All evidence is pointing towards something really big, nothing less than a new remake or main series game would live up to the hype, so naturally my bet is on Keldio or Nobunaga information.



Kitsune_Rei said:

I'm curious but not holding my breath. Its doubtful it'd be anything I would really like (like for 3DS a new Pokemon Puzzle League, Pokemon Snap, or Grey.)

It probably is something about the Nobunaga thing, or a Japan exclusive thing.



TKOWL said:

It's gonna disappoint us.

It's Keldeo or Pokemen+Nogungagagaga's Ambition information.



Haxonberik said:

I hope its not Pokemon Gray, Pokemon platinum was the first third entry I bought and I played about 50 hours on it, compared to Pearls 200 and Whites 110 (its lower because every time I have less friends who play, curse you CoD) And it would be wierd to have a third entry on a different console than the first two.



Retr_acro said:

I have this feeling that it may just be Keldeo. . . Hopefully not! An all new pokemon main series is a long shot(they haven't finished the anime yet anyway), but here's to pokemon gray to the 3DS. Or it can be a totally different game that's still like the main series but with 3D models, and maybe with sneak peaks on new pokemon. (I would really just love to have an Emonga evo that's vampire-esque(real vampires btw) tux, or an eevee evo(love the little thang). These are so long shots, better not get over hyped =)



Token_Girl said:

I hope it's finally Pokemon Gray and not Pokemon Rumble Snap Blast Pinball HappyFunTime 2 for Wii or some other spinoff game. I've been holding out on the 5th gen for that.



Haxonberik said:

@C-Olimar Didnt know that but it was made for GBC nonetheless, I find it more probable than Pokemon Gray, if done, goes to the DS again



Drawdler said:

@tynerds38 Agreed... Black and White just sucked so much in comparison.

Anyway, my bet's just on a 3DS main series, nothing to see here...



SanFrisco9er said:

its going to be pokemon stadium 3D.You know how the first 2 came out on the 64 now the third one is coming out jk.its going to be about some limited edition 3ds that going to be the color gray with 3 pkmn cards that have the AR compaliblity and the gray game



CosmoXY said:

As long as it's a main series game on 3DS I'll be happy. If it's anything else, I'll be disappointed. Of course, we in the west still won't get whatever it is for about a year.



AltDotNerd said:

Pokemon Snap 2! Will Nintendolife cover what he announces considering NONE OF US are in Japan.



alan123456 said:

I think it's a Wii U game. Pokemon Colossium/XD/Battle Revolution kind of game, and with a story.



Objection said:

I'm hoping it's something new, as Grey wouldn't interest me. (Especially since I'm a latecomer to B/W and am still going through it.)
Personally, something new on the 3DS would be best, but announcing a Pokemon game for VC(H) would also be cool.



ManekiNeko said:

I'm hoping for a new main series game, but Matsuda is a troll when it comes to announcements... My money is on revelation of Keldeo.



Rensch said:

Let's hope it's a 3DS game. And by that I mean an actual RPG like Black/White.



Raylax said:

@Sakura: I doubt the big news is going to be PxN localisation, considering the reveal is coming on a Japanese TV show. Kind of irrelevant to the audience, lol.

I'm hoping it'll be the next major entry. Pokémon Grey or whatever.

inb4 Pokémon Trozei! 2



warioswoods said:

I have a hard time believing it will be a big 3DS game announcement, because why would they do that after the big Nintendo Direct PR blast earlier this week? It would have made more sense to announce it last Sunday, then feature more information alongside the other hype in those videos last Tuesday. But... I could be wrong.



Raylax said:

@Eureka: "Do remember that Junichi Masuda will be on Pokémon Smash later today with a massive announcement. We'll be covering it the second it airs so be sure to check back"

So, no.



Megumi said:

Also just noticed it says yeah...thought it was today. >.>



Lalivero said:


It is today, for the US and elsewhere. About 7:30am in Japan(when I think it's supposed to be announced) is about 5:30pm here, and I'm EST time.



Wintendo said:

I have a feeling it'll be Mystery Dungeon, or another Ranger. I wouldn't mind another Mystery Dungeon with Unova pokemon... however I do want Pokemon Gray or the R/S/E remakes



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

OHHHHHHHHH MI GAWD I'm hyped for the announcement what if its not pokemon grey and keldos the mascot? POKEMON PONY 1st day buy for me. dB



PokePlato said:

@Radixxs Thats unconfirmed. Masuda stated itd be on his twiiter when its announced, it has neither been tweeted or announce as of yet. That MAY not be the "big" news.



CosmoXY said:

By the way guys, Masuda is not going to make an announcement about a spin off game. Game Freak doesn't make the Ranger, Mystery Dungeon, Snap, Colossium, etc. etc. games. They make the main series games and as such if Masuda was going to comment on a game it would be one of those.



Drawdler said:

It's going to be... Hey You, Pikachu! 2! CAnT WAIT!!!11!!!!!!!!1!!!

@siconlolz I think even haters will buy the next entry- featuring only pony-based Pokemon! Looks fantastic!

Seriously though, new Kyurem forms... Big whoop. They look very bad too.



Drawdler said:

(Sorry for double post, I can't find the edit button. ?)

I just wanna say if this isn't an announcement for a 3DS mainstream game, it's a joke.



CosmoXY said:

Masuda just tweeted this (translated): First public space! ! ! Soon, as Masuda Game Freak, Pokemon game will be announced latest information! ! !



PokePlato said:

There may be special features for playing it on the 3ds (like the xtranciever for dsi) so wait until they detail it.



Objection said:

A true sequel? WTF? I'm intrigued though, although I would have preferred a 3DS game, but it's still exciting.



PaperMyles said:

I keep seeing people getting mad about it not being on 3DS. Why!?!? You can play DS games on 3DS so it doesn't matter except lesser graphics.



Onett said:

Pokemon Party 13
X men Vs. Pokemon
Dynasty Warrios Pokemon
Pokemon Kart 7
Call of Duty 5: Pokemon Warfare

Or they could release information on something worthwhile like "Pokemon: Shadows of Unova" which would operate similarly to Gale of Darkness and Battle Revolution with its online features. Odds are Nintedo will save an idea like this for a system with the capacity to pull off this sort of thing. WiiU anybody?

Inb4keldeo and grey



Drawdler said:


Because Gamefreak are just wasting time and earning a quick buck by releasing them on DS, not 3DS, and being lazy. People are upset because we want to see Pokemon at its full potential- in glorious 3D, with new graphics, new features and more exploration. Don't you want to see Pokemon move onto 3DS, with more memory and data than before? Besides, a DS game coming out will be rather dated in 2013. Since they're coming out on DS, not 3DS, chances are they will be completely copied and pasted with about two new features.



Contrary said:

@Nibelilt They just don't want to go through the hassle of remaking the entire unova region in 3D! They aren't miracle workers! Jeeze!



CosmoXY said:

I agree with Nibelilt. I don't want to play a DS game in 2013, which is likely the earliest we'll see it in the west. It'd be nice to see it on 3DS for more than the 3D and graphics, I'd like to see StreetPass, SpotPass, pedometer, AR functions, etc.



Onett said:

Nibelilt, I hate to say it but you are 100% correct. Sure they threw us a curve ball by not releasing something like "Grey," but releasing a sequel to a DS game that takes little to no effort to develop? This is almost as insulting as when Capcom released Megaman X5 and X6 almost one year apart from each other. They are just recycling sprites and low poly models. Way to take advantage of kids, Nintendo.



Drawdler said:

@Contrary But there's a fine line between laziness and difficulty. It doesn't need to be a miracle. If they left the Japanese release for next year, it could probably be enough time. As much as I love the idea of Pokemon, and the characters and all, this time it's so stubborn to make a game with real change, then there's really no justification. This... is just not needed.



Drewroxsox said:

I will not be buying either pokémon black 2 nor pokémon white 2. The games should have been on the 3ds and should have had a different title.



Chuie said:

its pokemon black 2 & white 2 it needs to be better with pokemon from kanto johto hoenn and shinnoh in it and u can catch them through out the game instead of when you beat the game you can catch them



hypersonic37 said:

I really want them to put ho-oh in a pokemon movie. If not his own then I would like him to co star in one.

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