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North America, You Get the MGS 3D Demo Tomorrow Too

Posted by James Newton

No-one left behind

It's a Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D demo free-for-all this week, as Konami has confirmed North American 3DS owners can try out the game for free with an eShop demo tomorrow.

The demo's timely as the full game releases in North America on Tuesday, 21st February, giving you a few days to get to grips with Snake.

Is this another icon you'll be adding to your 3DS Home Menu?

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NImH said:

NICE! I can't wait as this will be my introduction to the Metal Gear series! I am loving Nintendo's new, generous persona...



zezhyrule said:

Yay, I'll be DLing this to see just how much it'll pale in comparison to the superior MGS HD Collection version.



Shugo said:

Woah, I didn't realize we were so close to the release of this.

Glad we're getting a demo; I'm on the fence at the moment. Unless the 3DS version has something significantly unique, I'll probably just stay with the PS3/Vita "HD" version...especially since I'm really not a fan of the circle pad pro.



James said:

@Joco84 As the demo isn't out yet I'm not sure how we'd know that but I have my CPP out and ready in anticipation!



Raptor78 said:

@Shugo from my experience the CPP is much more comfortable than the tiny delicate dual analogue 'nipples' on the Vita. They are way too small and feel too delicate for gaming more than a short peroid of time. Gamer Claw hand!!!



kyuubikid213 said:


I had a dream that this would happen! I just thought it would happen in like a week.

I cannot wait for this demo...I mean, I still have 14 plays for the RE demo.



ImDiggerDan said:

I'm glad the restriction for demos is 30 plays and not 30 minutes otherwise you'd only be able to get through about a quarter of the intro cutscene in the demo before it cut out.



Gustoff said:

Yes sir, i'll be checking in today also, maybe they'll release it early like other times. Been waiting for this demo just like RE:R a few weeks back. Depending on the demo, might be a day one buy for me along with the CPP.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm getting it solely because I've never played much of the ps2 version. Add 3d to that and I'm sold. Can't wait. Well yes I can since I'm picking up tales tomorrow and still have yet to beat RE:R. When was the last time so many good games came out in the first four months! Had to say Xenoblade Chronicles.



Skotski said:

I've played the original nearly 50 times...
Beat it twice without ever saving...
Did so many speed runs on it...

And I'm STILL getting this.
...and I'm eventually getting the HD collection for the PS3...
...and then I'll get the PS Vita with the collection on there too...

Because I friggin' love it, that's why.



KAI7321 said:

@Skotski Now you can speedrun with a photo camouflage of something comedic though now...I dunno like...Troll Face camo!



bezerker99 said:

Great, can't wait to play a game that I was playing on PS2 eight years ago (now, somebody wake up the dang Wii's VC already!!!!!!!!!) grrrrr :3



Yrreiht said:

YES! I can't wait for tomorrow
I already have the PS2 version and HD version of Snake Eater, but i'm still getting this.



Skotski said:

@KAI7321 I'm totally doing a snakeception... a picture of snake wearing a camo of snake wearing a camo of snake wearing a camo of snake.



Gamer83 said:

I'm not likely to buy the game since it's already on the MGS HD Collection but as a fan of the franchise I'll check this demo out anyway. I'm interested to see how they use the 3D.



Ren said:

yes!, can't wait. I don't have any Solid HD or Vita or playstations or whatever so I'll be just fine with this.



Objection said:

I'll be trying this out, just to make my roommate jealous, since I already have MGS3 and have gone through it twice.



retro_player_22 said:

Great, hopefully this being release doesn't mean we won't see a 3DS VC release. Currently the VC on both consoles seems dead to me.



DarkKirby said:

I'm going to have to get a Circle Pad Pro for this, assuming the demo is compatible with it. Best Metal Gear game in the entire series by a long shot.



Gustoff said:

When will you guys have the review out for this game? Tuesday for the NA release or will you guys wait till it releases in Europe?



James said:

@Gustoff We should have a copy coming from Konami in the US but I doubt it'll arrive in time for a day one review. All being well it shouldn't be too long though!



TheGreenSpiny said:

@james: Despite getting a 9/10 the HD collection doesn't sound that great. I'm much more interested in this game. Thanks for the demo Nintendo!



Neram said:

Cutting it pretty close, I thought this would be out sooner. Not that it matters to me anyway I'm sold either way, it's MGS3, 'Nuff said.



Tonnie_gAmEr25 said:

So many great games at once! Playing Re:R and TalesofTheAbyss right now! Nintendo sure is keeping me busy and my pockets empty



Maggots said:

im glad we always find out 3 days later than everyone... at E3 i bet they give japanese and european release dates for the wii U and then 3 weeks later NOA confirms it for america... this is really starting to bug me...



cheapogamer4life said:

Yes! Glad to see we'll be getting another demo this week. Been so long since my last play through of MGS:SE that I'll probably end up getting this one as I never actually owed the game before.



Capt_N said:

I'll take this demo for a spin, yeah. I might become a fan of the series.

@James: #24 I don't own a PS/2/3. So, I never actually read those reviews.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Sweet! Can't wait. I'll definitely get it since this will help me decide if I should buy it now or on sale.
Either way I'll get it someday because it's MGS! <3



grimbldoo said:

@nimH37 Agreed, Nintendo is finally waking up and realizing what the gaming community wants. Of course I remember when games didn't require online gaming (because friends liked to hang out at that time) and DLC wasn't needed for constant/replay value.



Knuckles said:

Isnt the second analogue ported to the ABXY buttons, like the terrible Tom Clancy port? Not talking about MGS being terrible of course...



Rikublade95 said:

Its funny that i have the MSG peacewalker demo psp and i'm sorta mad that i didn't buy it. I hope the MGS is better though.



SilentHunter382 said:

I just finished playing the demo and I will get it but I really need to get the Circle Pad Pro. It's very hard to play the game when a camera and aiming is mapped to buttons and not an analog stick.



NESguy94 said:

It is a fun game but the frame-rate is really weird. Also, the Circle Pad Pro is something you should invest in if you are going to buy this.



Csabo001 said:

Yes that's true, in the in-game cinematic, I've experienced frame rate issues. But not in gameplay. Anyone else?



Son said:

I was never a fan of Metal Gear Solid series but I still gonna download the demo and check if its worth playing for my 3DS.

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