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Mario Sneakers Are Perfect for Jumping Platforms

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Who doesn't want a pair?

If you're the kind of gamer who likes to wear clothes and hats dedicated to your favourite gaming characters, then we may have found the perfect shoes to go with your outfit. It seems that Japanese Mario fans will have the chance to pick up some limited edition Mario Bros. shoes, and they look like some of the trendiest that money can buy.

The Converse One Star Super Mario Bros. OX shoes hit Japan this March, though if you import a pair try not to wear them to any Sony or Microsoft gaming events.



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bezerker99 said:

Mario Converse One-Stars!!!!! D: /me wants!

(Now all I need are some Mario running shoes by adidas or something)



jer18 said:

Yes! Waiting for the Vans/Adidas release also!

(I like how Mario is walking away from the star power up xd)



nick_gc said:

I would love the white ones... I wonder how much shipping from Japan would be..?



metafaniel said:

I want the black ones - I wish there were many more nice clothing ideas like this to be released not just in Japan, but in the West too (and available in Mexico xD)
@jer18 YES I thought the very same haha, gives it a nice little touch xD



misswliu81 said:

they look nice. i'm a nike fan, so if they had nike super mario or nintendo character sneakers, i'd definitely consider buying a pair.



grimbldoo said:

I'll stick to wearing my LA Gears, mostly because I don't want to spend money on shoes that will break after the first week (trust me, I will break them)



OldBoy said:

I'm usually strictly Adidas only but those white ones are pretty swish.How much to import to the UK?( a lot I imagine!! )



TheRegginator said:

The quality of them looks horrible. They appear to be made out of a thick, tough material the Converse One-Stars usually aren't. The stitching doesn't look too appealing either.



Jonisme said:

I can't fit most converse (or vans,nike, etc.) so unless Addidas comes out with a pair I'll have to keep dreamin.



SaKo said:

If only they could make boots that looks like mario's one but with springs or something underneath to make you jump higher...

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