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Mario & Sonic Sales Nearly Double in a Week

Posted by James Newton

Going for gold

SEGA's sporting symposium just enjoyed a sales surge in the UK charts, with a whopping week-on-week sales increase of 94%.

Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games on 3DS was released on 10th February, resulting in a 145% increase to send the title up from 31st to 10th position. Now sales of the 3DS version and discounts of Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games on Wii have combined to get the title to its highest position yet, just one shot shy of the podium in fourth place.

Surprisingly, last week's big Nintendo release Tekken 3D Prime Edition is nowhere to be seen in the UK top 40, perhaps a result of GAME not stocking Namco's fighter.


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Mikazi said:

I'm sure it's not because of the lack of game modes (wrt Tekken).



tripunktoj said:

I bought the 3DS version yesterday, and I am really happy because somehow I have set a new WR for athletics 100m. to 9.262 s. which also breaks the Wii version and 2008 records, (I know you cant compare records for different games, but let me be)



Samholy said:

i cant believe people actually buy this for 39.99. what a rip-off
wait for a cheap used at least, but dotn encourage botched games



TeeJay said:

I don't get it. I thought those games were below average. How...?




Yeah, we're fans of the series in our household and have traditionally always bought the home consoles and handhelds. They are both decent and different gaming experiences especially in 2 or multi-player. The 3DS version is a tad underrated actually. Does something different with the series and it mostly works out as a complete package for me bar a few dud micro-games. Bad game to judge against a demo though.



Contrary said:

Imagine if they made a Mario & Sonic that was good! That thing would sell faster than chickens lay eggs (or a better simile).




By the way, Tekken not being even in the top 40 is a travesty. I know it could've done with a couple more modes - but still.

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