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Mario and Luigi 3DS Pouches Hit Club Nintendo Japan

Posted by James Newton

Hats off

The Japanese Club Nintendo rewards just got a little cooler, with Mario and Luigi hats added to the roster.

They're not just normal hats though — in fact, they fail to fulfil the primary function of a hat by not staying on your head — but they can be used to hold a 3DS console.

These pocket pouches have actually been around before when they were offered as DS carry cases, but they hold your 3DS just as well, apparently.


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Ecto-1 said:

I wouldn't mind seeing these in NA. I would probably have to order one of each (my DSi needs a home too).



Shugo said:

Now if only the North American Club Nintendo would pick this up (or any 3DS-fitting case, for that matter). None of the existing cases sold in stores really do it for me - I just want a thin, soft case like the ones Club Nintendo has had in the past.



Juampi said:

The Mario pouch has been available for quite some time. The Luigi pouch is the new one.



Megumi said:

Thought this was an announcement for Mario and Luigi 3DS. >.> lol



thatoneguy4419 said:

These cases look great! I can't wait for them to come out in the US. I just hope that they have a few slots to hold some games like the silver DS lite case.

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