Nintendo of America recently teased us on its official Kid Icarus: Uprising website by confirming that AR events are on the cards, though there were no details on how to get additional cards before these events. If the planned Japanese promotion is anything to go by, it may be time to dig out that old exercise bike.

As reported by Andriasang, Nintendo has teamed up with Takara Tomy to release Kid Icarus: Uprising Choco Snacks. Due for release on 12th March, each pack includes one AR card, out of 20 in total, as well as some tasty-looking chocolate cookies. Each pack will cost ¥100 — approximately 82p or $1.28 — which seems like reasonable value for a card and some fattening treats.

It's unclear whether Nintendo will organise additional promotions and purchasing options for these AR cards, and those of us outside of Japan are yet to find out how they'll be distributed. Do you like the idea of cookies and an AR card in one delightful box?