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Hulu Plus Arrives on Wii

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Two weeks free for non-subscribers

There has been plenty of focus on the potential arrival of Hulu Plus on 3DS, though details of a launch date have been in short supply. It seems that the Wii has snapped up the service first, with a new app appearing today on the Wii Shop Channel in the U.S.

Subscribers to Hulu Plus can start streaming TV shows and movies right away, while non-subscribers who download the app in the first month are eligible to try it out for free in a two-week trial. The press release is below with full details, and it also gives a vague assurance of a 3DS version arriving later this year:

Wii owners with broadband Internet access now have a new way to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. Starting today, Wii owners can subscribe to Hulu Plus for $7.99 a month and instantly stream current-season hit TV shows such as Family Guy, Glee, New Girl, Vampire Diaries, The Office, The Biggest Loser and Modern Family, as well as full back seasons of hit shows like Community and Grey’s Anatomy. Kids can enjoy a growing library of favorites, including Arthur, Wild Kratts and Dinosaur Train, and families can browse through hundreds of popular movies from Miramax and more.

“Wii offers the most entertainment fun for everyone in the family, with an impressive selection of streaming movies and TV shows in addition to an unparalleled lineup of games that can’t be played anywhere else,” said Tony Elison, Nintendo of America’s senior director and general manager of Network Business. “The Wii console is the hub of the living room, and with the addition of Hulu Plus, millions of households now have even more options for streaming premium TV shows and movies.”

“We want to be everywhere, on every screen where people want to watch their favorite shows and discover new ones on their own schedule. Wii is not only one of the most important entertainment devices in the living room, but one of the most heavily anticipated and requested platforms by users and subscribers. Teaming up with Nintendo gives millions of households across the U.S. an immediate way to access some of their favorite current season shows on-demand in their living room through Hulu Plus,” said Pete Distad, VP of Marketing and Distribution at Hulu.

Users who have a broadband Internet connection can visit the Wii Shop Channel to download the Hulu Plus application at no extra charge. The application will allow users to navigate using the Wii Remote controller and search for their favorite TV shows, movies, clips and more. Hulu Plus offers a variety of content, including Hulu Latino, which offers hundreds of hours of current and classic Spanish-language programming, including the entire current season of prime-time TV shows from Univision, Galavision and Telefutura.

For the first month of launch, users who download Hulu Plus for Wii and do not already have an existing Hulu Plus account will get a two-week free trial.

Hulu Plus is also coming to the Nintendo 3DS system later this year, bringing full current-season TV series and popular movies to entertainment fans whenever they want.

For more information, visit or

Are any of you planning to try this out on Wii, or would you prefer to use Hulu Plus on 3DS?

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irken004 said:

Do they need our credit info anyway if we're just using the 2 week trial?



Ecto-1 said:

I am curious about that as well. If not, I'll definitely try it, although I'll probably download the app regardless (just to see if it will give me Club Nintendo coins like Netflix did).



komicturtle said:

When it comes to 3DS, then I'll subscribe

I have to catch up on my Parks and Recreation.



Sapo said:

As usual, nothing of this good things come to Italy, neither Hulu nor Netflix, such a shame <.<



ejamer said:

Is this actually news for North America, or only for the US? There is a meaningful difference for some of us.



Whopper744 said:

I wonder if this is better than my Netflix...wouldn't mind watching Chuck on here since it's not on Netflix



ThomasBW84 said:

@ejamer I've just checked this and it seems Hulu Plus is only in the U.S. I've updated the article, so apologies for any confusion.



shingi_70 said:

Its better than netflix because of the criterion collection. Beyond that netflix is better.

But already have at least five devices that already have hulu.



Scarkaiser said:

I didn't spend too much time with Hulu (in order to get my two free weeks I have to give them CC info, so I never went any further), but I did watch one of the sample videos. The quality was decent.

I think I will stick with Netflix. Same price and no ads. Ads are for freeware imo. This is the main reason I don't have cable... Why pay all that money when you have 30 minutes of commercials in the way of you and a show?!



Squiggle55 said:

Hulu+ rocks. Basically all the shows we want to watch are on Hulu+, so instead of paying 60 bucks for cable we pay 8 bucks for Hulu+ and watch the shows 1 day late.



ejamer said:

Oh well. I kind of expected as much, but was hoping that Hulu might be expanding to other regions. Thanks for checking, and double thanks for updating the article accordingly.



jer18 said:

When I trialed Hulu Plus on my Samsung SmartTV - it required a Credit Card. Whats good about this offer is you get an extra week free (by using Wii). Unfortunately I am more of a movie fan than TV series - so this was a bust for me. Uninstalled and Cancelled.



Tasuki said:

Dont see the point in having Hulu when I have Netflix I guess its nice for the people who dont have Netflix or want an option other than Netflix.



1takauchiha said:

Finally, as soon as it comes to 3DS I can dump Netflix, since Hulu actually has the shows I WANT to watch, unlike Netflix. Netflix is slow and reluctant to add anything good, they only just finished adding all the Naruto episodes and refuse to add Shippuden to instant, which I'm pretty mad about :/



DarkEdi said:

This thing is only USA. And 3DS Netflix is only USA too.

I hate when this happens. I have Wii Netflix and i´m from Mexico but this "exclusive USA" services are making me sad.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'd also like to try out being a Hulugan. But even if this service comes to Germany one day i'm not sure i'd give them my credit card information just for the trial period.



Kitty_hime1 said:

hmmmm maybe i'll ask my parents to switch to hulu or at least start paying $8 a month and since i'd be the one bringing up the topic which means they would force me to pay for it myslef and the only time to earn money is summer, birthday, and some other holiday T.T



motang said:

They a bit late in adding this to the Wii since it's pretty much going to be replaced, but still a good addition.



The_Fox said:

Hulu Plus offers a fantastic selection of shows but the ads always annoyed me too much to become a plus member (and more importantly I already have cable and Netflix).

Of course they need your credit card for the they can charge you if you forget to cancel in time.



rjejr said:

Since nobody else mentioned in I'll chime in with my usual Hulu Plus rant about it being Hulu MINUS. There are just too many shows available for FREE on Hulu that are NOT available with PAID Hulu PLUS. I actually don't recall a show I've watched ever being available on Hulu Plus. Currently Merlin, Chuck and Caprica (canceled I know) and White Collar are in my queue, 100% unavailable on Plus. I've had this on my PS3 for a long time now and have never even had the oppurtunity to sign up for the 2 week free trial b/c none of my queued shows were available for me to PAY them to watch.
That's just too stupid for words.



michiganurse said:

Netflix in combination with hulu plus is a great way to save a bundle off of satellite and cable tv. $16 bucks a month isn't too bad between the two and we have plenty on shows and movies to choose from.

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