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GAME Not Stocking Tekken 3D Prime Edition

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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Today's big 3DS release, Tekken 3D Prime Edition, hasn't made it to the shelves of the UK's biggest specialist games retailer.

GAME confirmed to that it won't be selling the game in-store or online, citing a delay in Nintendo's distribution as the reason. The chain has apologised to affected customers.

While you can't find it in-store, you can find it online from as cheaply as £27.97.

If you're on the fence, take a look at our Tekken 3D Prime Edition review for our verdict.


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Dazza said:

Poor old GAME, they don't seem to be having an easy time of it lately. I expect this has something to do with the line of credit thing from a few weeks back. Not good!



OldBoy said:

Distribution problems LOL, yeah good one. What they probably mean is they can't afford to buy any copies.
Just desserts time GAME I'm afraid. You ruined Gamestation, made the second hand market crippling to the industry , and if it ain't COD or Battlefield you don't stock it. The shop is a joke! Noncompetitive prices will see any business go under, I for one won't miss it. Hopefully this will leave a gap in the market for some indie retailers to fill. /rant



Oregano said: has the game listed for the 29th as well... lol.(I have it ordered there and I'm not in a rush but still...)



Mowzle said:

@ OldBoy :- I agree 100% with everything you say about Game. They sell half a dozen new DS titles in store, and their assistants haven't even heard of any other titles coming along. They have to check in their catalogue to tell you "no we won't be stocking that or selling it online", and they're not interested. No wonder they lose business to online retailers.
PS I love your avatar btw.



RR529 said:

My Gamestop has been out of stock on Resident Evil: Revelations for the last week or so, if they're still out next time I check, I might pick up Tekken. Never played one before, but I've enjoyed SSIV and DOAD.

BTW, I know this article isn't about Gamestop, I'm just referring to the fact that it's Tekken news.



misswliu81 said:

if you can get the game online for a much cheaper price than on GAME, then it's no big loss really.



stipey said:

@OldBoy Some little indie retailer might stock a wider variety of games, but they sure as hell won't be able to afford selling them at low prices. It's not necessarily (ENTIRELY) greed that keeps GAME selling at those prices.

EDIT: That is, competitive prices tend to be offered by huge stores, particularly online ones which barely have any overheads. They don't just sell games, and can rely on selling ridiculous amounts of anything, so they can sell closer to cost price!



123akis said:

Yh im not surprised. GAME is the worst store ever. They sell 3ds games for £40 and when i ordered skyward sword online it never came. so i got a refund and brought it from a cheaper retailer, PC world



stipey said:

Just out of curiosity, what is the cheapest place to get games in the UK? My girlfriend's over there at the moment and I'd like to send her a 3DS and a few games. I am also very poor.



Linkstrikesback said:


I can't tell if you're kidding or not, GAME are the absolute WORST retailer in the country for pricing. They don't offer anything remotely competitive in the way of pricing, and they CANNOT rely on selling ridiculous amounts of anything regardless of pricing. That kind of idiotic thinking is what has gotten GAME in the huge trouble they are now. They don't bother pricing to match others: People don't buy games from them, and I for one am glad people finally realised that they can get the games at much better price points elsewhere.



stipey said:

@Linkstrikesback I get all that. I just don't think the pricing issue is entirely just because GAME likes sucking in stupid people and not caring if smart people go elsewhere.

I just say this having worked in what is probably the music store equivalent of GAME. The bigger stores that made all their money selling audio equipment and computers could afford to get people in there by selling cheap cds, which they don't really make a profit on (see PC World in 123akis's comment). But it works in their favour because a) they're getting people away from us, and b) they're getting people into their store who might happen to buy some of the stuff they do make a profit on. We couldn't do that because we ONLY sold music and books. GAME just sells games.

I'm not really standing up for them at all, just suggesting to OldBoy that the situation wouldn't really change in terms of pricing if GAME closed and made way for indie stores. The indie stores would be in the same boat, price-wise, even if they had a range of more obscure titles.



AVahne said:

Dunno about GAME, but one of the things people hate about GameStop is that they give you very little for your games and then resell them at (usually) much higher prices. I don't know any other reasons though. I personally like their Buy 2 Get 1 Free Used game deals, but I do have a problem with them if they sell me a defective used game (happened once).



Son said:

Why does Heihachi becomes younger in this game? Who's the final boss?



Oregano said:

@Son It's because the Japanese voice actor for Heihachi passed away a year or two back so they de-aged him so they could cast someone else without simply replacing him.



Mok said:

Not to mention (which I do anyway) the TERRIBLE staff working at GAME. I wonder if it's a merit to be obnoxious and rude when you apply for a job there.



BJQ1972 said:

This sort of thing shows what is wrong with the games industry. It reads like Game are saying they haven't got it in for launch, so they will not be stocking it at all. Why should games have such a limited retail - Nintendo have shown this generation that a game can sell consistently well for a couple of years so why hasn't the rest of the industry got the message?



Blaze said:

@Oldboy pretty much summed it up. GAME has ludicrous prices and I'm not at all surprised that they're losing business to online retailers; I haven't bought anything from them in over 2 years.



hYdeks said:

"from as cheaply" eh? can tell this is from UK lol But honestly, that's the store GAME fault cause I haven't heard any shortages anywhere else.



Pj1 said:

Game are terrible, I bought some game guides in there and had about £8:00 to spend on my loyality card, they said I couldn't without the card! I could still collect points... anyway even their own website is cheaper in-store prices for example I bought Super Mario all Stars for £18:00 on their website and £20:00 in store. However as my favourite game I bought copies from other online places for £15:00, I think they are rubbish. Gamestation are no better, back in the day when you could buy retro games in there they were great but not now...



James said:

Sad to see so many of you wishing a company to fail. A lot of my friends work in games retail and it saddens me that you'd wish them out of a job just because you don't buy your games there. I don't buy my music from HMV but I wouldn't want it to go bust.

@pj1 So you should be able to spend points on a card you don't have with you? Great, in that case my name is Dave Smith and I'd like to spend all my points on an Xbox 360, please.



OldBoy said:

@James. Obviously on a personal level the fall of a company is sad.As you said no one wants people to lose their jobs ,especially in these poor economic times, but my views were looking at the bigger picture. GAME is bad for the industry, full stop. Their ridiculous trade in schemes have helped the second hand market explode and the way in which they push used games over new is a disgrace.
Another issue I have with them is with lesser known titles, these are rarely stocked and if they have them at all they will most certainly be pre-owned. If you inquire about them ordering it for you , the response is usually a no or on one occasion the assistant just laughed at me before trying to get me to pre-order COD. Great service GAME!!
Don't get me wrong I would like to be able to shop in the high street for my gaming needs but it's just not feasible at the moment.
The fact that they ruined Gamestation, turning what once was a great little chain of stores which sold Retro as well, into a clone of GAME, is just the icing on a very sad cake.
So I'm sorry for your friends but for me the fall of GAME can't come soon enough.



Mowzle said:

I don't want any retailer to fail. High Street shops play a big role in the financial health and general employment levels of any town, and I do believe that has an effect on it's citizen's quality of life. Even before the present financial slump in the West, High Street shops were facing problems due to the availability of cheaper goods sold on-line. Grossly overpriced games aside, I am prepared to pay a few extra coins for the privilege of buying it from a "human bean" in a shop. I buy a lot of items on-line, including games, because I can't even get them by ordering in a shop. That perpetuates a vicious cycle of supply and demand, and more and more jobs are lost, in particular to the big on-line traders, and our communities get poorer and poorer. I don't know what the answer is. Sorry if I'm way off topic....



stipey said:

@OldBoy Why not shop online? I didn't realise you were actually giving them MONEY as well as wanting them to fail. Seems a bit ironic. If enough people refuse to shop there, they'll be forced to change their policies. So find an alternative. But don't wish so many people out of jobs. It's not the fault of the guy or girl behind the counter that you don't like the way their bosses run their company.

(Btw, if "the fall of GAME" occurs and you literally have nowhere else to go for your gaming "needs"... you'll really be screwed.)

Edited for scorn.



Bankai said:

I like how gamers complain when a game in a shop costs $49 (hey, I'm Australian, and this us hypothetical) but they can get it for $45 online. "Screw the retailer" they say. "Cheapcheapcheap"

What these little birdies don't realise is that for that extra $4, barely a cup of coffee and no pain to their wallet, supporting the gaming industry by paying premiums for worthwhile products is the only responsible thing to do. It's what genuine fans of gaming should be doing, because only in a world where retailers are happy, publishers are happy and developers are happy will we get an industry that rewards risk taking an innovation.

So enjo tha extra $4 in your pocket. In return for that extra can of coke you are directly responsible for stifling creativity and shutting down awesome game studios. Congratulations.

(this goes to people that buy second hand games too, not just those that scour the Internet for BargainBargainBargain).

Seriously. You call yourself a gamer? Put up some real money and buy a game new at a retailer. The closer to the typical RRP for games in your area, the better.

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