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Full-Length Pokémon TV Shows Come to Nintendo Zone

Posted by James Newton

Time to hit the road

3DS owners in the United States and Canada will soon get access to full-length episodes of the Pokémon cartoon series via the console's Nintendo Zone application.

Starting on 6th February, Nintendo Zone will feature a dedicated Pokémon section including the episodes, game information and important Pokémon-related news.

The app will also be updated to offer game demos, which are likely to be the same demos available in the 3DS eShop.

If you want to find which of the 29,000 Nintendo Zone hotspots is nearest to you, this handy Nintendo Zone hotspot locator should do the trick.


New Content Will Be Available at More Than 29,000 Locations

REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 2, 2012 - Nintendo 3DS™ owners are getting access to a wealth of fun entertainment and information that they can access on the go. Starting Feb. 6, Nintendo Zone™ will offer a variety of new content, including playable demos of select Nintendo 3DS video games and a dedicated Pokémon™ section that will feature full-length episodes of the Pokémon TV series. All of this exciting new content is only available when owners are wirelessly connected to a Nintendo Zone location.

"Nintendo 3DS continues to deliver fun and engaging new experiences, especially for users who connect their systems to the Internet," said Zach Fountain, Nintendo of America's director of Strategic Partnerships. "Nintendo 3DS is our most connected system ever, and Nintendo Zone offers a wealth of exclusive content to users who take their systems with them when they are away from home."

Nintendo Zone also includes trivia games featuring the latest Nintendo 3DS software, exclusive coupons available only at Best Buy for discounts on Nintendo 3DS games and a showcase of Nintendo 3DS games that includes videos, screen shots and one-click links to game websites. The Pokémon section will also include information and videos about the newest Pokémon video games, Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon news.

Nintendo Zone content can be accessed at more than 29,000 locations at restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, airports and malls in the United States and Canada. Nintendo 3DS owners can find a Nintendo Zone location by visiting

Remember that Nintendo 3DS features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit

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User Comments (60)



bezerker99 said:

My local McDonald's can't seem to connect to NZ anymore (gives me an error message/code). Thank goodness I don't care about this lame service.



HappyHappy said:

Never have been a huge pokemon fan. If they did that with Super Mario Bros. Super Show or Kirby: Right Back at Ya! then I will be one happy camper.



TeeJay said:

I can watch this at the Mc. Donalds near my job. Nintendo, I love you!



C7_ said:

I've never been able to use the service because I don't frequent Starbucks or McDonalds, which is a shame because while I'd like this content I'm not really willing to go in there just to do this. I've never really been fond of both their food and service.

Now if the coffee shop in my Target did it, that would be an entirely different story, at least then I could get stuff done while I download.



schumaga said:

wth NOE! I want this too, now! Who cares about Nintendo Video or Eurosport when you can have a Pokemon app!



komicturtle said:

The Mcdonalds I went to has Nintendo Zone and it works real well. One of the local Best Buys, though, has Nintendo Zone but it doesn't work well and even at all



Lunapplebloom said:

Never have been a big Pokemon fan, but the next time I go to some McDonalds I will definitely check it out.



Hejiru said:

I tried Nintendo Zone at Best Buy and it just kept giving me error messages.



SeVok said:

I know Europe is a much more complex region to release in, such a real shame to miss out on so much compared to US customers.



Shworange said:

Between happy meals and Pokemon on Nintendo zone, my eight year old won't want to leave McDonald's now!



NESguy94 said:

I wish Europe would get this as well. I'm from the states so my 3DS doesn't get to use a whole lot of the features over here.



BulbasaurusRex said:

It's nice to see some exclusive content outside of simple trivia games.

♪ Gotta Catch 'em All! Gotta Catch 'em All! Pokémon! ♪
♪ We all live in a Pokémon World! Pokémon! ♪
♪ It's a whole new world we live in (live in). Pokémon Johto! ♪
♪ Born to be a winner, born to be the very best. Pokémon Johto! ♪
♪ I'm gonna be the champion, 'cause all I've got to do is believe in me. Pokémon! ♪
♪ I'm gonna be a hero. Pokémon Advanced! I'm on my way. ♪
♪ We will rise to meet the challenge, you and I. Advanced Challenge! ♪
♪ Ooooooo! I'm unbeatable! Advanced Battle! Ooooooo! I'm undefeatable! ♪
♪ If you're strong, you'll survive, and you'll keep your dream alive. It's the Battle Frontier! Pokémon! ♪
♪ It's time for adventure, Diamond and Pearl. We can change the world. Pokémon! ♪
♪ We will be heroes! Battle Dimension! Pokémon! ♪
♪ We will win the battle. Galactic Battles! Pokémon! (Pi-Pikachu! Chimchar!/Buizel!/Gliscor!) ♪
♪ It's about never giving up, so hold your head up, and we will carry on. Sinnoh League Victors! Pokémon! ♪
♪ It's not always Black and White, but your heart always knows what's right. ♪

Season 15 starts later this month.



XD375 said:

The new Black and White seasons actually have less focus on Team Rocket and when they do it's actually much more interesting than before.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Wow! I actually care about is stupid app now! good thing I didn't delete it! Can't wait. Must find a Nintendo Zone hotspot!!



Jfilesguy said:

I just found out that a bookstore near my house has a Nintendo Zone via the Nintendo Zone locator, looks like it's time to catch em' all!



Dodger said:

I don't care, I'll never have enough time to sit at a best buy and watch an episode even if I find a Nintendo Zone that you know, actually works?

I wish the app would just work with a normal wifi connection if they want to do things like this.



Lobster said:

I just looked up NZ in my area and all of our McDonald's came up, a Ruby Tuesday's, and a cell phone store... and a hospital that specializes in physical therapy rehab for senior citizens. Wtf. Haha, guess Granny gets to watch Pokemans too while she's recovering from a stroke?



Contrary said:

Ash is gonna win this time men! He was in the top 16 in Kanto League, top 8 in both Johto and Hoehn, beat the Hoehn battle frontier, and was one battle away from battling Champion Cynthia in Sinnoh League. It was not fair though 'cause the guy was using legendaries and Ash could not get past his filthy Latias! Maybe if Ash would evolve his Pikachu like a normal person, he would become a Pokemon Master for once! Well, I am pretty sure he'll win this time unless he messes up again like the little fail-child he is. Evolve that Pikachu and catch one of those legendaries you meet for once! Mewtwo would demolish anyone!



DanteSolablood said:

@36 Ash isn't smart enough to EV train... that's why he'll never win! have you ever seen him trying to force breed Pikachu with an Alakazam for Thunderpunch?



BulbasaurusRex said:

@28 Oops, sorry. I'll edit it in.

@36 Actually, he was 2 battles away (Top 4) from winning (and facing Alder, not Cynthia), but he was still the only one able to take out just that guy's Darkrai, never mind his Latios (which fainted in a draw with Ash's last Pokémon, Pikachu).

@36, @42 In the world of the animé, it's not ethical to force your Pokémon to evolve or breed it with whomever you want, and it's not possible to find just what you need all the time to correctly EV train.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Smart promotion for the participating chains. You know it's coming every week, so if you want to see it you have to go there every week. Or something along these lines.



rjejr said:

I'm sorry, but I don't get Nintendo Zone. The Nintendo Corp. is finally aware enough of this thing called "the internet" that they let you get online but now you have to go to a particular store to download stuff? I do have a few of these near me but I'm not making an extra trip. At least the "offers" at TRU make sense b/c it's advertised as a TRU offer. To call it "Nintendo Zone" but you have to be in a McDonalds? Just call it "Ronald Zone" or "Best Buy Zone". Or at least allow it thru the Wii like the DS demos. I'm guessing 95% of all 3DS owners own a Wii. My kids love Pokemon and have probably seen all 29,000 episodes 4 times each but if they could watch them on their 3DSs than I could kick them off the PC.
Maybe when the WiiU comes out THAT will be a "Nintendo Zone".



Capt_N said:

This is good news for those of you that are into (the) pokemon (anime), & have access to a functioning Nintendo Zone. Me, I'm not a pokemon fan.



kobe1724 said:

Sounds awesome, but I'm usually not the type to bring my 3DS out into public, for a couple different reasons, one being I like to keep it protected at home, and the other being I don't like getting stared at. Might try it out at our local McDonald's bathroom though...



CerealKiller062 said:

@melvin2898 You and other "Anime" fans should really get to know your Japanese before calling someone out. Anime is the Japanese term for Cartoons. So if someone calls an "anime" a cartoon anywhere outside of Japan, they are politically correct my freind.

Now back to main idea from this topic, I would really be interested if they recieved partnerships with more shows in order to broadcast it to Nintendo Zone, although, being in my last years of my teens, watching these in public is a no, no.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@49 How are you ever going to get any StreetPass hits if you don't take it out in public? The whole idea is to take it everywhere you go. Why would people stare at you for using a handheld video game console in public, anyway? Portability is the handheld's greatest strength. Tons of people have been doing it since the original Game Boy.

Well, I accessed Nintendo Zone at McDonald's today, but they didn't have the new content available yet.



DarkKirby said:

Release Pokemon episodes in Japanese with subtitles and I'm in.

That's pretty doubtful though, this is Nintendo here.



DanteSolablood said:

@CerealKiller062 to be honest us animéfans are just getting tetchy about the term "cartoon" because any crappy old European/American cartoon studios are releasing cartoons with 'pointy hair' inorder to try and ride the success by Japanese studios. The term animé distinguishes the animation by it's origin which to some (us) is important & usually denotes quality... pokémon aside.

@BulbasaurusRex, you can't force breed a pokémon but you can keep it in a darkened ball for 24hrs a day? -chuckle-



Reenie said:

This is so unfair! Australia gets nothing
We get less stuff on e-shop too, and our club nintendo isn't as good. Plus, I had to import some games from UK to play on my old DS; we don't even get all the cartridge games here!



Supereor said:

Poke'mon? POKE'MON?!?!?!

Why not Kirby?!? Poke'mon is cool, but Kirby is way awesome, and isn't everybody just about sick of PIKACHU, I CHOOSE YOU!!!! CHARMANDER USE FIRE B — Neh, man, put Kirby on there and I'll be happy.

Anyone else agree or disagree?

In reality, we all in one continent get less than another, except Japan. This is the Content-Recieve-and-Have list in order to my knowledge; Japan, because they have NES GAMES in their Nintendo 3DS eShops, second, America, third Australia. So we have less stuff than Japan, so Australia isn't all alone.



Contrary said:

@BulbasaurusRex Hmmm I do not believe that Alder was there. Cynthia is the champion of the Sinnoh Region. Alder was never in an episode until Black and White because he is the Champion of Unova.

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