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First Shaun the Sheep Episodes Due Next Month

Posted by James Newton

Not fleecing you

Nintendo announced its partnership with Aardman Animation way back in January 2011, and the first fruits of those labours are due to hit the 3DS next month when Shaun the Sheep reaches Nintendo Video.

The first of 15 exclusive 3D episodes will reach 3DS on 7th March, with a new episode due every week. The first episode sees Shaun and his friends heading out for a picnic.

It's not the first time Nintendo and Aardman have collaborated: the two created Zelda Flipnotes in 2009.

Here's a teaser trailer to get you all excited.

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Nintendo partner with the award winning Aardman Animations to launch exclusive new 3D Shaun the Sheep episodes for Nintendo 3DS

16th February 2012 – Nintendo have partnered with the multi award winning Aardman Animations, the creators of Chicken Run and Wallace And Gromit to offer Nintendo 3DS™ owners brand new 3D SpotPass™ content for free. From 7th March, on a weekly basis, fans of the farmyard antics of Shaun the Sheep will be able to watch 15 exclusive 3D clips of Shaun and his friends getting up to some brand new mischief.

Available to view for free via Nintendo Video™, each clip features Shaun and his flock embarking on brand new 3D adventures for the first time. The whole gang are there including Shaun, Timmy, Bitzer, the Farmer and the flock and each week you will be able to watch them like never before via Nintendo 3DS.

The first episode is available to receive via an internet connection from 7th March and sees Shaun and the gang heading out for a picnic. Can they enjoy a nice relaxing day out in the countryside or will the Farmer’s fishing trip get in the way?

Nintendo Video brings music videos, exclusive comedy, animation, and action to your Nintendo 3DS. Every week, new videos will be delivered to your Nintendo 3DS via the SpotPass feature. But the videos won't stay long – wait too long and you'll miss them. To start watching, download Nintendo Video from the Nintendo eShop today.

Laurent Fischer, Managing Director, Marketing and PR, Nintendo of Europe, commented "We are proud to be working with Aardman Animations to launch Shaun the Sheep's first 3D adventures via SpotPass on Nintendo 3DS. Make sure you keep checking Nintendo Video on your Nintendo 3DS for regularly updated content for you to enjoy."

Aardman’s Co-founder and Executive Chairman, David Sproxton, said, “As a company we are always looking ahead to the next ‘big thing’, the technological advances that will improve our audience’s experience. We are already working with 3D formats as a studio on our upcoming feature film, but when we first experienced the Nintendo 3DS it’s safe to say all of us were completely blown away. To be contributing to something as innovative as the Nintendo 3DS from the very outset is an extraordinary experience for us and we’re looking forward to seeing Shaun the Sheep on Nintendo 3DS and working with Nintendo going forwards.”

The 15 3D Shaun the Sheep clips will be available to view through Nintendo Video from 7th March 2012, For more information on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Video and SpotPass, visit the official Nintendo 3DS website at For information on performing a system update, visit the Support section at

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Layton4evr said:

Cute, I love Shaun the Sheep! I would like to see him in a 3ds game too, I think that would be awesome



Shotgunryugan said:

This reminded me of Chicken Run,i loved that movie XD

i'd love to see some new videos on my 3DS



Takosuke said:

Aardman were such an integral part of my childhood. I haven't watched this series but this looks like a great incentive.



ThumperUK said:

Shaun the Sheep is amazing, I just hope we will be able to save the episodes and keep them forever! (or even pay to keep them??)



cyrus_zuo said:

I am super excited about this. I love Aardman.
...but wait it is NOE only?
I hope not. NOA so often makes me feel like I live in the wrong country to be a Nintendo fan.



Squiggle55 said:

Shaun the Sheep is so good. I suspect this is Europe only though right? Please bring it to America, Nintendo.



Mowzle said:

Well, surely Nintendo knows we ALL want to see these. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
@ThumperUK :- I don't think they'd let us keep or buy them. I'm sure it'll be like that Oscar's Oasis series last year - one a week and then it expires



Freelance said:

This would be the only reason for DLing Nintendo Video again. I uninstalled it ages ago. I hope it comes to NA.



C-Olimar said:

@15 Aardman is a British company, and wasn't this a NOE press release? Anyway, I love Shaun the Sheep, so this is great news!



Undead_terror said:

o cant wait to watch this...hey wait ONLY IN EUROPE....THIS IS MADNESS...madness....THIS IS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Odnetnin said:

If only I was European. You guys will have to upload them all on Youtube for us.

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