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Aonuma Drops a Note About More Zelda Titles

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

You have mail, maybe

It's not a surprise to hear that Eiji Aonuma, producer of The Legend of Zelda series, is once again teasing more releases on 3DS. We've heard rumours of a 3D remastering of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, the possibility of a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and Aonuma himself referring to a continuation of past efforts, which could mean either of the above or a brand new game.

As suggested by Satoru Iwata during the most recent Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo Letter Box, or Swapnote, will be used to communicate directly with gamers, and reports have circulated of a new note from Eiji Aonuma teasing more Zelda games. That very note seems to be spreading to 3DS consoles around the world, as we've just received our own copy. Aonuma has said the following, against a backdrop of some rather snazzy Zelda stationery.

Hello! This is Aonuma, Nintendo's Legend of Zelda producer. Did you enjoy The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D? Thanks to everyone, the Legend of Zelda series had a very happy 25th anniversary. I hope you're looking forward to new Legend of Zelda games.

With a Zelda sound clip at the start it's a neat letter to keep in your mail box. More importantly, there's a blatant tease about more titles being on the way: the mention of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D suggests a potential 3DS reveal, but there are plenty of possibilities and we'll keep an eye out for any official announcements.

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ThomasBW84 said:

@Swiket Actually, the main news was that a teaser was sent via Swapnote, hence the headline, 'Aonuma Drops a Note About More Zelda Titles'. So it's news about a teaser being sent directly to 3DS handhelds, following previous hints about more titles on the way to 3DS, specifically. Therefore your sarcasm is misplaced



WreckItRyan said:

I've gotten neither this one nor Reggie's. Are these messages sent out to only a select few??



King_Boo said:

I get that it's a tease, but sounds more like he's making clear that the franchise will continue. If you remember at E3 there was the "if skyward sword isn't the best zelda game, we might stop making them" statement, and it wasn't.
Let me clear that up, wasn't the best ratings wise. Of course personal opinions vary.



ThomasBW84 said:

@eryan64 I read suggestions that the note was sent to those who'd played Ocarina of Time 3D, so perhaps Swapnote checks your SD card save files. I'm UK-based and I only received the letter about an hour ago while I was in the process of writing this article, so it's taking a while to be distributed everywhere.

Also check that your 3DS is connected to the internet, set to receive letters via SpotPass etc.



bezerker99 said:

So when am I gonna get the swapnote? I mean, I was only the first person ever to buy OoT3D.



motang said:

Yes give me some HD Zelda goodness! There are parts in Skyward Sword I had wished that it was in HD, they would look like uber beautiful!



Kitsune_Rei said:

I got Reggie's note, but not this one (thought I was already sent the stationary from another SwapNoter). I havn't played any Zelda titles on my 3DS, so maybe it is exclusive to those who have. I'm in NA.



RR529 said:

I got the message and the stationary as well. There must be a few other new stationaries floating around, because I've also got a Nintendo Direct themed one, as well as two more from series I don't recognize (one is in Japanese, and says something about Fuji TV).



Pallefj said:

@Wiiver Would you be able to send that new Zelda stationery to me? I havent got it yet. i promise to send it all around denmark /)^3^( my friendcode is 1332-7751-0889



Pallefj said:

@RR529 I would love some of those new stationerys /)^3^( Could you send them to me? I already got a few ^^ my friendcode is: 1332-7751-0889 I promise to send them all over Denmark



Haxonberik said:

Skyward Sword definitely became my series fav, @King_Boo if you havent noticed, Metacritic and the gaming media itself is getting plagued with incompetent reviewers, when OoT wws released, there were very few reviews, Im sure SS has the most perfect 10s in the series



TheN64Dude said:

It doesn't have to be touch screen,but.....



Kyloctopus said:

@KingBoo Nintendo wasn't going to stop the series no matter what. Nintendo also said if Starfox 64 3D didn't sell well, they would cut the Starfox series. And said if the 3DS doesn't sell well, they will become third party developers. Nintendo are a bunch of bluffers, and Skyward Sword is as great as an origin title can be.



Undead_terror said:

i want majoras mask to be remade also just like oot 3d having master quest,i would like it if they put the original plan for majoras mask on the game after you beat the majoras mask we know.the original plan was 6 or 7 temples,7 days,moon had no face,it told the story how majoras mask was made,etc



Ashflow said:

I don't want to sound snooty (though of course I will by the nature of my post), but this news is 2 days old. (just sayin)



sinalefa said:

I don't have this one, but it is a no brainer there will be new Zelda titles, including 3DS titles.

The important part would be the "New" games, as opposed to remakes. I remember Aonuma saying he wanted to have a new Zelda for the 3DS before other remakes.



warioswoods said:

I got the Reggie note and I own OoT3D, but this message still hasn't arrived. I want the stationery.



rockman_zero said:

@RR529 can u send me the zelda stationary much appreciated if u can my friend code is 4983-5209-9762 thx u if u do...... my name is sushi_x



JayceJa said:

i want a 2d zelda with touch screen controls and a proper overworld(loved spirit tracks/phantom hourglass in the actual gameplay, but the boat and train are HORRID)

sure, touch controls mean no main view on the 3d screen, but if they really want to use 3d to pull in all the little kids that are obsessed by it, then give the top screen a first person camera moved with the circle pad for puzzles etc. while the real action happens top down on the touch screen



FluttershyGuy said:

The "balloons" Aonuma has added in the bottom corners of the screen? If you stuck me in the pic, my balloon would read "Hell yeah!"



chaosjay said:

@kkslider5552000 So, a remake of Phantom Hourglass? That picks up directly after Wind Waker, doesn't it? The manual even features a super quick run-through of WW. Unless you're referring to the stylus-only controls of PH, then I can agree somewhat.

As for a new game, I think there was a rumor last month about two games in the same vein as Oracle of Ages/Season for 3DS. I'd love to see something like that, two games with similar graphics and gameplay (or maybe not!), but different stories . I'd want it where playing one game first changes events of the other, of course, but with something more elegant than passwords for people with one 3DS.



Smitherenez said:

I received this letter last wednesday! I hope Nintendo use's this more often. I really feel like Nintendo cares about their costumers when they send such letters.



Spoony_Tech said:

Yeah i received this last Wednesday as well. I wonder if it only was sent to people who registered oot 3d at club Nintendo. Also got the Reggie one I think on Monday.



mario_and_luigi said:

Crackpot Theory: Notice how the only word capitalized besides the series title is the word "New". Does this mean it will get the New Super Mario Bros treatment and return to its 2D roots?



Henmii said:

This almost confirms that a new Zelda will be revealed this year! Why else would they send this message if they don't have plans to reveal a new Zelda this year? I expect to see it at this years E3! Maybe sooner!



theberrage said:

The message says "New" with a capital n. Perhaps its a return to roots similar to New Super Mario.



shinesprite said:

Hmm. Even though I have OOT 3D, I still haven't recieved the message. I wish there was an option to manually check for new notes.



Korbin64 said:

We need a Wind Waker sequel for 3ds! We need one in which the camera angle is behind you like in Ocarina and Skyward Sword! I must know what happens to Gannon! I must know what happens to Link directly after Phantom Hourglass! Why is there no answers to my questions!

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