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Zen Pinball 3D Lights Up North America on 12th January

Posted by James Newton

Bing! Ding-ba-ding!

Zen Studios has just confirmed Zen Pinball 3D will reach the North American eShop on 12th January, costing $6.99.

The balls-and-bumpers game was released in Europe on 1st December 2011, but North Americans get their chance to try it out next week.

The studio has also confirmed it will support the game with downloadable content in future, but there's no more news on that for now.

As you can read in our Zen Pinball 3D review, it's a very enjoyable game indeed.

Zen Pinball 3D for Nintendo 3DS TM Releasing January 12, 2012 in North America for the Nintendo eShop!

Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to download Zen Studios critically acclaimed pinball game starting January 12, 2012 for $6.99. Featuring four original, beautifully crafted pinball tables, Zen Pinball is now playable in stunning stereoscopic 3D!

Zen Pinball 3D is packed full of great features including online leaderboards, hot seat multiplayer, multiple view points and rewards for playing and accomplishing table specific missions.

Zen Pinball 3D Table Line-Up
Earth Defense pits the player against hordes of hostile aliens as they try to take the planet by storm! As the captain of the Earth Defense Special Forces, it is your mission to rally the defenses and protect planet Earth.
Players will experience life as a novice sorcerer who must master the trade of summoning spectacular natural phenomena in Shaman.
Travel back to the middle ages to the Kingdom of Camelot and become a Knight of the Round Table in Excalibur.
Experience the unexplored jungles of Eldorado as you hunt for hidden treasures and uncover the mysteries of ancient civilization.
Zen Studios will support Zen Pinball 3D with additional DLC, stay tuned for more announcements!

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Birdman said:

Maybe ... I'm not a pinball aficionado, and I have a bunch of games I already want from the eShop ... I'll see.



blackknight77 said:

Price is slightly lower than the PS3 version, and I can play it on the go. I'm sold, and I have a nice place for it on my 3DS menu next to Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon. Now I need to hunt down the Williams collection for a good price.



CureM said:

price is higher than I expected.. hmm.. I guess I'm still getting it though!



PinkSpider said:

Finally they are gonna do downloadable content heres hoping for street fighter and marvel tables



accc said:

I just bought Pinball Pulse since they finally put it up on the eshop last week, so I'm going to give this a pass. I also don't like how the Zen Pinball developers are holding back content that already exists for the 3DS port so that they can sell it later as DLC.



Megajack said:

mabye but 6.99 is alot for a zen pinball game when i rather get a retro game or somthing for the same price or cheaper.



Neil_Zen said:


Neil from Zen Studios here.

Accctually, we are not holding back any content. These are the only 4 tables we have done for 3DS at this point. Remastering a table for 3DS actually takes a considerable amount of work on geometry, physics, textures, and cameras.

Now that the game is releasing, we're going to start working on getting more tables done for those who want them, but we think that 4 extremely detailed and deep tables for only $2 more than Pinball Pulse (which is an excellent game) is a pretty good deal in the meantime.

It would have been nice to have a free pinball "platform" like we do with Pinball FX2, but we have to work within the capabilities of the eShop.

Thanks to everyone who supports our pinball habit by buying this game



Spoony_Tech said:

@accc Downloadable content doesn't mean you will have to pay for it. It just might be available in a update. However if they add a new table for say a dollar or two I would probably pick it up. With that said I just picked up bionic commando yesterday and that left me with just under 7 dollars. I got sick of waiting for this and low and behold the next day its announced! Well I guess I can try out that new feature where I can add the difference to my debit card!

Edit: I love it when developers listen and get involved. At least it shows they care!



Rockgamer said:

I really wish they had went with original tables for this game instead of porting the ones I already have from the PS3 version. I wouldn't mind a portable version of the game but I can't really justify paying more money for the same tables. I love the Zen guys, and I'll throw money at them for more original content (I've bought nearly all the tables for Zen Pinball and Marvel Pinball), but I gotta draw the line at paying for the same tables twice.

That's not a knock against this game, though. I'm sure it's just as great as all the other versions of ZP are, it's just not for me.



mOOgBunny said:

I've not played any Zen before this & I love it, best pinball game since the Pinball Fantasy days. Perfect for portable play with a great 3D effect. My most played 3DS game & joint favourite with Ridge Racer 3D. Actually quite excited about the DLC, I will be happy to pay for new tables. It's also got a great 3DS home menu sound byte & nice graphic & thats what really counts.



BenAV said:

I really enjoy this game on the 3DS.
It's nice having a good Pinball game with me at all times on the go without the need to carry a cartridge for it and the 3D actually makes it feel more like having a mini pinball table in my hands rather than just looking at a screen.



JoeDiddley said:

I'm looking forward to being able to compare my (fairly rubbish) scores to more of my 3DS friends now that the game will be available in America too.

And I will definately be picking up any DLC. I got Zen Pinball the same day as Pullbox & Mighty Switch Force but it's Pinball I'm playing when I'm on the go.



tanookisuit said:

Neil_Zen thanks for registering to clear that up and calling out that post. I had been wondering the same thing myself, but was being kind and not saying anything as being once in your shoes putting up with bs sucks. I was thinking about it too as I have the original setup you did for PS3 then bought the added Street Fighter II table which is amazing (second favorite.)

It pleased me to see El Dorado and Shaman on the roster as I liked them best, though Tesla was fun, never did 'get' the other really. It's nice to see 2 of the DLC tables pop up I never grabbed. At $2 each as much as I detest DLC that price is so low I can't say I'd avoid added tables to mess with.


By the way what did you mean about open platform with pinball fx2, isn't that just your rebranded name for the same deal on the 360?



SKTTR said:

This is a really good pinball game. The 3D effect is amazing, the graphics are very detailed and modern, the controls are easy and comfortable, there are many different camera options, and the physics are very realistic and the balls behave realistic 99% of the time. You get 4 very different perfectly designed, realistic tables with separate online&offline leaderboards and achievements. For just 5 bucks it's great value for the content and overall quality of the game. It's perfect on the go and great for multiple players as well. 9/10



TrumpeterBuizel said:

According to the European price shouldn't this have been $5.99? Not that I'm complaining, it's still a great value and I'll get it next week.



BlueToad said:

This came out in Australia ages ago!! It is worth it so get it when it comes to NA!



shredmeister said:

Uh oh. I was HOOKED on Pinball Fx 2 (Zen's equivalent on XBox 360) and developed some sort of injury on my tendons (it was only temporary but it lasted for weeks). This game on the little 3DS might just hurt me even more, but I love pinball and I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.



PinkSpider said:

Free DLC would obviously be lovely but even if it's like a £1.00 for the new content I'd pay that.



Neil_Zen said:

@Shworange We don't know for sure yet, but March at the very earliest, based on the timing of the addition of DLC functionality to the store/SDK.

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