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Zelda Symphony Tour Gets Four More Dates

Posted by James Newton

Updated: make that six

Update: Orlando and Denver added.

Ticketmaster has revealed four six more dates for the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses orchestral tour.

The tour will take in Vancouver and Atlanta and stop in Phoenix twice. An Orlando date was added and then removed, then added again.

14th March — Vancouver, BC
7th April — Denver, CO
20th April — Phoenix, AZ
21st April — Phoenix, AZ
12th May — Atlanta, GA
14th July — Orlando, FL

Tickets for all dates go on sale tomorrow.


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It's arriving near me! But why do I have to have no money!? Guess I should scrounge up all I can get somehow



RYBlast said:

Whoo Canada! That's a good sign, although it is in Vancouver, which is too far away from home. I hope it comes to Toronto sometime.



SLiM said:

They need to tack on a date in Kansas City and I will be there!



stromboli said:

You live in ORLANDO, and you're complaining? It's.... I don't know what to say. Orlando. You can go every day and play all the arcades at that Disney indoor place. Orlando. EDIT: the amazing DisneyQuest.



Hejiru said:

I meant because Orlando was listed and then taken off. Disappointing.

And I don't give a crap about Disney.



Spagem said:

yesss! im in tuscon! thats means im only about 2 hours away from phonix!



TikiTong said:

I swear I live in the most boring part of Canada,Ottawa........... Nothing happens here!!! Not Mario's Cross-Canada Tour, not Nintendo's Holiday Mall Tour, and one of our whopping four major shopping centres doesn't even have EB Games!!!!!!!! If only I lived in Toronto..............



grenworthshero said:

What? Why are there two dates in Phoenix, when the number of locations is already very small? That reduces the chances of it being near me even more.



theblackdragon said:

@Stromboli: no offense, but It's easy to say those kinds of things when you don't live in Orlando yourself. Disney may dazzle the tourists, but it's just another day to a native Floridian, lol — and it's certainly no substitute for the Zelda Symphony :3

EDIT: hey, what gives? I'm still seeing a July 14th date at Bob Carr for the Symphony, so don't give up just yet, Central Floridians! :3



zeeroid said:

Yay, Canadian representation! Won't be long till they announce the Toronto show now, I'm sure

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