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Wii U to Launch Just in Time for Christmas

Posted by James Newton

Will you find it under your tree?

We already know that Nintendo will release Wii U before the year's out, but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has dropped a pretty big hint that the machine will land close to Christmas.

According to several sources including Reuters and Bloomberg Japan, Iwata revealed during an investors' briefing that Wii U will hit Japan, North America, Europe and Australia just in time for the lucrative end-of-year shopping period.

Nintendo usually releases official translations of financial briefings so we expect to get the full story shortly.

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sykotek said:

Unless Santa really exists, I'm not likely to see one under my tree. Anyways, even if he did exist, I've been bad, I'd probably receive a Vita.



Tasuki said:

Makes sense that they will release it around the holidays. Just look how good the 3DS did this past holiday season compared to the spring launch it had.



BenAV said:

Sounds good to me.
Gives me plenty of time to make sure I have enough money for a Wii U and a new TV.
Looks like I'll be getting myself a nice Christmas present this year.



BulbasaurusRex said:

We'd better get some more higher profile Wii game announcements if the Wii U isn't coming for nearly another year.



James said:

Well it could be any time from October to December really, but I'd expect a mid-November launch, personally.



JimLad said:

Totally called this.
I'm glad they learned from the 3DS' mistake.
But like BulbasaurusRex said, Wii owners are getting screwed over for another whole year. Makes me glad I got a 360 last year. :/



Mok said:

Every time I read news about the Wii U I feel more and more like an idiot for buying the Wii last Christmas. Thankfully I have my 3DS to comfort me.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Seems to be the perfect time to release a new console. I only hope it will feel complete system- and killer-app-wise and everybody knows about the WiiU when it launches. Unlike the 3DS launch situation.



Burny said:

@Mok Don't! You will be reusing all your Wii controllers with the WiiU, if you eventually get one. At least for local multiplayer, as Nintendo strongly implied that the console would be centered around only one tablet at last E3.



kyuubikid213 said:

I see... Well then. I know what will happen in my case. It will be under the tree with a little tag marked:
From: Mii
To: U.

(I'll buy it myself because I won't ask my parents to shell out $400 for a non-school related thing.)



aaronsullivan said:

I hope this means there is at least one good solid launch game from Nintendo that is deeper than the mini games. This gives Nintendo more time for software and hopefully a little bit more oomf and polish in the hardware department. Nintendo can't afford to botch the launch so this is good news overall.



NintyMan said:

Not surprised here. Iwata just ensured what's going to be the #1 gift from Nintendo in Christmas time and another good season for sales. It was going to be that or November, so it's a smart decision to have it come out when people are on shopping sprees. Nintendo's developers will also be given more time to make a first-party game to release with the console, so that's an added bow on the wrapping.



aaronsullivan said:

There is no indication from hands-on reports by dozens of people that the controller is anything but great. What kind of improvements were you looking for? Or am I just feeding a troll here.



Randomname19 said:

"Will you find it under your tree?"
Nope,I'll have to buy it myself and I'm already saving money.



FonistofCruxis said:

It was obvious that it wouldn't be ready before Q4 anyway. I'll get one near its launch if the confirmed software line-up significantly improves before its launch.



Ron_DelVillano said:

I'm really torn on this.

I feel like my answer should be "no," but I'm more than likely to go out and get one.



NintenHero said:

It's a much better decision to release it in December, the sales will be better by far. Plus it gives them more time to work on it as well.



LztheQuack said:

Actually to be fair, the 3DS had a strong launch in the spring. Its slow period was after the launch and during the summer. With a November launch, Wii U might see sort of a slow period during winter months (Jan/Feb), so in hindsight it's about the same really.



MKG098 said:

The only way for it to be under my "tree" would be if it isn't expensive. If it cost 350 or less ill buy at launch, any higher and ill wait and see how good it it. I'm Freaking excited for it though



Shworange said:

If I can find one around Christmas, it will definately be the family Chrismas present this year!!!



Emaan said:

November most likely, I'm calling it. Nintendo has a thing for releasing their systems in November for some reason.



misswliu81 said:

i'm all for a xmas release- now it's a matter of the cost and the launch line-up.

hope it costs £350 or less. plus, it should give plenty of developers more time to create and develop games for the system.



Rapadash6 said:

I think it's safe to say this will release in November on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. That's when both the GCN and Wii released, and it's right before the shopping season kicks off. I best prepare for an all night long wait in the cold for this thing then.



rjejr said:

I still think they should hit Oct. 11 in the states and Nov. 10 in the EU, why pass up the marketing opportunity? We all know the EU always gets stuff after the US anyway. I just hope they make enough whenever they release it, which is why earlier is better. The Wii was hard to find for about 3 years after it's release. I only got mine b/c I got lucky and "won" it via one of those Amazon bidding auctions. At the time I thought it was stupid I "won" it but still had to pay full price, but as the years wore on I realized I how lucky I was just to have gotten one so close to launch - a few days after Christmas - with so little hassle. My plan all along has been for a WiiU to be under the tree next year, but I'm not camping out on line for 3 days to get one. Which is what happens when you release near Thanksgiving.

Edit: OK, so I actually looked at a 2012 calendar and 11/11 is probably the US launch date. (1 week before the Sunday before Thanksgiving). It's Wii like and marketable as well. T-day is the 22nd this year, that's as early as it can get - it's always the 4th Thursday in Nov. - so plenty of time for holiday shopping and hopefully finding one.



tagz said:

I have my Wii + DS + 3DS . I think I will not have it. 3DS is enough for me. well but I definitely will get The Last Story.



drumsandperc92 said:

Smart. I was hoping for this. I probably won't get one at launch, i'm anticipating this item being $300+ and likely won't have that extra cash lying around. But for Nintendo' sake, this is obviously a smart move. I remember when the Wii first came out around that time of year, you couldn't find one, and stores had lines out the door for them.
I attribute the poor sales of the 3DS in the beginning not necessarily to it's high price alone, but absolutely also due to it's random Spring launch...when are gifts given or extra money randomly found in the middle of Spring? It caught me off guard completely...during the Holidays customers are saved money for gifts, and many people receive money as gifts so right after the holiday's they can go get whatever they want. They should've hyped the 3DS more, waited for SM3DL and MK7 as launch titles, and launched the 3DS during this past holiday season. It already did very well, but I think it would've done just as well at the original $250 price point, raking in loads more cash for Nintendo.
Anyway, here's hoping the Wii U flies off shelves. I actually hope that I can go to any major retailer at the end of the year, and find they are all sold out of Wii U's.



drumsandperc92 said:

oh yeah, and along with everyone else, if it is around $350 or below I'll try to scrape together the cash, plus one game. $400 is a lot to drop but this will probably be worth it. What will sell me is if I see any MAJOR, HUGE new titles in one of the following Nintendo series:
1. Zelda (unlikely, almost guaranteed no, but hey, one can wish)
2. Super Mario (more likely, and as much as I loved galaxy 1 & 2 i'm hoping for something more along the lines of SM64/sunshine with a nice big Hub world that also had stuff to do, unlike the hub ships in G1 & G2)
3. Metroid PRIME (make a return!!!)

Those three, particularly because they would probably take the most advantage of the new horsepower of the Wii U, as well as the fact that they are typically fairly large games and will last me a while if I only bought one game at launch. I think the only other game Nintendo could concevably launch with to move this console would be Pikmin 3, fans would buy this system just for that game.
They might do that NSMBMii, but to honest it wouldn't showcase the Wii U's power. They could throw us a surprise, new Starfox or F-Zero, anyone? You never know.
Oh, and yes they need a strong 3rd party launch line which looks like it will have. But as I said to sell me at launch I think I need one of those 3 games I mentioned above. I know the Wii had Twilight Princess but I didn't buy the wii at launch due to the fact that TP was on gamecube & i just got that version (at first) and the Wii didn't really have other games that compelled me to get it right away. Come on Wii U, this could be Nintendo's best sales figures ever if they do it right!



irken004 said:

I'll have to wait and see what comes out for it, so no day-1 buy for me. Might even wait an extra 2 years for the game library to build up for it.



bahooney said:

I was one of the few who were blown away by the Wii U at last year's E3. I honestly want the Wii U to be my first launch-day purchase (besides the DSi... which doesn't really count...).



Expa0 said:

Needs games before I decide on anything, also whether it's regionfree or not plays a huge part in my decision.



Matillion said:

Since it's probably 500 bucks, (and I'm just a kid who never earns money) I'll check it out in a few years later.



North99 said:

I wouldn't want that under my tree. A nice game for a system with enough bang for the buck to make it powerful enough to last a decade is fine, thanks.



childofacid said:

I hope they release it in a color other than White. I'm getting tired of looking at my white Wii. :[



Gamer83 said:

Just waiting for the price and game lineup before I decide if I'll get the console day one or not. A 2D Mario platformer from the get go is probably wishful thinking but I wouldn't wait for Christmas, I'd pre-order the system as soon as possible if it were announced.



tdub154420 said:

What on earth is Nintendo coming out with in between May and November then?? They have nothing planned!!!!



Ryno said:

How do I top previous Christmas where I received a 59" 3D TV? Well a Wii U of course!



capitalism said:

Day motherf***ing one and I'm not waiting for Christmas to open this bad boy up. OMG I cant believe another Nintendo console is on the horizon!!!!!



JettiBlue said:

@paburrows: errm, we dont know the price yet...

Great decision, gives them more time to prepare it properly and more games will be ready. Also better for sales probably. May be even hard to get one then, like with the Wii. I got the 2nd last one just with luck and then for months nothing in the shops.



paburrows said:

JettiBlue: Well its been said that it will be more then $200 at the very least most likely (my guess between $250 & $350), thats far avove my budget at the moment



AVahne said:

If they release TLS and Pandora's Tower over here this year, then Wii owners won't be TOO drowned, especially with those 3 great games. This launch period gives me time to get a new old version Wii with Gamecube compatibility so I can transfer my WiiWare and VC games from my stolen Wii.



CerealKiller062 said:

I am in no hurry for the Wii U to be released. I am still getting this launch day! But if it were released to early, this would be impossible as I need recovery time, as I plan to buy a Vita as well.



Doma said:

I'm surprise how anybody could be sold on this console after what they've shown so far...



Megumi said:

So much for Pikmin 3 in the summer....ah well. All these 3DS games will make the wait easier.



drumsandperc92 said:

@RetroEagle i was simply saying that a Zelda game is highly unlikely as a launch title, due to the fact that Skyward Sword will have only been out for one year by the time Wii U launches. And also due to the fact that I too have read the rumors & interviews that say more Zelda is on the way, that also mention it will not be for some time.



CerealKiller062 said:

@Progamer Your showing your non pro side, my good man. I have bricked my power box with the PS3 and Xbox 360 running 3D (Not at the same time, running different games). I could honestly tell you, if the 3DS could run HD, not only would it be heavy, but the battery life on if would be worse! I don't think we'll see pocket HD gaming anytime soon, or maybe even in our lifetimes, or my great grandson's life time. Until nuclear fusion goes pocket sized, it is just a dream.



Thwiidscube said:

I'm glad to see a release date finally! I hope I can get it (If the world doesn't explode before Christmas makes it! XD)!



DanteSolablood said:

@CerealKiller062 It actually depends on your definition of HD, my mobile can run app games in 720p (this can only be done on screens of over 4 inches at the moment due to pixel density)... but the only games that make any use of that kind of definition are sprite based games. sigh If only the Sega Saturn was around now.

Also, if HD graphics needed the kind of power you're talking about - does that mean the PS Vita is telling fibs about it's computing/polygon power? As it manages a good 4hrs battery life (supposedly) with near enough PS3 graphics.



Kurachi said:

yay, so they can release more VC games, before the Wii dies for real....

i dont get a weeyuu, as i cant handle motions due to some physical handicaps, so VC is better for me (had too much bad sides with the wii already)

i hope they will make the wii's VC more alive until at least a few good games are released



luisesteban said: for the massive number of packages travelling around the world it would take like thousend years * to get delivery, december is the worst time for buy something.

  • Well actually can takes like 2 weeks, no mention about the endless months till december.


WaveGhoul said:

I'm in no hurry at all for the Wii U, I've got too many great Wii games I still have to play. I'm still one of the few who hasn't played Zelda SS Super Mario Galaxy 2, DKCR, A Boy & his Blob ect ect just to name a few. A Nov 2012 release is fine by me.



Ren said:

yeah, running HD portable isn't THAT farfetched at all, but I'm guessing you meant HD in 3D, with that screen. that would be pretty tough and suck up power. Also HD is relative in a certain sense, with a small screen the pixel density reaching 1920x1080 would be near impossible and just unecessary unless you were to be holding it flat against your face. The Galaxy Nexus is probably the highest res phone there is at 1280x720 and it's really overkill. Many phones can easily output HD to a bigger device though so handling it is not hard but barely possible on a tiny screen and just overkill. The latest cell phones put out around half HD resolution but our eyes can't identify details in that size.
As for WiiU, I'm sure it'll be a november launch like the last few, that makes sense, but it's still a long wait for me. I may just give in and get an xbox by then. I'm just sick of playing low fidelity games on an HD set. I love Nintendo, but this really should have been going sooner, seeing every other systems cool HD games is just too tempting. Skyward Sword was amazing but also a reminder how far behind we are in gaming as Nintendo fans. After one play-through theres nothing exciting left to look at. I never thought I'd feel like I do now, since I loved my Wii so much after it launched but it's been years and I feel like some poor, broke kid with no fancy HD games, and no adult material to play on it (or very little anyway; I'm 35 and still only mario and zelda are the best consistent Nintendo games).



DanteSolablood said:

@REN To be honest 720p is technically HD and actually as good as most people's eye will see. Over the age of thirty a very high percentage of the population would need finely tailored glasses or eye surgery to get anything out of a top notch screen. I am 30 and will attest that I don't need glasses to read/drive/paint Warhammer... but can not see in full HD. Oh, and I got my phone's stats wrong as you guessed.

I would state that HD gaming is tempting but wholly empty, I have a Playstation 3 and a HD television yet spend less than a third the time on it that I do my handhelds. Pretty is good, FUN is better... though I guess that's something you need to experience to understand. And as for "adult content"... what content are you after? Thw only really amazing games I've played on either the PS3 or Xbox360 are Disgaea 3 & Gundam Dynasty Warrior 3. If you like COD, DOW etc, you walk forward and shoot.. looking pretty is a necessity to make it look like the game is different from the one before.



warioswoods said:

You've used that picture on a lot of articles, but I just that weird head reflected in the controller for the first time.

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