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Wii U Panorama View Demo is Awesome

Posted by James Newton

How do they do that?

We all saw the Shield Pose, Chase Mii, Battle Mii and Zelda HD Experience Wii U demos from E3, but one we didn't get to see was Panorama View, recently shown off at CES.

The 360º video experience shown below is unlike anything Nintendo showed off before. Using the Wii U controller you can look around the space as you like, even looking at the road below the car. Quite how this is possible we don't know: our best guess is magic.

Still, it's a mighty impressive technology demo all the same.

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zeeroid said:

It's really cool, but I'm still not totally convinced by its utility. Why is this that much better than simply changing the field of view on the primary display... with a right thumbstick, for example?

@espinozac7: It's just a Zelda tech demo tailor made for the Wii U. They used the Twilight Princess art style, but it's not really from a game, per se.



sgotsch said:

2Player game: One is flying a plane / spaceship or is driving a tank / fire truck while the other player is having a 360° fight with the controller.



SkywardLink98 said:

Awesome!!! It reminds me of the AR in face raiders, where you look around to see the face radiers, but instead of AR it shows you the actual game. Please let that Zelda be a real one, it looks SO cool!!!



Spoony_Tech said:

If that was the actual system it looks smaller then I thought it would sitting there. Also I sure hope it wont be wired when its released



Raptor78 said:

It may only be wired as it is a demo unit. I have been in shops where you can play wii demos and the remotes are wired for security reasons.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I always thought this would be one of the uses for the new controller. I've never really thought about the technical background but now that you mention it it's indeed quite impressive.
The only question to me is how for single players this will be different from Face Raiders on the 3DS. Same doubts as zeeroid (2.) basically.
@sgotsch(7.): Please stop stealing my ideas.



Mk_II said:

Wasnt it Arthur C Clarke who said that really advanced technology will always look like magic?




Brilliant. Really doing interesting things with gaming there. I take it the controller will be wireless though?



Kirk said:

Yeah, I still haven't figured out how they're doing this but it must have required a pretty impressive camera setup.



Emaan said:

Calling it "Nintendo Magic" is exactly what came to my mind when I watched this (: love it!



CorusFace said:

Someone on another site had mentioned a new Mario Kart: Double Dash, where the person in the back could turn around with the controller and aim their item at other cars behind them or look back to see incoming shells or something. Don't know how you would switch spots with the person in front, but it kinda seemed like a good start....



Burning_Spear said:

You could use this in a first-person Metroid. You could use the remote to pan around while having the TV screen as a constant view of the area before you, say a corridor in which enemies could only approach from the front.



shingi_70 said:


by that u Kean the way they capture the image. they use high def video cam's and from all directions than static it in post.

this would be the raw footage from the street view car prograned to work in a motion sensitive context or ar.



bonesy91 said:

after owning both a wii and ps3 I could only imagine how awesome the Wii would be with the power of the ps3... Though seeing this takes it to another level that's just insane haha.



WaveGhoul said:

That car racing game(or whatever it was) looked photo realistic...How much more powerful exactly is the Wii U when stacked up the XBOX 360 & PS3?

Anyways, I can only watch that amazing Zelda Wii U demo so many freakin' times. As for the 2nd screen being implimented, pretty cool stuff. Again it just seems like an entirely different direction to go in instead of building on what the Wii Remote plus has already set. At least you can use the Wii U controller for racers because of it's Gyro controls. ExciteBots 2 anyone?



Ryno said:

Where does the Zelda Wii U demo fit in the timeline?

Seriously looking forward to getting this!



retro_player_22 said:

@ Ryno Not sure. The GameCube Zelda demo from Spaceworld 2000 was never put in the timeline so I guess this one won't as well.



warioswoods said:

Yeah, for some reason this one doesn't impress me all that much. I find the other tech demos more interesting.

It's just a fully panoramic movie shot from a car--which is neat and all--with motion-controlled viewing. The only part that seems particularly impressive is the system's ability to deal with streaming that much video data all at once.



ennan said:

Impressive. With the Wii U Nintendo seem to be pulling a "HAGADOOSH GAME FAN! KICK TO THE FACE TO WAKEN YOU UP! NOW PAY ATTENTION!" which is good... I love a good hagadoosh!

As for the Zelda demo - I'm hoping that just like the spaceworld demo vs twilight princess that in a few years when the actual Zelda is released that it looks even better than this demo! Hagadoosh!



Kifa said:

Wel, actually this is not a video, but a realtime rendering. Everything else is simply rendering stuff to a viewport based on gyroscope data from the tablet. No magic here, but surely an interesting way of using things that exist for a long time now.

And impressive as hell.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

I can totally see how the panoramic view could kick butt. Imagine one or your buddies driving a getaway vehicle on the TV and the other manning a machine gun on the controller. One person would be solely focused on driving while the other could be turning in all sorts of directions blasting away the chasers. I know we can already do thing like this in an online games, but I think it would be a much more meaningful experience doing it with a boyfriend/girlfriend in person. (Did I just say doing it with your significant other in person . . . you know what I mean). This idea has to be done!



NintyMan said:

Does this get your creative jucies flowing or not? Just imagine the thoughts of game developers when they were experimenting this for the first time. The possiblities are too numerous for a NL article post!



RYBlast said:

Wow, that Double Dash idea someone mentioned earlier sounds too good to be true. It sounds exactly how I would have imagined video games in "the future" when I was a child.

Also, why am I the only one who thinks the Wii U is much more impressive now than at E3 despite having the exact same tech demos? If I'm impressed by mini games that were put together for demonstration purposes, then imagine what I would feel like next E3 when they show the actual games. [drools]



thanos316 said:

that looks very nice. no drop in frame rate is a good thing also. i hope developers really take their time and make some great games and experiences for this new system. no more excuses, develpers need to do the damn thing. i can't wait to see what they will show at e3 on this system. hopefully a new name too.



Urbanhispanic said:

It is pretty impressive and it also shows another angle of gameplay ideas for future games. Just imagine the possibilities....



DarkEdi said:

How did they do that camera? Event they focus the ground and other things out of screen!!



AltDotNerd said:

Who cares if Sony and Microsoft are supposedly using UHD (ultra high def) in their next consoles? Nintendo doesn't need high-def graphics (although Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero, and Fire Emblem would look AWESOME in HD), because their gameplay is still its strong point. Sony and Microsoft, however, think graphics are 90% of the game and make that their primary focus.



JD2995 said:

True, i also hope they change the name. Especially because people confuse the 3DS with the DS because they have similar names.



M00se said:

guess i might have to get one before i go to college. hopefully its not going to be like $399 or anything. im hoping for $300-$350 at most, in this economy i cant afford to spend $399 on a game console.



bubby444 said:

@55 i dont see nintendo makeing the wii u $400 or evan $300 after what happened with 3ds.



BlueAce127 said:

The suitable price for the Wii U would be $349.99. It can't be $299 because that was the PS3's price for a good amount of time and the Wii U is more powerful/has more features. Wii U FTW!



RJ09 said:

Technically it's not a tech demo because it's running off of the Wii U hardware. It's not like a Sony tech demo where it's actually running off of some super computer and not a PS3. You've only got to look at the old PS3 Motorstorm and F1 tech demos to see.



JimLad said:

I can see the possibilities of this panorama function, but I don't see it as a convenience, rather a gimmick at this stage since you could just turn the stick without moving your body.
When they can put this technology into a helmet/goggles though...
Then you've got virtual reality.



lanabanana said:

I think i'm gonna start watching Discovery Channel with the Panorama view XD. I usually never watch it but with the Wii u , i just might



Savior said:

its as if jesus just came down towards Nintendo and said " The answer to greater games is THIIIIIIIS!" and shazammmm Wii U is created



Kage_88 said:

@42 - While there no doubt will be a bunch of unimaginative rubbish Wii U software from 3rd parties, I'm also extremely excited at the new gameplay opportunities this console will provide! After watching that awesome video, just imagine what developers such as Suda51, Level-5, Hideo Kojima and Prope (and of course, Nintendo) will be able to do!

The graphics on Wii U are mighty nice, but what impresses me the most is the fluid, no-lag interactivity between the tablet and TV. People who bemoan the fact that the console won't be as powerful as PS4 and Xbox Next aren't seeing the bigger picture; Nintendo's major tech has been invested toward TV & tablet connectivity, as well as the multiple-video streaming and smooth user interface. If Nintendo combined that with Super-Ultra High Definition power of their competitors, the cost of the Wii U would be insane.

I for one am glad they chose innovation over raw (arguably unnecessary) power. I mean, was I the only one who found Epic Games' 'Samaritan' demo the most boring thing ever? Wow, you can now see the pores on a guy's skin, whoop-de-doo...



WreckItRyan said:

@66 I was thinking the same thing! A Pokemon Snap title incorporating these gameplay mechanics would be INCREDIBLE! It's almost as if Panorama View was made for it.



SomeBitTripFan said:

VERY COOL!!!!!!!!! I don't want this. It will make me watch a video 9,999,999 times to take in everything. CURSE YOU NINTENDO! (in the good way).

@LordJumpMad: Nintendid where Segagged, go troll somewhere else



Ren said:

Nice look around feature, but it'll remain to be seen if this can manifest properly in some good games. I hope this can be used in cool ways in some survival horror games. also be great to see an actually good spider-man game where one has to take pictures for the paper as they fight off bad guys.



misswliu81 said:

@52. that's what sets nintendo apart from their competitors. they put gameplay and innovation first before graphics.



matirishhh said:

Looks hot, just like swordplay looked hot on wii back in 2006, but then we had to wait almost 6 years to see it used in a way that can be playable. I hope Nintendo will show more creativity this time around.

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