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White and Pink 3DS Consoles Go Solo from 10th February

Posted by James Newton

Heads up UK

Nintendo UK originally promised the Coral Pink and Ice White 3DS consoles would be available sans game in December, but due to unspecified delays the systems are now due to launch on 10th February.

Amazon currently lists the colours at £159.99, significantly higher than the £139.99 or so it's asking for the Metallic Red, Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black units.

Here's hoping those who want a colourful console don't have to pay over the odds.

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Marios-love-child said:

My Girlfriend bought one of these a couple of Days before Christmas, was only available as part of a Bundle with Nintendogs & Cats at the time but even that bundle was only £165 so not a bad deal I supose



Mok said:

I love my metallic-red one. Wouldn't change it for any other colour.



RedYoshi999 said:

You don't have pink yet? In Australia it's already part of the range, for no extra cost. Still, nothing beats Flame Red!



Shotgunryugan said:

I want a purple 3DS,i haven't bought a 3DS yet,but i would save the money if they had a purple model,but i guess pink is good too.



Dodger said:

I thought I saw pink at gamestop?

Anyways, we had the red bundle with SM3DL, the pink bundle with Nintendogs+Cats and the Zelda bundle with OoT3D. White is still a no show, I think.

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