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Three New Stages for Pyramids Available Now

Posted by James Newton

QR codes ahoy

3DS Download Software Pyramids might not be setting the charts alight, but those who took a chance on its chunky charms will be pleased to find three new stages for the game available below.

Here's how you use the codes:

  • Launch Pyramids
  • On the title's front screen, select 'QR CODE'
  • The top screen will show nine level slots, under a seventh World called 'The Secret Passage'.
  • Make sure that an empty slot is selected with the D-Pad, then tap 'IMPORT' on the touch screen.
  • Follow the instructions on the touch screen to line up the code (on a PC screen is fine) with the camera on the top screen; the whole code must be visible.
  • Tap the box on the touch screen when the code is lined up, and the level will download almost instantly.
  • You will be able to play the level by selecting it in the QR Code screen and hitting 'START'.

Easy peasy. Not got the game yet? Check out our Pyramids review for our verdict.




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Shworange said:

Nice! I have to say, trying to get three stars on the later levels drives me friggin nuts! I'll speed along only to end up a second or less short of the goal! Aaaahhh!!!



chewytapeworm said:

Naaahhh, Pyramids was great. Old-school challenging fun. Just much too short and perhaps lacking a level editor. Levels should be downloaded via the internet too, a la Professor Layton's weekly brain teaser downloads, but that's only a minor gripe. I'm gonna be all over these levels later, but yeah, it won't take more than ten minutes to finish the lot...



Rockgamer said:

Sweet, I can combine these with the last batch of levels I didn't get to from their facebook page to have another full slate of levels to go through. I hate that I have to delete the other extra stages in order to do so, but I definitely want to play more of this excellent game.



Geonjaha said:

The 3D was very strong - but added nothing at all to the gameplay as it only ever included the background which only diverted attention from the game. The level downloading was a problem, and a level editor was another, but the main issue was controls. The controls were terrible.



CureM said:

@Rockgamer (6) same here I've been waiting to get the second batch to 9 levels to delete the first batch of QR codes and enjoy more challenge from this great little game!



PinkSpider said:

Are these levels actually designed by the developers of the game?
Coz if so thats cool almost like downloadable content



Supremeist said:

Weeks and weeks later I am still questioning about buying this game. But I won't, cause I heard it was disappointing and I want to save my money for some golden titles.



Maggots said:

felt like an iphone game... but slightly better because of buttons and 3D



Rockgamer said:

@PinkSpider Yes, all of the extra levels are designed by the developers. It pretty much is DLC, but I imagine they had to go the QR image code route since there was no DLC system implemented on the 3DS at the time the game was released.

@Lohengriehn I asked the developers how come there wasn't more space for extra levels, and they said it was a technical issue. I don't remember the exact reasoning, but it was something like it would have made the loading times in the game much slower.



StarDust4Ever said:

I downloaded this game, and it was a disappointment. The difficulty ramped up far to quickly, and the controls are sloppy. I got stuck on level 2 in the area with the rolling rocks. I can't even climb two steps into the Space Invaders level without getting pummeled. In every way, Pushmo is loads better of a game than Pyramids, and you can create your own levels too!



CureM said:

Pushmo and Pyramids are two completely different games, once you get familiar with controls in pyramids they become natural and the challenge level is much higher than Pushmo.. so for only a "casual" puzzle game Pushmo is good but for a "serious" puzzler Pyramids is better imo..

Pyramids gameplay has 2 parts, figuring out the puzzle AND executing the solution perfectly to get the 3 stars.. I can now do all puzzles I spent over 30 minutes trying to solve in my first run now with 3 stars and still have some time on the clock.



ejamer said:

Weird to see people complaining about the controls. Pyramids can be a very challenging game... but it controls well. If you are dying then it's because you need to improve at the game and try a different strategy, not because the game controls aren't working.

Might not be the right game for everyone — it's decidedly "old-school" at heart — but Pyramids is still one of my favorite 3DS experiences so far due to the quick levels that require both reflexes and some brainpower. A level editor would've been a sweet addition, but giving away professionally-designed levels as QR codes online is a great way for Enjoy Gaming to expand the game. (So far I've counted 22 additional levels. Does that sound right?)

Comparisons to Pushmo are tough. Pushmo is more polished and offers a great level-creation tool. But it's also easy and devoid of any action (unlike Pyramids where you are in a mad race to the finish with danger all around). Both games are good, although they scratch very different itches.

PS — Thanks for the new levels! They are much appreciated!



Rockgamer said:

While all three games are somewhat different, I'd say Pyramids is more similar to Mighty Switch Force than it is to Pushmo. Like CureM said, it's about figuring out the puzzle and then exexcuting the solution perfectly, which is essentially the same thing you do in MSF to beat the par times. Pushmo is a great game and it definitely has more content than Pyramids and MSF combined, but from a pure gameplay perspective I felt it was the weakest of the three (not to say it was bad, just that it doesn't offer as much of a challenge).

@ejamer You've found more additional levels than I have. I've only found 18 of them so far, 4 exclusive to Nintendo Life and the rest on their facebook page. Did you find anymore outside of those two places?



Megajack said:

ive heard this game sucks so im not getting it i sugggest u do the same and get cave story dsi ware



Ren said:

Better than Pushmo? uh, in what reality? This game was teribble. Difficulty alone doesn't make a game 'hardcore' if the game is boring and poorly controlled and the 'difficulty' is only in the short time limits, than it's all fail. Not to mention being sold as a 3D game with almost nothing in 3D. (just the dull backgrounds) I wish I'd saved my money.



SyFyTy said:

Even though I enjoyed the game, I spent more time in relaoding than anything and yes, the controls are sloppy, not to mention the controls are (intentionally?) backward to any other platformer I've played, causing me to further repeat attempts at each level. This is a cheap move some companies use to artificially lengthen the games play time.

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