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The Binding of Isaac Seeking Approval from Nintendo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Team Meat tries again

As you may recall, the rather terrific Super Meat Boy from developers Team Meat never made it to WiiWare as originally planned. Despite a lot of anticipation and hype, the file size limitation on the service was too restrictive, and plans for a retail release fell through. There is hope for Nintendo gamers, however, with The Binding of Isaac reportedly being sounded out to Nintendo for a possible appearance on the 3DS.

This title was co-created by one half of the Super Meat Boy team, Edmund McMillen. It's very early days to determine whether this will actually happen, but when answering questions on Formspring McMillen stated:

A publisher I know is currently asking Nintendo if they would be OK with Isaac on the 3DS.

He also said that the 3DS was the only alternative platform being considered: this title is currently exclusive to the PC.

One issue for Nintendo could be the adult themes and imagery, which would certainly be anything but the norm for the 3DS. That said, if titles such as Madworld can be released on Wii, maybe this has a chance.


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tvshowking said:

I got it as part of the Humble Bundle, so I know this is a great game. I would definitely get a 3DS version, if only to promote more indie/mature games on the system.



GeminiSaint said:

Another issue for Nintendo would be how similar to Zelda 1 it looks.
...or not, considering both Neutopia games made it to the Wii's VC.



Corbs said:

Until they release Super Meat Boy on either 3DS or Vita, I'm sitting this one out. I need some portable Super Meat Boy goodness.



theblackdragon said:

Like i said in the forum thread about this, I think it'll be interesting to see whether Nintendo will be okay with this game on their console or not — it's full of mature content but (unlike other M-rated Nintendo titles) is couched in cutesy artwork, which might confuse parents and children into thinking it's something much less disturbing. granted, it'd be the parents' fault for not doing their homework on it and ignoring the rating, but still :3



Red-acteur said:

@Corbs : I personally can't see SMB on the 3DS : the buttons aren't really made for it and it would suffer from being thrown against a wall ^^'



theblackdragon said:

@Red-acteur: haha, you bring up a good point — i remember that pic of your destroyed xbox controller, Corbs... i'd hate to see that happening to your 3DS



gabrielwoj said:

I have this game on steam. This game is terrific, and I can't wait for see on a Nintendo Console



Spoony_Tech said:

I really want to see this happen! The parents can't complain if they see this on their kids system. They should be setting up the parental codes to keep their kids from spending money without their permission. I would think Nintendo would also try to go one step further to protect themselves by also asking for a birth date! If they are letting them go to the eshop of any kind they are asking for trouble if they care at all! Besides they are mostly giving these kids the money to go there anyways so they know what they're doing after all!



Chris720 said:

Well surely if Nintendo finds problems with it, they can make it restricted via Parental Controls or have to enter your birth date, as Tech mentioned, before you can purchase it and the download proceeds. What's the harm of bringing a Mature game to the eShop? Except for irresponsible parents I suppose...



Linkstrikesback said:

Thats one of the most ridiculous things I've read in a while. Arbitrarily holding a company to ransom because they don't port a game to a specific format? Do you play any game that hasn't been ported to 3ds/vita then? If you do, whats the difference between that and SMB?
Team meat have made it blatantly clear they're done with Super Meat Boy and that it isn't getting ported to anything else by them. And I get the feeling they don't want to let anyone else do the porting, since they worked an awful lot on it. (Binding of Issac took 4 weeks to develop, SMb took over a year)

If you just said you weren't going to buy it, fine, I'm not, because I already have Binding of Issac on PC, but I can't see the logic behind your statement.

Not to mention the blatently obvious: There are two outcomes from this.
1)Team meat sees that there is a market for the slightly edgy games they make on 3DS
2)Team meat sees the opposite, and no-one bothers trying to port anymore team meat games.

Obviously your approach is going to give the second one when Nicalis (come on, who else would be looking to publish indie games on the eShop?) try and release this.

That said, I'm sure we all know super meat boy is a much better game.



ThomasBW84 said:

I'd like to see it come to the eShop, just to show developers that Nintendo are willing to embrace M-rated content. The parental controls are fairly robust, not to mention the fact that all eShop downloads are given a clear age classification. There may be the odd parent who complains, but that's unavoidable.

There's a reason I cited Madworld, that was pretty grizzly. There's been a few others on the Wii as well, so I'd hope Nintendo would give approval.



Drake said:

Played and finished on Steam (With all achievements too), so I'd skip this, but it would be nice to see regardless.



stromboli said:

MadWorld is a not a great example for M rated games on the Wii, since it is, I wouldn't say "cartoony" but a comic-book parody style. However, there are also Scarface, Godfather and Manhunt, so there are a lot of precedents. Download will be simpler, because what's the difference between this and mature content on the web browser? easy for parents to control. I dont' see what's so M rated in this game anyway... it's not porn.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Played a bit of the demo now and i have to say this one is intriguing. (Also showed me how much i dislike keyboard controls again.) Ninty would do well to let 'em bring it to the 3DS since it's these uniquely styled and themed games that push gaming forward imo. This would further show that they really take us core gamers seriously.

Bonus question: So McMillen only considers a Nintendo platform because the game kinda spoofs Zelda ? Would be amazing if that's the case and great for Nintendo to have the exclusive console version.



Colors said:

@Stromboli Well Resident Evil and Call of Duty aren't porn but are still M-rated. Binding of Isaac may not look realistic like many M-rated games out there, but it's the fact that you're a crying baby who just blew up a monster and those red pixels are blood and gore which would make it fall under the mature category.



zeeroid said:

I have long since given up hope for Super Meat Boy making it to a platform I actually want it on (Wii, PS3, DS, 3DS) and since I can't get behind the idea of playing a game like that on PC — I tried and it didn't feel right — I'll just have to wait till I can afford an Xbox 360, which will henceforth be referred to as my Super Meat Boy Box.

In the meantime? Isaac on 3DS is something I DO WANT.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I'd rather have Meat Boy (speaking of which, if the main reason it didn't come to wiiware was because of file size limit why the heck don't they bring it to the 3DS!?) but I'd like to see this on the eShop.



Kriedler said:

I'd buy this on the eShop. Nintendo, if you're reading this, GIVE IT THE GO AHEAD. And for god's sake, don't censor it. Censorship is the bane of humanity.



jkshaz said:

This is a simple but fantastic game. I doubt I would purchase it again after completing it on Steam, but if it gives more people a chance to play it this would be a nice move.



Nintendude92 said:

I have this and Super Meat boy.

I would buy this again on the eshop no problem, and might even enjoy it on that format more. I just doubt Nintendo would take it with how crude and offensive some of the things in isaac can seem. Major points to Nintendo if it gets a green light



CowLaunch said:

Mature content but cute presentation? Well, Nintendo allowed it with Conker, debatable whether they'd do it again though.



Rockgamer said:

I would definitely download a 3DSWare version of this game, but I'm kinda doubtful it would get approved. This is something I'll keep an eye on, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up for it.



TysonOfTime said:

While l want this to happen SO BADLY, I sickingly observed just from being in a GameStop for a few minutes that some parents are either:
a) completely stupid when it comes to video games to get kids or
b) some parents just don't care.
Despite what many would think, Nintendo is not stupid nor is it stuck in the past. It does things it's own way. I don't know what will happen in this case.



Ren said:

This would set a nice president, though, that Madworld failed to do. The problem with mature games on Nintendo is that they have mostly just been bad games (except GTA chinatown). Someone somehow gets through to nintendo so then they stuff a game full of "mature" content that is more immature than anything Nintendo puts out in a bad/ boring game, so the stigma still stands. (Non-stop swearing, stupid poop humor, misogyny/ arbitrarily scantily clad women) Madworld was full of monotonous gameplay, a dumb story and the stupid anouncers spouting , lame offensive jokes; this does not equal "mature" or a good game but get's an "M" rating and the genre a bad name.
A smart game geared for adults (Bioshock, Resi-Evil games, Godfather: Blackhand) are the mature games we want. Or like this one, smart design with a darker concept. I'd like to see this kind of thing make it so the bar can be raised a little and we can get some truly 'mature' games (especially in time for WiiU. I will not be satisfied with Hi-def Mario alone, I want some of those ported mature games we never got)



Oregano said:

The problem is that game might not be M Rated. It could easily be AO which means no platform holder would even touch it. Provided it can get an M rating from the ESRB/PEGI I don't think there would be a problem.



TikiTong said:

If SEXY POKER could be released on Wiiware, then this has a right to be on the 3DS!



Hyperstar96 said:

@Oregano That's rediculous. Do you even KNOW what makes an AO game? This doesn't come anywhere close to being AO. Heck it might even be T. An AO game ha to have a LOT of nudity and sexual content; this has neither. Just a lot of violence and religious imagery, along with a few adult themes. This will probably high-end T or low-end M.



steamhare said:

Started the game two days ago, have run through it several times already (I needed the winter cheevo, so I was motivated). It's great, fun to play, pays homage to zelda in its level designs, and plays like a shooter. It would be great if it made it to virtual console.



WAM2 said:

Yergh. I wouldn't even touch this game. Whoever made it is obviously disturbed.



Matillion said:

It's ridiculous how a game with a darker aspect gets sceptical views from Nintendo. Didn't they say they wanted their consoles to be for "we" and "you"? Or does the 3DS not count? @milkman12 It's basically about a mother that gets and order from God to kill her son Isaac, so Isaac escapes to some place that some might find disturbing. The game is rated T, and that's how I think it should stay.

Oh, and there's a demo on for thoe who would like to check it out.



jkshaz said:

@38 haha yeah disturbed may be a good way to describe Edmund McMillan but he has produced several good games.



theblackdragon said:

@Matillion: To be fair, we have no idea how Nintendo is viewing this game. All we're doing in this thread is speculating — they haven't said a word about it themselves.



Popyman said:

YES. I wanted this on the 3DS the moment Edmund mentioned he was thinking of porting it. This was seriously one of the best games I played in 2011.

And there is nothing THAT bad in Isaac--it would probably only get a T rating. >_>



SunnySnivy said:

I am all for this release, it would be encouraging for other developers to work with Nintendo.



Pogocoop said:

I would pay for this again, seems way more like a portable game than a PC title.



Popyman said:

Also, it would be amazing if this took advantage of Nintendo allowing DLC. Isaac has had a steady stream of new content, it would be fantastic to have the same sort of post release support on the 3DS!



Supereor said:

I cannot see this game being on Nintendo 3DS. I like the game, but still, it feels... awkward. I mean honestly, the most sensible kind of controls for this game I can think of is using the Circle Pad/D-Pad(I would like it if the short version for Circle Pad, C-Pad caught on) to move, and the traditional letter buttons (X to shoot up, B to shoot down and so on) to shoot Isaac's colossal, deadly tears.
My opinion on the kind of games Nintendo needs... new, non-sequel(try and find a few games by Nintendo that aren't sequels OR spin-offs) games that make nice use of the touch screen, it has a touching story, pun intended, and it has nice graphics and a lengthy amount of gameplay time.



sykotek said:

The more I play this game, the more I like it. It's challenging, but it's fun. I highly doubt it'll ever hit the eShop unless there's major censoring/revisions to the presentation. It's guaranteed AO otherwise.

For example, this here is a monster named Vis:
Vis's main method of attack is spraying a jet of blood at you from her...cavity.



kyuubikid213 said:

Ehh... I don't know about this one. If Nintendo accepts, that could be a good thing for pushing off the "kiddy" label and welcome in indie developers, but JUST WATCH. If Nintendo accepted, the media would be all over it. "Look what they are trying to do to our children! First headaches from the 3D, now THIS?!" Next thing you know. 3DS recall.



FonistofCruxis said:

I would much rather have Super meat boy as its not a sacrilegious game and just looks like a much better game overall.



alLabouTandroiD said:

@kyuubikid213: Good point. I didn't think about the haywire media. If Nintendo lets this game come to the 3DS they might have to invest some money to reinform people about the parental controls again.
Imo it's definitely worth a shot since in the long term it might give them a lot of credibility to core gamers. Or maybe even people that only admire the style and content of these games. Judging from myself they're trusty customers.



Nekro said:


Vis Edit

When lined up directly with the player (horizontally or vertically), will begin shaking violently then fires a wide blood beam from its chest for a couple seconds



Supereor said:


Ew... that sounds disturbing. However, I would like to see the video with Vis in it.
Here's my only question... is it popular? If it's not too PC popular, than there won't be much point in releasing it for the DSiWare Shop/eShop, only for it to interest every little DSi/3DS owning child who visits the software shops every now and than.



Nekro said:

@ GrandChaseLover

Well, with a metacritic score of 84 and 13,609 players recommending it to friends on Steam, I'd say it's got the popularity behind it to back sales up.



steamhare said:


Yeah, that's how I always saw it, since gluttony uses the same attack and is definitely firing from his stomach.



Gamesake said:

I figure it must take a lot of hard work even to make a sucky game, but Edmund McMillen makes it look easy.



Maggots said:

What's the big deal about super meat boy anyway... it never looked all that interesting to me... seems that just because a game has pixelated graphics people go nuts over it...

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