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Skyward Sword is Wii's 45th Million Seller in U.S.

Posted by James Newton

Latest in a long line

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has sold over 1 million copies in the United States since its release on 20th November, Nintendo of America has announced.

Link's airborne adventure sold 535,000 copies in its first eight days on sale to become the fastest-selling Zelda game ever, and has since reached the major milestone of 1m copies in just over two months. It's the 45th Wii game to reach the target in the United States since the machine launched in 2006.

Of course, we all know the sales achievement pales in comparison to Skyward Sword recently being announced Nintendo Life's Game of the Year 2011, but that's life.

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SLiM said:

Good to hear. It's a shame if anyone who has a Wii misses out on this game.



rjejr said:

I'm up to the Song of Heroes trial in Skyloft (about 50 hours of gameplay in) and I have to say it's been worth it and it deserved to sell a million copies. Is there a link to the other 44 games? I'm curious as to how many I've played. I know we played the obvious ones, Brawl, Galaxy, Kart, basically anything by Nintendo, but that's probably only about 20 or 30 games.



NintyMan said:

Almost any big Nintendo exclusive such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the Mario Galaxy games, or Donkey Kong Country Returns would be in that list, but Skyward Sword deserves it as well. It's also impressive that it's the fastest selling Zelda ever, no doubt because it was hyped.



Aqueous said:

I really enjoy The Legend of Groose, glad to see I'm not alone in this. Well back to the harder difficulty



motang said:

Very cool! I am sure it doesn't have the same sales figures in Japan, odd how different games sell differently in different places.



aaronsullivan said:

Good that it's selling because it really showcases some good solid motion controls. Great entry for the 25th anniversary for various reasons, too. Loving the game so far with a couple of minor gripes:

Too much text! Seriously, the dialogue writers need to learn about brevity. It's not badly written it's just needlessly verbose. That's one thing voice acting would probably take care of. However, the "acting" is fantastic. There's a huge amount of attention to the expressions and motions of the characters during the cinematics. So, even though the reading is laborous, the cutscenes are emotionally moving which is the important part!

Another gripe is that the rolling motion requires a little too much motion in my opinion compared to the other techniques and there is a narrow range of speed to distinguish between a slash and a feint to another side before slashing. Overall, there is a bit of delay to get accustomed to with everything gyroscope. For instance, when responding to menu choices if you are too fast to select, it reads your pointing to the right as center and then it gets awkward.

Beyond those gripes, I'm finding it engrossing and fun. I love that every encounter with a new creature is a mystery to be unraveled and really dangerous as there aren't as many hearts laying around and you can't just hack away.

And this is turning into an ironically verbose review, so, erm... GO ZELDA!



siavm said:

Nice to see the Legend is doing good here. Is definitely going to leave the wii on a good note going into the wii u.



misswliu81 said:

good to see skyward sword doing ever so well. i wonder what the other 41 wii games that reached a million copies being sold are. super mario galaxy 2, twilight princess, smash bros brawl, just dance are 4 i could name already.



JJGenesis said:

It's one of Nintendo's greatest ever game franchises and Skyward Sword may well be the best Zelda game period. So its no surprise its a million selling game.



LittleIrves said:

I, too, would love a link to the other 44 million-sellers. Might just go out and pick up Skyward Sword today in celebration...



sinalefa said:

Great news. Not only sold a million but it sold it fast.

Thankfully it was not a case of "There are no games on Wii so let's buy anything", since it is one of Nintendo's best games. As was Super Mario Galaxy 2 a year ago.

And judging by the amount of Iwata Asks articles written, Nintendo themselves are pretty proud of it.



lalalalalalal said:

hands down one of the best games ever (one of the best games)

I think it's funny how my list of best games ever is all Nintendo



mulletman said:

Don't you mean 1 million copies in UNDER two months? It'll be two months on the twentieth of Jan. Even more of an impressive achievement. Great game by the way, my gf and I are about 8 or 10 hours in. Although embarrassingly she's better at the swordplay than me!



boob said:

300 million people in the united states. if you said 3 people per household. thats a copy of SS per 100 households, thats incredible really for a game in less than 2 months.
cue rapturous applause.

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