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Rumour: Wii U Heading for E3 Face-Off with PS4 and Xbox 720

Posted by James Newton

New console trinity rumoured

Hold onto your tinfoil hats, people: we could be in for a wild ride this year.

According to UK retail and trade site MCV, there will be new PlayStation and Xbox consoles revealed at this year's E3. Nintendo has already confirmed it will show off the final Wii U form at E3 2012, potentially leading to a three-way scrap for early console column inch dominance.

While Wii U will launch this year, it seems unlikely either rival console would launch less than six months from their initial reveal, but stranger things have happened in this industry.

Do you think new, more powerful versions of rival consoles could put Wii U in the shade or is Nintendo's new trinket interesting enough to hold its own?

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WaveGhoul said:

If sony releases the same dual shock controller 'again' for the PS4 i'm going to lose my lunch.



FernaMedel said:

well its time for sony and microsoft to start stealing nintendo's ideas, they have done it before they will surely do it again. they will probably make consoles so high tech that almost no normal person would have the money to buy. I am looking at u over 600 dollar ps3.



zionich said:

All comes down to 3rd party developers. The core first party players are already going to get the Wii U.



kyuubikid213 said:

The Wii U will be fine because of a few things. First, it is supposed to be dramatically better than the Wii, so loyal Nintendo fans will still be there. Second, the things that the Xbox 720 and PS4 can add to the already successful Xbox 360 and PS3 won't be much. All of the possible improvements that could have been done to the previous systems were pretty much fixed with System Updates. And lastly, if Microsoft and Sony don't bring it with BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY, Wii U owners can still grab their favorite Wii games. As for me, I will get a Wii U, but also keep the Wii. I love GameCube games.

The Wii U will do just as well (if not better than) the Wii.



sc100 said:

Forget the hardware at E3, I'm mostly looking forward to seeing Reggie in action again.



Smitherenez said:

I would like to try the WiiU before I consider to buy it. I am not sure if the Tablet controller is the right thing for me. But I do not want to miss out on those new Nintendo titles either...



LonegamerNO1 said:

More powerfull rival consoles? This is pi##ing me off. You dont know how much power either of these consoles will have. For all you know wii u will be on top in the power department (i dought it though) but i hope you eat your words. They are right, media is killing ninty and if it carries on wii u will fail but i really hope not.
Rest of the artical was ok im just fed up with people asuming wii u wont be able to peform as well as sony and microsofts efforts.



Corbs said:

Gonna be fun in LA this June. I can't wait to check 'em all out!



James said:

If you think Wii U will be more powerful than the next Xbox or PlayStation you're kidding yourself, man.



Spoony_Tech said:

Who didn't see this coming! We will see if Microsoft and Sony pull some type of copy cat this time since they lost out on early motion control sales last go! I mean how much better can the graphics get for them anyways. Nintendo will vastly improve their graphics this go and although Sony and Microsoft will improve the graphics of their next machines it wont be that big of a leap. So what spin will they try (if any) to their next generation of systems.



aaronsullivan said:

The XBox and Playstation have a tough battle ahead. The WiiU really doesn't in my opinion. The WiiU is a simple idea: it revolves around a new controller while not abandoning the controllers everyone already has and it will be up to par with graphics capabilities finally embracing HD resolution (so it doesn't have horribly distracting jagged edges and blurry textures on the HD screens most people have now). Oh, and the killer feature: you will be able to buy it almost right away.

I can see Sony trying to leverage the Vita because it will be the one differentiator it has. Microsoft will try to do something with Kinect judging by the way it keeps pushing it. Maybe an upgraded Kinect with higher fidelity in reading. Maybe giving in to the idea that adding a button to the mix would actually be helpful? The big problem is going to be games. If they try to push out a new console quickly, it will need to do so without key games to push any new hardware beyond the spec bump. There simply isn't enough time. It's possible there have been some super secret non-leaked things going on, but that doesn't happen much anymore.

I personally don't see them launching consoles this year, but I'd bet money that they will tease the future of the platforms this E3 — very much like Nintendo did last year — to rain on Nintendo's parade a bit and lay out the plans for developers.



Kirk said:

Yes, I absolutely think they will put Nintendo's console in the shade if they come with built in recording capabilities, as rumored, and possibly built-in cable/sky-like services etc too, as well as all the other multimedia capabilities they will inevitably have.

I mean the WiiU is a potentially very cool console but I'm pretty sure most people at this point just want a single multi-media entertainment hub in their living rooms, that also happen to be really good games consoles, rather than a machine that is predominantly focused on videogames but lacks many of the obvious and popular multimedia features which I think the WiiU will.



Incognito_D said:

looks like Nintendo is once again going to be trailing a generation behind in terms of processing power - which is very frustrating because it means we'll miss out again on loads of great third party multi-plats.
Add a stupid looking controller into the mix and I'm not enthusiastic



Beechbone said:

I'd say it's not gonna happen. Nobody will buy a Kinect anymore if there's new Microsoft console coming on the horizon. And it seems PS3 hasn't been pushed to its limits yet, and Sony still have PS Vita to brag about the whole E3 conference. I'm super curious about Wii U, the price, actual games (maybe reveal of a launch lineup), and since it's fully backwards compatible with Wii maybe it will offer something like upscaling resolution of Wii games? On Xbox 360 at least on some games you get additional antialiasing for original Xbox games, and Nintendo is always kicking butt with backwards compatibility.



axis1500 said:

And here was I thinking we'd finished the "Nintendo is doomed" articles for a while

DS was launched. Everyone predicted the superior PSP would destroy it.
What happened? DS outsold the PSP 2-1.

Wii was launched. Everyone predicted the superior PS3 would destroy it..
What happened? The Wii sold in figures the PS3 could only dream of.

3DS was launched. Everyone predicted the superior PSVita would destroy it.
What happened? The 3DS outsold the Vita 7-1 in its opening week.

And now, I can see everyone predicting that the Wii U will be destroyed by the superior PS4.....
Here we go again



XCWarrior said:

But what about PS3 and their "10 year life cycle" with the PS3. Oh yeah, the fact that a PC can do circles around it and the 360 changed that quick.



BenAV said:

I've already made my mind up to buy a Wii U at launch either way.
It'll be nice if they can get some more decent third party games than the Wii did, but any of those are just a bonus on top of all the quality Nintendo first party games for me.
Even with the Wii's lack of third party support, it seemed to take away most of my spare time and money and still is.



StarDust4Ever said:

Xbox 720 will be rigged with explosives so that when it gets the RROD, it will explode also taking down the TV with it as well as any nearby competitor's consoles, or fanboys who happen to still be playing them.

The ensuing lawsuits put M$ out of business, and Linux becomes the new computing platform.

Oh, and Nintendo dominates as usual while Sony goes back to making TVs and Stereos. Apple releases a new game console, which fails miserably and becomes colloquially known as the iJoke. Nintendo joins the ranks of Google with it's vast gaming empire!



Pokefanmum82 said:

i highly doubt that Sony would be launching a new console. It would completely overshadow their Vita. Until there is absolute proof, I take this with a grain of salt



StarDust4Ever said:

Let's face the facts. Vita will be well over a year late behind 3DS when it comes out. It wouldn't surprise me any if Apple releases a dedicated gaming platform for next gen, either.



zeeroid said:

Can't wait till the Xbox 720 comes out! Then I can buy the 360 for dirt cheap and finally play those XBLA games I've been yearning for. Super Meat Boy, as an example. Oh, and a couple exclusives too, like Tales of Vesperia and Lost Odyssey.



misswliu81 said:

i think that as long as 3rd parties keep bringing out the quality games for the wii U, nintendo will be fine. they and us need to not worry or focus too much on what microsoft and sony do.

the media and other people will say nintendo are doomed but they proved with the wii, 3ds and DS sales, they are still alive.



saki_slash said:

@ 19. For years, I was a "Simple old-school gamer" Who denied any high talk of "next-gen". Even when I bought the Gamecube I didn't even blink at PS2/XBOX except for Vice City/Max Payne. Now here we stand in 2012 and I totally agree with you 100% The times of technological advancements and demands for one mutli-media console is becoming the new Medium...

For My own reasons to other readers, I most likely without a doubt will purchase a Wii U, however, I fear they will get so focused on apps and what this I-pad like controller will be capable of and totally screw loyal fans over by re-hashing Wii games. Ala; NGC games to Wii with "new control" gimmiks...I love Nintendo over all when it comes to product and exclusive characters I've been playing for 23 years now. M$ and Sony will no doubt have an uprising somewhere in the next gen. but there's really nothing more they can do other then build on media tools etc really. I Just hope whatever it is they all decide to do is NOW focus on gameplay again. it took almost 10 years to finally leave graphics alone and start good gameplay again...This is where NiNtY needs NOT to focuse solely on now...time to OWN your rivals with U Nintendo!



CanisWolfred said:

It still makes no sense for them to reveal a new console just yet. The PS3 and 360 are selling better than ever. Why move to a new console now?



saki_slash said:

And for the record...Im by no means no how a Nintendo Fan boy anymore...Ive owned 360s, ps1 and 2, xbox etc just that Nintendo has one helluva chance to start over in peoples homes now that they've dominated the outside world with the 3DS....which I'm getting one of those awesome systems soon....



NintyMan said:

Well, we all knew that the next XBox and Playstation would come at some point and be even more powerful than the Wii U, but let's look at history. Ever since the DS, Nintendo has outperformed in ways that their competition would only dream of doing. The reason why is because of price. The DS, Wii, and eventually the 3DS were cheap enough for average folks to buy, while the devoted XBox and Playstation fans would buy a $600 console if they had to. I expect that Nintendo has learned from the 3DS launch and will make the Wii U affordable enough for people of all stripes to purchase.



shingi_70 said:

Calling it now xbox 720 at ces this year. Also the wii u will have a way harder time than them.

The 720 will work with my 360 download stuff and be cross compatible with windows 8.



steamhare said:

My god, finally. I was hoping the Wii U announcement would get microsoft and sony to get their thumbs out of their butts. Although some people keep claiming that graphics can't get much better, textures and draw distance could be vastly improved with some more ram, and the meshes for plant life is still best described as weird and not very life like. The increased processor speed will also get things like hair and leaves and tree branches to move in the wind a lot better, too. Consoles are holding back PC gaming way more than people realize.

I'd also be happy to see at least one console switch to proprietary flash media for games. The technology will be cost effective by the end of the new systems life spans...



Burning_Spear said:

Microsoft and Sony will release the power specs for their consoles and half the people in the room will write off Wii U as "last gen." The people who care about the gaming experience will make a well-reasoned decision and choose the console that makes the most sense for them.



CapedGodot said:

IF this is true, which I very much doubt, the WiiU will be to the new consoles what the Wii was to the PS3 and 360: less powerful, but considerably more kick



Spoony_Tech said:

@32 Of course they're doing well. They just as always want to steal nintendos thunder. They figure if they just announce some new systems and show off some games and features it will stop people from buying Nintendos new system.



CanisWolfred said:

@Tech101 ....No, they want to make money, which they're already doing, and the Wii U probably won't change that. Honestly, I don't expect them to even think about a new console until the Wii U is out and they see how it does first, as well as whether or not it puts a huge dent in their sales.



CanisWolfred said:

@gabrielwoj Thank you for being the first person to point out the giant elephant in the room. I thought I was going crazy here.

EDIT: Before anybody says anything, it's just a figure of speech.



AltDotNerd said:

I can understand Sony naming it the "PS4"; Nintendo calling their's the "Wii-U" is a strange name but there's a logic behind it; but the "Xbox 720"? That's assinine!



Spoony_Tech said:

Oh I agree they want to make money but don't think pride doesn't get in the way. Nintendo even if under powered ran away with the last Gen. Its on the last legs of its life and Sony and Microsoft don't want to take any chances this go around with what Nintendo did last Gen. Vita will also be under a lot of pressure to catch up to the 3ds. Don't even think for a second that Sony isn't feeling a bit of pressure from the sales in Japan right now with the 3ds out selling them. Its all out war this time around and no one is pulling punches. Well except for Nintendo. They have always been about games!



lonlon-milker said:

I knew at least one company was going to make a new console but this is insanity! I mean Nintendo has a year head start but there are so devoted fans for Sony and Microsoft who cant get over their fancy graphics on their call of duty games. However something tells me that the vita is going to fail and when it does Sony is going to try to work on the ps4 and jack tretton is going to say something stupid like john Romero's ad for Diakatana. Then we have Microsoft and they have online gaming that you have to pay for every month, plus they relay on fps's but the fps is in an ending age of popularity. There have always been games that were focused on each generation consoles. In the eighties and mid nineties it was about platforming and puzzle games, for the rest of the nineties it was about 3d platforming, and rpg games and now we aree at a turning point for something new and critics are already saying that fps's have to innovate or give up on the genre. So in my final statements I think that Nintendo is going to be at least alive in this war but one thing is for sure and that is that we are going to be seeing some really pretty looking games this year at E3.



Savino said:

It´s obvious that Wii U will not be more powerfull than the other two... but it must be at least as powerfull as them. Or we will have the same problem that the wii got, loosing great franchises due to power.



CanisWolfred said:


If they do let pride get in the way, then they're damned fools who won't last much longer in the market. Not to say you're wrong, just that if you're right, then I don't see them having much of a future.



AltDotNerd said:

I think Sony and Microsoft realize (but won't admit) that Nintendo is THE gaming juggernaut, so they're probably rushing into production with their sequel consoles just so they don't seem "behind".



motang said:

Honestly it would be really bad for Sony to show off PS 4, PS 3 is still at it's prime, it is by far the best console experience this time around and I really love my PS 3. It still has couple more years left in it and I am really hoping Wii U will beat the PS 3 in every aspect in my eyes.




This could be the best generation for all of them, or the WORST generation from possibly rushing their consoles to the market



Spoony_Tech said:

@retroeagle Really?! All I have to say to this is ps2!

Edit: All these companies need to learn from their mistakes. Price point and games make all the difference. Microsoft can't have another red ring of death Sony can't sell its next Gen system for 800$ even if its so high tech the price warrants it. Nintendo need also to hit a good price point since this time they will set the standard. Market the heck out of its new controller and have a killer app for it at launch. Not like Wii sports which worked last time but a franchise game of AAA quality. The next few years will be at least fun to sit back and watch. I'm having another child next summer and likely wont be getting a new system for a long time. By then ill be able to get some really good games!



Scissors said:

Eh, I'd rather everyone just launch their consoles when the hardware is ready, and their's a big enough reason for developers and consumers to jump on board with the new tech.



Wolfenstein83 said:

I remember Nintendo saying that the Wii-U in its current form could change before release.
So did they know in advance that this was going to happen later this year?
Maybe they are holding back, and their final product will be even better than what was first shown, and even if it's only minor changes in the design of the console itself, I would not be worried, since we know (as has been proven time and again) gameplay will usually take precedent over raw graphical power.
Of course I would be a liar if I said I didn't want to see what Microsoft and Sony have to offer, since I am a gamer of not just any single console, or platform, I like to have a varied experience, and not get caught up in fanboy/girl flame wars, but I hope they don't simply try to rip-off the Wii-U setup either.
Although this sounds all good and well, from a certain point, I am a little worried about things getting rushed.
The Wii is dated in terms of tech, but yet it has changed the game industry in ways that I thought sounded crazy when I first heard about it, but then experienced, and the gaming world is a different place today.
Although that tech could have been utilized further, and I know some developers tried, but we all know there ended up being more junk than treasure, especially on WiiWare, which has its own gems hidden in the rough.
I am still enjoying the consoles I have right now, and some that are much older, so I will just sit back and wait to see what happens, after all, it's the games that matter, obviously.



North99 said:

The only console I know I won't be buying is the new Wii. I'm now down for seizure-ific playing when I'm sitting down to try enjoy a game. Unlike some fans, I get my exercise outside of gaming, and I sit down to game AFTER I've done my physical work and exercise. Nintendo lost my loyalty (which they had since NES) after introducing the Wii. Whether I get the new PS or Xbox depends on the games, but I won't buy either on release.



ennan said:

Oh damn it. More pennies! Still don't have all the games I want from last year! With the Wii U coming, more 3ds games on the horizon and Nikon announcing the D4 I just don't know how I'm going to keep up!

Although I doubt we'd see these new consoles this year if they did appear my choice would be the Wii U first then maybe an xbox.



Vincent294 said:

Sony's already copied the Wii U w/ PS Vita & PS3 connect play, so Microsoft will probably do the same if there's a new Xbox. If there's also a PS4, The Wii U will be the weakest (but not by much). Hopefully, Wii U's in White & Black, & has a Wii U eShop, Friend List (but better than 3DS one), and to ensure there's no cheaters, bans for those who take their cheats online (It's only the people who use them online that I think is unfair, it counts if you use them to unlock something to use online from offline).



Whopper744 said:

I really hope not. I just bought a Xbox 360. My first non Nintendo system (besides when I went back and bought some Sega consoles to play more Sonic after I played Sonic Adventure 2 Battle).



The_Fox said:

If all three new systems are shown I'm going to have one hell of a nerdgasm.



Malkeor said:

Report: Dual Shock 4 controller! Now with a touchscreen!

But in all cerealness, i'm really looking forward to this years E3, should be exciting for the big 3.



WingedSnagret said:

That's the thing about Nintendo that makes the company so successful. They have original ideas, they (usually) have modest prices, and they thank their loyal costumers with extra discount (or otherwise free) merchandise.



bonesy91 said:

haha and I just got my ps3 fixed. Well now I know that I'll only be getting god of war 4 and maybe transformers fall of cybertron (unless a wii-u version comes out) this year.

What happened to that 10 year thing sony?



Slapshot said:

My bet is that the PS4 is going to get a deep integration with Steam and Xbox 720 will be fully functional with Windows Live. That's is where the next generation of home consoles will go!



shingi_70 said:

Are people really that inept that they thought the 10 teat thing wasn't just a target.

I'm calling pan will be paid like xbox live.



3XDStar said:

@11: I don't think the tablet controller is for most games, I think they are also sticking to the wiimotes.



Haywired said:

To people going on about copying. When the Wii was announced Sony already had motion controls on the market in the EyeToy (may be a different kind, but by accusing Kinect of copying the Wii, then you've dug yourself a hole there). There has already been a console with a screen on the controller in the Dreamcast, so can't we just stop the chest-beating for a bit. It's very fanboyish.



Ryno said:

This would be great news! Competition is a wonderful thing and makes everything better. Looking forward to the innovation that the three companies bring to the table.



Ren said:

this is exciting but a lil scary. I do think Nintendo is really going to need to step it up if this is true. the Online services have to be top notch, no excuses. And a few years ago the versatile multimedia machine was still a pretty silly idea that wasn't happening, but it looks like now it's almost there so the new consoles have to reflect that, especially nintendo since they usually shy away from it to favor games-only.
Now it's just a frustration not to have movies, media and games in one machine. I used to use only my Wii for everything- games and netflix it covered all my needs. but I got fed up watching SD on a HD tv and got a roku, but I'd like to have it all in one in HD. The competitors have all done that for so long, and at least played DVD's. At this point it can't be ignored that consumers do in fact use the multimedia features that were once laughable gimmicks. In that respect the tablet isn't that bad of an idea as long as it's 'Apps' aren't also laughable.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I doubt it's true since it came out of nowhere, but if it's true...So much for Nintendo getting the "hardcore gamers." lol
I'll still be getting a WiiU eventually and I'm excited to see what these new consoles can do if it's true, but this has to be.just a bit intimidating. It's going to be annoying to see everyone bash on Wii U the second Sony or MS reveals their console.



Kyloctopus said:

Truely if they are going to show a new console. It must have. The lowest price, the greatest games, and must have unique and non gimmicky features. In my opinion Microsoft won't show a new console because they are quite motivated to push the 360 to a decade.



MF_MaxiMillion said:

Xbox 720? I will laugh my off if this is what Microsoft would come up with. No, in all honesty, I don't suspect more than Black Ops 2 talk and a possible handheld game console from Microsoft. And don't forget Sony is about to release their Vita product.

In overall, why would they make new generations now? Wii U has the latest graphics, right? From what's been told, it isn't very much different from what is already in store on the Xbox and PS3.



OcnCtznRI said:

Moral from history is: Smarter ideas and marketing prevails; enhanced power without third party support falls short. Ex. PS One did better than N64, PS2 outsold GC and XBOX, Wii > XBOX 360 > PS3, DS over PSP, 3DS so far > Vita......what does history often conclude? It is what it is.



AVahne said:

Judging from what Sony has said and from the disaster of the PS3's early years, I highly doubt the PS4 would be much more powerful than the Wii U, if at all. They don't want to lose too much money again like they did in PS3's early life. PS3 was the first time a Sony home console was more powerful than a Nintendo one in the same generation. The Wii was pretty weird as a Nintendo console as it wasn't nearly as much as a power upgrade over the previous console like other Nintendo consoles were, probably because they put more focus on motion control. Now in my opinion, the Wii U is Nintendo coming back to form with a traditional leap on power. If the PS4 is stronger than the Wii U, it wouldn't be by much. Microsoft, on the other hand, is insane in my opinion, so I don't know how much power the 720 will have. Though power really doesn't matter that much anymore, since graphics have really come a very long way. All that really matters, is the games.



GCNSean said:

This one is real easy... Sony and Microsoft will show off new systems with new controllers that feature touch screens... and they will both say that its their own invention...



saki_slash said:

Hey microsoft!!!!! lest we forget what you pulled with all the bugged out red rings of death consoles constantly crashing out on your customers? I hope your not looking to just rush a new console (or upgraded 360) because of Nintendo...That would be very very bad on your end this time around...I understand ALL consoles, including the Wii (though small in #s have had tech issues) but You really banged peoples wallets last time so PLEASE take your time, lets see what you got when its READY! As for Sony, I have nothing bad to say about ps3. Though I never owned one, my father does and after seeing what its all about-ahem-not crashing (and Im talking the first release of course) what you have done is pretty good...its like the middle, or "sleeper" system as you will between all the talk of Wii/Xbox...Whichever, whatever, Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo decides to do and when is something to look forward to for sure...However, this time I'm not running right out day 1 so to speak for any of the 3 next gens...I'm about to get a 3DS in a couple weeks hopefully and I plan to really enjoy that while the calander days rip off the wall until E3....again I just hope we, the consumer, don't get ripped off by faulty crashing, "new play schemes", Yellow rings, Red rings, black screens, etc this time around! The economy and our pockets are slim as is and we will still support you so make it right please...



OcnCtznRI said:

@ #80, very true, I bet that's in everyone's mind right now that had the red ring happen to them. It was unfortunate but somehow I felt they embraced the idea for awhile because they're able to utilized great customer service to keep consumers. I'm not saying they prefer it that way, just that it somehow worked for them. They better not pull that stunt again because people will be patient and wait.



Rapadash6 said:

Can't say I'm surprised. My only hope is that I won't have to buy a second console this time around to pick up the slack. I really want to see a software variety on Wii U that rivals the SNES's legacy of the perfect balance between 3rd and 1st party games. It seems Nintendo is trying this time, at the very least.

Edit: Oh, I also wanted to say that I really don't think the next Xbox and Playstation consoles will be super mega power houses either. In this economic climate, cutting edge hardware could only hurt the industry due to the increased cost of developement for such hardware. They'll be MORE powerful than their predecessors, and probably even more so than the Wii U, but to expect a gap on the level we've seen from Wii vs Xbox/PS3 is rediculous. It just can't be done in a way that will make it attractive to todays consumers. I fully expect Microsoft to take the casual angle and run with it, while I see Sony increasing functionality to sell their next console. Power will be secondary for everyone this time, I predict.



saki_slash said:

@ #81, Thank you. While I see your point as well, and maybe this is just me being CrAzY, but I feel that M$ deliberately batched out bad systems knowingly. A scare tactic into cornering the customer into buying their "newer, safer" model...ala; elite. By no means NO how am I here bashing M$ to clear the air, its just that THEIR system hurt everyone the worst. They're 4G Elites aren't bad in price now either, but I'm done with current consoles. After 2 360s burning out on me (1 being JUST from DL map pack for Arkham City and installing disks to HD which was stupid for them to allow that option beacuse they're faulty buggery to begin with) and 2(Never DL'd, Never streamed Live, played single offline campain modes for maybe a cpl hrs a week bc I was on the road with GWAR all over the place at the time) is BS!, Again never wanted a PS3, and owned 5 Wii's due to my OCD. Not going to name all those reasons though. I just ended up burning myself out on them....Im moving onto a 3DS like I said soon and will wait to see what happens in June...



SkywardLink98 said:

I don't care too much about PS4 and Xbox 720, I can always count on Nintendo for a game that's high quality, and I've gone with Sony before and most games I bought with them didn't last me long so I'm sticking with Nintendo. AND this time around I'm hoping not to have to buy 2 consoles, 1 for casual (Nintendo style) and another for Hardcore (HD shooter, online etc.)



saki_slash said:

As for Wii U, what are the confirmed specs anyways? Like HDD space? Dual Layer disks? Wireless Sensor bar? What? Ive seen the trailer on it when it debuted at E3 '11 but I was wondering if anyone knew any updated facts....



shingi_70 said:


i have a hard time believeing that your not biased when you don't explain why you went through 4 wii's. but yeah you must have bad lick becusse i don't see the 360 burning out when downloading map packs when i have installed all three ffxiii discs while downloading about five xbla banes with out problem.



OcnCtznRI said:

Wii U might be the cheapest system when released, hopefully they follow that pattern. I can't really see technology of consoles going beyond what current HDTVs has to offer in terms of graphics and refresh rates. Sooner or later though, it is inevitable to have games that are very realistic, at least it's what we can assume what the future of gaming would be like. People may disagree, but gaming would seem dull once everything becomes too realistic.



saki_slash said:

LOL @ #86. Briefly: 1: First out on Market (no games for me) 2: SMG...(Only game I wanted to play at the time) 3: My THEN GF wanted one (I buy, we break up, I kept but had no desire for it then) 4: SMG2 (Yet to realize there where VC games I lived on for years growing up. 5: Red Limited Edition Wii (Just to say I had one...then began DL a ton of VC titles; ALL Marios, Zeldas, etc...Got bored with Nostalgia then sold to a friend. Never went back...though I did pick up Skyward Sword to play on my brothers Wii. And Yes, I had bad luck with M$ along with most ppl out there.



MasterGraveheart said:

You know what? I hope that Sony and Microsoft do. Let them get scared stiff over this. Let them rush their next platform. Let them botch it horribly. Let them lose customers to Nintendo with the whole debacle. Bring it on!



komicturtle said:

Sweet. Shame those other two probably wont release this year if they are indeed revealed at this year's E3



WaveGhoul said:

Piss on Sony and Microsoft. I wish Sega would somehow step back in the videogame arena and bust out a new console to go head to toe with Nintendo.

I'll take Streets of Rage, Sonic(Actually no, what!?) & Gunstarheroes any day of the week over LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank, Gears of War and Halo.



misswliu81 said:

@WaveBoy even though Sega returning to the hardware market is wishful thinking, i'd think the same. even though some of their releases for the wii especially haven't been great, they were a good rival during the genesis/SNES days.

and i too would pick those SEGA games over halo, little big planet, gears of war, skyrim etc.



C7_ said:

This is good.
If Nintendo hadn't pushed out plans for a new console last E3, Sony and Microsoft would've had no problem sticking with their consoles for at least another year, and they've been out for too long as it is.

That being said, I hope Sony and MS don't try and take Nintendo's motion innovations directly (again) and try and make their consoles some 'new' gimmick. Even so, if this turns out to be false I'm still very excited for what will be revealed this year on the Wii U's online functionality.



Metal_Slugger said:

I've just recently bought a PS3 and some of the top games. Its ok nothing great. I like my 3ds better. I will buy the Wii U no doubt about that. The other consoles not for many many years if I even do.



coolvw93 said:

sounds like E3 this year is going to be interesting.... it usually always is but hearing about all of these systems makes it even better. cant wait to see what else nintendo has in store for e3...



Ren said:

I'm used to being about a generation behind with video games anyway, and I"m kind of a Nintendo junkie so It'll be nice to finally have HD and Nintendo under one roof, even if it's just around where the other consoles are specs-wise. I don't like having lots of consoles at a time, so I've just been waiting for WiiU, but the 360 has been awful tempting lately. They need to get that WiiU to market yesterday and I'll buy it up.



Aqueous said:

I heard about the next x-box but the PS4 too? Things are going to get interesting.



WolfRamHeart said:

This is going to be a VERY interesting E3. I'd love to see what Sony and Microsoft have up their sleeves. I'm still more excited about the Wii U though. I say bring it on, the more the merrier!



luisesteban said:

Well is just and announcement, but I'd think that Sony and Microsoft will "drop the ball" of his opportunity. They will not show a console that would overpase the wiiU in a dramatic way, so it could be a little more powerful than wiiU o even less than, but they don't want to been left behind, but the birth of the "new console generation" would be leaving for another time. Result: users loose.



SteveW said:

It probably won't take long before some lame developers claim that the Wii U is not powerful enough for their games once the other systems are out, even though they are currently living with the lower powered Xbox 360 and PS3 just fine.



Swiket said:

Rumor: Using names like "PS4" and "Xbox 720" for consoles that haven't been announced yet is lazy writing



Token_Girl said:

It's going to be about the price point and the games. They'll have to have really compelling exclusives and online and everything else has to be flawless. Otherwise, what's the point? Who doesn't have a PS3 or 360 at this point? Plus, you can forget third parties. They'll port PS360 games to the WiiU, but they're still going to be ports. At least until the PS4/720 releases. Then they'll be watered down ports.

The only potentially saving grace would be the price point of the PS4/720. The WiiU should be able to release for $300 or less, which is about what the market will bear for a new console and about what PS360s currently run. Microsoft can probably keep the 720 price down somewhat, since you need a Live subscription to do pretty much anything with it online and it's makes money through ads too. I don't know what Sony will do.

If Ninty is accomplishing anything, it's making the gaming industry less attractive for Sony to be in. Xbox has other money making models and directly competes with Sony. I'm not sure if Sony can justify loosing money on consoles that don't sell all that well to push their 3DTVs and BluRay or whatever the next console is supposed to push.



DrCruse said:

I sure hope Sony won't go with "Playstation 4." I'm sure they'll still use the Playstation brand, but hopefully they still won't use the lame numbering system. It'll definitely be an E3 to remember.



Knuckles said:

Nintendo's in for one heck of a fight this year at E3 then, with the 3DS V.S. the PS Vita, (Its not in the us yet) 3DS will win no doubt. Im more worried about the Wii U V.S. the PS4, and Xbox720... they are in for a hard fight, and will need more than their usual head start to win this round and the war



timp29 said:

Price is a huge issue. Hopefully Nintendo can keep the costs down while PS4 and XBox720 costs will probably be too high for your average consumer.



kdognumba1 said:

To be completely honest, I'm not looking forward to the next generation and I'm not really excited for the next generation. I mean this generation, we got so much. It wasn't just new graphics, it was storage, media centers, old games from previous generations, new ways to play, downloadable specific games, retail game downloads, movie rentals, AND THEN the new generation of games. I feel like this next generation, it's looking to be just more of the same rather then a lot of true blue new and I don't see myself jumping any hoops and bounds to get the new consoles from any of the 3 companies. Even if some of the games look absolutely amazing, unless I see more, my approach will likely be much slower to adopt the new hardware.



Hokori said:

why are people talking about Apple in the ranks????
this is still called E3 right??? not E4



ToastyYogurt said:

So, the Wii U's going to lose sales because it isn't a media center? That's ridiculous. Want cable TV? Buy a cable box. Want to watch DVDs? Buy a DVD player. Want to play a good-looking (as in the game itself, not just graphics) video game? Buy console that plays said good-looking video game. Running out of holes to plug things in? Buy an input box/power strip.

I find it ridiculous that people think that one console will eat another console just because ONE IS A DANG MEDIA CENTER (Want a media center? Get a Home Theater PC or one of those media boxes). When it comes to the breakdown of consoles, all that really matters is the games, especially exclusives. And that's why I stick to Nintendo, because their games are awesome. As for other games, I'll stick to my PC, but Nintendo is the reason I buy Nintendo consoles. And if I wanted to play a 360 or PS3 exclusive game, I'd guess I'd have to get the console, but I wouldn't buy it because it let's me watch movies from my computer on the TV. If that was the case, I'd get an Apple TV or a Roku or a Boxee or such a device, and if I do decide to later get a 360 or PS3 and don't need the streaming box anymore, then I have numerous options, I can a) hook the box up to a different TV, b) sell the box, or c) be nice and give it away. But I wouldn't have to do any of those if I never wanted a PS3 or 360. So the thing is, why should it matter so much if a console can do this if a non-console box can do the same thing? Is unification really worth being such a huge factor in picking a console?



milkman12 said:

wii U may come out first, but the xbox 720 for sure will be the dominent console. wii is the only one that comes out this year, so it will literally be the console of the year(by default). all the main action is between ps3 and xbox 360(ps3<xbox360). its probobly gonna stay that way with ps4 and xbox720. i kind of feel that nintendo is like a little kid waving his hands in the background for attention(or some nosey person who gets in on all the action that is between the main 2 people).Dont get me wrong, I love nintendo(but i dont have a wii), but ps3 and 360 are doing better at smackin' money and giving gamers pleasure.

maybe its because nintendo is more like a company for younger gamers, mostly. the playstation series is for abdolescents, and the xbox series is for hardcore gamers.

but i must say that 2012 might be a good year for nintendo. this is because alot of peopel think that the world ends this year(it doesnt).therefore, alot of children will be born in 2013(because people will be banging while they have the chance). meaning that around the year of 2017/2018, parents will be buying their children nintendo systems/games, since nintendo aims toward the younger crowd.LOTS OF SALES in those years. sony and microsoft have to wait longer since they aim higher than that.

but for the time being, xbox720 is superior overall(Halo>Call Of Duty).



Colors said:

I can't freaking wait for all the new technological reveals!!!
Oh, and I guess I should think about the Wii U. It gets HD. Pretty. And revolutionary. Of course the 360 and PS3 already have that. Nice controller though. Looks expensive. Sure there will be lots of crying over rage-throwing that expensive thing. Anyways, back to FFXIII. You know, the game that has HD. Which was released several years ago. But hey, HD on a nintendo console, /thumbs up



SteveW said:

Xbox 720 will be #1? oh boy... I remember hearing people like you saying the 360 would be #1... I got news for you, it didn't happen! and it likely will not happen again with the 720 because of the price. The defects didn't help either, I still have my original Wii and most of my friends are on their 3rd or 4th xbox 360... hey! maybe that's how Microsoft increases their sales!



MachineLaw said:

I'm mostly excited about Wii U. Of course it won't have the same graphical capabilities as the next Xbox or PS4 but its the games that are making me look forward to it the most. I think the controller will add a lot of cool features and combined with Nintendo franchises looking a hell of a lot better than the Gamecube and Wii generation, it's going to be the most interesting console for me at least.

On Microsoft's and Sony's consoles I actually have a lot mote fun with third party games than with the actual console exclusives. I think most developers are going to be making the Wii U game first and then port it to the other consoles, which will make the Wii U the console that runs third party games the best. We will see though...



Dodger said:

Oh stop whining about fall of Nintendo comments. The company has been around for long enough where it will be around for a while yet. The question isn't if Nintendo will go bankrupt. The question is if the Wii U can be on top and I think it is a fair question and dismissing it because every other Nintendo system has sold well is rather unfair.

The 3DS sold well after the price went down. If the Wii U costs $300 then nobody will buy it. If it costs $250 then it is still a risk. $200 and people will buy it but they probably will lose money if they sell it for that price.

Another concern, if the Wii U is proven to be less powerful then the next Xbox before it is even out then HD Nintendo will mean less which is less hype for Nintendo.

They could make up for that with a great gimmick and/or great games AT LAUNCH. Not a year later. The Wii U controller hasn't impressed as many people as they expected. The people who have tried it liked it but if nobody else is excited then you have another hard to advertise system (most people treat 3D as a gimmick because it is. It is useful in gaming and photography but I've never seen a movie where it adds anything). Will they have something to bring to the plate other then Pikmin 3? I would hope so but they just tried to sell a system for a year with N64 games, Nintendogs and a worse version of a Wii Sports Resort game.

They are also trying to keep two markets at once. Casuals might be scared by the (probably) high price, confused by the fact that it looks like a costly Wii add-on and bored with Wii Fit by now. "Hardcores" are likely to be saving for their new Xbox or Playstation. Even if they aren't, the fact that there will be another Wii U Sports, Wii U Play and Wii U Fit could be enough to scare them away. Even if they aren't, what else do they have? The same third party games from the 360/PS3 that they have already played and 720/PS4 games ported to a weaker system? I can't see Nintendo making enough "hardcore" games. Their main groups will be busy with Mario and Zelda.

Plus the controller cost. The wii is cheap but they make a lot of money from addons. If they only let it work with one controller then the controller will be broken by whiny siblings who want the special controller. 2 and we'll be back to the days of the SNES. Wii Remotes will work too but they won't work with every game so a lot probably will only work with the 2 WiiU controllers.

3 or 4 and it will probably cost a lot.

There are a lot of fair worries and voicing them isn't always saying that Nintendo is doomed.



Jr-Joe said:

I think Nintendo is gonna win this one, because I don't think Sony and Microsoft are gonna release consoles below $500...and that's half of $1000...



zionich said:

I think the big decided factor will be if the ps4 and 720 can run the new unreal engine( and similar ones), as far as third parties are concerned. If the Wii U can't run the more used graphics engines, its this console war all over again.



zionich said:

Because for me, I favor nintendo exclusives. And if I can play the new cross platforms on Wii U, I have no reason for the other systems.



Vincent294 said:

If the next Xbox uses Windows 8, Microsoft's doomed. Xp's slow as a snail, Vista's a super glitchy disaster, and 7's got an annoying glitch you'll encounter every 3-6 months that temporarily messes up your computer for a few days until Microsoft gets a fix. One time, it said the fix worked, but low and behold, I encountered it again. Then the next fix finally worked. Nobody's going to trust them again, except a few people who are barely tolerant with them like me. BARELY. Xp comp. takes 5 min. to boot up, freezes up like crazy. Vista laptop so bad we sold it. 7's doing okay, with the occasional problem.



Vincent294 said:

Hopefully w/ 8, Microsoft will finally get Windows better than the okay 7. 7's name says it all - 7/10. Maybe 8 will hit 8 or higher w/ me. Mac's too pricy, except maybe the Mac Mini.



AltDotNerd said:

"Vegeta! What does the scouter say about the price of Sony's new console?!"
"IT'S OVER $9000!!!"



Vincent294 said:

Wii U should be $300-350. Makes sense for what you get. If the Vita came w/ a 2GB memory card and used SD cards too, it would be would be reasonably priced. If Wii U does the same, we're fine. W/ the Wii U & processing and graphical power, if it's weaker it won't matter much. All we can do is add more players mostly at this point. The only good reason to buy a competitor's system is this: Infamous (demo's a blast to watch and play), Uncharted, and Halo. W/ Wii U it's SSB, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Mario Kart, and more. Infamous and Zelda are the only big things to consider for me. I'll probably get a Wii U.



boob said:

we will see what sony and microsoft have in the way of game play and innovation. its a games system, more graphical power or apeing a pc wont cut it.
i dont think they've got anything other than oil to through on the water.



JimLad said:

I really hope this isn't true, otherwise we're moving into an age where consoles don't really improve but you're forced to buy them just because the old ones aren't being supported anymore.
Whatever Microsoft and Sony come up with graphically is not going to blow the masses away I can almost be certain. Unless they take a Nintendo approach and come up with some radical new control scheme people won't want to buy it.
They would be better off just sticking with the current hardware and giving it more software support.
Nintendo on the other hand has to release a new system now the Wii is starting to lose ground.



stromboli said:

(a) I don't think this will happen - unreliable rumor, like usual with these things
(b) I don't think they will be more powerful than the Wii U. The Wii U is a beast in terms of graphics, and any more than that will be pushing the price too high and make no sense. No developer will want higher graphics here for consoles.
(c) I don't think there will BE a PS 4 at all. Sony is in really big trouble. Their stock price is terrible, and their TV and Gaming divisions are practically bankrupt. Sony will try to salvage what it can from Vita, and support PS3 for a while like they promised. Last thing they need is another failed launch, or extravagant piece of technology that people won't buy and developers won't understand. Xbox 720 is a different story, but Microsoft will want to focus on Kinect, which was actually a mild, or even a rather nice, success (in comparison to the failure of Move).



Mandoble said:

The question is where the third parties will put their eggs. The Wii had better sales that PS3/XBoX, but all third parties have ignored it as most Wii users were exclusively focused on Nindendo titles and will not know what to do with typical XBoX/PS3/PC titles. At the end it is like comparing apples with rocks, two pretty different markets.



Shworange said:

So is it official that Microsoft will name the new system "720"? Nice logic there. "We were spun completely around by the new system. Hence, the 360. The next gen system spun us around again! 720! We will now go in circles for eternity!" I can't wait one day for the new Xbox 19,160! Lol



shingi_70 said:


its not offical but a term people have been saying.

going by the mircosoft's leaked rodmap the code names were.

xbox ten
xbox loop
xbox infinity



SunnySnivy said:

Interesting. I'm always interested in what other consoles have to offer- but so far Microsoft has done nothing to spark my interest. The PS3 didn't interest me either... hopefully something NEW will be revealed by these guys. Not just the same thing with more power.



KrazyBean said:

The Xbox 720 will most likely have DirectX 11 support...see some Crysis 2 DirectX 11 gameplay to see how good it makes games look. I'm stoked for for the Wii U, well, I'll see. Unless home consoles are as or more powerful than the most powerful PC currently available, there's still room for improvement.

Also, why would Microsoft copy the Wii U's controller? They have Kinect, which is very unique in the motion control department...they just need to use it in more unique ways. As for Sony though, well they blatantly copied the Wiimore with the PS Move so I can't really say much about what they're going to do.

It's a codename, y'know, like how the Wii U was called Project Cafe.



CerealKiller062 said:

I hope that this doesn't happen. The Xbox 360 only recently developed its own motion controls less than 2 years ago. Also, I have no idea how Sony could improve by adding another console.



Gamer83 said:

Can't wait for E3, I'm still perfectly happy with the current gen consoles but I'm ready for new ones as well. Looking forward to some real info regarding Wii U and since I'm a big fan of the other brands as well I'm definitely interested to see what they're going to have to say.



Ren said:

It's not that silly to think of new consoles as needing to be media hubs. I agree it shouldn't be a deciding factor, but it's starting to have that weight lately. Now that the media hub part of it is not technically taxing it's very convenient to have it there since many of us don't need any other kind of disc player there anymore. And if you're not a huge gamer in your main entertainment room why should you have to have a dvd/Blu ray/ game player/ Roku box under your tv. It's really a selling point for me now even though in previous years it was laughable. Once I started watching netflix on my Wii I got rid of the other devices, it's so nice. But it's silly not to at least have it in HD on my HD set, and why not allow it to play discs and use a few other web features as well? nobody demanded it when Sony wanted to make it a selling point, but now people get how easy it is to add on so they prefer that model. It really is a seller, and it's silly not to recognize the market that likes all that functionality.



Pichuka97 said:

Lets face it, The new Xbox will get the red ring and the new PSN will get hacked by hackers. Soon everyone will come to Nintendo begging for forgiveness.



shingi_70 said:


kind of like nintendo could get hacked with sopping or have issues likenit reading dual layered disc.



R-L-A-George said:

mumof2kids82 wrote:

i highly doubt that Sony would be launching a new console. It would completely overshadow their Vita. Until there is absolute proof, I take this with a grain of salt

You'll never know what might happen.



M00se said:

well they will print money with the 3ds and already have with the wii. even if the ps4 and xbox 720 are coming out, graphics cant really get that much better. they will probably crush wii u in terms of power though BUT if its true that wii u will have steam as the online portion and it gets a plethora of 3rd party support and new ip's as well as cater to casual gamers who had the wii, it will take the cake and print even more money.



stromboli said:

Nothing is going to be stronger than the Wii U. It's a beast this time. Did people read the rumors?

According to the rumor-starter, the Wii U will allegedly pack a quad-core, 3-GHz CPU from IBM into its design, a 45-nanometer PowerPC chip. Wii U Daily goes on to mention that the Wii U will come with 768 megabytes of embedded DRAM – built on the same die as the CPU itself – as well as an "unknown," 40-nanometer GPU from ATI. Or:

Like the Wii, the Wii U will probably use a customized Power Architecture chip. It will be built by IBM using its 45nm SOI process, feature multiple cores and a lot of embedded DRAM, and reportedly it will be similar to the POWER7 chip used by by the Jeopardy!-winning Watson supercomputer. POWER7 is an expensive, server-oriented architecture though — so it wouldn’t be surprising if the Wii U uses POWER6 instead. In terms of raw power, this should put the Wii U way ahead of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Nothing is going to top this. They are reportedly adding to it now so it can stream to two controllers, not one. That's serious stuff.

If the other companies do release consoles, which I doubt at this point, it will most likely be like the Gamecube generation in terms of power.



Dizzard said:

For me it'll always be about the games, a console can have all the fancy gizmos and entertainment features it likes but if I'm not convinced it's going to have games I'll be interested in. No sale.



milkman12 said:

the thing is, like i said before, nintendo is mainly aiming at children. parents are more likely to lose money than an independant (hardcore[xbox] gamer) adult. especially if they end up having more than one child. whereas, the older group will have raised $$ to buy their entertainment. poor parents cant afford fine(expensive) things. i know my parents couldnt afford the NES(or SNES). so i had to raise money to afford anything. but thats irrelevent, because children today are treated with such eyecandy that they lose creativity/activity. when i was a boy, i was given a challenge to raise money, even if every person, insect, or blade of grass is trying to murder me. my point is, even with all the crayons in the world, children today still cant draw a f*cking house. thats why i love the movie, "Up". my point is, with the population of poor parents in the world, the population of smart, active adults with jobs out- numbers the poor people by just enough to make the xbox superior, quantity speaking. of course, nintendo definately gets the qulaity award.



Mandoble said:

@stromboli, 768 MB is what I had on my gaming PC 10 years go. As an example, The Witcher 2 requires 4 GB of RAM and 2 GB or VRAM to run smoothly, I would never call a "beast" anything with so small ammount of RAM.



CanisWolfred said:

"Did people read the rumors?"

I should certainly hope not. There's nothing to be gained from putting stock in rumors.



StarDust4Ever said:

Question: Nintendo supposedly released the 3DS system kinda early. Vita will be releasing at least a year behind the 3DS. The Wii has already been viewed as being in between current gen and last gen. If Nintendo releases Wii-U well before their Sony and Mircosoft counterparts, it shouldn't matter if it's underpowered compaired to the PS4 and Xbox720, provided it can still dominate the PS3 and Xbox 360. The effect could eventually be that Nintendo will release their consoles midway through the competitors console run, and therefore, people will buy the Nintendo consoles because it is the latest gaming platform and not how it stacks up to last-or-next gen.

For Example:

Game Cube, Xbox1, PS2 = 6th generation.

Xbox 360, PS3 = 7th generation.
Wii (standard definition) = 6.5

3DS, Wii-U = 7.5

Vita, PS4, Xbox720 = 8

Wii-U successor = 8.5, ect....

By releasing future consoles midway through the current gen, and having them more powerful that current gen but less powerful than next gen, Nintendo will perform based on it's own merits rather than competing directly with Sony and M$. Gamers will have the option to buy a new console every three years; these options will alternate between Sony/M$ and Nintendo releases. So it will become standard practice for gamers to own two consoles at any given time instead of one. Apple will likely join the console market and will compete directly with Nintendo using ".5" generation releases, while Microsoft and Sony will continue to compete in the whole number generations.

The "casual" Nintendo/Apple fans will simply get their new gaming fix at different time intarvals than the "hardcore" Sony/M$ fans. That and hopefully the actual buzzwords "casual" vs "hardcore" encampments gradually fade into obscurity.



RYBlast said:

If Sony goes the same route they went with the PS3 and Vita, then I don't think they'll win the next generation.



Nintendi said:

I didn't get a Wii because it was lame. I had all the other Nintendo consoles though. Hopefully the Wii U is good enough for me to jump back on board.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Wii U shall succeed, it shall be the holy grail that appeals to casual gamers and hardcore gamers. There already hoking up iPad games to HD TV's but Nintendo is gonna put that feature on the map.



TheBadGuy said:

Sony and Microsoft might reveal some vague details about their next consoles, but I doubt that they'll be coming out anytime close to the U's release. I've been hearing that the next Xbox is coming out in 2015. That should give the U plenty of time to be the top dog.



StarDust4Ever said:

@Nintendi (155): If you get a Wii-U, be sure to head to your local used games dealer and pick up all the goodies you might have missed from Wii's generation, like Mario Galaxy 1+2, MK Wii, and a host of other great titles. Wii-U will still utilize Wiimotes and Nunchucks as extra controls, so don't expect "waggle" type games to suddenly disappear.



Ramses said:

@Waveboy (3)

I actually like the DualShock. It works quite well for me. You should stop being so closed-minded, thinking that Nintendo is the only good developer. There are many great games that aren't on Nintendo consoles, like the Fallout series. Anyways, I'm not going to get a WiiU. It looks underwhelming, with a controller that looks very unergonomic, and it will probably be ridiculously expensive.



drumsandperc92 said:

the controller is not enough to save the wii u from being dominated by the next xbox and playstation at e3 if this is true.
the ONLY way the wii u will stand a chance if the next generation consoles all come out around the same time is if the wii u's power under the hood is comprable to the power of the next gen Microsoft and sony systems.
if not, then nintendo will yet again be a generation behind in power, and although they got away with it with the wii because of the motion control, i highly doubt the combination of the wii motion plus and the new tablet are enough to separate it from the competition. simply put, i expect of the next xbox to be way more powerful than the current, built in kinect motion control, voice recognition, massive harddrive and/or cloud storage, strong online system, wireless internet, regular controller support, etc.
the wii u i expect to have wii motion plus, new tablet (which im very much looking forward to and IS different from the competition, but you never know if sony or microsoft will come out with something similar) wireless internet with strong online infrastructure, we know theres no harddrive so perhaps cloud storage or the ability to cheaply expand storage via usb 3.0 or something similar, multimedia functions, perhaps video/voice recognition (can be done using the tablet), etc. Sound's like it can definitely hold it's own to the next xbox, but what it needs is to be as powerful as the next xbox too. my fingers are crossed for nintendo this time around.



stromboli said:

@Mandoble - from what I understood, the 360 has an embdeed 10mb eDRAM in the GPU. So this is 70 times stronger than the 360 ? " “the same source says Nintendo been testing two versions of the Wii U, one with 768 MB of RAM, and another one with 1 GB. The RAM is said to be made by IBM and embedded on the CPU.”"



Firefox34 said:

Microsoft and Sony suck. They don't deserve to win more atteition that nintendo deserves.



Firefox34 said:

The only reason Microsoft and Sony are doing so well, is because people never want to try unique things, I feel ashamed of this generation of gamers, nothing but garbage and Call of Duty this and Call of Duty that. So overrated. Microsoft is really overrated.



Firefox34 said:

Md1500 has a really good point. Everybody is still saying Wii is gay and yet they outsold the xbox 360 and ps3. Its almost like their intelligence level is super low. Haven't they seen the sale charts? I think Nintendo is way more superior than sony, and if you don't agree well then how come everybody always says sony gonna own nintendo and then boom nintendo just owned sony. It happens again and again and again, and yet they still think sony's gonna win.



Firefox34 said:

I think sony's just about to leave the gaming buissness acually. I mean they haven't been doing too well. Ever since its launch [if you recall they're were very few games for the ps3 at first] its been doing bad, and how many people own a psp instead of a ds of some sort? And Sony keeps losing to Nintendo too. Do you think the PS4 is really gonna destroy the Wii U, I mean think about it. Just leave it to the superoior Wii U will destroy the PS4.



Henmii said:

"Wii U Heading for E3 Face-Off with PS4 and Xbox 720"

Very likely! There where already rumors of a E3 showing for the next xbox. Sony could easily do the same (showing the next Playstation). I wonder though what will happen with The last guardian! Will it be PS3 last hurrah, or will it be the first PS4 hardhitter. What do you guys think?



NoobSlayer said:

@James The Wii has been in the only gen where Sony has had a more powerful console. Sony (in there gaming division) has lost a lot of money and only recently seen profit. It wouldn't seem that farfetch'd if they tale less interest in the graphics department to make money back. Microsoft is focusing much more on Kinect and the casual market so who says they will make the most powerful platform? They might be more cost effective to get more casual gamers. Also, graphics can't go too far this gen or else the average gamer won't be able to afford it and developers won't be able to keep up with development costs. Even IF the Wii U is the weakest system, it shouldn't be by such a margin where Nintendo can't get 3rd party support or criticism for being too underpowered (much like the PS2 compared to the Xbox or GameCube).You shouln't say the Wii U will, 100%, be the weakest system as if it were fact, its pretty weak journalism IMO.



NintenHero said:

Nintendo should ensure that whatever they pull out for the Wii U will be able to hold it's own against any of the new systems for Sony and Microsoft, since Wii U will be released months before both systems both rivals will just observe the Wii U and make sure their systems are better.
So we'll just have to hope for the best imo, it's Nintendo after all! :3



PatcherStation said:

Hate to say it, but I think the Wii U will have decent launch games, but not spectacular. On top of that, they'll be showing it off at E3 along with the 3DS, but I just can't see the Xbox 720 being there and more so the PS4. Maybe there's a slim chance about the Xbox 720, the PS4 will probably be shown off at E3 2013. But Microsoft are gagging to get the show on the road with the Xbox 720 which is reported to be 6 times more powerful than the Xbox 360. E3 this year will be all about Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony will just sit back and watch for now...

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