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Rumour: Nintendo Considering Alternative Names for Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Who remembers the Revolution?

According to rumours that have surfaced online, Nintendo is considering the possibility of rebranding its next home console, potentially leaving Wii U behind. As reported by CVG, staff at the top level in both Japan and North America are apparently discussing a name change, though whether this would affect the console's design is unclear.

There are a number of factors that suggest this could be a possibility. In terms of the console itself, Satoru Iwata admitted himself that there were misunderstandings in the immediate aftermath of the reveal at E3 2011, particularly in relation to the controller and whether it was a new console or an upgraded Wii. There was also some confusion with the branding of 3DS when it launched, with some consumers wondering whether it was another minor DS revision rather than an all-new console: a point clarified in more recent advertisements for the handheld.

With the announcement that Nintendo expects to make a loss in the current financial year, it's clear that its next home console is important to the company. Nintendo has changed console names before, of course, with the Wii originally being called 'Revolution' at E3 2005.

At this stage these are only rumours, but what names would you like to be considered for the next Nintendo console?


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Chris720 said:

Nintendo Omega please! Wii U has always sounded... well, rather daft to be honest.



Torchwood said:

What if they called it the Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System and made it have lots of entertainment apps, dvd's and other entertainment besides gaming? I know that systems are for gaming but I really want the NES game to come back. And they could put Ultra in front of all their game titles!

also, I don't like the name Wii U because casuals won't know the difference between the Wii and Wii U, like with the 3DS. They'd just figure that its a Wii, but with a U!
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CrazyOtto said:

I hope they call it "Wii Stream" or "Wii Dream", with the "Stream"/"Dream" part of the name being more emphasized that the "Wii" part. So it'd be like "a new console from the creators of the Wii".



Corbs said:

Nintendo Stream. Make it so Nintendo. Make me some money. LOL



Ryon said:

Ultra Super Mario Bros Wii U 2

I loved the original idea of Revolution, It sounded like something wii all waited for. Then the name change and sadness ensued by many fans. Never the less our love made us buy them.



naut said:

I really hope this is true. "Wii U" is possibly the most laughable console name in history. Maybe in Japan that sounds perfectly okay, but here in the states it's ludicrous.



drumsandperc92 said:

I would definitely like to see another name for the console. I knew that the Wii U was a sperate entity from the Wii from the getgo, but I can understand why some may have been mistaken about it.
But I have no ideas for names..something simple. The NES 6? Nintendo Nexus? (as a play on the words NES and six, it being the 6th nintendo entertainment system essentially)



DarkEdi said:

A change name is necesary. When i saw the Wii U at the last E3 I thought it was an expansion, not a new generation. And a lot of people believes the 3DS is another itteration of DSi, DS XL, DS lite and so.

@Clinker: maybe Wii Dream Cast??



C-Olimar said:

maybe Wii Are Running Out Of Ideas?
JK, Nintendo will never run out of ideas! I'm sure they'll come up with another delightfully ridicoulous name...such as the Nintendo Puu! Create your own Yuu characters! Play some Puu Sports! Download PuuWare! Puu!



Sonicman said:

I got your new name nintendo, how about the "IlovetosuckuptoSEGAandMariosuckscomparedtoSonic" Wii . Definate possibility (about as much as a Wii U name change lol.)



WolfRamHeart said:

Please let this rumor be true. I am used to the name Wii U but I still don't like it. My personal preferences aside, I think that naming the new console Wii U is a bad idea. Diehard Nintendo fans will know what this new system is but regular everyday consumers will likely be confused by the similarity of the name and think that it is just an add-on or expansion to the current Wii. Nintendo should start fresh and rename their console to show gamers and casual customers alike that this is in fact a new next generation console. They can't afford to repeat the mistakes they made with the 3DS launch.



WreckItRyan said:

This is a nice-if-true rumor, and I'm glad that the name is possibly being reconsidered. The Nintendo Impetus sounds good to me



Chris720 said:

@Jamouse Well it is 2012... Omega is only fitting isn't it?

The last great console before the end of the world. In all seriousness though... Nintendo Omega... maybe even Nintendo Alpha sound awesome. To me at least.



Knuckles said:

Personally i think it will change, because most likely non gamers haven't heard of it yet, the wii u name and will get it because Nintendo's the company parents trust.



McGruber said:

I hope so! Wii you is such a terrible name. The Wii itself does not have a good reputation among gamers, and to continue with that branding always seemed rather idiotic to me. They can do a lot better. I say they call it NES!



DanteSolablood said:

Well if it's anything like the Wii, Nintendo will give it a name that translates badly in every country except Japan & then tell us to live with it. How about the "Nintendo Spankmatter"? Or the "Nintendo Perveté"?



MechaKingMinos said:

How about 'Nintendo Roku'.
Roku is Japanese for 6 (their sixth home console), simultaneously celebrating their gaming history and their Japanese culture.
"Here I am... Roku like a hurricane!"



kyuubikid213 said:

I like the name Wii U. It was their "first idea." Yeah I thought it was weird, but I also thought Wii was a weird name. I got used to it. I love the name and I hope it doesn't change...



Oscarsome said:

They most definitely NEED to change the name. I feel the name just sucks, plainly put.
That, and they need to tell their customers that "Hey, this is a new console!" Many people thought the 3DS was just a revised DS like all the other ones, but it clearly isn't.

Or, who knows, just call it Wii 2. It works for Playstation.



Ichiban said:

I like Nintendo Revolution, sounds like a console with balls. Unlike the Wii & Gamecube names. Make it happen Nintendo



LightSamus said:

As much as I agreee that keeping the "Wii" word in there will help advertise the brand and make it obvious that it plays Wii games etc. I feel like they might have the same problem with the 3DS and people believing it's not a new console and thinking it's similar to a DSi



Ras said:

How about the Nintendo Famicom-Type Wii, or the Nintendo FTW for short?



DanteSolablood said:

What about the "Jumbo Entertainment System Unqualified Success". I can't see that being controversial at all.



the_shpydar said:

I don't care, i just end up calling whatever the current Ninty console is a "Nintendo" anyway.



Jamouse said:

What about they keep it simple and call it the "Nintendo gaming-console-that-plays-Pikmin-3".
Surely everyone would buy it.



Dodger said:

Wii U would cause confusion but young, hip teenagers will always be asked questions that seem simple to us. I had an elderly woman ask about where to get a controller for a DS for her grandchild. I explained it as best as I could. I wonder if I can put stuff like that on a resume for a job at Gamestop?

And Wii U is the most laughable name ever.



MitchVogel said:

Wasn't it rumoured to be called the Nintendo Stream when it was still project cafe? I like Stream much better!



grimbldoo said:

@MechaKingMinosn, That sounds like a good name. Nexus is also nice but it doesn't sound very original.
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Minny said:

My advice for everyone is to call or e-mail Nintendo and tell them that a name change is needed. We all care about the quality of the the games, we all enjoy their products.

However, one of the things that Nintendo did when transitioning from one generation to the next (be it home console or hand-held), was to differentiate the two systems. The systems had little resemblance to one another, the packaging for the hardware and software was different so uneducated consumers would know the difference. The problem Nintendo face this past year was the 3DS. The hardware and the software boxes (yes, I know it says 3D) look very similar. The casual or uneducated consumer will buy the new product not knowing they cannot use it.

I am 100% behind the idea of a completely new name, and have suggested this to the Big N. Will I buy it, yes, on launch, but Nintendo must make a concerted effort to differentiate from its predecessor.



Radixxs said:

Nintendo Revolution (HD.) But they've gone with names less wordy as of late, so I doubt it.



DanteSolablood said:

They could aim it at the hardcore gamer & call it the "Nintendo FPS", or maybe go with something for the adults... the "Nintendo ^21".



tripunktoj said:

Thank God they realized an overused and nonsense brand contradicts the innovative image they try to project. If they really want to appeal both N, MS and Sony fanboys, core and casual alike they should go with something by _______ Nintendo Entertainment System. (Ultimate, Omega, Universal, Hyper, Multi, New... Seventh?)



TheToader said:

(I didn't read all the comments. I'm sorry if someone already said any of these.)
The Nintendo Striim
Wii Ultra (maybe that's what the U stands for)
Nintendo Touchii (touchy)
Nintendo DiiS
UWiii (triple u, triple i)
Nintendo iiW
The Wiindow (reference to the 2nd screen)
Nintendo Wiikend (hmm...they should rename the videos on the Nintendo Channel "Nintendo Wiik)
Nintendo triit.
That's all I got for now.



DanteSolablood said:

A joke just for the UK guys... I heard they were going to combine "Wii" and "Tablet" and the fact it goes soft of you pour hot milk on it. It'll be called the WII TABIX. Ho ho!!




Call it the Super Mega Ultra Virtual SG-1000 Nintendo Dream Entertainment Blast Processor Game System Advance Saturn Genesis Cube 64!



FluttershyGuy said:

I'd like Super Wii (a reference to it being the second in the Wii line, like Super NES was the second in the NES line) or simply Wii 2 (but that's too copycatting of PlayStation).

At any rate, I would l love a different name from Wii U. It just doesn't inspire much excitement, and frankly it does sound a bit stupid. I liked Stream and Cafe better than that. Wii U sounds like some app that provides material to help in college, or something. Doesn't feel like a strong video game system name.

Whatever name they choose, I hope it's one that lets everyone know that it's the newest Nintendo console (I do think the 3DS name made people think it was another DS). Because the more people get it, the more awesome games come out for it!



Neonpowerstar said:

I think the best suggestions so far are Nintendo FTW (#44) and Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System (#2).
Actually, does anyone else think that since the N64 was codenamed Ultra, maybe Nintendo originally intended to call it the Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System?



Tasuki said:

@NeonShell7: Originally it was going to be called the Ultra 64 but for some reason Nintendo changed it to N64 at the last minute. If you see a Cruisin USA arcade machine anywhere you will see the Ultra 64 logo on the title screen.



boob said:

Playbox, xstation lol.
This thread demonstrates its not easy. I liked the Wii (we) play on words with the ii's looking like 2 people.
It's got to appeal to everyone yet resonate with gamers.



BlueAce127 said:

Nintendo Revolution

This is a name that would attract more people. Better than Wii U IMHO.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

The Nintendo Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Super Wiitendo

All joking aside,

The Nintendo Phaze
Nintendo Surge
Nintendo Blitz
Nintendo Flow
Nintendo Vibe
Generation Wii

I think Nintendo Flow (and maybe Nintendo Vibe) probably works best out of my own list for marketing to casuals and hardcore gamers. I wonder if the difficulty in coming up for a casual friendly name is stemming from the fact I'm not a casual gamer, hm...........



phoenix1818 said:

Honestly, anything Nintendo could change it to would be better than Wii U, so I completely agree that a name change is appropriate.



rafaelluik said:

"Nintendo This Is The Console Where You Play Mario & Mii Games"

Seriously... What about "Nintendo US", when he said "Nintendo Wii and you" in the presentation it was much more appealing than the final name, so they could keep that idea somewhat.



Kitty_hime1 said:

rly i kinda like wiiu as it is because nintendo says it's like a wii but for u so it only make sense to keep the name but at the same time make it so then ppl don't confused :3



JimLad said:

While I'd welcome a name change, I can't help feeling like we'd get something worse.



thedanman64 said:

Nintendo Magic White Box With Shiny Screen On Controller. Or or short: NMWBWSSOC

But seriously I reckon they should just change the last i in 'wii' to n so it becomes 'win'. Nintendo Win, sounds like a good name for a console!



Gameday said:

Wii U just seemed like a random name pulled out of a hat lol
If the U in Wii U really reps us as they claim... ha then why not give us a choice out of the top 3 names they've considered ? and have a vote on what to call it. Simple right ?



darkgamer001 said:

If they want to attract the so-called 'core gamers', then they have to start with the name. I only care about the console's potential to attract great games to the system, but a ridiculous name can potentially hurt the new console's image in the eyes of the general public.

(Nintendo Revolution - best. name. EVAR. I was stunned when Nintendo named their console 'Wii', rather than keep that awesome prototype name...)




I appreciate a lot of the names everyone is giving, but I think there are much better names for the console: Why not try these?

Wii II
Wii Connect
Nintendo Evolution
NES (Nintendo Evolution System)
LINE (Linked Interface Networking Entetainment)
Wii OWN (Online Wii Networking)
Wiiner (Wii Networked Entertainment Revolution) Maybe that's a stretch
Nintendo Funbox
Wii Charge (Because every device will require charging and because it's going to trample its enemies)
WEE (Wii Entertainment Evolution)
Wii Touch



sykotek said:

There is only 1 name appropriate for Nintendo's upcoming console...





NintyMan said:

If this is true and they want to stick with the Wii name, then I suggest the Super Wii. If something else, than I'd have to think about it. Personally, it would be best if it did have a cooler name, but I'm going to wait on Nintendo's word.



Brother said:

Call it the Nintendo Entertainment Wherever. Call it the NEW or the N-E-Where for short. Play N-E-Where (anywhere)!



Squiggle55 said:

I would be happiest with Nintendo HD. I love this rumor I was starting to worry they weren't going to reconsider. Please just avoid second language puns and I will be most content.



joevox316 said:

Revolutionary Dolphin. When you shut it down you're treated to a rousing rendition of "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish."



Rapadash6 said:

I think it should be called the NESIX. Basically meaning NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM 6.



rjejr said:

N64, Gamecube, Wii.

Calling it WiiU or Wii2 or WiiHD (which would've been good had it released 3 years ago as an updated Wii w/ HD graphics) doesn't really seem to be Nintendo's style. And you can't argue Wii-something just b/c it works with Wii games and peripherals as the Wii works with GC games and peripherals (or at least it did for most of it's life). They should come up with something different. Calling it "Wii" didn't help or hinder sales, selling it for $350 LESS than a PS3 helped sales the most, and also including Wii Sports in the box. The name doesn't matter, price and games matter.



Azikira said:

I don't know why, but I still like the name "Nintendo Stream". It's very different, but pretty much any name would be better then Wii U (no offense Nintendo, ily <3).



Gamer83 said:

Might be a good idea. This way there should be no confusion over whether it's a new system or not (like with the 3DS, I really don't think it's this hard to figure out but apparently it is) and it also moves on from the name that some 'hardcore' gamers associate with casual only affair.



Jr-Joe said:

Wii View or Wii VU
Nintendo VU
Nintendo U (drop the wii)
Nintendo Stream
Nintendo Sync (NSync...)



cognitio said:

"Nintendo Super Happy Fun Box"
For maximum effect they should also change the color scheme of the console from white to a bright cherry red. Written on the console and controllers in bold letters are the words "WARNING: Do not taunt Super Happy Fun Box"



Drewroxsox said:

To all the people that put wii in the consoles name: if your calling it for example: wii dream, that would just put nintendo right back at square one. I think they are doing the right thing of getting away from the name wii, because the economy is really bad right now, so when casuals see it and don't know it's a whole new system they'll go " oh look it's a new controller for the Wii." That wouldn't make them want to buy it. They should give it an original name like Revolution, and all they would have to do is make a new wii sports or Wii fit game and it will sell like pancakes. Let's face it, those are the two games that almost every casual gamer owns and they most likely wouldn't see it as just another Wii. The Wii fit for the new console would be amazing because the controller will be able to analyze your body type better example: if your muscular it'll be able to see that and not that your over weight. Nintendo please get rid of the name Wii U, we don't want to see the 3ds sales for the first 6 months.



capitalism said:

Would be good if true because like a lot of people I can't stand the name and it'll confuse customers. NES-U, Nintendo Stream, N6, and NSix are my choices.



sarethums said:

off the top of my head. N6, UNES (ultra or uber), ONES (omega), TNES (turbo), something along those lines.



bauckster said:

Somebody on this thread (can't remember who, sorry), suggested:
Wii Connect

I like that idea, but only if Nintendo gets a little more serious about hosting better, more robust online options.



Henmii said:

I think if they really want to reel in the hardcore gamers this time, they have to change the name. But we will see what happens!



Nintendoro said:

how about Wii 2? Enough with stupid names. if Sony can call their consoles ps1, ps2, ps3, why cant Ninty do the same? it's simple and easy. higher number with higher generation. no need for ridiculous names like "stream" or "U"



Azooooz said:

I kinda agree with @Nintendoro, but Nintendo should be unique with their consoles name.

For I suggest that the name should be Nintendo Wiindow, ridiculous isn't it?

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