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Round Table: Looking Ahead to Nintendo in 2012

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

Should be a good 'un

It's a new year, with a recovering 3DS and a fresh home console on the way from Nintendo: these are certainly interesting times. We decided to have a chat about the prospects for Nintendo in 2012, including our thoughts on the company's prospects, as well as our hopes, dreams and fears.

Joining features editor Thomas Whitehead this time are editor James Newton and writers/contributors Ron DelVillano, Marcel van Duyn, Mark Reece, Christopher Ingram and Dave Frear.

Thomas Whitehead: Hello all. Please introduce yourselves to our lovely readers.

James Newton: Hello everyone. I'm James Newton, editor here at Nintendo Life.

Mark Reece: I'm Mark Reece. I'm not allowed to swear, or else Thomas will send me to the naughty step.

Ron DelVillano: I'm Ron DelVillano and I'm a US reviewer here at the Nintendo Life towers.

Marcel van Duyn: I’m Marcel, also known as Drake here on Nintendo Life. I’m an EU reviewer and also write the Japanese download updates.

Christopher Ingram: Hey guys, I’m Christopher Ingram and I’m a US reviewer for Nintendo Life, as well as our other network sites too.

Dave Frear: I'm retro reviewer Dave Frear. Or a computer simulation of him, I forget which.

Thomas Whitehead: Thanks guys. Let's talk briefly about 2011. If you had to summarise your overall feelings about last year in a sentence or two, what would you say?

James Newton: Ambivalence turning to genuine happiness.

Ron DelVillano: For me, 2011 started out slow and disappointing but ended up being a pretty decent year in gaming.

Thomas Whitehead: Six months of disappointment and worry (11 months in the case of the Wii) followed by one of the best gaming streaks I can remember.

Christopher Ingram: A complete rollercoaster ride! Multiple 3DS console problems and a somewhat disappointing launch line-up didn’t exactly start things off great, but I doubt an explanation is needed as to why I can barely put my 3DS down these days!

Mark Reece: A mix of the disappointing (it shouldn't take nine months for a console to gain steam) and the bloomin' marvellous. The Wii was host to some of the greatest games ever made this year, hands down.

Marcel van Duyn: Aside from Ghost Trick in January I don't even remember anything great from the first half of the year, but after that it became pretty great, though it's pretty obvious the Wii is on its last legs by now.

Dave Frear: Overall it was a mixed year. Despite some problems (lack of eShop) the 3DS launch was exciting but then things went quiet until later on. I enjoyed the Zelda anniversary and thought it was handled a lot better than the confused "Super Mario" one was in 2010.

Thomas Whitehead: A common theme seems to be that the second half of the year gained steam. Looking at the release schedule for early 2012, do you think Nintendo can maintain that momentum in the next few months?

Christopher Ingram: That’s debatable at best. Nintendo is going to have some solid competition with Vita dropping on the market in February. Both Kid Icarus and Luigi’s Mansion 2 are looking to be very solid titles, but we’ll have to see if they draw the mass audience that both of the Mario titles did in 2011.

James Newton: It has a better chance than last year - some good stuff lined up for 3DS in Metal Gear Solid 3D, Kid Icarus and so on. Wii, less so, though Europe gets RPGs and US gets Mario Party and Rhythm Heaven.

Marcel van Duyn: I think the Wii will struggle with just a few games lined up, but the 3DS shouldn't have a problem with Luigi's Mansion, Metal Gear Solid and all the other awesome stuff.

Dave Frear: There's some big names on the way for the 3DS and as long as they don't all come at once, it should be fine. I think the Wii will struggle. Some of the games may turn out well but I suspect years from now we'll write "not a lot of people played this back in the day..."

Ron DelVillano: I feel like they better have some pretty solid tricks up their sleeves. I'm not overly impressed with the current big release line-up so far. The new Luigi's Mansion game should be pretty good, but it's going to take a lot more than Resident Evil and Metal Gear to get me really excited.

Mark Reece: The key thing for Nintendo to keep in mind in 2012 — in my opinion — is that we as consumers don't want a repeat of last year in regards to the 3DS. We've got Resi Evil and Kid Icarus in the first 3 months, but they should space out the big hitters. A lot of the big games don't have release dates yet, and I certainly don't want to have to wait until November for anything else decent to play.

Thomas Whitehead: Just picking up on something Ron said, is there a concern that the third party release schedule is a bit thin? Is the current third party support actually up to scratch on the 3DS?

James Newton: I think it lost momentum early — it lost Assassin's Creed, Saints Row, DJ Hero, Mega Man — but hopefully that's returning now. I think confidence is growing, but we won't see the full fruits of that for a while yet.

Marcel van Duyn: I actually have to look at our coming soon list for 3DS to answer that so that's probably not a good sign.

Dave Frear: It is a little concerning. There's promising looking games but not enough of them.

Ron DelVillano: Just sort of piggy-backing on my previous response, the third party 3DS games look pretty good, but that's exactly what they are: third party handheld games. I'm sure they'll sell well and they'll be fun to play, but I don't see third party games moving a significant amount of 3DS consoles or being overly important in the long run.

Mark Reece: As James said, there've been far too many cancellations for the 3DS already, which can't fill third party developers/publishers with much confidence. I do think the third party release schedule is certainly on its way there though — we'll have Resi Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, etc — but you can never have too much third party support.

Christopher Ingram: I think the 3DS has a pretty solid line-up coming in 2012. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D was a big one for me, but since its 3DS announcement, we’ve gotten the HD Metal Gear Collection on the HD systems and I think that is going to definitely impact its sales on the 3DS. But, with the likes of Heroes of Ruin, Monster Hunter 3G, Tekken 3D Prime Edition and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, it’s looking like 2012 will be a good year for 3DS and third party titles. If Namco Bandai gives us a new 3D Ace Combat with Circle Pad Pro support, I’ll be thrilled!

Thomas Whitehead: I think it's an issue, personally. My excitement for Resident Evil Revelations is very high, but only highlights how little else is coming from third parties that really builds the hype, in my view. That said, some analysts are saying that 3rd party support is likely to ramp up again following the 3DS revival. As James has said, however, it'll take time for that to come through.

Marcel van Duyn: There's some nice stuff from the usual guys (Konami, Capcom, Ubisoft, Square Enix) but there's still not a whole lot of support from other big companies.

James Newton: I don't know about that — who out of the big group is missing?

Mark Reece: What have Activision got on the go at the moment?

Marcel van Duyn: Maybe western companies would be a better way to describe that, I'm talking EA, Activision, THQ, etc.

James Newton: True, THQ and Activision haven't got much that we know of, but EA has done some sports. I expect that'll be the limit of its 3DS support, though. Nintendo did announce a lot of third parties at E3 2010 but there's not much to show for it so far. It'll come in time I think.

Marcel van Duyn: I think all of them have announced some good support for Wii U already though, so that's a bit disappointing.

Thomas Whitehead: The third-party release schedule seems to be a mixed bag. Let's have a chat about the first party titles. To play the role of devil's advocate, are these titles lacking originality or a new 'angle'. I'm really referring to the likes of Mario Tennis, Luigi's Mansion 2 etc.

I do think the third party release schedule is certainly on its way - we'll have Resi Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, etc - but you can never have too much third party support.

James Newton: I'm happier with them being true sequels or series instalments rather than N64 remakes, to be honest.

Thomas Whitehead: Amen to that! I’d be frustrated if they announced Majora's Mask 3D, I think it’s time for a new handheld Zelda title as promised.

James Newton: Headline: "Nintendo Life Hates Majora’s Mask"

Thomas Whitehead: Not quite what I meant, but that would certainly be controversial!

Ron DelVillano: James hit it on the head. Even though I'll probably keep buying any classic remake they put out.

Dave Frear: As has been said at least they are new instalments rather than re-releases. The forthcoming releases may not promise amazing originality but Nintendo usually deliver solid gaming fun for your money.

Also Nintendo asked us if we thought people would be interested in a Majora's Mask for 3DS, and we told them no.

Mark Reece: That's the Nintendo way, Thomas. Every Nintendo console for as long as I can remember has had that core bunch of titles that are familiar to long-time supporters, along with a bunch of stuff that's really out-there and pushes things in new directions.

I dare say E3 will bring to light 3DS games we never even dreamed of.

James Newton: That's got to be true one of these years, right?

Thomas Whitehead: I felt Super Mario 3D Land was fairly innovative. Kid Icarus is something new as well. Mario Tennis, for one example, looks to be playing it very safe, however. Time will tell of course.

James Newton: I'd like to see more of Mario Tennis, especially if it has an RPG mode. And Mario Golf, make a Mario Golf RPG too. Thanks, Camelot!

Mark Reece: You forgot the "xxx", James.

Ron DelVillano: James is reading my mind on this topic. Mario Tennis RPG would be great. Like the Game Boy Color game.

Christopher Ingram: I’m right with James here too! If Mario Tennis returns to the RPG elements of the GBA classic it will have the potential of being a hit, but otherwise it’ll likely just be another alternative Mario title. Kid Icarus is such a drastic new ‘angle’ that I’m a bit concerned on how it will turn out too, but many times Nintendo finds a way to impress me when I’m doubtful of the changes they make.

Marcel van Duyn: Nintendo's always gonna stick with their usual games because they know they work, but we're getting some original stuff in the form of Kid Icarus and some download games (Pullblox last year, Rolling Western soon).

Thomas Whitehead: Stepping away from my role as Devil’s Advocate, are we all looking forward to, and planning to buy, the upcoming list of 3DS first party titles?

I certainly am, very much so.

James Newton: I only need Animal Crossing and then I can go on with my life much more happily.

Dave Frear: Yes, yes I am. I'm especially looking forward to Kid Icarus and I don't know why as I've never liked the previous games.

I'm a bit worried about Animal Crossing, I'm sure there will be some good new features but then it will be only ever-so-slightly-different and I'll be disappointed. Again.

Marcel van Duyn: I'm waiting on reviews for Kid Icarus (I was a bit unsure what to think about what I played) but everything else is bought for sure.

Dave Frear: Waiting for reviews seems like a good idea actually.

Thomas Whitehead: I'm looking forward to Kid Icarus with the Circle Pad Pro. Oh yes, I went there.

Mark Reece: Nowt wrong with Circle Pad Pro, Thomas. The readers went up in arms when I stated it would bring a lot of heavy-hitters to the 3DS, but you mark my words: there's a lot of money and extra 3DS adopters to be gained from that peripheral.

Thomas Whitehead: Here, here, Mr Reece.

Dave Frear: I doubt I'll use the Circle Pad Pro unless a game forces me too, but if it means more sales then yay for ugly add-ons!

Ron DelVillano: Luigi's Mansion is a day 1 purchase. Kid Icarus is very possible. Everything else is looking a little bland. I was never a huge Paper Mario fan.

James Newton: Me neither, though it looks great in 3D. Kid Icarus would have to be much improved to get my money. Just haven't liked what I've played on the ground so far.

Christopher Ingram: Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion are both instant purchases, but I’ll probably just rent the rest of them.

Mark Reece: The only real reason I buy Nintendo consoles is for the first party stuff. I’ve loved Mario, Zelda, F-Zero (please!), and so on since I was still picking my nose. That's not about to stop anytime soon.

James Newton: So since last week?

Mark Reece: I'm picking it right now actually.

Thomas Whitehead: Let's pick up from the Circle Pad Pro and talk accessories, remodels etc. Realistically, what do you think the 3DS will bring in terms of accessories or a dreaded 3DS Lite? Will 2012 be relatively quiet on that front, or full of more madness and big headlines?

James Newton: What else could they add to it?

Mark Reece: A soft drinks dispenser?

Thomas Whitehead: This is Nintendo we're talking about. OK, maybe accessories are unlikely (apart from an official battery expansion, perhaps?), but what about 3DS Lite, do you expect an unveiling this year?

Marcel van Duyn: There's already rumours they'll reveal a Lite version this month with longer battery life and a slightly more compact design, and I wouldn't really be surprised if it happens.

Ron DelVillano: I won’t be very happy at all if that happens.

Thomas Whitehead: Indeed Ron.

James Newton: I think next year, sure. I'm not certain the technology has moved on enough to make a second version that much better than the first.

Mark Reece: The argument of a 3DS redesign is academic. Nintendo really dropped the ball with the lack of a second circle pad on the 3DS and the Circle Pad Pro shows that. It might not happen this year, but there WILL be a new 3DS model with the second circle pad included.

Ron DelVillano: Beyond the second circle pad, I can't really imagine how they'd improve on the design. It's already pretty compact for what it is.

Christopher Ingram I agree that a redesigned 3DS is inevitable. When it will happen? I’d like to think that it’s pretty much anybody’s guess. The fact is: Nintendo should have released the system with two analogue sticks in the first place! Now I just hope for a 3DS Vitality Sensor, so I can monitor my precious heartbeat while I’m walking around the city collecting my daily allotment of virtual coins and street passes.

Mark Reece: I think Nintendo's focus — once the 3DS redesign is released — will be less on adding new hardware features and more on software. More stuff in the vein of Letter Box.

James Newton: Yeah, we're going to have to face up that there'll be another two or three designs of 3DS in the coming years. And that's good, right?

Thomas Whitehead: It's good for business, though after recent losses and the current revival maybe they should save R&D costs for 12 months and let the current model fly off the shelves.

James Newton: Six months ago, did anyone think we'd say that?

Mark Reece: Six months ago I was genuinely bricking it over the prospect of having bought into a console that was going to bomb.

Ron DelVillano: Even if it still bombs, I'm content with playing Mario Kart 7 for the rest of my life.

Mark Reece: I needn't have worried of course, but when the rumours start flying and the games aren't appearing, it's hard to not get a tad worried.

I think any flag-waving should be reserved until Nintendo turn a profit again. Many sales of a loss-making console means little, they need serious software sales this year.

Thomas Whitehead: I do think that any flag-waving based on recent sales should be reserved until Nintendo turn a profit again. Many sales of a loss-making console means little, they need serious software sales this year.

James Newton: Did they come out too fast too soon with Mario Kart and 3D Land? What's left in the tank?

Well, Pokémon, I suppose.

Mark Reece: Ooh, Pokémon. Now we're talking.

Thomas Whitehead: Pokemon will be a big reveal this year, surely. Heck, just whack an old DS game design onto the Pokédex 3D engine, and there it is.

Marcel van Duyn: Mario Kart came out so soon this time I wouldn't be surprised if there's actually another one before the end of the 3DS lifespan.

Mark Reece: Blasphemy, Marcel!

James Newton: TWO Mario Karts on one console?! This is insanity!

Mark Reece: You need professional help. You're deluded! Keep away from me!

Marcel van Duyn: I just want to play as Waluigi and Diddy again, why did they leave them out!

Mark Reece: I was heartbroken at the loss of the baby Mario Bros. and their baby strollers.

Check out page 2 for our thoughts on the Wii U, as well as our hopes for 2012 on Nintendo Life.

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User Comments (75)



Usagi-san said:

Why do people insist the 3ds needs another anologue stick? I really don't see it. Must be a FPS player thing.

I just hope they don't do a redesign and make games that are "dual anologue stick control only". That would have me seriously peeved if it was a game I was interested in.



ThomasBW84 said:

I feel that I need the second circle pad for practical reasons, because I'm left handed. While stylus aiming or camera control can work on the touchscreen, I find it awkward to use the stylus in my right hand. From that perspective, upcoming games like Resident Evil Revelations will be much easier for me to play.



Linkstrikesback said:

It's not only FPS games. It's useful for camera control in 3d adventure/rpg/platformer games.

You can live without it, but it makes it much easier.



Mahe said:

The Last Story, Rhythm Heaven, Mario Party 9, Bit.Trip Complete, Boom Street, La Mulana - Wii's last year is looking great. 3DS, not so much, unless there are some surprises in store.



C-Olimar said:

Mario Kart 3D: Double Dash Deluxe
And after an original Zelda, I would love Majora's Mask 3D, since I, as well as many others, have never played it before.
A 3DSPro - Circle Pad Pro built in. I don't think it will be considered a full redesign - an alternative to the 3DS. A little like the Wii Remote Plus.



Geonjaha said:

i'm left handed but I dont think I want or need a second circle pad - whether it be the Circle Pad pro or actually put right under ABYX in a redesign.



C-Olimar said:

Nobody should expect the Wii U to blow the competition out of the water this time around. It could still do well, if it can retain enough of the casual market whilst winning some of the hardcore and shooter market, but it should be a close race.Wii U will probably sell well, but finish 3rd.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm actually looking forward to more third party games then first party this year already. Yeah I want the usual from Nintendo but I'm also very much interested in Tekken3d Heroes of Ruin resident Evil: Revelations Metal Gear Solid 3 Kingdom Hearts: DDD and anything Atlus decides to release! I also believe for me anyways that as long as some of the bigger name Nintendo games come out this year the 3ds will be fine! Please Capcom give us Monster Hunter!! As for the Wii U. They need only to have one great game at launch to be successful! That may sound bad but I'm only talking about this year for around Christmas. Look at how long Mario sustained the n64 when nothing else new came out for a long time after that! It would be nice to also have a killer app for their new controller! Not a mini game like Wii sports but something you have to use it for! I really do like the innovation the controller can bring. Lets just hope it doesn't take 5 years for someone to fully utilize it!

Edit: let me add Tails of the Abyss to my list above.



C-Olimar said:

@Mahe you've got to be the only person who thinks the 3DS' year is worse than the Wii's! The 3DS has Luigi's Mansion 2, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Kid Icarus, Resident Evil, Professor Layton, Heroes of Ruin, Rolling Western, Samurai Sakura, Animal Crossing 3D, Mario Tennis, Mutant Mudds and Mario + Sonic, plus other unannounced games. The 5 Wii Games(Boom Street was out in 2011) you listed look good, but they really have nothing on the 3DS - and I doubt the Wii has many good unannounced games - it will be replaced like 10 months into the year anyway!



shingi_70 said:

there will be on redesign. there is no way too make it smaller with a second analog and better battery life.

plus none of nintendo's own games are using it.



SkywardLink98 said:

Why do they need to make a lite? The 3DS is good as it is. Adding a second analog stick below the buttons looks uncomfortable. But so does the Circle pad Pro. At least with the accessory you can take it off.



blaa6 said:

I'd say......have Majora's Mask 3D on standby. When a drought of 3DS Games comes, release that....after all other remakes first.
Paper Mario is a mixed bag. Graphics look superb. After Super Paper Mario(not too bad, just okay), it's nice to see more RPG and less Platformer, though it's not bad to mix them(needs to be a balance; this game has it). I need more...things about it to help me decide; I've seen all trailers from E3 and all others.
And Mario Tennis looks good (like Mario Power Tennis which isn't a bad thing).
Other honerable mentions are Roller Coaster Tycoon 3D and Order Up!!(The !! means 2).
Something that's been bothering me: NO MAIN SERIES POKEMON TITLES. (I said main series, so Rumble Blast doesn't count). Lay down the DS and look to the 3DS, Pokemon Company!
I'm pleasantly surprised that Luigi's Mansion 2 is getting so much praise. LUIGI FOREVER!
Overall looks good. One last thing. (Quoted by Sonic Shorts) Mario - "Why the hell are we in a car?" And that's why Mario Party 9 will suck.



Slapshot said:

Nintendo will always releases new designs for their handheld consoles. They make good money doing it.

I'm still waiting on Nintendo to release a DS Micro, so that my Game Boy Micro will have a friend to play with.



milkman12 said:

if nintendo releases majora's mask 3D, i can save my money and buy a wii(or wii U later on) so i can play TP and SS. then im getting a gamecube so i can play wind waker. i plan to play every zelda game in the library. but if a link to the past comes to 3ds as a 3D classic, my purchase of a SNES was a waste.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Great roundtable as always, guys.
All in all this will be a very interesting year for all Nintendo lovers. Seeing the available and announced 3DS games so far sends a very core signal to me. There's also quite some variety in it. So while some fresh touch-controlled games and 2D platformers would be great i'd say the 3DS is on track with the wider range of games it promised. It feels so entirely different to the image the DS had with its major sellers Brain Training and Nintendogs. (Which was also great at the time.)
This got me thinking about that now Nintendo could really reap what they've sown with the DS and Wii. With the right marketing many of the casual gamers who bought these could be turned into a core crowd. If not yet with retail games, maybe with great titles from the eShop first. It could be the next step in their personal gaming evolution. (Or maybe recently i'm just on bad drugs, i don't know)
With the recent turnaround success of the 3DS maybe we'll even see a more confident and more flexible Nintendo from now on. They may even surprise us on a regular base. (In a good way i mean. )
Aside from the clear need of killer launch titles for the Wii U i hope it will support 3D from the get go. It doesn't need to be glasses-free, it doesn't need to be bragged about but it would be very interesting in combination with WiiMotionPlus controlled titles. And even if it's not a big feature anymore they might rue not including it later.

PS: I'll write more if i find the time.



Wolfcoyote said:

I haven't posted here for a long while, but this feature is a good reason to begin posting again. Great feature guys and here's hoping for many more.

My two cents regarding the 3DS in 2012: it's true that third-party support is a little lacking but there should definitely be a huge plethora of announcements coming upon E3 2012. The issue will be the third-party development community splitting resources between the 3DS and the Vita, with many of the developers wishing to test the limits of the Vita rather than devote more resources than necessary for 3DS development (NIS and Nihon Falcom being the chief among them).

Despite this, if Nintendo and their partners work harder to push the eShop and it's content then that should help to assuage 3DS owners' fears during the "dry months". While I'm not blind to the gaping holes in their software offerings it still won't stop me from traveling to NY and purchasing one in early March. SM3DL, MK7, OoT3D, Kid Icarus and the upcoming Tales of the Abyss along with games that I grew up with like DK '94, Wario Land 3 and others will be well worth it until newer experiences become available.

And I'm sure that many of us have huge DS libraries to supplement the scant offerings of physical 3DS software...



Yellowgerbil said:

The 3DS really needs a good games coming out every other month, because 3ds games are quite short (except Mario Kart 7). For example;
Super Mario 3D Land, I'd completed it with five stars in less than a month.

I think nintendo need these games in europe spread out over the year;
Professor Layton and The Mask of Miracle, Kid Icarus uprising, A Zelda, Monster hunter 3G, Tekken and The rolling western to get the 3DS rolling.

Thinking about the WII U, I keep on replaying in my head what Miyamoto said about Pikmin 3 and Super Smash Bros (might be Universe).



grumblebuzzz said:

I really don't think having Majora's Mask on standby would help Nintendo much. It gets love from fans now, but when it was released, it was the most maligned Zelda game since II. It's also the most difficult one in the 3D series, being that there's barely any hint on where to go or what to do and the time limit sort of makes things that much more difficult so something tells me that Nintendo knows these facts and we won't ever see a full-scale remake of this game. The "never say never" thing they said about it originally was just to kind of be nice to the fans who want it imo. Don't get me wrong, I love Majora's Mask but somehow I don't feel like the Call of Duty generation would be all that into it, whereas they were willing to try out Ocarina because their older siblings and parents loved that game so much.

Ok, that having been said, for the 3DS this year I'm really hoping to see releases from all the games that have been revealed so far and more. I feel like while the games that they've shown us are great, they're not the system shifters that 3D Land and Mario Kart were. I really, really hope at E3 this year that they at least reveal something on Smash Bros 3DS. That would get fans of that series going nuts. Even though it won't happen now probably for quite some time because of all the bad hype Other M got, I'd love a new Metroid title too. Also, does anyone else kind of have a psychic notion that a new Donkey Kong game might be coming to the 3DS?

As far as this year for the Wii U, it really needs to pull out some big guns if it has any hope of success. Even as a die-hard Nintendo fan of 20 years now, when I saw it, I yawned. No joke. My body physically yawned. That's not the reaction your fans should have to your new console. They better have Mario at the starting door or I smell the potential for a Dreamcast disaster with this thing.



WingedSnagret said:

I honestly don't think much of the extra circle pad myself. But I agree that it may be useful for certain games in the near future. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3D? Hmm, I remember playing that series on the PC several years back, so I might want to look into that one. But other than that, the only titles that I'm interested in at the moment are (this one is definitely first day buy) Kid Icarus: Uprising and maybe Luigi's mansion 2.



Mariokart77 said:

I honestly think that a remake of Mario Kart: Double Dashwould be an amazing choice for the Nintendo team to work on.



DF2506 said:

" James Newton: I only need Animal Crossing and then I can go on with my life much more happily."

Amen to that.

" Dave Frear: Yes, yes I am. I'm especially looking forward to Kid Icarus and I don't know why as I've never liked the previous games."

Kid Icarus looks interesting, but I have no plans at all to buy it. Would be nice to play a demo though.

" I'm a bit worried about Animal Crossing, I'm sure there will be some good new features but then it will be only ever-so-slightly-different and I'll be disappointed. Again."

Wow. I've heard this ALOT here & on other sites. I guess its from people that either A) Were burned by City Folk being too much like Wild World or B) People that don't understand Crossing at all.

As a Crossing fan, ya, I'll admit that City Folk wasn't perfect. Its still, imo, the best Animal Crossing because of its online features, but yes, there is so much more they could have done with it. You can see that, things like the City, were rushed so that Nintendo could get the game out. Still, a really fun game.

Now, the thing about Animal Crossing is that (much like a Mario game), there are things like fishing, bug hunting, talking to the animals/doing favors for them, collecting fossils, paintings: that HAVE to be in Crossing or its not Animal Crossing. That said, the new game looks to add features that are MORE than just ever so slight changes. Like what you ask?

Being Mayor/adding stuff to your town is a a MAJOR step forward for the series. Previously, if you wanted to add outdoor furninture to your town you'd have to be a HACKER. The new game is giving the player, without hacking, the ablity to add benches, street lamps, wells, and more!

Plus the game is adding customizable furniture, the ablity to change pants and shoes, and an improved City thats much closer to your town.

And I'm sure there's stuff that Nintendo hasn't shown us yet. So I believe that the game will be much improved from previous entries. Will it totally radically different from the previous games? Most likely not. Sure it'll have a much of great new features, but its still Animal Crossing. It'll still have the feel of a Crossing game, much like, no matter how you "change" a Mario game, its still a Mario game. Same with Zelda.

So if you not a fan of this type of game, than the new one prob won't convince you. But if you really love Animal Crossing or love sim games, I think you are in for a treat. I could be wrong, sure, maybe the features won't be as mind-blowing as I think. Will I be disappointed? Sure, a little, but I'm looking forward to the game a ton. I'm sure, no matter what, I'll have hours upon hours of fun with the game. Can't wait!

Oh and Paper Mario is another big one I'm looking forward to. Not as much as Animal Crossing, but quite a bit. Big fan of the series. This one looks great. WIsh Nintendo would announce dates for these two games already. lol.

Great article guys!



TingLz said:

HOLD IT!! Why does James need an introduction? Everyone knows who he is



ShadJV said:

You told them people wouldn't like a Majora's Mask 3D? NOOOO!!!! I was so praying for that remake, it's my favorite title even if it is somewhat underappreciated! (Granted, I want a NEW 3DS Zelda title first, but I was really hoping that one would come afterwards!)



chronicler said:

I actually disagree with Mark, I think Nintendo did good at first to leave out the second Circle Pad, because it would have replaced and overshadowed the gyroscopic features. For instance, I would have probably not used the gyroscope in Ocarina 3D had I been given another option, but I'm glad I've become acquainted with them now, as it works astoundingly. But now that the community has had a chance to see what the new features can do, I would welcome a second circle pad, provided the price isn't raised.



ShadJV said:

Okay, my last comment was when I was midway through the article... I think Nintendo has learned it's lesson with the 3DS problems. Not only did they lose money, they had to appease early adopters. They will definitely begin working harder on the handheld's software, and so, though there are only a few known upcoming games, more should be announced soon. They won't risk a drought in the system yet. I predict third parties are taking notice of the rising sales and may begin supporting it more. (Maybe they'll even uncancel Megaman?)

As for the Wii U... once again, 2011 taught Nintendo some valuable lessons. They won't release the system prematurely and will be sure to have a solid launch lineup. I doubt they'll delay it, as that would give them a huge disadvantage in the next gen console war. So they will definitely make sure the system is out on time as well as ready. Also, they are noticing that a system needs more support than just games, so I'd say Netflix, OnDemand, Facebook, and more will all be present. I just hope they don't continue to underestimate the importance of online capabilities. It's not too late for them to change their mind and have a more streamlined service closer to XBL or PSN. Let's hope this comes with the E3 announcements.



ShyGuy said:

well they should keep doing and makeing more stuff but i have the 3ds and it seems cool its only 169.99 but it is worth it



Knuckles said:

Just make me a new good sonic game akin to sonic colors for the 3ds first then wii u maybe generations, i want those levels, and graphics



Kirk said:

I'm not convinced Nintendo is actually making a loss of the current 3DS hardware.



Wolfcoyote said:

@Lordlz: Crap, I forgot about Rhythm Thief! That game looked awesome! Yet another reason why we shouldn't worry too much about the software holes. There's probably at least a dozen more titles that many others forgot.



Dodger said:

I honestly can't see myself owning a Wii U anytime soon. I'm 15, I'm looking at college, getting a car (and insurance) and eventually getting married. I don't need another expensive distraction through high school. If it turns out well then I might get it as a treat for finishing the SAT or something but until then, I was late to the party with the Wii and I can enjoy the excellent back catalogue for that that will only get cheaper along with games for the DS and the 3DS. It took me a year to save up for a 3DS and I don't want to start that all over again for a system that doesn't excite me much.

There, I'm done being mature for the day.

I've been waiting since June 2010 for news on when Animal Crossing will be out. I might accidently smash my keyboard in frustration if I watch the E3 presentation and they don't announce a solid release date and I don't want to do that.



warioswoods said:

"It might not happen this year, but there WILL be a new 3DS model with the second circle pad included"

Absolutely not. Have you really thought about this?

The Circle Pad Pro (henceforth CCP) doesn't just add a right analog; it also adds a second layer of shoulder buttons and a curved grip - Now, let's think carefully about the implications: how could a redesign even make sense?

First off, the games designed for the CCP absolutely are designed to use the extra shoulder buttons (you need more than 2 buttons to add to your analog, after all, and can't easily use face buttons at all with both thumbs planted), so if you added a new circle pad without the second shoulder row, you'd be breaking backwards compatibility with these. Oops. Not to mention that you'd now have a hard time coming up with any workable control schemes with just 2 shoulder buttons.

So, maybe they'll somehow add those shoulder buttons into a redesign? Let's think about that. You'll have to do one of two things: make the device even thicker--surely a no-no unless this is just a niche XL model--or somehow place the buttons side-by-side. Try imagining it that way. It doesn't work.

Furthermore, you can't just shove a circle pad onto the right half, below the face buttons, and have it work out. Try it yourself: hold the 3DS as if it had a second circle pad placed there. You'll have hand cramps in no time, and you'll barely be able to even use the one existing right shoulder button without great discomfort and awkwardness.

It just doesn't add up, not by a long shot. The CCP itself adds all that bulk because it's necessary if you want a dual-analog control setup. You can't do it shoving one onto the face of the current device. There are even more reasons that this idea makes no sense, but I'll stop there.



stromboli said:

The Wii U has the potential of being a bigger success than the Wii. It appeals to both hardcore games, bridging the gap with PC's in terms of graphics (since it's confirmed it has better graphics than the 360, and the number of possible buttons on the controller), and also appeals to casual gamers. Most casual gamers have been waiting for the Wii U, and haven't bought any other consoles. Many of them just bought HD tv's now, or will buy them in 2012. People who bought Kinect were mostly current 360 users. Wii U does not need to take any users from 360 or Sony - they are meaningless. It will take new users growing up and wanting consoles, like happened with the Wii, and it will take the 80 million adopters of the Wii.

Wii was a victory for Nintendo not just for that generation of consoles, but it was a general victory for the brand. Everyone knows what a Wii is. And everyone will be excited to buy the new Wii. This thing is going to be huge.




a 3ds pro would not be a full chang just play new or old games the pad is out of the way i want a 3ds pro agreed we mite even se better grafics and als nintendo if ur spying on this website we want this Desember 2012 also the 3ds pro must be capable of swaping ALL data including f codes ow ya and i dont Know maby? BETTER STRONGER SKRATCH PROF BODY MY 3DS OMG 1 ...... (very long list of thing wrong with the body)



KittyKatMeow said:

Why would you tell Nintendo that people don't want Majora's Mask 3D?! That's completely false, it's probably the most asked-for remake. Aren't all the new games we're getting good enough for you? Boo-hoo, you can't handle one more remake, even though we've been assured that a new Zelda title will come first?

I and many others would love a Majora's Mask remake for the 3DS. The remake-phobia is so stupid that you should be embarrassed for being part of it. Remakes are not new to the gaming world, and they don't and have never hurt the development of new games. We've had 2 first party remakes for the 3DS, Ocarina of Time and Starfox, that's not too many. If you don't want remakes, don't buy them, but a remake developed by a third party and released during the development time of a new game won't effect you at all. Majora's Mask uses so much from Ocarina of Time that it wouldn't take much to make it and Nintendo would get a profit, a profit they could use toward new games. There is no reason at all the be against it, and I have lost all respect for you and this website.



ThomasBW84 said:

@KittyKatMeow - Just to clarify something that's come up in a few comments. We, as in Nintendo Life, didn't oppose or 'tell Nintendo' that we didn't want Majora's Mask 3D. I believe Dave was referring to the 'we' as in the gaming community, perhaps interpreting a relatively low-key response when Nintendo mentioned it may be a possibility. While Ocarina of Time is commonly known, Majora's Mask arguably has a lower profile amongst the general public, even if it's loved by more experienced or enthusiastic gamers.

My own comment saying I'd rather see a new Zelda is based on the fact that we've already had a couple of remakes, probably because they had a quicker dev time and could fill the schedule until the big Holiday Mario titles. I suspect there'll be a far greater focus on new titles in the next couple of years, rather than N64 remakes.

I do agree with a comment earlier in this thread saying that maybe Ninty should develop Majora's Mask 3D and keep it in the locker for a quiet release period, that seems like a good idea.



KittyKatMeow said:

@ThomasBW84 I'm glad you didn't tell them that fans don't want it. I want to apologize for my harsh response, I thought that you had betrayed the fans who wanted to see the remake and this was very upsetting.

I'm sure a little advertising would make the game more well-known, just the Virtual Console release alone has nearly tripled the game's modern notoriety. And I'm sure Nintendo would fix the issues players had with it in a remake, like they fixed the Water Temple. But I agree it would be best to save it for a slow time. Remakes can wait, but new games shouldn't be put off for them.



Smooth27 said:

In terms of games im extremely.lookunf forward to RE: Rev. and MGS3D simply because it caters more the hardcore which is what I want more and Kid Icarus, sure its something news but thats just what.we need not just zelda, mario and metroid, although i'd like to see a metroid fps with the new peripheral because they need to use what they make unlike wii speak and others.
Im hoping that we get more 3rd party games, I had unspeakably high hopes for Saints Row, Assassins Creed, and Contra 4. I hope they bring them back soon. Also games like battlefield, ghost recon future soldier on 3ds instead of DS or aswell, Call of Duty? I think activision wont dissapoint and take it to n-Space . If I can remember correctly e3 for the 3ds they promised that we were able to watch 3D movies such as Tangled amd How to Train Your Dragon, and also aside of VC they said Turbo Grafx and Game Gear games.
Now for eshop, I hope they are more flexible for devs. I want useful apps like 3ds calculator and calender and a photo.l clock but im only not satisfied with the dsi ones simply because spotpass and streetpass are not on when playing anything that isnt exclusive to 3ds. Currently loving the Friend list update because its as accurate as it needed to be and as it should be the notification on that part is not quiet their yet so hope they make the notification extremely keen and instantly as much as possible specially on swapnote. All I really really want and I think its really needed is the '' Invite To Game'' options so the ''Join Game'' option can make more sense and not only that but make it A LOT! easier to actually join your friends game. As for Swapnote it sucks that you cant continue a conversation. It should have an option such as '' Quick Note'' maybe a quick note that you can type or draw and it only appears on your friends notification and read it from their mabe 50 charecters max. For example I want to ask my friend if he has time to play online.
Lastly, on the hardware side at first I thought of suicide if a mew model came out. But now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind a new sleeker brighter, lighter, but most importantly the second.l analogue already im lncluded and the battery life. Im tired of only being able to play for a little while or on a low brightness and having to charge it as soon as im not using it. Also if they add two more trigger buttons if possible would complete the systems and a huge library of games would open more, If not I wouldnt mind a peripheral included in purches that adds that. Many are prob reading this like wtf! What for? Well it can be a great choice and benitfull as the 3ds can act as a or the second control for the ''Wii U''. Instead of buying the second Wii U controller gonna be expensive.why not by a 3DS Lite (incase it has all buttons and if a 3ds lite actually happens) not just cuz its compatable but not only can you use it as a controller but compare it to a wii u controller its obviously worth it because their is not gonna be MGS3D or assumably Pokemon Grey on the Wii U controller so obviously it can also bring sales up aswell. Plus you can trade it in at your local game store and pay maybe like 5O bucks difference.
P.s. What happened to Hulu Plus



Ashflow said:

"Also Nintendo asked us if we thought people would be interested in a Majora's Mask for 3DS, and we told them no."
It's ok though, Aonuma already said they were considering it after making Zelda 3DS.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Ashflow I clarified that point in comment 42, we didn't say anything of the sort to Nintendo, Dave was making a different point



RevolverLink said:

If we come out of 2012 without at least having seen Pikmin 3, I'll be incredibly disappointed.



lanabanana said:

If they signed a contract with Youtube or Vevo and realeased Flipnote Memo , the sales will most likely shoot up like a rocket! XD



Ashflow said:

That's what I get for skipping most of the comments
Thanks for your explanation (To be honest I thought it was a joke when I read it, so my comment was meant a little more light-hearted than how it appears).
Somewhat more on-topic: Really hoping for Paper Mario this year!



ShadJV said:


Thank you for clarifying this. And if, by chance, Nintendo DOES ask about a Majora's Mask remake, to gauge interest, I do think many fans would love the idea of them saving it for a dry spell, when there are few releases. I in no way want them to delay a new Zelda 3DS game for this.


I wholeheartedly agree. We've been waiting too long for that title, and Nintendo have mentioned it for a couple E3s now but we've not even seen a picture. I'd prefer it as a Wii U launch title, but, at the very least, they better show it at E3 this year!



Daz-brum said:

Wii U F Zero a must come on Nintendo remember what games from yesteryear sold so well!!



Sapo said:

I don't give a 'thing' about power in a console, but 3rd parties do.
I wouldn't be happy to have another console like Wii that, even if it sells like bread, no one except Nintendo is willing to develop on it.
I had to buy a PS3 to play bayonetta, mortal kombat etc..
And I'm not wanting to do it.
I love Nintendo's IPs and we always have had good technology (Gamecube is definitely a great console compared to PS2).
They have got lot of money from Wii, now I want they to give us back a great console and not a less-than-ps4xbox720-thing.
I could live forever playing Mario, Zelda, Kirby, DK, F-zero.. But heck, I don't want to lose great games like I was supposed to do with this gen!



SparkOfSpirit said:

I can't wait to see what Nintendo announces at E3 for the year's second half. The last few years they've announced some of my favorite games there, and I'm sure they'll continue the streak this year.

I especially look forward to what third parties plan on doing to support the 3DS. A new Monster Tale, for instance, would be more than welcome.



Squiggle55 said:

I don't want a 3ds lite, I want a 3ds xl. Give me a bigger 3ds that's more comfortable to hold (like the circle pad pro supposedly does), a bigger 3d screen, and room for a much better battery.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

I think Nintendo should port N64 games to the 3DS. For example (this is one of my favs) Mario Tennis 64 or Mario Party 3. I'm also looking forward to Luigi's Mansion 2.



Sapo said:

@Gamesake Actually I've chosen my PS3 over an xbox just because of free online gaming and LittleBigPlanet.
I know those games are way better on 360.. (And believe me, that's sad if you think someone paid it 600 bucks .___.)



Pichuka97 said:

I agree with you WhiteMage75, Mario Party 3 FTW!
Also with updated wi-fi multiplayer would be amazing and I would be glued to my 3DS non stop



Yoshifan523 said:

me im waiting for nintendo to announce a newremake of a yoshi, kirby, or donkey kong game for the 3ds
and also iwould love to know what games nintendo are going to release for the wii-u's launch



Supereor said:

Sequels, remakes, spinoffs... when will Nintendo make an essentially new game? You never know, millions of people might love it and demand sequels, which kind of contradicts the first sentence, eh?

Quick question... I sold my DSi XL for 95 buckses off my Nintendo 3DS. How can I get my games downloaded on there back?



Nilkad_Naquada said:

The 3ds does not need dual analog. the metroid prime game turned out amazing without dual analog controls, so unless you're completely close-minded and can't handle any change whatsoever, you can survive without them.and if you really can't stand the prime control scheme, then instead of dual analog you could use the gyro controls: circle pad to move and turn to turn. it would feel more natural to turn rather than move the right circle pad.or just do what prime hunters did with the touch screen. i know it gave some people cramps but imo it worked well. that game was bad imo for a lot of reasons, but the controls weren't one of them.



Gamesake said:

It's worth considering that when the 3DS does get a redesign, on top of the new things it will have (second circle pad, extra battery life?), it most likely won't play your old DS games.



Mahe said:

@C-Olimar, you listed a bunch of 3DS games that just plain suck, like Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing. I don't want that stuff. Mutant Mudds is the only interesting game in your list.



Gamesake said:

He also listed Resident Evil: Revelations, which is rated E for Everyone wants that game.



Maggots said:

why would anyone ever be upset that a new 3DS redesign came out?... Were you upset that the game boy pocket came out? ... How about the GBC?... I bet you were pissed that the GBA launched... and when the SP came out was it terrible?... How about the DS lite or DSi? ... Stop saying you'll be angry that a newer better device will come out... what do you expect? ... How is it a bad thing.. ? ... sell your old one buy the new one! it's not that big of a deal... !... I can't wait to see new designs and new models of things!



Shworange said:

I'm looking forward to the wiiU, but I would be willing to wait a few extra months if it meant Nintendo would take additional R&D time to bring the graphics up to that of the PS4 and 720. By not doing that, it just seems like the quality 3rd party games will be left out yet again.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Okay, some more thoughts ...

... about the 3DS
@Christopher: Next year's too early for a new Ace Combat, i don't want it to feel like an annual update kind of game. 2013 would be right if it feels different or adds online.

While an RPG mode in Mario Tennis and the inevitable Mario Golf (Ninty themselves talked about how putting could benefit from 3D) would be great i guess i'd appreciate a Mario Kart 7 approach a lot more. Just think about being able to buy different gear and using it online. The Mario characters cannot be leveled up, that would just be strange. So are they handicapped when they play aginst your character then ? Wouldn't that be hard to swallow for the one playing as a Mario character ?

The Circle Pad Pro has to be really cheap for me to get it. For more than 10 € quite a few games better benefit from it greatly.
If 3DS sales go down again besides Pokémon Ninty probably has a 2D Mario game ready. I'll never mind another great 2D platformer.
Edit: And i hope they give FPS's another shot on the 3DS.

... about the Wii U, babies:
Props for the remarks about right hand stick placement and sticks instead of Pads.
*Edit: And i just want games on the WiiU. Cool apps that take tablet-advantage are nice but i can do without 'em.
I also hope 2012 will give us more Baby Bros all around. They're just too damn adorable.

@chronicler (26.): Umm, i played it without a second C-Pad and without gyro controls ..
@GrandChaseLover (66.): You should have transferred them to the 3DS before selling your DSi. If you didn't delete your DSi Shop account it might be your best bet to get your old one back for the transfer if possible. If not try to contact Nintendo. But don't get your hopes up to high, it's likely that you have to pay for the ones you want back.



KiroX777 said:

@ 7 how do i like that comment... that was true talk, nintendo messed up on that part using way too much unnecessary energy in appealing to the little kids/ new comers



kdognumba1 said:

Good article, very glad I went back and read it. I'm really looking forward to seeing what all Nintendo does in 2012 as it seems they have the most to gain and to lose, just like before the Wii launched. I'm not too excited for the Wii U, yet, but I'm very interested to seeing the final product, in system software, and the games.

As for 3DS, I'm hoping to hear about to tons of localization stuff and hoping to see good western developed games.



fabbemannen said:

To be honest, I think that the Wii U got great potential, but like always, it depends on the games.
Let's compare it with the Wii for example. The motion controls just looked like a gimmick, until it was used properly. Games like Twilight Princess for example (which got my favorite game-controls in any game I've seen) simply used the motion controls to act as extra buttons (shield with the nunchuck, the bow-aiming etc.). And while TP had some practical uses of it, Skyward Sword unleashed it's full potential with all-motion.
Graphics of the Wii too, I really love how games like Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Brawl etc. looks like.

Back to the Wii U, like I said, great potential. Mii Chase for example, I would really want that as a party game (Mario Party-minigame anyone?) and Nintendo have always surprised me with how they use their gimmicks (while 3rd-party developers often fail with it), and they most likely will shock me again. I can see so many uses for it, not just maps and such.

Well, to be honest, I would buy it for SSB4 alone (which I actually did with the 3DS, good move there Nintendo...)

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