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Review: Duracell Wii Charging Stand

Posted by James Newton

It stands, but does it deliver?

The Wii has come with a plastic stand for years, but Duracell's effort does more than just support your Wii upright.

As the name suggests, the Duracell Wii Charging Stand lets you recharge your Wii Remotes while keeping your Wii in place. It comes bundled with two rechargeable battery packs for your Wii Remote, but the stand also has a small compartment for charging AA batteries, sadly not included.

The stand takes its power from the Wii's mains adaptor, leaving those USB ports free and vastly increasing the speed with which it can recharge batteries: your mileage may vary, but we were able to charge a controller from flat to full in around 90 minutes. LED lights on the stand indicate charging status: red for charging, changing to blue when they're ready to go.

The stand itself is a little bulky — it certainly won't enhance the aesthetic appeal of your console — but certainly does the job: it kept the Wii upright and the controllers charged, with the contacts proving more reliable than some we've used in the past. As with charging your time your experience with battery life may vary, but we certainly had no problem ploughing several hours into Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City and Monster Hunter 3 (~Tri) before we needed to charge. The advantage of a mains charger over USB is clear too: you can charge your controllers without needing to have the Wii powered on, and can drop your Remote in to charge after each session if you're a "little and often" kind of person.

Overall this is a solid option if you're after convenience and speed from a charger:

White Room Gaming provided a Duracell Wii Charging Stand for review.


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aaronsullivan said:

We're keeping our Wii alive just long enough to buy a WiiU. I wish there were more charger reviews. We were bitten by a horrendous Energizer charger that completely failed after using it about twice, so I'd be interested in this if it wasn't also a stand which will be useless to us sometime later this year.

Anyone else have to unplug your Wii every time you are done using it or the startup won't get past a black screen? That's us. At least the unplug thing works. Nintendo better offer an easy way to transfer WiiPoint purchases to the Wii U, though, because I'm ready to take this thing off life support (I guess the Gamecube will come back out though).

Had no qualms about getting the Zelda-gold motion plus controller, though, since it looks like Wii U will be using the Wii controllers as-is quite extensively.



Scissors said:

I should have bougten a charging stand years ago, who knows how many batteries I've wasted on my Wii. My Wii is going to continue going strong for a while. 36 games currently, and I plan to buy 20 more. Anyone have another recommendation for charging stands?



OldBoy said:

This looks like just the thing I need. Is there no White version though?Couldn't see one on the amazon link.Not sure I'd like the look of the batteries and stand on my white Wii/ motes.Seems crazy if not.Pretty sure there are more white Wii's than black ones out there.
please don't take this as any kind of racist slur, some of my best electronics are black looks at sexy black 3DS, love you 3DS



Burning_Spear said:

I use rechargeable batteries. I have one set more than I need to fill my Wiimotes, so there's always a fully charged set waiting. No need to have this thing plugged in all the time.



jellodog said:

I initially bought a Nyko? charger and it was a complete and utter garbage. I was holding out for a Energizer pad that held four remotes but I couldn't find one and had to settle for buying two that charge two at a time. They work perfectly for me and are subtle enough not to be intrusive. I just rotate my remotes and I always have one for me and a couple of spares if company drops in. I've never had a problem with the charging pads or my Wii, so maybe AaronSullivan has electrical problems? And Scissors, I'd be interested to know what games you have and what you intend to buy. An entire list might take awhile, but perhaps I could offer a few suggestions on titles or stores where you might find a bargain.



Grackler said:

The red and blue LED's might sell me. I'm fed up with struggling to tell when my Wiimote's charged with my current charger (darned colour blindness!)



shinesprite said:

@Burning_Spear Same, except I use camera batteries.

@all Also, is the above charger able to charge without removing Nintendo's Wiimote jelly grips?

Edit: @aaronsullivan I had the same problem with my Wii over a year ago. It turned out that my mother board was partially fried (don't use 3rd party GameCube controllers) and I had to send it in for repairs. (a month after the extended warranty expired) XD

My advice: Try plugging it in to a different outlet and see if that makes a difference. At the time, Nintendo also recommended that I leave it unplugged for ten minutes (letting it completely discharge) when it experienced this issue. However, for me turning on the Wii almost always turned into a 15-minuite ritual.



jdkipfer said:

I have no problem sticking our rechargeable batteries into a separate charger , so I will not likely get this.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I much prefer setting my Wii horizontally, and I'd have to give up using the foam shells on my Wiimotes, so no deal.



Drewroxsox said:

Word of advice: if you buy this make sure that you remove the wiimotes after they finish charging because if you don't it will overcharge instead of not allowing it to stop charging when it is complete. I do not own this stand but can speak from owning a duracell and the batteries fried from me forgetting them there for two days.



Coolio2480 said:

what with duracell all of a sudden i thought it was Nyko that made wii stuff and it dosent look very nice



RedYoshi999 said:

I'll stick with my Energizer Wii Quad Induction Charger Mat. It's very nice you just lay the remote down (with or without jacket) and it charges.



Sgt_Ludby said:

Awwww, I initially thought it was a stand that kept the Wii system charged, allowing for the system to be played in a car or something =P



Joco84 said:

@Mario_Party_Fan_999 I saw that on Amazon, but they seem quite pricey. Always hesitant to get something that costs £30 only to find it doesn't work or the battery life is poor.



alLabouTandroiD said:

There sure are at lot of accessories for the Wii. I'm not sure if i can support a console that isn't so supportive of peripheral makers...
I don't support them myself though since i'm using rechargable batteries like a true Burning_Spear (6.).
@Luigi78(5.): At first i also wondered about it not being white. But looking at my the gray stand that came with the Wii i'd say it's an improvement.



MeloMan said:

I've stuck with my Nyko charger the whole life of my Wii. I've only had to replace one rechargeable battery pack once and about to do a 2nd one soon. I'll probably buy some more rechargeable Energizer battery since I have a recharger for that now. I'll just be glad when Nintendo actually decides to "include" rechargeable batteries for once. Between the Wavebird for GC and the Wiimotes I think we've all tired a bit of buying rechargeable "stuff" (though we've tolerated it).



AcidFox said:

@Joco84: I bought the Energizer dual induction charger a little over a year ago when it was on sale (about 10 or 15 dollars), overall it's a great product, it's neat, it's cool (it's magic, MAGIC I TELL YOU) and it works perfectly, on the downside it uses cheap AAA 500 mAh batteries (or 600, I can't remember) so don't expect a lot of life out of them (probably around 4 hours, tops), and after about 10 months one of the battery packs started sulfating (and from what I read that's not an unusual problem with those), so I opened it, cleaned it up, and replaced the batteries (I used 900 mAh batteries while I was at it, so now they last a little longer), and now it works like a charm again.

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